has this one been done tho

hc where mike wants his and will’s first date to be as special as possible but doesn’t even know where to begin so he starts to freak out until will places his hand on mike’s knee “mike, i’ve been in the upside down, twice. if you want to lay down for a whole day doing nothing, that sounds pretty much like heaven to me

Villainous by Alan Ituriel
Heroic by @comixgum

White Hat’s Mansion :D

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  • Seven: Hey bro?
  • Yoosung: Yeah, bro?
  • Seven: Bro, I want to show you the whole world.
  • Yoosung: Okay, bro,
  • Seven: *holds up mirror*
  • Yoosung: But bro, that's just me.
  • Seven: You're my whole world bro...
  • Yoosung: *tears in his eyes* Bro...

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Hi, do you know any resources to start learning coding, preferably for free? Ty!!

Hiya!  ✨ Yeah, I’ll see what I can find! However! Online courses often have a build in a code editor. Don’t. Honestly, do not. Get a full software and install it, don’t be restricted to just an online code editor, even on a basic level. 

First of all decide what language you want to start learning. For complete beginners, I’d recommend Python or C. 

💡  codeacademy (this I’ve tried myself and yep, it’s really well written and good for beginners; it doesn’t have many courses tho) 
💡 programmr.com 
💡 codeavengers
💡 code.org
💡 Bucky’s wonderful tutorials (these are amazing! I’ve only done the c++ ones, but they were really well explained and included stuff like installing a software as well!)

And now here are some “tools” to use while programming: 

🔌 stackoverflow - biggest platform there is; you can ask them anything, but it’s probably been asked before so try looking on it at first
🔌 cppreference.com - has all the information about c++ built in libraries, functions, variables and anything you’ll possibly need 
🔌 python visualizer - helps you visualize code if you don’t have a compiler on your laptop - they also have other languages
🔌 learnpython 
🔌 python tutorial
🔌  game development with pygame - do something FUN! It’s not that hard, just try it 

That’s about it! Hope this helps! x 

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for the song meme thing: thranduil!


If I remember correctly, this was an ask for the lyrics that remind me of that character…..Well lets see….

“You want a hot body?

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 You want a Bugatti?

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You want a Maserati?

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 You better work bitch

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You want a Lamborghini? 

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Sippin’ martinis?

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Look hot in a bikini  crown that’s twiggy?

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 You better work bitch

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You wanna live fancy?

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 Live in a big mansion?

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Party in France?

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You better work bitch,

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 you better work bitch

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You better work bitch, 

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you better work bitch

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Now get to work bitch!

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Now get to work bitch!” 

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-Work, Bitch by Britney Spears ( X )

Thank you for this. It improved my mood drastically!

(The dwarves are not impressed, Thranduil….)

(Shout out to all the amazing gif-creators! \m/ )

Just a Dream

For Voltron Whump Week!

Day One: Fever

Summary: Keith needs Shiro’s help waking up from a fever dream. Shiro doesn’t really mind.

Ship: Sheith

Word Count: 1423

It’s become a habit for Shiro to roam the halls of the castle every night around three in the morning ever since he’s gotten back.

While before he would do it every now and then, lately he’s been doing it around the same time every night. It’s just a part of his routine.

He’ll go to sleep around ten or eleven with most everyone else, and he sleeps pretty soundly until around three. He’ll go for a walk around the castle by himself for about an hour, then retire to his room once again and sleep until six or seven, depending on what’s on the roster for that particular day.

He’s not sure where this came from. Maybe it’s because he’s paranoid that someone might attack while everyone is asleep, maybe he wants to make sure everyone is alright, maybe he feels some kind of need to protect them from getting stolen away by the Galra, something he has far too much experience with. Shiro doesn’t know, and he doesn’t really question it that much. Sleep, walk, sleep. It works for him, so why bother to change it?

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  • Inojin: Sarada?
  • Sarada: Yeah?
  • Inojin: Do you think the Uchihas have fire as their speciality... because they're so hot?
  • Sarada: (blushing) Shut up!
  • Inojin: Heh. (proud he made her lose her cool)
  • Sarada: (recovers) Wait... (smirks) you think my dad is hot?
  • Inojin: ...I've walked right into that one.