has this one been done tho

think abt this tho y'all. so karamel is over, s*nvers is done or at least demoted to not a main couple who does that leave for a main couple? they could bring in a new gf for alex but if the girl ain’t a regular it wouldn’t make them a main couple ya kno? and for both seasons of sg there has always been at least one main couple so who does that leave for s3… supercorp

  • Inojin: Sarada?
  • Sarada: Yeah?
  • Inojin: Do you think the Uchihas have fire as their speciality... because they're so hot?
  • Sarada: (blushing) Shut up!
  • Inojin: Heh. (proud he made her lose her cool)
  • Sarada: (recovers) Wait... (smirks) you think my dad is hot?
  • Inojin: ...I've walked right into that one.

taehyung: *didnt stop crying as they thanked everyone for the pizza*

yoongi: *points to the strongest person in the room* “i could take anyone INCLUDING you”

jin: “i’m going to get some coffee” *passes out under a table and wakes up an hour later*

jimin: “im not drunk ok” *falls down a flight of stairs* “seriously. im not drunk.”

namjoon: *to the pizza guy in the shop* “did you know elephants have elbows. how great.”

hoseok: *screaming about everything*

jungkook: *accidentally locks himself in the bathroom and doesnt know how to get out*

Fairy Tail Men + Grindr Profiles

Somebody did FT tinder profiles and @ice-bringer and I got this idea and couldn’t resist.


  • Screename: 2hot2h4ndle
  • Opens with the line “so are you interested in older men”
  • Pretty good about not instantly sending dick pics
  • Profile lists his age as 428
  • Doesn’t know what “DDF” is, thinks it has something to do with food
  • Is about as subtle with his flirting as a brick to the face but you know it’s Grindr and at least he’s not horridly perverse about it
  • “I am a tWUNK, okay, TWUNK”


  • His profile has his face in it but he’s covering it with his hand
  • Doesn’t actually use it that often; prefers real life contact and going out to pick people up
  • Has to explain “PNP” to Natsu
  • Knows what PNP is bc he’s done it
  • Becomes Natsu’s source for information on mlm slang
  • Wants to die


  • Screenname: hardasiron
  • Headless torso
  • Dick pics with piercings


  • Actually has a decent face pic??
  • Very polite but terribly sexy
  • He a Wolf Daddy u know it
  • Gets approximately 500 messages a day from thirsty bottoms


  • The one people hit up for poppers
  • Hasn’t been on in ages
  • His profile pic looks like it was professionally taken
  • He’s literally lounging in a silk robe
  • A bit of a Daddy-chaser


  • Profile says he’s “Just looking for friends”
  • Has hooked up with 3 dudes in the last two days
  • Profile also says “top” so there’s a lot of lies going on isn’t there
  • Flirts shamelessly, often makes the first move


  • Look me in the eye and tell me his profile wouldn’t say “masc4masc”


  • Screenname looks like a scene kid’s MySpace username from 2005
  • Halsey lyrics in his bio
  • He’s so depressing it turns away a lot of the dudes who message him


  • Had an account for a while but doesn’t really use it now that he and Rogue are together
  • His pic makes him clearly look like a Circuit Queen tho
  • The crop tops. God, the crop tops


  • Never wanted a profile, thought all of it was very crass
  • Tried it once for about 24 hours and saw so many dicks they were scarred for life


  • Doesn’t know what a phone is


  • So many snake jokes. So many.
  • “Wanna see my–” “I swear to god if you say snake–”


  • Has a fake account just so she can find men for Gray, even when he keeps telling her to stop


  • *Older person who doesn’t understand technology voice*: “Cana… what’s this… ‘Grinder’ I keep hearing about?”
  • Cana: instantly screaming

Some old doodles of my rendition/designs for the characters from the book Journey to the West! Ofc, it’s a more modern twist and this does take place in the same universe/time as Bran’s does (AKA, there is a magical ass monkey king somewhere in Bran’s universe… amazing). 

Anybody who knows me or has followed me for the last few years knows I’m a huge fan of this series! v/w/v I’ve only just started to learn from the actual source material some years ago, but I’ve known of this story for a long while without really knowing it (Lost Odyssey anyone?? That terrible American adaption to it… ooh boy. I was like in my early teens at the time if i remember right). But ahh! Sun Wukong has quickly become one of my favorite mythical characters vwv I also enjoy how ridiculously strong he is and all the other characters as well ;w; 

I’m gonna upload some newer pencil sketches tho! I’m sorry this account’s been so dead! Sabers Chapter 5 is nearly finished and I decided to take a two day break from it vwv;;; so yeah, in time when all that’s done I hope to be more active!

