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she crawls up to me in the dead of the night, my heart in the outstretched palm of her hand and says, “i’m not quite sure how to do this.” the moon says it’s too early
to be talking like this and i know to always follow nature’s advice, but i don’t want her to love me the wrong way. but what does the moon know about a girl on earth, a girl with a hole in her chest? what does the moon know about me? i don’t know how to do it either, i whisper, let’s make all the right mistakes for all the wrong reasons. to hell with the moon, with nature, with obligation. love me the wrong way. we can fix it later, sew me back together with a dull needle and ragged thread, patch me and stitch me and fix me. i can be a broken girl for love. if i can heal, too.
some promises should not be made. the moon knows more than i thought she did. turns out she knows everything about a girl on earth, a girl with a hole in her chest where her heart used to be. the dead of the night fades into the fresh breath of the morning sun. i should have taken nature’s advice. i shouldn’t have let her love me the wrong way.
it’s so much easier
to break
than it is
to heal.
—  what does the moon know?
A Little Jealous (Cameron Dallas)

can you please do a Cameron Dallas imagine where like all the boys are over for a pool party or something and they start flirting with you so cam gets upset/jealous and you feel bad so you show him a good time to remind him that you’re his & he’s all you want 👅 (blow job, ride him, etc.) -Anon

I’m greeted with wolf whistles as I walk out to the pool.

“Damn, Y/N,” Gilinsky says, giving me the up-down look. “Lookin’ good.” Madison glares at him.

I look down and feel the heat rising up my neck as I make my way towards Cam. “Thanks.”

“I must agree with him,” Johnson says. “You can hit me up when you get tired of Cam,” he winks and I giggle, knowing he’s just trying to get in Cam’s head.

Cam’s jaw is clenched and I can tell he’s getting frustrated. “I’ll definitely be thinking about it,” I reply in a flirty voice.

Cameron’s turning a darker shade of red every second. I plop down next to him on his lawn chair and he wraps an arm around me tightly.

“Hear that Cam? It’s the sound your girl slipping away from you and towards me.”

I swear I heard him growl. “Shut the fuck up, Johnson! Just shut up!” He gets up, pulling me with him, and drags both of us into the house.

I can tell he’s frustrated. “You get jealous way too easily,” I say after he leans against a wall in the hallway.

“No, my friends flirt with you way too much.”

“Cameron, they’re just messing with you. You know that,” he holds me to him, not saying a word. “And you know that even if they weren’t, I’m only interested in you. You’ll always be the one I wanna be with at the end of the day.”

He nods.

“Now do you believe me, or do I need to show you?” He’s already semi-hard as I graze my hip across his crotch and lightly run my nails down his back.

“I believe you, but I want you to show me,” he says, a subtle smirk on his face.

I place a hand on the back of his neck and bring him down to my height, kissing him fiercely. It takes a minute to pull away because he’s got both of his hands on the sides of my face.

Once I do, I lower myself to my knees and begin to unzip his shorts. He looks down at me, breathless and biting his lip. As soon as I pull his shorts and boxers down and his hard-on pops out, we’re both breathless and in the moment. Nothing could distract us.

I take it in my hands and grip it firmly, slowly stroking him. He lets out a desperate breathy moan and I smile, loving the control I have. I sit back on my feet and just continue stroking him for a moment, slowing down or picking up the pace whenever I feel it’s right.

Eventually I lean forward again and lick the tip lightly and quickly. I look up to see him completely tense and gritting his teeth. “Y/N, please,” he manages to get out.

“Please what, sweetheart?”

“Stop teasing, I can’t take it,” he’s red and his jaw is locked, every muscle in his body flexed.

I lean forward even more and take in most of him, still stroking what I can take in. He groans loudly and I rest my hands on his thighs, feeling some of the tension slowly leave his body.

His hand holds my hair in a ponytail as I bob my head back and forth.  By now he’s writhing like crazy, lightly grinding his hips. I can see he’s on the edge of losing control.

“Y/N, I’m so fucking close,” he lets out, panting.

I go a little slower and remove my hand from his shaft, lowering it to his balls. I lightly grab them and bring him all the way to the back of my throat, the tip of him just grazing it.

He grips my hair a little tighter and I can feel the spray of him at the back of my throat as he yells out my name over and over again. Soon, he releases my hair and I pull back, standing on my feet. he pulls his shorts back up but doesn’t secure them and wraps his arms around me, burying his face in my neck.

“Fuck, that was so good,” he whispers.

I laugh lightly. “You believe me now?” He nods eagerly and separates himself from me only to grab my hand. He leads me toward his room, pushing me on the bed. “Cam, you have company. We should probably go back out there. We’ll do this later,” I say, starting to get up.

He shakes his head in disagreement. I watch as he comes closer to me, planting a light kiss on my lips. “Nope, it’s your turn.”



Thanks for reading, hope you liked it! I’m kind of leaning towards not doing smut anymore, idk. Like it just feels weird to write sometimes. I mean, I’d obviously still do any requests still in my inbox with smut but after that idk. And I’m considering posting my imagines and things on wattpad and here. Anyone have an opinion on that? REQUESTS ARE OPEN btw.

