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so, it’s the second ‘official’ day of the Easter holidays and I am making the concious decision to try 100 days of productivity again. Hopefully I’ll make it past 12..

I haven’t really got much done today yet, but a friend came over and we had an indoor picnic because the weather wasn’t as nice as it has been. My plamnow is to get on with revision for my maths resits.

I also want to redo my tumblr theme, so if anyone has any suggestions for theme makers (or even base codes bc I was thinking I might code it myself it kinda depends), let me know!

I hope you’re all doing okay

P.S. I hit 10k recently so thinking of doing another round of procrastirates if people are down for that? I also made myself a little weekly plan printable if you want that? also hello, I’m back kind of hey?

I know round here we all agree that hot!young Harrison Ford with his carpenter’s hands is one of the most compelling arguments for time travel humanity has yet put forward, but I am here to tell you that the modern 6 year old is less easy to impress. “I thought Indiana Jones was a girl,” she said sadly, clearly underwhelmed by her first sight of him in Raiders of the Lost Ark. “Me too,” echoed her sister, slurping mournfully at a Calipo as if I personally had betrayed her by allowing this 80s classic to be made with a ~man~ as the main character. “She should be a girl. A girl with glasses.”

Move over Harrison my friend, kids today don’t want hats n whips n leather jackets, they want their swashbuckling heroes to be GIRLS. Girls who look like librarians. Get to work Hollywood, don’t leave my children disappointed.

Nerdisms Podcast - Ep. 4: Ladies of Sherlock Round Table

It is with great delight that I share with you the very passionate round table episode I did with a great many lovelies that you’ll recognize to discuss all the women in BBC Sherlock canon. It was such a refreshing late night chat (during 221b Con) talking about barely any men - the ladies are pretty damn important no matter what anyone says. Okay so there we a small mention of Mycroft but it’s hard not to talk about the eldest Holmes. He’s a dear. It’s minimal.

Eurus, Molly, Mary, Sarah, Soo-Lin, Mummy, Anthea, Janine, Irene, Kate (from His Last Vow) all got their moment to shine.

As an added and rather impromptu measure we also spent a little time talking about what others think and say about Sherlollians that is pretty inaccurate. This was enlightening for me considering I did not know half the stuff that we all shared as a collective about this. I try to stay to my lane but oddly talking about this made me chuckle a lot. We’re all unique but somehow it all brought us together in the best way.

That’s actually something I really loved so much about doing this. It brought us together for about an hour and a half hehe.

Before anyone asks we’re planning to do another round table next year, the topic I haven’t quite penned down yet but there’s another one of these fun things to look forward to. If anyone has any suggestions please do feel free to message me.

So I hope you enjoy this, and please do let me know what you thought.

The Ladies of the Round Table: @damselindeduction @o0katiekins0o @mizjoely @sherlollysmooch @mollyandherjumper @holybatch @sherlolly @stlgeekgirl @soyeahso @thisjustsortofhappened @geekyangie

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Find daily(ish) updates about the podcast on the fb page here.


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Insolence, Pt. 12 [Adam Cole]

Title: Insolence, Part Twelve of Twelve  (The End)

(Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven)

Characters: Adam Cole/OC(Brenna)

Genre: Fluff. Romance.

Length: ~5,000

Warnings: Language/cussing. A little touching but nothing remotely graphic. I’d give it a PG-13.

Summary/Inspo: “We never truly get over a loss, but we can move forward and evolve from it.” - Elizabeth Berrien

“If I ever get the nerve to ask,
What did I get right to deserve somebody like you?
I wasn’t expecting that.” - Jamie Lawson

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On bras.

So, funny story I thought you might appreciate, as the post about discussion of bras reminded me, though I can entirely understand why it makes people feel dysphoric, it did for me before I was out. Anyway, a few years ago I was at a sleepover at a friend’s house. Ironically enough, he’s since realised he’s a guy but at the time I was fine to come along and join in because everyone assumed I was just a gay guy, including me. Or so I thought. Anyway, we’re having fun with makeup and at one point while I’m waiting for my nails to dry, I’m having so much fun I bounce up from my seat and because I don’t want the polish to get on anything accidentally end up sashaying across the room to put a thin long sleeved shirt on. Fast forward to the next day, we’ve all met up in town and all the female assigned people are about to go and look at bras. There’s a lot of giggling and so forth while the male assigned guys are stood round looking awkward when suddenly a mutual friend of mine and my, at the time of writing, recently realised guy friend grabs me by the wrist and drags me in with her and as I’m protesting that I know nothing about bras, she laughs and says ‘you’ll thank me later.’ Recently my​ now fully realised guy friend told me that this mutual friend asked him ‘so has Morgana realised she’s a woman yet?’ and suddenly her comment made sense. I was of course utterly perplexed as to how she knew but often people seem to long before you do. :D so just thought I’d share. :)

