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What is your advice/opinion on designing costumes that exist in a pre-existing world, i.e how might you create a look that fits into the overall aesthetic while not being overly derivative? (sorry if this makes no sense)

Also completely unrelated but I just wanted to thank you for all of your amazing Poetry in Costume pieces because they’re completely and totally wonderful and have along with notbecauseofvictories stuff made me fall in love with star wars

First of all, thank you so much! Being mentioned in the same breath as notbecauseofvictories is insanely flattering.

When designing something for a pre-existing world with an established aesthetic and style, I would absolutely approach it as a period piece. If you’re designing set in, for instance, the Elizabethan era. So you need to do your sixteenth century research. Look at primary sources: paintings, sketches, pinning down the classes that you will be dealing with primary (upper, lower, occupation etc.) Just start gathering resources both visual and written. Maybe consider some films set in this period, as a reference of what to avoid or not replicate or insight on how a certain thing was approached. 

Then consider your widre story, its themes. Gather together mood and thematic resources. Images that evoke the colour pallette you want, the colour, the feel. It could be absolutely anything at all: editorials, fashion from any era, art, photography, architecture, anything. You would then incorporate and interpert those specific items through your designs in fabrics or detailing, by twisting those period pieces to belong to the story and the characters. Think of Elizabeth, Shakespeare in Love, even Elizabeth the Golden Age against the first film, The Virgin Queen, Tudors (technically earlier, but very specific in its beautiful-nonsense aesthetic). All of these share the same era, location, and many many of the same characters, but all of them are very identifiable in their own aesthetic. 

So, when designing something that is set in a fictional world that has already been established. Take this exact same process and apply it to what came before. Your primary historical sources are the films/media that already exists. And then you apply those character and story specifics. To keep things Star Wars and immediate: This is the exact approach Glyn Dillon and Dave Crossman took for Rogue One. With Rogue One, though, it was almost a dual period piece - the historicity of the original trilogy within Star Wars, but also the original trilogy as a 1970′s piece. So that text was examined closely, taken apart and replicated. Then a very modern aesthetic was filtered through that to give Rogue One an aesthetic that was both sharp, current and exciting but also intensely familiar and recognisable on a number of levels.

I hope that this makes sense!

My Asgardian best friend

Pairing: Thor x teen reader

Anon Request : Can you do one where the reader is an avenger (16/17) and she’s prone to get very sick. And like Thor is really protective of her (like a brother) and takes her to Asgard because she has been ill for a while and he’s worried. (Just funny fluffy stuff lol)

“How are you feeling y/n” Bruce asked as I sat up on the bed.

“Much better, I’m not as nauseous as the last time I woke up from surgery.” I smiled weakly at Bruce.

“That’s good, I want to have you here for a few more hours just to keep an eye on your vitals ok kiddo”

“Alright, thank you Bruce. Um is-”

“Thor here? Yes he’s been badgering me to let him in for the past hour. Do you want him to come inside?” Bruce asked as he was taking notes.

“Yes please” I smiled at him before I watched him walking towards the door.

“May I finally see my tiny friend brother banner” Thor’s voice boomed.

“Yes you can she just woke up” Bruce replied before I saw him guiding Thor into the room.

“Lady y/n ! ! ! How are you my little warrior” I laughed when I noticed he was carrying a giant stuffed animal.

“Can’t you tell? I am fabulous” I used my most obnoxious voice.

“Of course you are little one, I’ll be right back I’m going to go talk to brother banner for a moment” Thor kissed my forehead before exiting the room.

*Thor’s pov*

It truly pains me to see such a sweet and innocent child be severely ill all the time. I must speak to brother banner to see if there was any improvement on her health.

“Ahh Thor what can I do for you” I looked around the room brother banner was currently in.

“I wish to know what the status of lady y/n health” I asked

“I was just going over her results and sadly nothing’s changed. When I fix one of her health issue another pops up. I’m sorry Thor I don’t know what else to do.” I watched a brother banner hid his face with his hands.

“What if I take her with me to Asgard, we have far more advanced technology. We can see what is the root of her problem and we can fix it.” I suggested.

“I don’t know Thor what if it doesn’t work”

“But what if it does, brother banner you must realize that lady y/n is like a sister to me. And it pains me to see that she is constantly I’ll, I just want her to try out all the options that are given to her” I pleaded.

“Alright I see your point. She can go with you BUT you must have people waiting for her right as she arrives.” I gave him a hug for agreeing with me

“That will be arranged, thank you brother banner you have no idea how happy I that you are agreeing to this. Lady y/n means the world to me.”

