has this been done already or

Would you guys be willing? #PitchBaseballPledge

Later this week, probably Tuesday there will be a brainstorming post where we will throw around ideas for campaigns for the next four months to keep Pitch on the minds of the Fox execs. We want to sway them into giving the green light on renewal for season 2 and the only way to do that is to keep our feet on the gas.

Our January campaign is already done! It was the #KeepHerInTheGame video. Check it out here https://youtu.be/CJF24L0Acro. It’s almost at 1,000 views.

There has been talk about sending FOX baseballs with #RenewPitch and or #KeepHerInTheGame on them. Great idea and I think we should do it. I would like it if we could send 1,000 baseballs, but I know that number may be a bit ambitious. Maybe we can start at 500 and if it climbs toward a bigger number GREAT!

So would you guys be willing to pledge to send whatever number of baseballs you can? Maybe you can only send one. Others may be able to send 3, 5, or 10. Im just putting this out there to get a feel for if we could get this campaign going as our final push before renewals are announced in May.

Sidebar: This is an unofficial battle for Kylie Bunbury’s heart and renewal. The Twisted fans managed to send ABC Family 1,000 red jump ropes. At one point they were barely pulling in 1 million viewers. Let’s not let them beat us. Hahaha. Seriously though.

As Amelia once said “We need to be creative and ambitious.”

Let me know in the comments!


Animus Whiteout AU

I don’t if anyone else has done this/thought about this already, but imagine what it would have been like if Whiteout had been the mind reading animus prophet rather than Darkstalker? Or what if Darkstalker had helped her hatch and receive her own powers and they were both animuses with Nightwing powers?

If so, what if Whiteout would have had to turn on her corrupted brother? Imagine Whiteout being able to control the weather and ice and snow, facing off with Darkstalker in an epic (yet heart-wrenching) magical battle after failing to convince him to not go through with his plans? Or, if Whiteout had been the only one with powers, would she become corrupt, too, or use her powers for good?

To summarize, an animus Whiteout would have been amazing.

Honestly, who cares if Eliza said what she did at the panel to “bait us into watching the show again”, or whatever it is some of us are worried about. We already have our mind set about whether or not we’re watching S4 and I doubt words are going to change that.

But you know what? It felt so good to hear those words from her. It made me and no doubt a lot of others, happy. Thats all we should take from it. She reminded us in a few short words, that everything we’ve said, done, fought for and supported since Lexa’s death, has been worth it.

Lexa was the love of Clarke’s life. Thats it. Everyone in that show could forget it, everyone in the world could, and despite it, it would still be relevant.

Lexa is still relevant. We are still relevant. 

Lets not forget that.


So far I’m making good on my promise to watch more shows this year. It’s Day 15 and I’ve already finished MLP season six, season nine of The Big Bang Theory, and the first season of A Series of Unfortunate Events. I think next I’ll do that Voltron show, then either move on to anime or Asian dramas.

My arm has been in delicious amounts of pain this week, so writing has been slow. The next chapter of Lucky Us is halfway done. *maniacal grin, wicked laughter

Sorry. Reflex.

Schoolwork is also coming along. Due to the aforementioned arm pain, I’m going to have to work on my day of rest, which makes me sad. My thesis advisor promised she’d have my comments for me at the end of this week. Nothing yet. But once I get my hands on that, the real work begins.

I’ll start by correcting all the grammatical errors, and if I do one chapter per day I can have that done by the end of the month. Then I’ll use February to address the deeper plot issues, of which I’m certain there are many. I need to discuss adding an entire POV to the story with my advisor… and if she gives me the green light, I’ll do that… which could take another month.

Goal: Be done by April. Not concrete enough. Be done before our theoretical trip to Singapore at the end of March. Better. Also, impossible. But if I finished the first draft two months in advance, surely I can finish the second four months in advance…

mylittleredgirl replied to your post “I promise not to liveblog it, because text posts get messy really…”

no you definitely rightfully should love it. future’s end is amazing.

