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Okay so I don’t know if someone has talked about that yet but this morning I thought about it so here it is.

From what I know and remember, it has been said, by the Russos and/or Renner, that Clint had mostly joined team Cap because “he was the first to ask”. It had always kind of bugged me, and now I’m convinced that Clint had actually been against the Sokovia Accords all along.

The gifset I made is here to proove my point. First I want to say that I know most people think Clint was already retired, and I agree that it might be the case. During Age of Ultron, he says, through a metaphora about house renovations, that battling Ultron is his “last project”. Then, he went back to his family and hasn’t been shown to come back, though being still in touch with at least Natasha.

But remember when Laura says “Then you’ll find another part of the house to tear apart”? Sure, Clint says after that that it’s his last project, but the fact that Laura mentions that she knows he’ll find something else after the current situation means he’s done that already. The very fact that he comes out of retirement to help Cap is a proof that he can’t stop, he always needs to help. But yes, maybe Clint went into retirement back then, right after Ultron. Makes sense considering he was to be a dad not long after. But then… Why would Steve ask if Clint signed the SA? If he’s already retired, he isn’t an Avenger anymore and don’t need to sign them. So this is where my theory (because let’s face it, that’s a theory and no less) lands, Clint didn’t retire after Ultron. He took vacations, some paternity leave maybe, but didn’t leave the Avengers for good.

Now I’d like to come back to the gifs. In the ones on the left, Secretary Ross mentions that if you don’t sign the Accords, or if you do something that doesn’t please the ones in charge, then you’re send to retirement. And on the right, Natasha mentions that Clint “says he’s retired”. Now if we consider he was already retired, there’s nothing about it. But if you consider he wasn’t, then it means something else entirely.

Clint says he’s retired. What a strange choice of words from Natasha. She doesn’t say he consider it’s not his business, nor that he puts his family first. She doesn’t say he’s signed nor that he hasn’t. She doesn’t say “You know he’s retired”. No she specifically quotes him saying “I’m retired”. Exactly what happens when you don’t sign. Now one can only imagine Clint asking Natasha what happens if he disagree, and upon hearing the answer, saying something like “Then I’m retired.”

I’ve seen a lot of people saying that Wanda is the reason he’s team Cap and I agree with them, but I also think that he wouldn’t have been that involved if he hadn’t share Cap’s opinion. Getting out of retirement, compromising himself, risking not to see his family (including a baby possibly not one year old yet) only because someone “asked first” doesn’t makes sense to me.

(++ When Tony comes to the Raft, Clint welcomes him with a great speech that includes “He knows what’s best for you, whether you like it or not”. Wait a minute. Knowing what’s best for someone, making them do things they might not want? Doesn’t that sound like what the Sokovia Accords are proposing? Yes it does. That’s a clear criticism of Tony agreeing with the Accords and what they imply, that would seem a little off coming from someone who came because “Cap asked first”. Clint isn’t some guy you feel with your opinion and he takes it, he makes his own opinions and he’s clearly against the Accords.)

So yes, things works well without this theory, but it had always bugged me, and I think it had always bugged some other Clint fans, so I tried to think about why it bugged me so much. I think I might have found it. At least it works for me.


∟ AU where Cora arranges Regina’s wedding with King George’s son, Prince James, a despicable man who’s hated for all. As the wedding approaches Regina gets to see why James is known as evil, and realizes she’s a prisoner. However, James gets killed during a battle and the King makes a deal with Rumpelstiltskin – in exchange for James’ twin he promises his first born grandchild. As Regina gets to know David, and after he tells her the secret he has been keeping, both fall in love for each other and end up married. However, the tale isn’t finished yet, a future child is still in danger….

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CS + Resilience

Dedicated to the lovely greyhounds-in-the-tardis

You know, I feel like we talked endless times about Hook’s surviving skills, but we never really discussed his incredible resilience.

I mean, from what we’ve seen so far, this guy has been buried under a pile of rocks, was nearly chock to death, nearly got his shadow ripped out of him, almost drown twice, got his heart painfully squeezed too many times, got thrown up in the air multiple times, and not to mention the among of times his body was tied up. Poor thing!

Yet, he always managed to get right back on his fit and move past it like a true hero. Well done pirate, well done.

Send me a word and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

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A Delena July - Day 9 - Favourite Underrated Moment

When you think 4x23, you think of “I love you”’s and choices. You think of the fact that after four seasons, Elena chose Damon, that she loves Damon and not just because of the sire bond; and you think about the fact that he made her feel alive again. Which is why I feel like this scene is underrated. I hardly ever see it in gifsets, fan videos or metas and I don’t really understand why. 

Elena has pretty much lost every single person she cares about at some point on the show; her only constant since the very beginning has been Damon. He promised her he’d never leave her, and he stood by that promise. 

Yet here he is, on the brink of death; his only care being her happiness. He wants her to have the cure, so she can grow up and have a family - what he doesn’t realise is just how important he is to her happiness. 

It isn’t news that Damon thinks nothing of himself, but its not just that. He’s also scared; scared that he’ll lose Elena and scared that what she felt for him wasn’t even real.

Which brings me to this quote:

She wanted to follow. Nothing was real. Didn’t he understand? She could not imagine a universe, no matter how many dimensions there were, without a Damon in it. There was no world for her, if there was no Damon.

Because he’s so swept up in his fear, and need for her to be happy that it doesn’t even cross his mind that maybe he is her happiness. 

And its driving her crazy, because he’s so calm. He’s already accepted death and doesn’t even bother seeking Klaus’s help. 

All she can think about is keeping him alive, she doesn’t think about the consequences and she stops thinking about the Hunters’ threats.

She becomes irrational and suddenly it doesn’t matter if she’s a vampire, or if he hates being human. It doesn’t matter if Mystic Falls is in danger; because she knows they can work around it. But if he dies, then theres no coming back and she can’t bear the thought of that. 

I wish people would stop making shit up about Paige

I feel like a rant, so here goes.

OK, so someone has reblogged that ‘unfairly treated female characters’ gifset about Paige and added the comment “SHE TRIED TO DROWN A GIRL BECAUSE SHE LIKED HER????”.

Now, I didn’t want to start an argument beneath someone else’s gifset (unlike the person who made this comment), but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to point out how perfectly their response illustrates the point.

Basically, they responded to a claim that Paige has been unfairly treated by completely misrepresenting what Paige did and why. It may not have been deliberate, but it was still a misrepresentation.

It’s not just the ‘she tried to drown Emily’ thing (though she didn’t), and it’s not just bring up yet again something that happened when we first met Paige, which Paige apologised for and never did again, but is treated as if it defines her forever.

It’s also that ‘because she liked her’ has never been the reason Paige did that. It’s not the cannon explanation, and it’s not how any fan of Paige will explain the incident. Yet I see this increasingly used as some sort of evidence that Paige can’t be trusted and Paily is somehow tainted.

Break for length…

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i wish they’d picked someone else to be natasha romanova. i wish they had casted wonder woman differently. i wish i didn’t have to feel shitty every time i show support for the cinematic versions of these characters because it feels like supporting the people playing them.

want an amazing black widow movie. natasha romanova is such an important character to me, because she is about agency, about choosing for herself, about protecting other women. i want her stories, i want little girls to know about her and dress up as her because she’s their hero, i want it as much as anyone here. i want wonder woman to succeed; she’s one of the biggest characters in the comic book world, and deservedly so. and yet. yet.

can't support this. some people want to separate the actresses from the characters they’re playing but i can’t. i can’t do that, i don’t have that luxury when the things they support are destroying so many lives and i’m just. i can’t.