has this been done yet because it should have

I just realized that I have a type.

Long haired, stubble, angry murder strut, who look like sunshine and rainbows when they smile, who have done unspeakable things and do not believe in redemption for themselves because of what they’ve done but will do anything to protect their families, who buy fresh fruit, ex-military and could probably kill you just by looking at you, very familiar and comfortable in Slavic countries

example: see Bucky Barnes and Eliot Spencer

who have a sarcastic friend with the best one-liners, who initially don’t get along but now have a secret handshake, both are underestimated, but are the kind you want backing you up in a fight, will crack a joke while saving the world and often the voice of reason

example: see Sam Wilson and Alec Hardison

and their blonde crazy friend getting into fights too big for them, lack impulse control and have both jumped off a building/plane with no safety net and/or parachute, can handle it on their own but forget that they don’t need to

example: see Steve Rogers and Parker


Has this been done yet or…

L: Why do you want us to wear these again?

CN: Becauuuusssse, cats get lost all the time! I thought it was a valid concern my Lady. <3

L:  Wha-? Oh whatever.  Sure, why not, you silly kitty.  

Have I mentioned that I’ve fallen in the hole that is the Miraculous Ladybug fandom? Because I have. Just saying.

Pssttt, you can blame @yaushie for my fall into the pit. 

As I alluded to in this answered ask, I couldn’t let this week pass me by without saying something about Last Resort of Good Men. I’ve only got this one weirdly-lit shot because this quest breaks me every time (has Ramon Tikaram gotten an award for his voice work here yet, like should we send him a card or something) and I wasn’t ready to go through it again, so have this moment of Dorian being distraught and looking over at Adam’s “concerned boyfriend” face lol.

For the record, I don’t think there’s a “right” way to do this quest. This is damage that has long since been done. It’s like ripping open an old wound that never healed, no matter what the Inquisitor says or does. A lot of this sort-of-fanfic-like-but-also-not-really screed will be from Adam’s perspective.

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||ooc|| A little bit of theme updating and cleanup: I’ve finally taken off all the affiliation notifications and links to Worldhoppernet. I probably should have done that a long time ago, but a) I was lazy and b) I suppose I was holding out hope that some of the other Cosmere/Stormlight RP-ers would come back. Alas, that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’ve replaced the link to the (former) group with a link to the Coppermind cosmere wiki, because why not. 

The ‘Shipping’ tab on the Rules page has been updated to reflect a Shallan being here now [blows kisses @ heliokrantor] and Marasi going inactive/abandoning. I have yet to update the Verses page (mainly with the FFX crossover-verse), but that should be done either tonight or sometime this weekend. Please excuse the mess that might be found there as I fiddle with code.

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I’LL GIVE YA THE BAD NEWS FIRST (quick like a band aid am i right) S O i’ve been busy as of late because long story short im helping a family member mOVe and this month has been nothing but moving heavy-ass boxes to and fro then taking every free moment i have to work on cosplay.

NOW THE GOOD NEWS. I should be 100% free by the first of march (so only a few days to go yet!) and finally able to do replies and answer all the lovely asks i have! AND!!! being as my cosplay is done now i’ll have even more free time! ( so i can throw it all together and post some pictures of it because i’m super proud of myself )

thank you all so much for being as patient as you have been with me through this month! we will resume our regularly scheduled programming shortly sO DON’T TOUCH THA T DIDDLY DARN DIAL, FOLKS! ))

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What pewdiepie did was wrong, but it was a joke taken too far. He's done so much good for this world and you decide to focus on one stupid ass thing he did jut because the internet has put him on this pedestal. He human, and humans make fucking mistakes. His humor is raunchy, and it always has been, but he's since apologized, deleted the video, and been punished. He's a good guy, and his friends are defending him, yet you have the audacity to attack him no his friends. You should be ashamed.

REVIEW: 'The Killing Joke' Misses the Mark

Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s Batman: The Killing Joke was released in 1988 to a hail fire of criticism and praise, instantly becoming a classic among readers and fans. Its film adaption, released in theaters this past Monday, has done the same in leveling a field of complaints. However it has failed to reach the same critical notability as its source material. 

Batman: The Killing Joke (directed by Sam Liu) is a film that, on paper, should have been dazzling and yet has found itself with a lack of support among fans and general audiences alike. Not because of the ambiguous and often violent and sexual themes of Moore’s story, but because it’s a tonal trainwreck that was built upon unrealistic expectations for what was intended to be a direct-to-DVD feature film.

Screenwriter Brian Azzarello has essentially scripted two films in 70 some odd pages. One, which borrows heavily and directly from Moore’s classic, and another… which feels like it was intended to be a 10 minute companion to an animated film more in vein of Batman vs. Robin or Son of Batman.

The prologue, featuring Batgirl (Tara Strong), plays more like a misguided obligation or an apology to expected complaints from feminists than part of the overall story. The writing is especially weak, the villain is bland and serves as a physical embodiment of misogyny, and the dialogue is so on the nose to the point that it made theatergoers laugh out loud. At one point Batman literally explains to Batgirl, “He’s objectified you,” and it’s painful to see Kevin Conroy’s voice acting talents wasted on drivel like this.

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I got my hair trimmed last night but it looks longer today. Oh the irony. She did a treatment to take the yellow color out of the blonde she had put in my hair recently. I very much love the color and Jamie is working out as a great stylist!! I felt like I should say her name vs calling her “the girl”. It was a relaxing night and the salon is having an event tonight so I booked an appt for a manicure after work to support them. And it’s only 8 dollars so you can’t beat that.