this has nothing to do with anything but in case anyone was wondering one of the worst experiences of my life was playing a drinking game with this girl who was Obsessed with taylor swift so made us all go round and name her songs and the first person who couldn’t think of one had to down their drink

and i was like ??? this is unfair who even likes taylor swift not me that’s who

but when my turn came round i said ‘i’d lie’ because it was one i knew that no one had said yet and as it turns out that’s like. an unreleased track from like 2007 or some shit so she was Convinced that i was secretly really Really into taylor swift because how fucking obscure is that

and like. it was on an e/R playlist one time. that was how i knew it. because someone heard this obscure tswift track and was like ‘shit that’s about this fictional dead 19th century french boy’s unrequited love’ and like. how do i possibly explain that to people i barely know. so i had to just laugh awkwardly and deal with the label of secret taylor swift groupie


Don’t know if this has made the rounds yet ;) but it’s so good it’s worth another share :D

Okay, so I don’t know if anyone has made any tank tops for toddlers yet, so here are some for you all! This is just a simple mesh edit of the EA short-sleeve top. 

- New mesh

- 17 original EA swatches

- Recolours allowed (just don’t include the mesh :)) 

- Don’t reupload anywhere else

- Tag me with @keikosim, @keikosimlookbook, or #keikosim if you use it! Would love to see your adorable babies <3

- Made with @sims4studioofficial

- Download here!

Alright, that’s all! I’ll probably be releasing a couple of more toddlers stuff before I go back to making adult CC. Also, shout-out to @qvoix for these adorable round glasses! Guess who the cute little guy who’s wearing it is? :)

Until next time; enjoy! <3

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Hello! My friend told me that you have made really cool sheets where you showed anatomy! And it really helped me, but the one I didn't find was the frontal view... My friend told me that yours helped her a lot! Maybe if you could show me and her the frontal view of a cat? Cuz we both suck 😂 Love ya Finch👌🏻❤️

I haven’t done that yet but somebody has asked, I just need to get round to doing it! So it’s coming :’) In the meantime you can follow the advice I gave on each of them saying to observe from life and learn to really look at the subject, and break it down into shapes to draw it easier. You can learn to draw anything by observation and practice

Partners in Crime

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter

A/N- Drarry is my OTP so naturally it was inevitable that i should write a one-shot, haha. With the help of the lovely @wizarding-world-of-draco-malfoy we made ideas for this imagine <3

The majority of the Gryffindor lads had changed and were on their way downstairs, if not there already. The girls, however, are a different matter altogether. Various agitated screeches and alarming bangs resonate against the walls and could now be heard from the Common Room. 

“All this for a bloody Slytherin party.” Ron promulgated his thoughts gruffly while shaking his head at the next bang. Harry and the others all roll their eyes simultaneously. 

“You have to admit Ron…The Slytherin’s hold the best parties.” Neville comments somewhat hesitantly.

The lads all nod begrudgingly in agreement. Before Ron can comment something about the “sly bastards” as Harry recalls him naming them once, the girls all trickle down the spiral staircase.

“Took you guys long enough.” Harry sighs and ushers them towards the door. 

The lads gear themselves up before delving into the moonlit corridor. The older student who decided to go all tip-toe soundlessly across the glinting marble floor. Ron adding helpfully here and there as they do so, “They could spike our drinks, y’know! We have to be prepared!” But they’re all fully aware that he’ll be shit-faced drunk within minutes.

A bulky looking Slytherin who Harry recognises as Goyle allows them to enter with  a slight sneer that makes him look like a rabid Gorilla. The testosterone teens and hypnotic music causes adrenaline to rush through their veins like tributaries into a river. 

As the Gryffindors wade through the dense crowd, Harry finds himself analysing the sea of students for Malfoy. With the spectrum of kaleidoscopical coloured lights emitting from the ceiling, he glimpses Malfoy’s platinum hair and tingles begin rushing through him.