Also, sorry I haven’t been very active here lately. As I said on the last imagine I posted, school has started and I’m doing volleyball, which takes up a lot of my time. Normally I only have Wednesdays after school and weekends after I run whatever errands and do homework. I’m probably going to start queueing things, like stuff I normally post plus imagines and blurbs, etc. just so this account doesn’t seem completely dead.


sometimes i read leftist posts and i get angry at them and angry at myself because i don’t fucking understand them

i get that academics and academia is a thing, and they need to write like that for whatever reason but i think it has been said time and time again that it cannot be radical if it’s inaccessible. us fucking proles down here are too thick to engage in discourse i guess?? we have to wait for academics to…… oh god idk i even went to university i just never graduated. this post is unfair i’m just sick and angry and i feel trapped, no job no future no viable opinion

multiple posts telling me individual choice means nothing. reassuring but upsetting. what can i do. who can i be to help. even help myself. idk idk. upset.

anonymous asked:

Can you please make a Gohn daddy scenario? Omg I adore those so much TT TT something with his daughter and has to take care of her. Idk anything to do with Gohn! Lol I'll love whatever you guys write! btw your blog is amazing, I've read probably read most of the things posted here. Hahaha thank you always for the great work!!!

Wow, gosh am I ashamed right now or what? >.< I’m so sorry you guys T.T I kind of disappeared for a while…no excused- I was just in, like, a funk. I know you guys will forgive me because you’re such wonderful beings! I know you are! c:

This is something I’ve been working on for two weeks…writier’s block is a pain -.- 

Anyways, enjoy, please? ♥

-Admin L


The faint, delicate voice sounded like an echo to Gohn. He imagined himself inside a cave, spider webs decorating the rough, rocky walls; the low temperature that sprung up the goose bumps on the back of his arms and the back of his neck.

“Wake up,”

Again, the voice was loud at first but it gradually softened and shortened with each second until it faded away completely.

“Wake up!”

Gohn sat up with a jolt, his head jerked left and right searching for the source of the shout that shocked him from his slumber.

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pearl using the singular “they” in S01E16 “steven the sword fighter” and S01E22 “steven and the stevens”

i was struck when she used a singular “they” to refer to herself in “steven the sword fighter” because i assumed she’d use absurdly proper grammar. but i mean singular they has been around for a longass time and i’m sure a lot of self-described pedants deem it perfectly acceptable.

still rebecca sugar has stated the gems don’t have sexes/genders and their pronouns were picked pretty much at random. i like to think that the gems use “she” pronouns because humans assumed they were women based on their feminine appearance in their human forms (which could have been a complete accident). they were just like, whatever, “she” is fine


Ultimate Scolex Post

idk if this has been done or whatever but here we go! 

Lets just start off with some pics of them, these pics aren’t proof or anything they’re just cute and we all need to see them again

Ok now lets move onto pictures that could be considered “proof” of some kind:

ok first up we have the infamous b-day kiss, but more about this later

then we have these two snaps taken at practically the same time, notice the lack of shirts.

OK next we have the boys sharing swim shorts which isn’t proof per-se but it is hella cute and sort of proof kind of idk.

And now to the twitter section of this post:


This isn’t proof right, it’s just Alex chilling on a new rug, until you see the next picture… —-v

Alex Goldschmidt is a good friend of theirs.

*cough* Scott Hoying *cough*

Ok the nest one needs a bit more explanation, I don’t have some of the pictures necessary so you’re just gonna have to read it, sorry (if anyone has the pics I’m talking about plz send them to me and I’ll edit the post!

OK so this is Scotts cover of All of Me, found here (If you haven’t listened to is DO IT OMG). So as you can see this was posted on October 29th, which just happens to be Alex’s Birthday. Also notice the caption “For you :)” 

Alex later tweeted that he loved All of Me (idk where that is), but Jake tweeted “I wonder why” followed by the Speak No Evil Monkey emoji. 

Furthermore, this year (I think) for Scotts birthday (I think) Alex gave him Ombré flowers with a card (I think), on the back of the envelope it says “For you :)” (I THINK)

And the last section of this unreasonably long post is VIDEOS

Not Proof, but it’s hella cute

Still not proof (it could be if you thought about it for long enough) 

Slight proof but not really

Slight proof once again



If anything more happens I’ll add it, if anything is wrong tell me and I’ll remove it, if anything is missing tell me and I’ll add it, if there are any typo’s or something tell me, I’m not going to do anything about it but still tell me!

i had to write something because zarry are being ridiculous atm idk what this is anyway whatever here we go:

it’s kind of laughable that the thing that pushes harry over the edge is instagram. of all the things, of all the parallels and the non-signs harry’s been trying desperately to ignore, zayn revamping his account and starting to post in black and white is what finally crumbles harry’s resolve.

