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Hey remember me? Who loves gakurans?? I dunno whatever not important, however!! I haven't read fanfics in ages and I kinda wanna do that again and I wondered if you had any recommendations? I hate looking for them myself because I'm really picky about characterization.. If they're slightly ooc I'll be running the other direction. And I don't like angst unless it's absolutely necessary for a good plot. Soo... do you have anything to rec? Preferably terumob but I'm open for anything good really

Hi! Hahaha, I remember you of course! Sorry for the delayed response, I had to go check out ones I’ve read. Generally I consider myself pretty picky about characterisation too since like, there is a reason I like characters to begin with you know? And I tend to be a little weird about sticking somewhat to canon as well. However I’m finding with Mob Psycho I’m having some leniency because there is kind of a range of characterisation preferences I’ve noticed where it’s not so much in character and not in character but dependent on what particular attributes the writer focuses on (plus the characters are like hard to write, for me anyway). Most people write Reigen… nicer than I generally perceive him as, but I wouldn’t say it’s incorrect in anyway, just different focus. He’s still the dude that does this stuff to me though.

ANYWAY!!! Recommendations!

Return. Continue. (TeruMob) I don’t think you could follow me and not know these because of my, ahem, minor obsession, but I’m going to mention them anyway because for me they are like a PERFECT representation of how I personally view Mob and Teruki.

Temporary Accommodations (General) I’ve mentioned this one before but I’m further into it now and really enjoying it. It’s a nice action one and I like the way Reigen is written.

That’s a Bummer, Dude (TeruMob) I thought this one was cute and heartfelt, it has a nice feeling to it

Tomorrow Isn’t Always Another Day (General) I’ve mentioned this one before too, but best Reigen. I like that this one felt like the same humour as the comics, especially the omake, I haven’t seen that a tonne in the fanfictions.

When there’s nothing but the long way ‘round (TeruMob)This is a set of 8 that was done for Valentine Day prompts i believe and I found them to be very cute.

Turning Slowly (TeruMob) I liked this one, especially since it wasn’t super fluffy and I’m a sucker for anything that has unrequited hahahaha

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (TeruMob) I do like Teruki suffering, just a little bit.

It’s Okay to be Truthful (TeruMob) This one is short and cute and I need like everyone just to give me clueless Mob because it is amazing

Hell Is Real (So Hurry Up and Kiss Already) (TeruMob) It’s almost more about Ritsu than anything else but I found it funny and cute.

How the light gets in (TeruMob) I thought this was very cute, and I like the confusion aspect of it, it made the end scene entertaining to read.

A Way With Words (TeruMob) God damn that ending line

It’s okay to rest  (TeruMob) Like i said, I’m a sucker for clueless Mob hahaha

The Accelerated Velocity of Terminological Inexactitude (TeruMob) This is like the romcom flick version of Mob Psycho. I really like the Teruki in this one.

Okay, this list got quite long. I just have been having a lot of fun reading through these okay? I hope you like some of these as well! I would be interested in hearing which type you prefer since there is quite a range in there!

Oh! And I guess I’ve actually written two as well. One more so than the other. Did it hurt? and Self-destructive Tendencies

Okay so @chirpingisflirting said she’s been having a real poopy bday, so I thought I’d take a crack at a nurseydex hc (which became this lame ficlet chimera) for her! Here goes nothing! Literally!

I’d imagine that, early in Nursey and Dex’s relationship (say, four months in?), school starts hittin’ Dex hard; boy’s got assignments up the wazoo, some emergency fees come up and he takes a small job a few days a week at the school bookstore/convenience store, his life’s just a mess. Nursey’s trying to keep his cool and be understanding, but it’s driving him nuts. He hasn’t seen Dex outside of practice in like, a month and a half, and he keeps trying to text him and make the best out of a crappy situation, but Dex tends to fall asleep or get bogged down by a new assignment and just forgets to text back and or it’s been almost a day and it’d feel really awkward to answer now and… yeah. It’s really fucking with Nursey.

He’s been taking it slow with Dex (whom I headcanon as only recently really coming into his sexuality?) since the start, but it feels like he’s the only one who gives a crap sometimes. Nursey reminds himself that’s obviously not true, though, and that Dex is just obscenely busy and just… lays on the supportive texts, or brings extra snacks for Dex after practice/before class. Still, this can only go on for so long.