A couple 6th year Slytherins call out to them and they form a circle. “We’re gonna play spin the bottle but with a twist! Draco’s gone to get the bottle.” They smirk like ominous vultures but naturally, the lions arise to the challenge.

Draco clambers onto a sumptuous leather chair of shamrock green and observes the students below him. “Has anybody heard of Partners in Crime? Slytherins, keep your mouths shut.” Draco’s eyes meet Harry’s for a split second before shifting his gaze. He’d already had quite a number of drinks and it had begun affecting his behaviour; much to the crowd’s entertainment.

The Gryffindors all shrug and wait in rapt attention for the rules. “How obnoxious can you guys get?!” The Slytherins erupt in deriding laughter to which the Gryffindors all glare back. 

“Alright! Any people who aren’t up for a challenge and aren’t audacious enough I advise you to find another game to take part in.” The Gryffindors all stand their ground of course and await with the thirst to prove their inborn bravery and beat the Slytherins at their own game bubbling dangerously beneath their skins.

Draco nods with acquiesce. “Okay. Now you need to listen carefully or you’ll be preparing to fail. There are 4 roles in this game for every one of you, got it? First Role is just you, Second is the Boss, Third is your drinking partner and Fourth is your Partner in Crime. Alright?” he asks for reassurance that they’d been paying attention.

After receiving nods, he continues, “First things first: choose your drinking partner and your Boss. You can’t choose one person for two roles. Your drinking partner basically means that if ever you spin the bottle and it lands on them, you both drink a shot. If I choose Pansy as my drinking partner, then I can’t be hers, got it? Good.” 

“Right now this is the tricky part. The Boss is the one who picks out your Partner in Crime. They write it on a piece of paper and hand it to you. If the bottle lands on someone who isn’t your partner, then they have to give you a ‘mission’ which you have to carry out with your partner in crime. It’s a dare, basically. If the bottle lands on your partner then you’re safe. Everyone good? Fantastic. Let’s get started.” Draco grins mischievously and hops down onto the floor.

Everyone follows suit and makes a large circle by the raging emerald fire. Like a blooming flower, it sways and ripples as though a gust of wind is disrupting its branching flames.

Harry has Ron as his boss and Ginny as his drinking partner. He’d only slightly pissed off Ron today…but surely Ron wouldn’t be cruel, right?

Ron hands him his scrunched piece of paper as he passes his own to someone else. Everyone throws open the paper and there’s a series of groans and riling giggles as they’re read. A quick glance has at his own has Harry’s heart palpitating in apprehension: Draco Malfoy is his Partner In Crime. 

“I’ll go first to show you how it’s done.” Draco says after everyone has read their papers and thankfully cuts off Seamus’ persistent whining.

Draco glances at Harry once and twirls the bottle with delicate fingers. It lands on Pansy and they cheer before each chugging down a shot of burning Firewhiskey. 

“Who’s your Partner in Crime, Potter?” Zabini asks with an unnerving glint in his eyes and a classic smirk. Harry clears his throat uncomfortably before saying, “Malfoy.” with a glare directed at Ron. The Slytherins laugh like a pack of undetained hyenas but Draco himself rolls his eyes. “Fancy that. You’re mine too.” There’s a moment of complete silence from both sides of the circle as they watch for a reaction.

“Shall we continue, oh infamous partner?” Draco drawls playfully to which Harry grins and the game continues.

Harry watches in mild interest as a Slytherin girl and Gryffindor guy are made to go skinny dipping in the Great Lake before it’s his turn to spin. Pansy claims to “let him off easy” by making him hold Draco’s hand for the next three rounds. Draco’s hand is ice in his own which is to Draco, a radiator. 

A few more rounds later and almost everyone is drunk. Especially Ron, Seamus and Theodore Nott. They make quite an exuberant drunken trio, Harry remarks mockingly as he witnesses them share stories of Garden Gnomes.

It’s Draco’s turn again and he spins the bottle with mesmerising confidence. The bottle lands on the ever so lovely supporter of Harry: Lavender Brown. Or so one would naturally assume. Not those who’d spent enough time with her though of course. So when a devious smirk rivalling that of a Goblin’s etches itself onto her face…well, one can only hope that it’s just a rare smile.