I just had the scene where Tuvok snarkily remarks that they may as well have worn their uniforms because nobody would notice.


Also I’m already delighted at Rain. I forgot just how many sci-fi movie posters and toys she has around her workplace. I love how she ignores the message of like all of them (and her boss), and sends a hello message to aliens anyway. Regardless that they could be Earth-destroying Xenomorphs from Mars who are born from plants and ready to murder humans on the backs of pterodactyls. The culmination of all the moves she’s watched tell her this.


I love Rain SO MUCH. I understand you Rain, I would do the same shit.

  • This is going to be a MysMe School!AU, I had this idea watching anime more likely but many people had done this before, but anyway i wanted to do it! So here i am~ Hope you enjoy^^ The prologue will be more a MC introduction than anything else to be honest but i plan to update this often so look forward to it!

Mystic Messenger High Schooul!AU


It has been a week already since I was transferred to this school but it was hard, I mean, it was a new country, an unknown language and we can add that I am not a very extrovert person. The people there were nice actually, some of them didn’t even notice my presence but the ones near me tried to help me often.

The last period and then I can be finally free, why the professor can just be quiet for a moment? Why is it even necessary to study economics? It’s not as if I am going to choose that major after all.

Everyone in the class was loud, so annoying. Thankfully the bell was about to ring I’m sure of it-

The bell rang and the noise of the chairs being pulled was all over the room.

“Mocha-ssi?” The girl of the desk behind me asked while she was looking for her bag. What was her name..?

I was way too lost in my thoughts, answer fast!

“..Huh? Yes?” My voice really sounds hoarse- after all I didn’t talk at all during all the morning.

“Have you already chosen a club? I was wondering if you would like to join the volleyball club!” She handed me a paper, I guess it was some kind of promo for her club or whatever that was.

Sports? Definitely not. Why are they even so picky about having to choose a club obligatory? That should be up to me.

“I didn’t, my apologies but I am not fond with sports heh…” I scratched the back of my neck and let out a small-and way too fake- giggle, trying to look the less pissed possible.

The girl looked disappointed but well there wasn’t anything I can do.

“Oh…it’s a shame; if you change of mind you will be always welcome!” She was smiling brightly; she does seem like a good girl maybe I should try to be nicer next time-

She left after waving at me, and I was completely alone in the class, just resting my head on the desk.

A club…? If I not find one this week the teacher will start to nag at me, I definitely don’t have time for that. Today I don’t have anything to do so maybe I should go give a look to the different clubs.

The corridors were empty, some classrooms were used by the different clubs, it was easy to notice which was each of them by the noise or the decorations in their doors. It was quiet and it did feel nice, just walking around with all the annoying noises far away, gladly, since the noisiest clubs were either on the higher floors or outside.

None of the clubs were for me, the drama club need a person more talkative and confident –something I am not for sure- , the literature club seemed interesting but they were too strict…, then there were many sports and music clubs related that I don’t fit at all so why even bother to go and see, there were just two clubs left the study club and the SCFI club, I think I am going to give a look to the latter one, it seems cool.

It’s been an hour and a half already, I don’t find the club nowhere maybe I should give up and go home I thought letting out a long sigh.

“Let me go Seveeeeennn!” I could hear some voices and steps coming to this direction, more people no-

I was shaking, I am not good with people and even less with the loud ones like them.

“Oh C’mon Yoosungie~ Give me a hug please!” another voice? More than one?! Oh god- this was even worse I should really hurry.

I looked behind me to see two boys…fighting? I can’t really tell what that is, but one of them seems to be trying to get rid of the other.

“Seven stop! I don’t want to-“ One of the boys said, the blonde one that was struggling before, but then the red haired boy put his hand on his mouth.

“Yoosung Kim! What are you doing yelling the corridors?! There is a lady there!” the boy said looking at my direction, nononono- they noticed me.