And it’s driving Dex crazy too, because he’s reading all the texts, and he can see how upset Nursey is every time he splits up with the rest of the team after breakfast to head off to class, and it weighs on his mind when he’s knee-deep in some cs problem. It’s his first real relationship (with a dude?), and he’s crazy for Nursey, but he feels like he’s only giving 30% when Nursey’s constantly giving 100% (which ISN’T TRUE; boy’s running himself ragged, here!).

So he works double time for like a week to give him enough slack to slack off for an evening. It’s Tuesday, and he texts Nursey around lunch to get dressed in something comfy and wait outside the Haus for him after dinner. Nursey’s totally confused and is so… idk? Anxious? What could Dex want to talk about? Can Nursey even take this anymore? Is this fair to him? He almost doesn’t reply or want to show up, but he’s a sucker for Dex, so he puts on a cute li'l sweater over a collared shirt and waits out front.

Dex pulls up ten minutes late (definitely unlike him), and Nursey and him drive off silently.

They pull up to this hill hidden between these real posh houses that overlook Samwell and the surrounding town, minutes pass, and Dex pulls a scrap of paper and a single, haggard looking rose from behind his seat, but he still won’t talk. He just stares down at the things in his hands, and Nursey’s somewhere between concerned and pissed.

“I stopped by the flower shop before they closed and picked this up for you,” Dex starts, hands on the rose he’s now jerking in Nursey’s direction, “but I realized I don’t even know if you like roses, and this is completely fucking cliché, and it got all fucked up because I kept fiddling with it, and- Jesus, Nurse. I’m sorry.”

Nursey just looks up and locks eyes with Dex for the first time all night. Concern is winning out over anger now. He takes the rose, and his eyebrows wrinkle in an almost sad way.

“Shit, Nur- Derek! Derek. Are you okay? I’m so, so–”

“I love it.” Nursey places his hand over Dex’s. Dex just blushes and goes silent again, his eyes returning to the scrap that’s getting closer to becoming, well, scraps.

“I know I’ve been really shitty about, well, us, recently.” Dex is breathing deeper now. “But I know how hard this is for you, and I think about you all the time, and I thought I could balance everything, but I-” Dex shrugs. “I guess I can’t,” he chuckles.

“And I guess I know how much you like poetry and stuff, and- just- I brought you here to tell you…” He stretches out the paper in his now shaking hands, and sucks in a sharp breath. Th- this. Just read this.“ He passes the scrap over to Nursey:

‘You’re in a car with a beautiful boy, and he won’t tell you that he loves you, but he loves you. And you feel like you’ve done something terrible, like robbed a liquor store, or swallowed pills, or shoveled yourself a grave in the dirt, and you’re tired. You’re in a car with a beautiful boy, and you’re trying not to tell him that you love him, and you’re trying to choke down the feeling, and you’re trembling, but he reaches over and he touches you, like a prayer for which no words exist, and you feel your heart taking root in your body, like you’ve discovered something you didn’t even have a name for.’

"Yo, you know plagiarism is probably the least effective way to my heart, right?” Nursey chirps.

“I know that, idiot,” Dex starts. “I- I’m not saying I wrote it. I just-”

“I know, man.” Nursey’s hand tightens around Dex’s.

And then Nursey’s kissing him, and Dex could almost cry for all that he feels he doesn’t deserve it after this past month. They break apart soon, though, and Dex takes the moment to hold Nursey out at arm’s length.

“I'msosorryDerekyoudeservebetterthanthisI'lltryharderforyou,” Dex breathes out.

“Hey, chill. I’m not blind, you know? You’re doin’ everything you can, Will. Just… just let me help you too, y'know? If you’re too busy to leave your damn room, let me come to you. It’ll kill me, but I can catch up on my readings and… not distract you.” He waits a beat for Dex to answer, and when he doesn’t, he continues, “Or I can meet you in between classes and walk you to your next one, or we can call each other… I just miss you.”

Dex’s eyes start darting here and there, like he’s looking for something in Nursey’s, and he finally answers: “Yeah. Yeah, I’d like that.” He’s sniffling now. “Let me do better.”

And with that, Dex leans in to kiss the smile sprouting on Nursey’s lips.