Harry groans quietly when she turns to the Patil twins and Hermione. Harry grumbles about her being a traitor under his breath vexingly. They all giggle when Lavender begins her mission, “Harry and Malfoy have to go to a Hufflepuff student and ask them about….Blow Job advice because they’re…how should we put it? Desperate to pleasure one another.” Harry spits out the remainder of his newly acquired drink, spluttering, while the whole crowd erupts in, “ooooohhhhh”’s and shrieks of laughter. 

“What?!” Harry demands in shock. “Are you mad?! Hermione!” he stares at her incredulously but she just shrugs helplessly with a slight smirk. 

The Slytherins cock eyebrows and wear smirks at the thought of him backing out while an equal amount of Gryffindors gesture for him to get up. Regardless as to his already tarnished reputation, Harry gets up and Draco does the same. 

They trek towards a detectable Hufflepuff and awkwardly pat her shoulder to gain her attention. The innocent seeming girl turns and looks at them expectantly albeit rather trepidatiously. 

“We uh…kind of need your…advice..” Draco starts haltingly.

“We were um…wondering if you’d be so kind as to erm…” Harry picks up.

“Give us some advice about giving blowjobs as we’re in great need of it and um…Hufflepuffs seem to be very helpful and uh…” Draco rushes out.

The poor girl looks like she’s about to have a fit. Her eyes wide open like a bullfrog and mouth hitting the floor. “Ah y-you see we are desperately in need of…of…p-pleasuring e-each other.” Harry chokes out and the eavesdropping students howl in laughter. Harry’s hand is still tightly clasped in Draco’s and he gives it a tight squeeze.

Draco’s hand slides behind his own back and flips the students off while he finishes his part. “I-it would mean a lot to us.” he says with a gritted smile.

The girl just shakes her head in horror and splutters a few incoherent words before disappearing into the crowd. Harry blows out air in relief and pulls Draco back into the circle where they sit once more. 

The taunting jeers has Harry throwing his face into his hands as an adamant blush appears on his face.

The next few rounds are a blur as more people are made to do perilous deeds. A Slytherin and Gryffindor pair have yet to return from sneaking into McGonagall’s office and graffitiing the place and not nearly as many people who should be worried are.

It’s only too soon by the time it’s Harry’s turn again and with a feeling of defeating acceptance for his fate, he spins the bottle. It lands on a seventh year Slytherin who looks as though she could kill with a quill and only some dedication involved. 

Harry gulps audibly as a sly grin melds itself onto her face. “Potter, you line out some cups onto a table and makes sure they aren’t equally set out.” she barks at him and he follows her command. “And Draco here, is going to play beerpong; and we all know how fantastic he is at that one.” A chorus of hollers and taunting laughter echoes about the room. “Oh and of course there’s a catch. Everytime Draco misses…he has to make out with Potter for no less than 10 seconds.” she says superiorly.

Needless to say, the crowd have themselves a fit of stomach-cramping laughter. 

Harry and Draco stand with their hands clasped and walk towards the table. A ping pong paddle is handed to Draco and he loosens his muscles before taking aim. “Throw it up, would you?” he asks Harry to which Harry throws the ball with first-time precision using his free hand and Draco hits it.

The anticipation rises like heat waves through the students as the ball cuts through the air and lands in the first cup. Harry and Draco sigh in relief though they may be slightly disappointed.

He goes again. This time though, the ball bounces off the table and not into one of the cups. There’s a raging cheer as Draco and Harry turn towards each other in hesitant desire.

Harry and Draco inch closer as the sounds around them fade to an intense drone. Harry’s hands grip Draco’s waist and pull him flush against his body as Draco’s arm hooks around his neck and pulls their lips together.

Plump lips meet in a whir of disconcerting emotions; tongues battle for dominance and hands roam unabashedly down bodies and grip hair as soulmates meet like fated jigsaw pieces. 

“I think the game’s over.” Pansy smiles fondly at the two boys and the crowd despands lugubriously.

Gasping for air and panting heavily, Draco and Harry part and stare at each other in mindless shock. It seems that they’d been making out for much longer than ten seconds. After a momentary realisation period passes, Draco pecks Harry’s lips once more quickly and scurries off towards Pansy; leaving Harry to trample dazedly towards Ron.

“Alright guys party’s over!” a deep voiced seventh year Slytherin calls out in a booming voice after a good twenty minutes later. Whines and heavy sighs emit from all throughout the Common Room as people start to gather their stewn belongings.

Members of the other houses,who aren’t currently in a Slytherin’s bed, make their way through the Portrait Hole.