Hip Hop Unit Roadtrip Headcanons

•Wonwoo is an angsty teenager that didn’t want  to go on the trip
•Just kidding about the angst, tbh he’s the only one who’s chill
•Don’t get me wrong, he’s fine with roadtrips. He just knows it’ll be chaos with these three guys and he will probably have to be the mediator/neutral party
•Vernon calls shotgun
•Vernon is denied shotgun by Seungcheol
•The thing that gets to sit in the passenger seat is a cardboard cut out of Jeonghan
•Seungcheol wanted to take pictures with the cutout at monuments and stuff but everyone else was like “no that’s too embarrassing, rethink your life plz”
•Vernon makes them stop every hour to go to the bathroom
•“are we there yet” -a repeatedly recited poem by Chwe Hansol
•Mingyu is eating literally every single snack that they packed (especially the ones Seungcheol stashed for himself)
•Seungcheol is probably gonna kill them all by the end of this tbh (maybe not Wonwoo tho, he literally has done nothing wrong)
•Seungcheol stops at tourist attractions and does embarrassing poses in front of monuments while the rest of the unit pretends like they don’t know him
•Seungcheol: “guys get in my selfie with the world’s largest potato!”
•Vernon: “Do you hear something??”
•Wonwoo: “No, it must’ve just been the wind”
•Seungcheol: *drags Mingyu into this photo*
•Jokes tho, Mingyu is a tree and Seungcheol did not accommodate for that so Mingyu’s entire head is cut out of the picture
•Mingyu: “now no one will know it’s me!!”
•Vernon: “You’re literally wearing a ‘I love Wonwoo’ t-shirt”
•Mingyu: “that could be anyone…” *loving smile at Wonwoo*
•Wonwoo: *staring out the window of car, not paying attention*
•Vernon: “Ahh, unrequited love…”
•Mingyu: “it’S nOT unrEqUITED”
•This taunting by Vernon basically makes Mingyu  create a goal to be as loving with Wonwoo as possible
•Sitting in the car? Holding hands
•Standing in line for something? Back hugs
•Sharing a hotel bed? NOTHING SCANDALOUS, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE GUTTER. Just cute cuddling.
•they high key left Mingyu at a rest stop bc they forgot him while he was checking out the vending machines
•Seungcheol was like 5 miles down the highway and thought “it’s too quiet… Where tf is minGyU”
•Wonwoo would’ve noticed but this particular time they stopped at a rest stop, he was asleep against the window of the car (So everyone else got out but he stayed)
•Don’t worry about ya boi Gyu, they went back for him but Mingyu was still looking at snacks and didn’t notice that anyone had left
•The other three made a pact to never tell Mingyu that they left without him
•Mingyu feeding Wonwoo cute lil snacks to try and get him hype for the trip
•It works, not because of the food, but because it makes Wonwoo think “well at least I’m on this road trip with a cool guy like Mingyu”
•Mingyu: *sneezes into hand and then high fives Vernon*
•Wonwoo: “…a guy like Mingyu…”
•Mingyu: “what?”
•Wonwoo: “you’re actually nice”
•Mingyu: *smile of a thousand suns*
•Vernon tries the brainstorm lyrics in a notebook while the car is moving and make himself feel carsick lmao
•Vernon: “Uhg I’m feeling carsick again…”
•Seungcheol: “you could stop writing”
•Vernon: “yeah but it’s the only thing I brought to do in the car and I’d rather feel sick  and entertained than feel healthy but bored”
•Seungcheol: “okay but if you puke in my car I’m leaving you like we left Mingyu”
•Mingyu: “you wot m8”
•*complete silence from the rest of the car*
•Wonwoo: *deadpan stare* “it isn’t true”
•Mingyu: “okay but conVInCE mE”
•Vernon: “let’s play my mixtape”
•Seungcheol: “you mean your mistake”
•Seungcheol: “quit yeLLInG I will turn this cAR arOUND”
•All three others from the back seat: “yes dad”

So Beauty and the Beast...

Just watched the live action one (10/10, they fixed so many plot holes and rounded out characters and ahhh…) And, as per the usual (I just tried to shorten usual like. ya know, how people do– and how do you even write that? the uzz? ush?) I was thinking about Hetalia and I just:

Lumiere is France tho!! And Cogsworth is like England. It’s like USUK and I know fanart has been done before of that concept and Francis singing Be Our Guest– It’s not like I’m the first to notice but AH I just LOVE that concept! And I was reminded that I love it. So… Thank about that. Think about little brass candle opera Francis. Go look up some fanart. It’s amazing.

Go draw me some fanart.