(And then vehicular cuddles. A lot of them. To the point where Nursey has to drive them back because Dex is half-asleep.)

daft as a brush | daab

genre | college au.
summary | she is called a whore, a slut. jeongguk is called the most gorgeous young man, a dandy little fellow. and both do the same: fucking around.
warnings | cursing, mentions of alcohol and drug abuse, quarter-graphic smut.
word count | 5968.

College, in real life, was not a place to study like how many thousands and hundreds of people assumed; it was more of an idea that housed in people’s heads: get in, study, get your diploma, get out, work or university or whatever the people wished to do. In actual life, college was a code name for throwing the biggest and most unorganised parties, taking a sniff of crack in a dimmed dorm room, for sexting under the table when the professor wasn’t looking - not that they would do anything if caught, in fact, they couldn’t care less - and most importantly: it had classifications of its own.

To be fair, everyone knew what really happened behind the facade so if the students weren’t stopped by the campus security then no one really cared: their mistakes, their life, whose problem?

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Title: the flowers grow after the brambles, so just keep gardening
Fandom/pairing: gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun, mayumiko
Words: 7136
Warnings: descriptions of anxiety & dissociation, but it’s intended as a light read
Summary: Nozaki makes a discovery, Mikorin panics for several hot minutes, Sakura continues to be a concerned parent, and Mayu remains unfazed.


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onxykaizoku  asked:

Some time ago I wondered why this ship was so small. and I think I have an answer(aside from the "It's boring" excuse: I think that most(or at least a sizable amount) new BNHA fans are anime only watchers or jumped into the series via the anime and up to this point, the anime is just now on the sports festival arc. They haven't seen the signs of Uraraka's feelings for Deku(bar her brief jealousy of Mei). At least that's what I think. What do you think?

Hmm, that’s quite possible actually… The anime doesn’t really feature the development of Ochako’s feelings toward Deku simply because it hasn’t reached that part of the manga just yet, so that could be one thing! But you have to keep in mind that BNHA isn’t focused on romance or anything related to that, so in a way there’s really no…–how do I say this…– enforcement of certain ships..? I think I might have stated it wrong, but what I’m trying to say is that romance between certain characters aren’t really that important in comparison to the whole theme of the manga which is a “what is a hero”/”what makes a hero” kind of thing. I mean, I know there are quite a few hints that are dropped at various times in terms of Izuocha interactions, but it’s not so drastic that it draws a lot of attention. It’s very low key and it progresses very naturally!

In my opinion, I really do think it’s due to the idea that “it’s boring” or how it’s becoming very predictable. Some might say that it’s “forced” too, but if anything, I seriously don’t think that’s the case. Horikoshi is quite known for “twisting” cliché tropes and plots, and because of that I think he’s handling Ochako and Deku’s relationship really well, and I trust that he will continue to do so (seriously, I cannot tell you how content I was when Ochako realized her feelings for Deku and decided to keep them under control because she knew that stuff like that would get in the way of her and Deku’s objective of becoming heroes… Moments like that aren’t shown very often in comics, movies, shows, etc., so it’s like…wow, thank you so much for providing that little “twist” Horikoshi). Honestly, this has got to be the first ship I came across where I support it whole-heartedly and completely. I’m not one who likes to ship a lot, but wow, these two had me hooked instantly. It’s the fact that their relationship is based on mutual, friendly respect for each other, but eventually it grew out of that and now they’ve become each other’s inspiration to be better heroes! And I think it’s super awesome… Not to mention that their interactions with each other are pretty sweet too! Even @c-jay321 made a post about it in regards to every moment they had together and how much of a significance it puts on either of them! Just by looking at that sometimes I really do think they have a soft spot for one another (more on Ochako’s side though) haha… It just really boggles my mind as to how others view their relationship as something that’s forced…, especially with the fact that they have naturally been giving each other a positive influence… I think it’s progressing very nicely if anything, and just seeing how Horikoshi handles it makes me really happy… And also, in my perspective, their relationship can be viewed as platonic or romantic (or both if that’s possible– I don’t know how to explain it), and I really love that ambiguity they have there! I could say a lot more about their relationship, but I don’t want to ramble more than I have already or get off topic like I feel like I might’ve done. 

Like I said, I think the reason why they aren’t so popular as a ship is for the reason that people might tend to view it as a typical “girl meets boy/boy meets girl and boom they fall in love with each other” which ultimately gives them the “boring” ship label. But seeing how they interact, I think it’s far from that trope…. Then again, people ship what they like, so I can’t really argue there! I just kinda wish that they aren’t brushed aside so often as they are now, but… idk….