“Next time is Gryffindor’s turn to Host. Let’s see how you snakes handle our game.” Harry challenges with a smirk as the Gryffindors are about to leave.

A spark of rivalling tension slashes across the two groups. The unstable gathering had been expanding all night and had finally erupted in a shower of revoking determination to acquire more means in which to triumph over the other.

“We’ll be seeing what pathetic excuse for a game we will excell at shall be.” Draco taunts sanctimoniously. 

Sly smirks and provoking looks are sent to opposing sides while vaingloriously confident looks are shared with House mates. 

Both Houses are prepared to win and to stand tall while the other lays in the dust. But the one variable that they never count is the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws; who always find ways to get ahead of the games in which more than just brash recklessness is involved…

A final look is shared between Harry and Draco accompanied by a suave wink as the door slams shut. 

Hope you enjoyed it! This was fun exploring! And please don’t repost this anywhere :))

Baby Talk. Spencer Reid x Reader.

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The swat team ran in, you and the other BAU members following close behind. Each room was checked, someone shouting clear to tell the others that the rooms were safe. You and Morgan stopped outside one of the upstairs bedrooms, Morgan going in front of the door so he could kick it in. A loud crash sounded through the house when his foot made contact with the door, you charging in gun raised as you scanned the room. Realising the room was not completley empty you called the others in, telling it was clear of the Unsub but not of his latest victims.

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how awkward

 for Jen, loosely based on this post, because i’ve had a super hard week and she made it ever so slightly better.


He’s so close. He just needs to stretch that little bit further, strain the tips of his fingers and—

“Shit!” Stiles’ foot slips off the bottom shelf he’d been using for leverage, he grabs for something, catches hold of a packet of Weetabix—shit, the irony that if he’d eaten more as a kid maybe he’d be taller and not have to be reaching in the first place, so funny, universe— and shuts his eyes. He’s hoping the fall doesn’t kill him. It’s Saturday morning, he wants to go to the park later and toss a Frisbee around with Scott, pretend like it’s official exercise; there’s still two episodes of SouthLAnd he has DVR’d that he never got round to; he hasn’t had life altering sex yet; he’s only been in New York four months and he still hasn’t made it to the Statue of Liberty; he needs to meet George Lucas!

To his surprise, his ass never hits the floor. Instead, there’s a pair of hands catching him round the waist, a noise of irritation huffed into his ear, and Stiles’ legs right themselves on the ground.

“Dude!” He spins, beaming with relief and feels his mouth fall open a little. He maybe just called a magnificent specimen possibly related to the sun god dude. There’s broad shoulders and a sharp jawline, eyes Stiles can’t pick a color to describe accurately enough for—like some stupid paint commercial’s wet dream, forest green, but also sea mist? Both, both is good. The eyebrows, too. One of which is currently arched at Stiles, and displaying a clear amount of unimpressed disdain.

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Another Continuity Goof 4x16-4x17?

I was looking into Kaplan’s timeline because of a comment of @tessabltheorist and I realized they seemingly made another mistake with the timeline. Red has said the Katarina walked into the ocean in 1990, if she is reading about the suicide in the paper, then one would presume it was still 1990, yet according to 4x16 she was working at a domestic staffing agency in the Mid-West in 1991.

The fire was established in 2x10 as being 26 years before February 2015. To be exact that would be February 1989. They also said Katarin when into the water two months after in 1990. At the latest rounding wise, calling 25 years ad 1 month “26 years”, the fire could be no later than January 1990. Katarina’s ‘suicide’ could therefore be no later that March 1990. Either it took them 10 months or more to write the article, or despite appearances Kate hung around for 10 more months before traveling to Texas.   

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my muse was being such a bitch so I’m sorry this took a lot longer than expected!

It starts with little things that you barely notice at first; hands that linger for seconds longer, smiles that show teeth when before they’d only been tight-lipped.

The changes are small, inconsequential, and when the bouquets of flowers begin to arrive, you’re so flattered that you don’t even care to find out who they’re from. And more and more of them continue to arrive until they’re everywhere, until they’re spilling out of your room and your fellow Rooks are taking some just to get rid of them.

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Haunter crossbreed variants! I know a few other people have done Haunter, but it’s my absolute favorite pokemon, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Hopefully people aren’t too sick of these yet, haha. Full view, please, tumblr has absolutely murdered the quality on this one.

Some pokedex notes under the cut!