the thing is, this isn’t even significant. it’s probably a stupid fucking coincidence - it’s not like harry has the monopoly on black and white photos or anything - but it just feels like one step too far, sort of like the last step home if harry’s being mopey and dramatic about it, which he definitely is as he stares down at his phone. it’s 3 am and he’s allowing himself this.

it’s just. this doesn’t feel like chance anymore. harry’s not an idiot and he’s not blind, so he can’t pretend he hasn’t noticed what zayn’s been doing. noticed and ignored and willed his heart to stop racing. it’s too much, it feels like zayn is removing every reason harry can think of to not do this again, to not try. those mantras he used to repeat to himself when he was younger and determined not to surrender to the feeling he got when he looked at zayn, (the one he can still feel sometimes on the back of his neck and under his fingernails): he’s engaged, he would never leave his home to be with you, you don’t have enough in common, he thinks you’re too young and too loud and too immature, he’d never choose you, he doesn’t want you.

maybe those last two are still resolutely stuck somewhere inconvenient in harry’s chest, but everything else, every other reason to never try and fix things has evaporated, along with harry’s self control apparently. and he’s exhausted honestly. tired of being petty, of ignoring zayn for the sake of his own preservation, of not risking it because he’s not sure he can cope with it falling apart again.

so it’s dumb that these photos make harry want to call zayn. not him moving to la or getting that damn lotus tattoo in the same place as harry’s rose. not him putting himself first and going out clubbing and attending things harry’s interested in like fashion week. not even the few messages zayn has sent his way. no, the thing that makes harry ache for zayn (or maybe just admit to the ache, maybe he’s felt it since march) is these photos.

because they might be in black and white but harry only sees colour burst behind his eyes when he looks at them. because it’s 3:16 am and harry is feeling dramatic and mopey. because zayn’s made him forget every reason why this might not work. because he misses him and he’s done protecting himself. the risk was worth it last time, and harry has a feeling that this time, this time it could be even better

a post about reposters

So recently and not for the first time i’ve had gifs of mine reposted- and i know that’s never gonna stop, but what i want to talk about right now is the behavior of reposters when they get called out or creators ask them to remove their stolen posts. Every single reposter i have talked to has gotten (to some degree) defensive about their actions and this is what i usually hear:

  • I had a friend send it to me and i don’t know where they found them
  • I found them on google
  • There wasn’t a watermark so i couldn’t credit
  • There’s already a watermark so i don’t need to credit (amazing)
  • I’ve made gifs/edits/ect before and im not bothered when others repost mine so you shouldn’t be either
  • Well it’s not like they’re really yours either you didn’t take the picture/record the video

All of these excuses, yes that’s what you’re doing when you say these things, are poor. Firstly, a good rule of thumb for anyone with common sense is if you don’t know where it came from or it’s not yours don’t post it-and certainly don’t tag it to try and get lots of notes as if you spent so much time putting your post together?? Also just because someone reposted something of yours and it didn’t bother you does not mean other people aren’t going to get upset when they see something of theirs they worked hard on get notes and praise without any acknowledgment it was their work in the first place. Lastly, “It’s not really yours either, you didn’t film the video/take the picture you don’t have a copywrite on it,” excuse me but it most certainly is the editors original work and the big difference between editors and reposters is that editors will usually always link back to where they found the original video/picture they aren’t claiming that’s theirs, they are however claiming that they took they time to edit the content and make it their own which completely entitles them to call it their original work


Usually when someone comes to tell you you have reposted something of theirs they are calm and are just asking you to remove it, few will come and just start attacking you, it’s usually only once you have made an excuse (see list above) that people will start getting angry and preachy. Yeah, sometimes people will been angry when they see stuff of theirs reposted right away-especially when it’s whole gifsets, the whole idk where it’s from/i found them on google excuse is incredibly weak here (just so you know)-but can you really blame them, especially when it happens to some of these people all the time?


Apologize. DON’T MAKE AN EXCUSE. Don’t try and halfway justify yourself and say it just came from google or whatever. Apologize and delete the post like the person has requested. If you really did want those gifs/edits/ect on your blog the great thing is you now know where the original content came from and you can ask the person where you can find the original post so you can reblog it now. The sad/funny thing about reposters is that they never ask this. They don’t care about supporting creators/editors they just want the pretty gifs/edits/ect on their blog with their own notes. Just to prove how heartless some of these people are i actually had someone message me telling me they accidentally flagged one of my gifsets and then three days later they reposted it with the same caption and underneath the classic (credit to owner) on the post as if they didn’t already know where it came from. 

So yeah, reposters i know you’re never going away, but for the love of god stop arguing and trying to justify yourself when someone tells you you have reposted their stuff. It’s annoying and you’re never in the right, so stop.

Snowdrop’s message: When you are having hard time just tell us, we will wait for you guys. Instead of Sungmin, we will accept every anger and sadness. Whatever email, calling, texts.. We can receive even if its too late. So cheer up. Really thank everyone who is loving and has been loving Sungmin. (x)

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whatever I wear it has to have POCKETS cause remember how I said I’m gonna make Back To the Future 2 come true??




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