I realized this morning that I’m having to retrain my brain yet again. It has been a wonderful relaxing week and yet my brain keeps trying to tell me I could have done better because I didn’t work out as much and I had more sweet treats than normal. So no, I didn’t workout as much as normal and I had donuts one day and cinnamon rolls last night but I DID spend time with Ginny and run around the park with her kids. I spent quality time relaxing with Kevin + last night and tonight I’m taking out some time for self care. So all of that to say I’m trying to teach my brain that good or enough is not based off solely my workouts and food.

Ending on an extra positive note:


I’ve got on plaid.
And the sun is out and it’s looking to be a gorgeous day!!

Hope you all have a great day!


what she says: i’m fine

what she means: i’m constantly enraged by the fact that nobody actually appreciated benny lafitte as much as he should have been, especially since the fact that he sacrificed himself, gave up his own life to get sam and bobby out of purgatory. he’s done nothing but help sam and dean yet he never gets any recognition for it, he’s like the most under appreciated character on that entire show. you know what else bothers me? the only reason sam hated benny was because he was holding a grudge against dean for killing amy.

“Oh, good old Watson, how would we fill the time if you didn’t ask questions?”: It should have been Sherlock who married John

Has anyone done a meta on Victorian Holmes and Watson/John’s carriage ride post-first plane scene and Watson’s “You’re Sherlock Holmes, wear the bloody hat”?

Because it starts out with Holmes and Watson on their way to find Mary, and Watson is upset because Holmes knows where Mary is but won’t tell him yet.

This is a few scenes after the very first non-MP plane scene (after Watson gets mad at Holmes for taking drugs and they leave Baker Street) but Holmes still gets Watson mixed up with John in his head for a brief moment, when John says “Sherlock, tell me where my bloody wife is, you pompous prick, or I’ll punch your lights out!”

So why the sudden switch up? Aside from John calling him “Sherlock” instead of “Holmes,” the line sounds like something Watson would say, not John. And for all we know, Sherlock could just imagine John using his first name because of the switch in character from Watson to John. In the very next line, the MP John is “back to normal” and replaced with Watson, who says, “Holmes, where is she?”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Holmes gets modern John and Victorian Watson swapped much in his head during particularly lucid moments, like this one. And in this scene, Holmes is acting much more aware than he was at the flat when the drugs still had quite a hold on him. They seem to have worn off better by this time. And in this scene they’re outside of London, so they’ve been in the carriage for a little while, presumably giving Holmes time to gather his thoughts.

And I’m pretty sure this shirt (that Holmes’ MP John is wearing) is not the same shirt non-MP John is wearing during the plane scene. You would think, if Sherlock was getting the two Johns confused because he’s just “awoken” from his Mind Palace only to dive back in, that the modern John who pops up in his Victorian MP sequence would be wearing the same thing as the John he has just seen in real life.

The two shirts are really similar, and at first I thought they only looked different because of the lighting, but I’ve looked through pictures from the HLV tarmac scene and each modern scene from TAB and non-MP John’s shirt is definitely more blue than Holmes’ split-second John swap.

And so I got to thinking—have we seen this shirt before? Why would Sherlock conjure John in a brand new shirt? So I went digging through old scenes. I knew this shirt was probably from S3 (because let’s be honest, it’s WAY too stylish for S1 and S2 John), so I started with HLV and made my way backwards until I came to the TSoT stag night scene.

Just so you can see the change in lighting:

The jackets are different (MP John’s is his black leather one), and it’s too dark to see if MP John is wearing the sweater that goes with the stag night outfit, but it’s definitely the same dress shirt, the most important and apparent article of clothing in both scenes.

So let’s revisit what’s going on in the TAB Mind Palace scene. Watson is anxious about Mary, whom Holmes has just said is “in danger.” They’re setting out to find her. Holmes knows Mary’s whereabouts, but he hasn’t yet told Watson, so Watson is grilling him about where she is. That’s when Holmes says, “Oh, good old Watson, how would we fill the time if you didn’t ask questions?”

So we have three themes so far: Mary, idle time, and questions; each of which was a facet of John’s stag night. Sherlock and John went out drinking as a last hurrah before John married Mary, they got drunk too soon into the night and had a lot of time to wait around, so they played a question game.

After modern John switches back to Victorian Watson, Holmes finally answers his question about Mary’s location, the church. But then he says, “She thinks she’s found the solution and for no better reason than that, she has put herself in the path of considerable danger. What an excellent choice of wife.”

Does that description sound familiar at all? Whether he realizes it before it’s out of his mouth or not, Holmes isn’t describing Mary; he is describing himself. An excellent choice of wife, indeed.

In tagging this scene, in which Sherlock’s Mind Palace describes himself as John’s spouse, with the stag night, known throughout the fandom as Sherlock’s “last chance,” Mofftiss are setting Sherlock up as the one who should have married John. The only other way they could have tied this scene to the wedding is to put John in his groom’s tux, which is a little heavy-handed.

But besides, John in his tux sets him up with Mary, while Sherlock and John have their culminating moment on the stag night. This TSoT callback via wardrobe adds to the unending list of meta of Sherlock as “the other groom”—and makes apparent that it was not just a cute wink-nudge to put Sherlock in a tux matching John’s; it was a sign of the recurring theme of Sherlock as John’s fated partner, not Mary.

If someone else has analyzed this, please let me know! And if you disagree with me on any parts and/or think I haven’t explained myself well enough, feel free to challenge me. I might write up a more coherent argument later, but I had to get this out before I forgot.