How cute. You seem to think that Yandere Dev has never had critics criticize his work before. 

The reason why the Dev is getting frustrated with ‘critics’ is because its actually 10% critics, 90% whining.  Maybe if you actually critic instead of nitpick at every seam (ESPECIALLY things he has already explained, like his problem with getting assets AND things like his human right to take a break from his work to stream, which by the way, is counted as a BREAK. I mean, that is something you’ve complained about because its ATROCIOUS for humans to take breaks from their work! Just because gaming is fun doesn’t mean making a game is.) 

Did Dev do things that were worthy of criticizing? Yes he did. The problem is every 'critic’ DOESN’T focus on that. I mean, it gets to a point where fans stop listening to you guys because we’re pretty sure 99.9% of it is going to be bullshit, which is why when an actual serious point comes up, nobody listens nor believes you. (Also, phrasing helps too, got to be more specific)

And to add on to the character thing, you DO realize Midori was made for people who sent him useless emails, right? Things like suggestions (which he explicitly states to NOT send unless he asks for them) applications to work on the job BUT they either lack the experience OR aren’t eighteen (Which he states pretty clearly) and in fact, I’ll even pull up that video right now.

Midori represents those people, because they are a total pain in the ass. While I’m no game developer, I have been a REALLY popular author on Quotev for some time (Eighty-three works on my old account before I accidentally locked myself out of it, for some reason my old password doesn’t work) I used to get FLOODED with comments and messages on my stories and quizzes, to the point where I was too busy replying to them all to get any actual work done.
Midori has been around for about a year now if not longer, and I’m pretty certain people still send him useless emails. I’m sorry he might have ignored or sent you a rejection email at some point, but Midori has been in the game for SO LONG, I can’t believe you were bitching about her prescence the last time. (Me thinks you’re pretty new to the fandom, even though you state otherwise, which is just plain sad)

At this rate I won’t even be mad if the Dev actually implements another useless character, even though I’m sure its exactly what you’re hoping for so you have more excuses to bitch about how “HE’S SO CRUEL :’((((((( Why does he hate when people criticize his game!? PROOF HE’S EVUL!” and not to mention even more things you can bitch on him for 'wasting time he could have spent implementing Osana!’.

While we’re still here, let me pull up specific quotes from the video above, because we know ya’ll LOVE to ignore videos anyways. 

“I think that this is the appropriate time to make a video about the biggest obstacle that I am facing. If this one obstacle could be removed, I would have much more time to work on the game and the game’s development would go by much faster. The problem, is emails.” -Yandere Dev.

So already, we see one reason why the game development is slow, and go ahead, moan all you want on how that video is OLD, but this has clearly been a problem for a long time which means that it still has significance, especially since the game has grown a lot more popular since then.

“This is a problem that I have mentioned various times in previous videos and blog posts.” -Yandere Dev

So you see, this wasn’t a new problem when that video was made and I bet my left foot that it’s still a problem now.  I mean, with putting up with that much bullshit, ESPECIALLY since he has to keep checking for bug fix reports and volunteers, he has to shift through his emails by himself. 

“The emails I receive fall into five catergories:
Bug Reports
Fan Works.

"Since the beginning of Yandere Simulator development, a multitude of very skilled people have contacted me and volunteered to help creat various assets for the game. I cannot create models, draw art, animate characters, compose music or voice act, so volunteers are essential to the game’s development.” -Yandere Dev

Of course, this isn’t as easy as it should be, because as he stated, there are a lot of unqualified people, who send him unprofessional artwork that is NOT fan art.

(and yes I am aware this is most likely just parody artwork and not an actual example, but you should be able to get the gist of what he’s saying. If its meant to be an example of work for something PROFESSIONAL, then it shouldn’t be sent as such.)

^ One reason why simply having a labeling system is NOT ENOUGH. He asks for emails to be properly titled, but that doesn’t mean that people still send him useless things.

“Look, I’m grateful that there are people who want to help me. I appreciate the fact that there are people who are willing to volunteer for the game. It’s heartwarming to hear from someone who is offering to lend me their time, but let’s be realistic here. People have very high expectations for Yandere Simulator. People want Yandere Sim to have graphics that look like they belong in this decade. When was the last time you saw a video game with artwork that looked like this? [Refers back to the parody drawing]” -Yandere Dev.