“She means the world to everyone on the team. Now let’s go tell y/n the news” I followed brother banner out of the room and entered the room lady y/n was in. Anger was building up inside me when I noticed that kid brother stark brought into the team, he was talking to lady y/n.

“Spider kid step away from lady y/n this instant” I shouted at the kid who practically ran towards the other side of the room causing everyone else in the room to laugh.

*y/n pov*

“You know I read a book on anti-gravity, I couldn’t put it down” I couldn’t help but laugh at Peters joke.

“That one was actually good Peter” I smiled

“I’m glad you liked it” he responded. It looked Peter was about to hold my hand.

“Ugh that was a lame joke” Tony groaned causing Peter to pull his hand away. I was about to respond when Thor’s voice echoed through the room.

“Spider kid step away from lady y/n this instant” I wanted to crawl in a hole and die when I saw Peter all of a sudden on the other side of the room.

“Come on hammerhead they’re just teenagers let them flirt.” I watched as tony placed his hand on Thor’s shoulder but Thor pushed it away.

“I do not approve, lady y/n must improve in health before she even thinks about having sexual intercourse the spider boy” Thor’s voice came out harsher than expected.

“Thor” I complained “he was just telling me a funny joke, please be nice to him”.

“Alright I will try but I make no promises. Anyways I have come here to tell you that you will be coming with me to Asgard. The medical team over there will examine you and see if they have a cure for you.” Thor sat at the end of the bed.

“How long will y/n be gone” Steve asked as he got off the chair he was sitting in.

“It depends on how many test my people will do. Two maybe even six months” Thor replied “I know what you guys are already thinking, but it’s for her own good. We all want lady y/n to get better and I will do everything in my power to make so. What do you say lady y/n, are you up for a trip to Asgard?”

“Hell yeah I am big guy, unhook me from these god awful machines and take me to your magic land” I was about to take the IV from my arm.

“Hold on y/n, Thor still needs to notify the people in Asgard so they will attend you right away” Bruce warned me.

“Well hurry up and tell them Thor, I’m not getting any younger or healthier” I jokingly complained.

“Not funny y/n” Peter looked hurt at my joke. “Will we be able to visit her” Peter asked Thor.

“Seeing as they know of my special bond with this little one, I will ask my parents about letting you guys visit.” I lit up with excitement at the prospective of having the team visiting me in Asgard.

“Ok good” Peter let out a sigh of relief.

“Right so I’ll be back, make sure you guys have y/n’s things packed so when I get back she’ll be ready to go” Thor kneeled down next to my bed. “I’ll be back little one, make sure the spider kid keeps his hands to himself” Thor glared at peter again.

“Aww so I can’t kiss him then” I pouted at him before looking at Peter who was already starting to blush.

“No” he kissed my forehead once again before exiting the room with the rest of the team.

*time skip*

It didn’t take long for Thor to get his parents blessing for me to be over there. Apparently Heimdall has shown his parents my health condition and the bond I share with Thor. That prompted them to welcome me with open arms and told me they would stop at nothing until they found a cure. I’ve been here three months and slowly but surely they are piecing together the reasons for my condition. Although I was loving being in Asgard I couldn’t help be feel sad that none of the avengers have come to visit me. That was until I was awaken by a loud crash.

“Y/n” Tony’s screams came from the other side of the door.

“Do not disturb lady y/n, she is currently sleeping” I heard one of the servants from the castle scowling the team. I turned to Frigga who was currently reading by the window

“Do you want them to come in?”

“Yes please” she got up and opened the door.

“It’s alright they can come inside” I could hear Frigga polity tell the servant before she escorted the team into my chamber.

“Wow y/n talk about upgrade” the tony said under his breath.

“I’ll let Odin know you guys are here, y/n you know what to do if you need anything”

“Yes I do, thank you” I gave Frigga a warm smile as I watched her exit. “I have a bone to pick with you guys” I turned my attention to the team. “Why are you guys just barely visiting me”

“That would be my fault little one” Thor came forward. “I’ve been busy with battles here that I haven’t been able to go back to Midgard so i could bring the team over here” Thor explained.

“Fine that’s a valid excuse, now come hug me. I’ve missed you guys so much.” One by one each of the team gave me a hug and told me how much they missed me. Peter was the last to approach me but Thor stopped him.

“You may only give her a handshake spider boy” Thor spoke in a harsh tone.

“Thor my boy, that’s no way to speak to a guest” Odin’s voice got everyone’s attention. “Young man you are more than welcomed to hug lady y/n that’s if she agrees to the hug”

“I do” I smiled at Peter before he went in for the hug, much to Thor’s displeasure.

