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countries and chairs 

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I have this lowkey headcanon that Chris knew about the prank they were planning for Hannah. maybe Ashley told him about it, because “it’s just supposed to be funny.” except he doesn’t think it’s funny, at all, but he also doesn’t think any real harm will come of it, so instead of participating, he gets smashed with Josh and just lets it happen, figuring everything will be alright in the morning, because what’s the worst that could happen?


I propose: an au where Chris does tell Josh and the twins about what the others are planning, because he’s protective and as much as he loves a good joke, which this definitely isn’t, he doesn’t want Hannah to get hurt.

Hannah is understandably upset and both Josh and Beth are royally pissed, but while Josh just wants to punch Mike in the face and tell the others to gtfo, Beth has a better idea: she’s going to dress up as Hannah and give them all a surprise.

so with help from Josh and Chris, the twins switch outfits. their hair is a little tricky because Hannah’s is much longer and Beth has bangs, but bobby pins, hair clips, and hats are a godsend. Hannah recreates her tattoo on Beth’s arm with a marker and covers hers with Beth’s sweater, the finishing touches of makeup are applied, and by the end of it Beth is indistinguishable from Hannah to anyone who doesn’t look too close for too long.

Josh preemptively sets up an extra camera in the guest room in case anyone deletes the footage from Matt’s camera, everybody tries to act casual, and then it’s just a matter of time.

when the time finally comes, everyone think’s it’s working; Beth impersonates her sister perfectly, and no one suspects anything is amiss until she moves in like she’s going to kiss Mike…

…and promptly knees him in the balls.

she chews him out, threatens him with worse things if he ever tries to do something like this to her big sister ever again, flips everyone else the bird, and saunters out to roars of laughter from Chris and Josh (and questions from Sam, whom they did not inform for that extra bit of authenticity).

the video goes viral and Mike doesn’t hear the end of it for weeks.

FAHC headcanon inspired by this post

Jack loves decorating the penthouse, she has decorations for every major holiday. She, almost religiously, believes in Spring cleaning. The morning of Spring Solstice she pulls everyone out of bed and shoves cleaning products in each of their hands. When Easter rolls around there’s pastel eggs and bunnies everywhere.

Fourth of July it’s American flags and fruit platters designed to look like the flag. If it wasn’t for the good BBQ and spectacular fireworks Gavin would spend the holiday scowling and letting everyone know how much better England is.

She goes all out for Halloween. Ghosts, skeletons, spiders and their webs, witch silhouettes in the window. She tries to get everyone to carve a pumpkin; she’s tried every year since the crew was formed. No one ever wants to but they do it anyway to make her happy.

Thanksgiving she starts cooking as soon as she wakes up. By the time it’s noon the penthouse smells like spices and turkey. Everyone tries to help but she just kicks them out of the kitchen. They sit around the table, talking and laughing. Stuffing their faces with delicious food. It feels like home. It is home.

But Christmas is her favorite. The day after Thanksgiving the tree goes up and stays up until after New Years. The penthouse basically turns into Winter Wonderland. There are some ornaments on the tree people have kept from their childhood. One says ‘crews first Christmas’ (she made it herself and it’s beautiful.) Every year she tries to get new ones to add to show the many years the crew has been together. Christmas Eve she gathers everyone and gives them each a present. It’s usually pajamas and they always wear em to bed that night. Then gather around the tree the next morning, sitting on the floor eagerly waiting to see what everyone got. Geoff claims the roll as Santa and starts handing out colorfully wrapped gifts. Jack, again, makes a feast of incredible food. This is her family and she wouldn’t want her life any other way.

New Years comes and she forces everyone into glasses that are shaped like the year they’re about to enter and ugly paper top hats. They watch the ball drop on TV, counting down from 10 and shouting a gleeful “happy New Year!” when it hits 0, and places sloppy drunk kisses on everyone’s cheek. She goes to sleep with a smile on her face; excited to find out what this upcoming year has to offer. 

If Lance gets the Red Lion in S3 and Keith gets the Black Lion
  • Lance: HEY KEITH! KEITH!
  • Keith: *turning around already looking annoyed* What.
  • Lance: I guess this makes me your...
  • Keith: ...
  • Lance: ...
  • Keith: ...
  • Lance: ...Right hand man.
  • Keith: ...
  • Lance: ...
  • Keith: ...
  • Lance: ...
  • Keith: *lunges at him*

Q!Craig and 00!Whishaw

“You must be joking.”

“Why, because I’m not wearing a lab coat ?”

“Because you have wrinkles !”

(Bond threatened to set up parental controls on all of his gadgets after the tart called him “Daddy” over the comms)