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What muse should've been named

• Honoka Kousaka - Honk Cosack
• Kotori Minami - Klitoris Minimal
• Umi Sonoda - Um Soda?
• Hanayo Koizumi - Hannah Montana
• Rin Hoshizora - Run Hoe
• Maki Nishikino - Making NishKinks
• Nico Yazawa - Nicotine ya
• Nozomi Tojo - Hoezomi Homo
• Eli Ayase - Elisbian Gayase


Today’s a bittersweet day for our family.  It’s Sithy’s (the tuxedo cat) 12th birthday and the 3rd anniversary of Bipp’s (the black cat) death.  

Even though we lost Bipp when Emma was 3 months old, he watched over her from the day she came home until he was gone.  His brother begrudgingly took over the protector role of their sister.

so thursday night is date night for aaron and robert. it’s become an unspoken rule for them, that thursday nights are just for them, to go for dinner, or see a movie, or just *be* together, because sometimes life gets really hectic and even if they work together, and live together, both of them know how important it is to spend some actual time together, phones off and no one else around.

at the start of their relationship, robert uses thursday nights to be a total showoff, booking them fancy meals and adventure days at racing tracks (because he’s robert sugden and he’s a flash bastard) but when aaron is the one to decide what to do for date night, he picks quiet pub nights in hotten, or the cinema, or just a night in at home, and the best date night they ever have is one aaron picks, a trip to the bowling alley where they get overly competitive and stay for hours, laughing and joking and feeling like they were fifteen again, eating chips and trying to outdo each other on the amount of strikes they can get in a game.


does christian go from playing an emotional, temperamental, psychotic, mean man who broke up with his boyfriend over a chess game to immediately playing a lunatic quirky character inspired by bugs bunny?

i mean obviously they are completely different characters and christian was probably slightly relieved to not be crying every night (that must be so emotionally taxing i cant even imagine???) but like holy S H I T he’s so diverse and does his talent know no bounds??  

– and yet he’s maybe the most humble human being and he loves and gives so readily and easily and he’s such a darling to all the kids he works with.  

and i know he’s not conventionally like a zac efron “type” or whatever but he’s so under-appreciated and im sorry i’ll shut up now but i just felt the need to gush about this man



I can’t help but love you
Even though I try not to
I can’t help but want you
I know that I’d die without you

Stay with me a little longer
I will wait for you
Shadows creep
And want grows stronger
Deeper than the truth 

for @chloe-bourgeois-cesaire



Beware of those Mitaka siblings; Imperial mutts they may be, but there’s a reason General Hux keeps the eldest so close.

The Mitaka siblings: Dopheld, Dahlia and Nari