“Thor my boy why are you so apposed to the relationship between the two kids.” Odin asked causing my cheeks to burn up.

“It’s because he sees her as a sister and he wants to protect her” Frigga answered her husband.

“I see, well having lady y/n here and spending time with her makes me understand why you see her as a younger sister. I’ve started to see her as the daughter we never had” Odin responded to his wife before facing me. “Oh I have exciting news for you little one, the medical team has come up with a cure for your condition. We are prepping everything for surgery, will you guys be spending the night here? If so let me know so we can set up rooms for you guys”

“Only if it’s alright with you guys” Steve responded for the team.

“Of course follow my wife, she’ll help you settle in” Odin then turned to look at me “are you ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be” I replied as I started to get nervous.

“Haha that’s the spirt child, Thor carry the little one and follow me” I extended my arms and Thor carried me away.

“Bye guys” I waved goodbye, not knowing if they were still going to be there when I wake up.

“A month later*

The surgery was a success and I had Thor and everyone in Asgard to thank. They kept me in Asgard for a month after the surgery just to be 100% sure I was healthy. Fortunately I did not get sick and before I knew it I was saying goodby to Frigga and Odin.

“We will miss you child” Odin smiled at me.

“Yes we will miss you, please come back and visit” Frigga gave me a tight hug which prompted Odin to give me a hug as well.

“She will mother don’t worry” Thor responded has he carried my things.

“Yes I will, you guys have treated me so well, I don’t know how I can repay you guys”

“You don’t have to repay us child, your health is what was important.” Odin replied before turning to Thor “and you my son, stop interfering in this poor girls love life” Odin’s voice turned serious.

“But father”

“no but father me, Heimdall has told me what you have been saying to that poor boy who visited last month. Y/n can choose who she wants to be involved with. Do you understand?”

“Yes father” Thor replied

“Very well, you must be on your way then. Until next time lady y/n”

“Until next time your highnesses” I replied as I left with Thor. “Please tell me you’re going to listen to your father, I really like Peter.”

“I will but I will tell you and him this, if he hurts you. He.is.dead” Thor stopped talking when we reached the bifrost.

“It was nice meeting you lady y/n, I’ll be keeping an eye out for you” Heimdall

“Thank you Heimdall” I nodded

“Heimdall we need to have a chat when I return” Thor’s voice deepened

“Very well, until then goodbye” the next thing we knew we were outside the avengers compound.

“Come along lady y/n” I ran towards the entrance.

“I’m home ! ! ! ” I yelled and everyone came rushing towards me.

“Y/n ! ! ! ” Wanda was the first to attack me with a hug “you look so much better”

“I know we got our little miss sunshine back” tony was the next to give me a hug.

“Friends, I am here as well by the way. Thanks for the greetings” Thor sarcastically said as he entered.

“Welcome back big guy” tony shouted.

“It’s nice to have you back y/n” Peter said as he gave me a flower, making me smile from ear to ear.

“Thank you Peter” I kissed his cheek.

“Spider boy” Thor got in front of me.

“Thor remember what your parents said” I warned him.

“You have my permission to be with her, BUT if you hurt her YOU.ARE.DEAD.” Thor threatens Peter making me roll my eyes.

“D-d-d-don’t worry sir I would never hurt y/n” Peter stuttered.

“Good, lady y/n I’ll be taking things back to your room” Thor’s demeanor changed when he faced me.

“Thank you Thor” I placed a kiss on his cheek before he left.

“So umm do you want to watch a movie with me” Peter asked while looking at the floor.

“I would like that” I was about to kiss peters cheek again when Thor’s voice interrupted us.

“NO KISSING ! ! ! !” We stepped away from each other

“Um let’s go then” we quietly made our way into the theater room, where sadly Peter was too scared to pull any moves on me.

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What is your top 10 list of phanfics? (Sorry I'm just really curious and looking for some good ones)

Double Take -  Dan and Phil meet their pornstar doubles.

Babyface - Phil’s brother runs one of the most infamous underground pornography rings in London. Convinced they are saving people from suffering on the streets, Phil chooses to ignore the illegality of the operation. But then Daniel Howell, who looks much younger than eighteen, is recruited and Phil starts to question how much good they’re really doing.

Go Ask Your FatherThe five times Dan happily said ‘Go ask your father,’ and the one time he didn’t.

Hard To Breathe - This is basically a consensual gang bang centered on Dan, involving Phil, Benjamin Cook, Chris (Crabstickz), Jack Harries and Charlieskies.