Obviously this one is an exception if it comes to fan art, but for things that involve the game’s development, then this is absolutely important. Kids (and the majority of teens) don’t have the skillset nor the resources necessary to make anything useful for the game. If you checked out the volunteer requirements (which I have because I wanted to voice act, but couldn’t because of some requirements I didn’t meet, because I had no idea how to do a demo reel.) you’ll see that its actually A LOT MORE than just knowing how to make stuff.

Things have to be done in a specific way, and while you may call it picky, its professionalism, something the majority of you 'critics’ say the Dev lacks.
Granted, I was pretty disappointed when I realized that I wouldn’t be able to meet the requirements necessary in order to become a volunteer, but it also made me realize just how unprepared I was for taking on a big project. Competent people are needed for projects like this, an if you don’t fit the bill, I’m sorry, but this isn’t some high school project that you can half-ass you way with (which is something you guys claim he does, while completely ignoring its a DEBUG build and there’s only so much that can be done) so its best to leave it to the people who can actually do the work.

And to make sure people aren’t going to repeat the bug reports he already made a thing on his website (The official website, not the wordpress) explaining about known bugs he has yet to fix.

“I do NOT want to receive suggestions. 99% of the time that I get a suggestion from someone their idea has already been suggested before, is already a planned feature of the game, does not fit within the design of the game, is far beyond the scope of a one-man indie game with no budget ***** Or it’s just stupid.” -Yandere Dev
*****He now has some help with the game, this information is outdated.

Obviously a lot of people do not follow directions either ways.  [From his wordpress comment section on his recent update. While it’s not emails, it’s still bugging him with things that he’s already gone over. Two (possibly three) bug reports that were not emailed properly and one suggestion. Luckily for these people, other fans replied to them with responses.  

Also, didn’t some people mention about why he doesn’t get a secretary? Well, he already covered that too in the video.

“I know what you’re going to say: You want to tell me to get a secretary, right? Many people have advised me to get a secretary to filter my emails and answer dumb questions for me. I dislike this idea because I don’t want to babysit a secretary until they’re doing their job properly. I don’t want to risk the secretary responding to questions incorrectly and spreading misinformation. I don’t want to risk the secretary filtering my emails incorrectly and failing to send me important emails. I don’t want to risk the secretary being lazy and going through emails so slowly that I’m better off doing them myself. I don’t want to risk the secretary seeing spoilers or other confidential information and then talking about it on social media.” -Yandere Dev

There you have it.

0cherryblossom7  asked:

Totally envious of Kristen and anyone else whose eye color appearance varies depending on the lighting of the photo or video. I haven't seen her wear such a soft pink color in a while (if ever) but the skirt totally suits her and she wears all her outfits like a boss. I respect and admire her for being more vocal about polarizing topics here in the US. That she posed with Pulse survivors struck a chord, especially given this weekend we here in Orlando will reflect on the one year anniversary.

Hi Blossom!

Yes, it’s amazing how that works.  No matter what she wears, what color her hair her eyes are always amazing and ever changing to a degree!

As for the pink…I can remember one other time very recently that Kristen wore a soft pink…

This is probably one of my most favorite looks.  But last nights was such a dichotomy of badass/femininity and I loved it.

I love how “girly” Kristen has been dressing since she buzzed her hair.  I think she mentioned in an interview @ Cannes that she feels more feminine rather then less with her new hair style.  

She looked amazing last night and she has been looking so fit and amazing for months now.  Can’t wait to see where her style is going to lead her next.

As for the reason for her appearance last night, I can’t tell you how happy I am for her to be involved in such a worthy endeavor.  You, as a resident of Orlando, know more than some just how important it is that we get a handle on this issue.

I’ve been thinking of the violence/terrorist attacks in the UK and just how much worse it could have been had it been easy for them to get a hold of guns.  

As for the Orlando shooting…I can’t believe that it’s been a year and we’ve done nothing in this country to improve the situation if anything we’ve made it worse, we just haven’t seen the shit hit the fan yet.  

Here in NC our lovely GA is trying to pass easier open carry and allow guns on college campuses.  I can’t believe that they think the answer is more guns rather than less.  We already have plenty of guns in this country.  More than we need. I’m just hopeful that our Governor will veto this legislation.  

