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That new clip made me so sad? Like of course I'm always emotionally affected by tv shows I like but I'm actually still feeling sad several minutes after I watched it and that, like, never happens to me? I normally leave the emotions behind when I turn off the show

Skam makes you feel things my darling anon <3

I’m the same, I have never been this emotionally attached before…like stuff has made me feel things but not like skam does. I think it’s partly because it feels so real? Like this stuff is actually happening and because we are in Sana’s pov we feel like we truly know her and we feel every single thing she feels.

It’s incredible

but also devastating.

there are still clips from s3 that I can’t watch without crying (O Holy Night) ahhhh it’s insane.

Sana will be okay, this is only the beginning things are gonna get a loooot worse.. Okay that sounded so much more helpful in my head I swear.


Okay how about this? When skam makes you feel super sad just shoot me an ask and i’ll reply with a beautiful derp Isak screenshot.

like this:


The Election of 1800

M: “It’s crazy that the guy who comes in second gets to be Vice President”
J: “Yeah, you know what? We can change that. You know why?”
M: “Why?”
J: “‘Cuz I’m the Preside–”
B: “Y-You can’t just do that!


I know they say that the space between
Can make it stronger than we’ve ever seen
They might be right but I disagree
‘Cause I’ve
never felt stronger than when you’re with me 


She’s alive.