I’m Busy Mending The Pieces Of The Life I Had Before - Person A OTP has been fighting depression for a few months. Person B to look after their young baby. One night, hearing the baby cry, Person B gets up only to discover Person A is already there, singing a lullaby to the baby.

Just Sneak Out, and Don’t Tell a Soul Goodbye - the famous arch-rivalry between the Howell and Lester family dates back to an era no-one has any remembrance of. but the sons of the parent enemies, Dan and Phil, share feelings towards each other so different from their family, that the move of the Howell’s to Edinburgh is anything but ‘delightful’ for Dan. but he has an idea.

Paradise Lost - Dan does the unthinkable and Phil ends up pregnant and scared.

Problematic - Late one night, Dan stumbles across the blog phanfic and is captivated by the reality tag. He wonders, If these writers had access to a few more choice details about his and Phil’s relationship, just how close to reality could they get? He decides to find out.

Never Told A Lie - Dan is the popular guy who can have anyone he wants. His friend Chris isn’t so sure about that though and makes a bet with him: By the end of term Dan has to make Phil Lester fall in love with him.

Secret Service - Daniel Howell is the President’s son and Phil is a secret service member who gets more than he bargained for.

those are my top 10, other admins feel free to add on!

~ Tori

Roses in December (7/7) - Epilogue

This is it, the end of the story. I will likely make a second post about this later, but thank you so much to everyone who has read this. Your constant outflow of kind words, great reviews, and support has been so amazing, and I honestly couldn’t have turn the original one-shot into a seven-chapter story if it wasn’t for all of that. On a personal note, I am hyped to have completely finished my first multi-chapter fic, clocking in at over 25,000 words, so that’s a pretty big milestone for me. So, again, many thanks to everyone who joined me on this ride.

Read the entire thing on AO3 or FF.N!

Tumblr: Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Ch. 4 Ch. 5 Ch. 6

Chapter 7 - Epilogue

The stairs to the Queen Anne house creak under his boots, and he notes it will be something he’ll need to fix. The keys are a comfortable, yet unfamiliar, weight in his hand. He runs his thumb over the cuts, nervous as he is, as he approaches the front door. Should Emma be amenable to this proposal – but not a proposal – this be the last time he approaches the glass-paned entrance as the sole owner of the home. 

He takes a deep breath, and spares a glance to the baby strapped to his chest.

“Shall we, Cygnet?”

Wendy kicks and bounces in the carrier, her movements uncomfortable, but a hopeful sign of the excitement to come.

Killian Jones unlocks the door, and crosses the threshold what he hopes will be their future. 

Keep reading

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Are you going to do a dylan birthday imagine? 🎈🎈


It’s seven a.m. and you gently knock on the door of Dylan’s dorm room. The two of you have been dating since your senior year at school and are still going strong after a few years. He still hasn’t gotten used to your adorably annoying early rising, though. You wait and don’t hear anything, knocking again. “Dyl!” you call quietly. “I’m gonna kill her,” a muffled voice comes from under the covers. Dylan chuckles sleepily at his roommate, stretching, “She means well, dude.” He just grumbles and Dylan gets up, pushing his hair back as he walks to the door, only wearing boxers. You hear the door unlock and he opens it, squinting and sleepy. “Happy birthday!” you say say excitedly, throwing your arms around him. He laughs tiredly, hugging you back, “Thanks, baby.” You  start kissing him and he hums in surprise as you press against him and close the door behind you. You grin against his lips as he pushes off your jacket, the two of you making your way to his bed. Dylan falls back and you straddle him, kissing him passionately again. “Is he asleep?” you whisper over his lips as your hand travels down to his boxers. “Yeah,” they both say at the same time. You giggle quietly, glancing back at him, “I’ll pay you twenty bucks to take your shower now.” Dylan’s roommate sighs as he gets up, glancing over at you, “Don’t bother. Just hurry up.” As soon as the door closes, the two of you start pulling each other’s clothes off and start his birthday off right.

