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I-see-this-at-netflix-all-the-time! Am I only one who think they will kiss and stuff??? Please tell me I’m not only one!

Something I noticed of Toffee and Eclipsa...

As seen in Into The Wand, when Star grabs Toffee’s finger we see flashes of Eclipsa and Toffee.

It’s possible that there is a deeper connection between Toffee and Queen Eclipsa aside from the deal for the release of Eclipsa from crystal by using a dark spell to kill Toffee. (Or it could just be a foreshadowing of the villains)

Also Queen Eclipsa loves to indulge in a variety of sweets like chocolate, muffins, and other candies…

Toffee is a candy too.

(Specifically it’s a hard confection candy that’s made when you boil butter, sugar, and other sweets. Maybe she named him after a favorite candy because they’re related and he’s her son. Or maybe if they’re working together they made some sort of deal, with him having to adopt the name as a sign of his loyalty/make it official that he works with Eclipsa. Idk to me, the candy Toffee sounds like some kind of delicacy or rich food a royal like Eclipsa would have exclusively. )