“Can I help you with something? The name’s Seven, nice to meet you~” he added smiling.

“..N-no! It’s okay, I’m fine! I have to go now, Sorry-“I replied fast with my broken voice thanks to my nervousness.

I turned my back and start to walk in the opposite direction.

“Wait- Were you looking for the SCFI club by any chance?” the blonde guy said, I don’t know how but he was next to me looking at the paper I was holding.

There was no going back, they caught me.

“That can’t be Yoosungie, that club was closed last year” ‘Seven’ or at least that was how he introduced himself added after Yoosung’s comment. What kind of names where that…? I don’t have the best name but come on; at least I am not a number.

“Maybe she didn’t know Saeyoung Choi” Yoosung said making a face of disgust in the latest part. He looked at me and suddenly his face started to shine- yes, shine. “Wait!! Aren’t you on my class?? Right??” he looked excited but I think he was right, his tie was red lie my bow- so yes I guess he was on first year too, but my class?

“Yeah it’s you! You are quiet on class I imagined you more of the literature club haha!” He really was loud, way too much. He didn’t even let me reply-

“..calm down, yes I think I am but I was just looking for whatever club that I thought I would fit in” I looked to the side and replied softly.

“Oh I see” Seven said, now he was hugging Yoosung for behind- what? “By any chance, since the club last club you were looking for isn’t there, would you join our club?!” he added with a grin on his face, but wait, how did he know that? I am more confused now.

“You were wondering how I know right? In your paper it’s the only one that is not crossed heh” oh, so that was it, I didn’t think they saw it.

“Yes!! That’s a good idea, she is so cute!! Maybe we can play LOLOL together!” Yoosung said excited and pushing the other away.

And somehow, they got me to the opposite corridor without even waiting for my response, this boy…ehem Yoosung yes, he was pulling my arm too hard, oh God…

Seven opened the door of the room pretty forcefully, and loudly of course.

“Welcome to the After School Navigators Club!!!” the boy said loudly after opening the door.

“Saeyoung stop calling us that, and who’s that if I can ask?” A second year girl with short brown hair said after our entrance. She seemed normal compared to these two and next to her there were another two boys, a third year with raven hair and another second year with a white ponytail. The older was just drinking some tea, the same as the girl, and the albino was just taking selfies-

The one with black hair stopped and looked at me too.

“We don’t accept new members, my apologies for whatever Yoosung and Saeyoung said to bring you there” he said coldly before focusing on his tea again.

I could hear a noise of discomfort coming from the loud boys.

“But Hyung!! Please she doesn’t have a club, can we make an exception??” the blonde said to the third year.

“Yeah! Ju-Ju please! Look how hard was she struggling to find a club!!” Seven added after taking the paper that I had on my hands.

“Look, all the clubs crossed except this one! And this one is closed!” he was pointing the SCFI club that was still on the paper.

The girl took the paper and looked at it for a while.

“Saeyoung, our club is already crossed in this paper, did you two forced her to come?” she said with an annoyed look.

That’s impossible? I have never heard of this club, and even though I have no idea why didn’t I just ran away of this crazy people. But I couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle of how these two were being nagged at. Wait- I know this girl, isn’t she the vice president of the Student Council? Jaehee Kang I think it was? I should be polite with all of them or I will give a bad impression.

“It’s okay; I didn’t refuse neither, Kang-ssi…right?” I said a bit embarrassed, the honorifics there were still something I have to have minded more.

The room was silent and everyone was looking at me, even the albino stopped using the phone and he had the jaw almost to the floor. Did I say something wrong..?

The oldest in the room stand up and seemed to be going to say something, he looked pissed, but quickly Yoosung went and tried to calm him down, the boy looked at me and asked.

“You didn’t mean it right?? She is not from here Hyung- have mercy…” his actions to try to calm the other down didn’t seem to function until the girl talked.