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Request 20- Winner takes it all

I moved my hair to the right as I sighed. Y/n was the most beautiful girl I’d seen for as long as I could remember. Her soft y/c/h hung perfectly down her back; her bright y/c/e shone at any point in the day.

This was it, the winner of the last Dan vs Phil would get to tell y/n how they feel and get to ask her out. My stomach fluttered as the two of us sat infront of the camera. It was like the first time, my heart was in my throat and my hands became clammy. 

“Hello Dan and Phil games flattened chickens” I giggled as  I introduced the video. We decided to play Crossy Road after I became obsessed with it in the summer. I explained the rules to my competitor and we began.

After 30 minutes of laughter I won. Dans highest was 57, mine was 59. For once I’d won something and it was worth more than just a piece of paper.

A smile it up my face as I looked over to Dan who aas more than unhappy.
“All or nothing” was all it took to stop my laughter. I turned to face my brown haired friend who was smiling from ear to ear. I agrees to his idea in the hope I would still win.

I won. All or nothing and I won. I couldn’t help but let out the biggest laugh possible as I watched Dan try not to look too disappointed.

We turned the camera off before I ran downstairs to y/n. She was sat on the sofa with her hair in a messy bun wearing her sweats and glasses, reading a book that I couldn’t see the title of. Even when she didn’t put any effort into her appearance I still saw her as perfect. Everything she did was perfect.

“Hi Phil” she smiled closing her book and looking up at me.  I smiled back before taking a seat next to her. We began talking about the video; when I told her I won she congratulated me with a bright smile and an amazing hug. She rested her head in the crook of my neck as her arms wrapped around the tops if my shoulders. The smell of strawberries filled my nose before I pulled back.

“Have you told her yet?” I heard Dan ask from behind me. I shot my head round to look at him and widened my eyes so he’d stop. He noticed my eyes and apologised.

“Told me what?” Y/n asked. I began to mumble under my breath; I didn’t know what to tell her.
“I-hu uh I-”
“He told me before the video that he likes you and we made a deal that if he wins he has to tell you and ask you out but if I won he doesn’t have to.” Dan explained,  bending the truth slightly.

He left the room, sensing the awkward atmosphere. I looked at y/n who was playing with the sleeves on her sweatshirt. My heart began racing again; I played with my hair, trying to think of what to say.

“I’d love to go out somewhere with you Phil” y/n whispered. I turned to look at her; her eyes were searching for mine. “Just the two of us, a date?” She questioned to finish. My mind exploded after what she asked. The woman I had overwhelming feelings for asked me out. A smile grew across my face as I leaned forward and encased her in a hug, the smell of her strawberry shampoo taking over my other senses.

A/N: I hope everyone got/gets everything they hoped for and everyone had a great day

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Headcanon: Soulmates are real. They are puzzle pieces that fit perfectly and make a whole. We all have multiple soulmates. Vel and Ara are soulmates.

I buy it.   

Ara and Vel have a unique connection that is hard to explain or account for.  In a lot of ways – it doesn’t make sense.   

Ara wouldn’t put up with half of the things Vel does coming from other people; yet she gives Vel pass after pass.  You’d think, given that, Vel wouldn’t actually learn much from Ara.  As Ara let’s her get away with so much.  And yet, in some odd round about ways, she has actually influenced Vel in significant ways.  

It’s odd really.  Ara nudges Vel towards being a better person.   Yet Ara seems to have given up on herself, she is so often cynical and jaded and yet somehow she has made Vel at least more thoughtful of others (baby steps).  Meanwhile Vel’s actual soul is constantly being warped and twisted and you’d think Ara would want nothing to do with that, as she’s seen some of what that can lead to.   And yet – she’s still there.  

I like to think maybe Ara sees some hope in Vel.   Which is ironic as Vel has told her she’ll get worse not better.   She shouldn’t be a source of hope.    Despite that in some ways she’s actually has gotten better.   

Basically I look at them like puzzle pieces that somehow fit even though - there doesn’t seem to be any logical reason for them to fit together.   In fact to look at them - the look almost impossible to fit together.   They are puzzle pieces that fit together in spite of the many edges that just shouldn’t click together; they still somehow fit and laugh in the face of puzzle itself.  Or anyone one who dare to try and figure it out.   Including themselves.  Sometimes it is better not to think about why things work, and just be happy that they do.  

I think that counts as soulmates.


All the mushiness for @cleric-rosesworn.

( @jagged-little-pieces )