“It’s so early,” Dylan grumbles as you walk to breakfast together. “You weren’t complaining an hour ago,” you murmur with a smirk, kissing his cheek. He laughs and squeezes your hand, “Yeah, that was… pretty good. This has already been my best birthday morning ever.” “Just wait,” you murmur flirtatiously. He raises his eyebrows and grins as you go inside. You sit in a booth, ordering breakfast. You joke around with each other and share memories of getting breakfast before class in high school. “And you always filmed me more than the others,” you smirk. Dylan laughs, “You’re so beautiful, how could I not?” You reach over and squeeze his hand, putting one of your pieces of bacon on his plate. “Wow, you do love me,” he says, grinning. “You know I do,” you giggle. You finish eating and walk outside. “Skip classes with me today,” Dylan murmurs. You smile over at him, “I only have two… I promise I’ll find you as soon as I’m done.” He sighs dramatically and then smiles, “Alright, I’ll see you then.” You give him a small kiss and go back to your room to get your things, heading to class.

You leave your lest class of the day and smile when you see Dylan standing outside with two cups of coffee. “Hey, you’re supposed to be out having fun,” you say as he hands the cup to you. “All the fun I need is right here,” he murmurs, leaning down to kiss you gently. You laugh quietly, “No seriously, what did you do today?” He shrugs, “Got lunch with a couple friends, walked around campus, visited a strip club…” “Mhmm…” you smirk, taking his hand as you leave the building. “Do you want to do anything tonight?” he asks. You laugh, “Dyl, I’ve had this planned for so long… you’re going to love it.” “I’m getting my hopes up,” he warns you teasingly. “Good,” you kiss him, “Our reservation’s in about an hour. I’m going to go get ready.” “An hour’s a lot of time,” he insists. You laugh and walk back to your dorm with him, quickly having sex before changing your clothes. You follow him back to his own dorm so he can change and the two of you head to the restaurant.

“This is really nice, y/n,” Dylan smiles as he looks around. The two of you order and talk quietly, exchanging loving words and soft touches. Dylan reaches for the check when it comes and you snatch it off the table, laughing, “Don’t even think about it!” He shakes his head, grinning, “I love you.” “I know,” you grin back, “Me, too.” The two of you leave the restaurant and he moves his arm around your waist, “So how are we ending my amazing birthday?” he murmurs against your ear. You smile, “Well, we have to get you a drink…” He grins, getting even more excited when he realizes you’re taking him to his favorite bar, “You’re the best.” The two of you go inside and order drinks, spending some time together. Someone bumps Dylan’s shoulder and he’s slightly tipsy, turning to him with a frown, “Hey, watch it man- Reb?!” Eric’s standing there in his uniform, grinning, “You watch it, fucker.” “Oh my god!” Dylan laughs, giving him a bear hug. “Surprise!” you say happily, giggling as Dylan looks at you in disbelief, “Oh my god!” You and Eric laugh and he says, “You know I wouldn’t miss this, man.” Dylan grins, throwing an arm around him. “Can I get a drink for my buddy, here?” The three of you spend the rest of the night reminiscing and laughing. You and Eric end up crashing in Dylan’s dorm, you in bed with Dylan and Eric on the couch. This is the best birthday he’s ever had.

God’n’Gabe II Announcement!

or, i suppose, a bit of a FAQ sheet about it–HERE YOU GO

  • When will G’n’G II be released?

AUGUST 14TH is my current projected date for it’s release into the wild! (remember when i tried for june? i am the silliest of goose)

  • Will you be taking reserves/preorders?

if it wasn’t just me doing them i would be all for it, but i’ve doubled my hours at work recently, and there’s just too much that goes into it that i’m afraid i’d be overwhelmed!

  • Will there be bundles of the first and second books?

oh, absolutely! maybe not right away depending on immediate stock, but these will definitely be made available.

  • You seem to’ve been losing your mind this last month over this. So how’s it different than the last?

everything is new. like, i’ve shared a bunch of the more realistic-style pieces with you guys, but this has 16 more pages than the last, with all brand new comics and pieces that i have never posted before. for the last one i had a template for each page already pre-sketched out, as it was made of comics that i’d drawn before. but these were all scripted, sketched, and drawn all at once.

  • Alright, so what made a new one come up?

the first one was done originally for my own kinda’ challenge, because i loved this behind-the-scenes father-son pissy relationship i’d created in my mind. so when i made it, it was just to see if i had the capabilities. what i did not expect was SUCH a cool response, but i started noticing a common theme of “it’s not as long as i thought it would be!” so i really wanted to push myself to make one that was longer and had more content!!

  • Will this be the last one?

ohhhh, i certainly hope not! i’d honestly like it to be a tiny little trilogy. my brain is already thinking of stuff to do for the next, but i won’t get too far ahead of myself. i’d also like to see where this next season takes itself! but, if anything, the third one will probably be considered more heavily an art book

OKAY TL;DR but there’s a little more info in my FAQ about it if you’re interested. but this should be pretty helpful i think!! thanks everyone!