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Trajectory; my thoughts

First off after a 3 week hiatus I have never been so happy to hear- “My Name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive.”, I literally starting crying. 

BUT HOLY CRAP. What an episode it was. The opening scene was funny with Barry and Cisco’s wit 😂 Then Barry ran and I was having a heart attack when he almost fell to his death. All I can say is thank god for Cisco’s toys!! 🙌🏼

The club scene being brought up happened pretty much as I expected, lol made me laugh. I gave myself time to prepare for Grant’s sexy ass in a club but nothing prepared me for this smile … 

🙈😆 I CAN’T. It’s too perfect for words. I surrender. 

Then we get to the club scene …. Warning; (this is going to be a long rant ;)

So when they first get to the club every thing was fine and dandy and then Barry made me laugh when he wouldn’t let Jessie drink. hehe xD he’s going to be such a good daddy to the twins  🙌🏼 … #goodparenting

Then Iris walks in and Barry lights up… 


The scene between Wally and Jessie was too cute, I’m totally shipping them together xD so cute !! 

Cisco asking Caitlin to dance gave me major #KillerVibe feels :) loved it! 

The rest of the time he pretty much couldn’t stop looking at her and I just about died. God where to even start ….  

So we saw this clip in the preview and ever since then I was dying. 

1. Iris mentioned marriage this time, which means things are definitely changing. Usually Barry is the one telling Iris they are married or seeing it in the future. But this time it came from Iris. 😍 

2. You can tell that she totally meant “WHEN we get married” hehe! 

Then she brought it up for the 2nd time in less than a minute. She definitely has Mrs. West-Allen on her mind and I’m like ; ….

…. then this magical scene happened and I floated to heaven ….

1. The way his eyes linger on Iris makes it so clear that he still loves her and it gives me so much hope. He can’t take his eyes off her !!! 

2. Netflix and Chill…. HAHAHA. They totally need to do it. The fact that Barry and Iris are now getting comfortable with the idea that their counterparts are married and actually wonder what it would be like is a HUGE step for West-Allen. 

I was overjoyed by Barry’s response; I see you B. You’re hesitation said it ALL…He’s clearly trying to act like its NBD but it so is!

However Iris seemed a bit disappointed. I think she realized that she is starting to see Barry the way he saw her before but now he isn’t in the same place. She is trying to flirt with him but his heart is guarded. To no fault of his own might I add. He has poured his heart out so many times but Iris never reciprocated. Poor baby.  I think it may take a few episodes for him to realize that Iris wants him the way he wants her. But I think it will be worth the wait 🙏🏼💞

This last gif of them is pure perfection. Both on Grant and Candice’s part. You can tell that they are both shy, and possibly at this point she thinks Barry is aware that she’s flirting so she looks down, but the 2nd peek she takes makes it crystal clear that she is now ready to open her heart to him <3 

After my heart was filled with West-Allen love, it was crushed when Trajectory showed up. Who might I add looks so much like Thea from Arrow 😜 

Trajectory locked my baby in the pipeline…. here I am like 

The Ending; 

I thought it was so cool how she evaporated but when she turned blue I knew there would be a connection to Jay. The look on everyone’s face when Cisco mentioned Jay was Zoom broke my heart so much…it was bad enough that they let him in and trusted him after Wells betrayed them but now Barry got betrayed YET AGAIN. The scream at the end broke me apart and…. the ramifications are going to be devastating for him … 

BUT I am hopeful that Iris and his friends will get him through this. I am excited for Flashback and more West-Allen … BRING IT 😁✌🏼

(Source: @westallengifs , @boniferhasty Thank you for the gifs )