“Don’t worry- I understand” she said with a warm smile “But to keep on mind, you shouldn’t call people by their last name and that honorific in the same sentence or I will look lie you are disrespecting them”

So it really was something serious- I can be really stupid sometimes.

“We are the study club, we would like you to join but we can’t make that decision without our president approval” she looked to the direction where the oldest was sitting with Yoosung panting next to.

“Jihyun doesn’t come to the club anymore so you we can’t ask him, you can leave now Miss..?” the black haired said with the arms crossed.

Who is that? I thought he was the president- but I wasn’t planning to join anyway.

“It’s Park Mocha, nice to meet you…” I replied smiling at him.

“Like the coffee?? That’s cute! We will get Jihyun-hyung to accept you! From now on we can be together at the stuff in class, isn’t it great??” Yoosung said excited, smiling brightly at my direction.

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Holy shit, yes. I can imagine it: "Yuma has just handled the last customer and his shift ends after a couple of minutes, and he glances at the blonde boy - as if he hadn't already done so many times - and "you gotta be kidding me, is he really asleep?" and Yuma sneaks next to Shu's table and leans over the table level, only to find that he had been right. He could just leave, but instead he tries to wake the boy, by shaking his shoulder. Nothing happens. "Has he slipped into coma or something?""

and then while yumas staring at him from up close shu is suddenly like “if you take a picture it’ll last longer” and yuma SCREAMS cuz he didnt realize he had been awake the whole time

so my mom and her boyfriend thought they were being real smart by taking an old washing machine that has been shut out in a shed in 20 degree weather for the past 4 months and could just plug it into the house and use it like it would be normal like they know how to install a new appliance

guess what

now our entire house is flooded and its p much raining inside because these smart people started the washer and took a fucking nap cause job well done right and the flood has already leaked through the second floor and is flooding the kitchen

:)) my house will probably collapse :))))

Japanese Superhero Showcase - Special SAIKOU!: Tatsunoko - An Introduction

The start of 2017 is many things to many people.  But for fandom, it is yet another anniversary year:

Kamen Rider Black turns 30, Power Rangers Turbo turns 20, as does Megaranger. etc. But one of the biggest anniversaries on the otaku calendar this year is…

Tatsunoko is turning 55 years old!

Now in honor of this occasion, I will try to showcase the other Tatsunoko heroes who have been adapted into tokusatsu, since Hurricane Polymar has already been done.

This will give readers a general idea of the superheroes they made in the early years to expand their geek knowledge and/or prep them for the main event of this little birthday bash which is projected to premiere this year.

Tatsunoko for those who don’t know is one of the early TV animation studios of Japan which began operation in 1962. While its catalog is varied and includes freakin’ Evangelion (which they co-animated with Gainax), most in Japan fondly remember its superheroes such as Gatchaman, or The Time Bokan series or mecha shows like Macross.

While it is debatable to exactly how they are relevant nowadays, they are still seen as a solid pillar of the anime industry, having survived when its competitors have been gobbled up by other studios, shut down, re-labeled or just faded away. Only Toei Animation and a few others that were founded back in the 50s and 60s can have that level of bragging rights.

Another claim to fame is that they were one of the studios who capitalized on bringing anime to foreign markets. Think about it: Speed Racer, Gatchaman, Macross (in the form of Robotech), Tekkaman Blade, Samurai Pizza Cats…all of those are Tatsunoko properties.

So.. let’s start the party off with a Robot Apocalypse….Wait, What?.

Ack, my queue is getting too full. I might have to bleed some off.

My pattern for the last few weeks has been to fill up my queue on the weekend with all the Voltron posts I liked in the last week, then let it run. I HAD been doing about 25 or 30 a day, and that would empty the queue in about six or seven days. But I’m not even done queueing everything I liked last week and it’s already at 259. Fandom really came alive with Hunk’s birthday and the trailer and the run-up to season two. So queue has been bumped to 50 a day, just warning you. If you’re not a fan, you might want to block my tag, voltron legendary defender.