Take care and I hope your community continues to heal from the tragedy you endured and I’ll continue to be happy that Kristen is lending her spotlight to such a worthy cause and can’t wait to see her short on the subject.

Destiny Headcanon

The more scars a Guardian has, the longer they’ve gone without being revived.

Once they’re revived, they’re skin is as smooth as a newborns (Minus any scars they had before their rebirth). So a lot of scars are signs of hardcore Guardians who’ve lived through battles without dying.

Some guardians are actually really pissed off when they die cause their scars were so cool. This can lead to them trying to get injured on purpose in the same area to get a similar scar. 

They’re hardcore… no one said they had to be smart. 

cyborgboy95  asked:

What do you think about Kruger as a character? I find it interesting that despite all the horrible things he makes himself went through for the sake of Eldia, he didn't got consumed by vengeance or become a fanatic. Heck, he even takes advantage of these traits in others to further his cause (Grisha & co, Marley). At the end of the path, he didn't declare but hope that his efforts (most of his life) to be right/justified, and even manage to mock himself a bit: "Maybe I haven't change. . .(c)

           ©Just a coward kid looking at the world through a crack in the closet door…“. One more thing, I see people giving the warriors a lot of flask for their compliance with Marley. Well, they’re still a bunch of children who think that playing the game of their oppressors is the ticket out. Sadly, maybe it indeed is - aside from contributing to the uneasy peace the Superpower Marley’s reign probably, temporarily provide for the entire world, what other choice in life do ghetto Eldians have?©             

           ©Without the Coordinate, that is. Speaking of the ability, if my theory - about Eren reaching his limit at the supposed mature age 18 due to stacking up two Titan types - is correct, then him withholding information about Historia becomes much more sympathetic: he probably intend to reveal it at his deadline, which is very soon (already after timeskip), if he really can’t find another way in the short time he has left. I bet whatever preparation Eren did will be pivotal, even with him gone.             

Kruger’s interesting to me. He’s gone so deep undercover that I think parts of him end up lost; that’s what allows him to keep going without losing his mind, but there’s a definite blankness to how he interacts with people that probably wasn’t always there.

He reminds me a little bit of Annie, actually. There’s a similar sense of moral awareness. He doesn’t know how much of what he’s done will help, and he’s done quite a bit of wrong in the name of a final result. His grand revenge scheme, so far, has really just covered his hands in more of his people’s blood in the name of keeping his position safe.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 : Sentence Starters
  • "What happened to your face?"
  • "It's filthy."
  • "I was cleaning the chimney."
  • "I'm coming with you."
  • "We have no chimney."
  • "I've seen the grid specs and I know how to reset the entire system."
  • "_______, you're not coming with me."
  • "Sorry. I love you. Don't hate me."
  • "You need me!"
  • "I do some web designs."
  • "It's been 10 years."
  • "Everyday I wake up knowing that no matter how many lives I protect, no matter how many people call me a hero, someone even more powerful could change everything."
  • "No, I do the laundry."
  • "I think it's time I took care of my own dirty underwear."
  • "No one washes a flag."
  • "Last time you did it, you turned everything blue and red, so no."
  • "All right, laundry sheriff."
  • "Now I'm gonna take back what is rightfully mine."
  • "I will be like a god to them."
  • "A god named Sparkles?"
  • "Did your "traffic jam" have anything to do with, I don't know, being shot at by machine guns?"
  • "You want me to come down there so you can kill me?"
  • "On behalf of the fine people of New York and real rhinos everywhere, I ask you to put your mechanized paws in the air!"
  • "No, (s)he's doing... whatever it is (s)he does."
  • "You wanted to be the hero."
  • "And now you gotta pay the price!"
  • "You wanna know how powerful I am?"
  • "I'm gonna kill the light."
  • "Everyone has a part of themselves they hide. Even from the people they love most."
  • "I like to think _______ gives people hope."
  • "But I love _______ more."
  • "I thought we were already friends."
  • "Then let's go catch a spider."
  • "You're gonna wanna see this."
  • "I had a friend once. It didn't work out."
  • "_______ had you under surveillance."
  • "Isn't that the question of the day?"
  • "There really is no place like home."
  • "Not everyone has a happy ending."
  • "I'm trying to help you!"
  • "Let ME help you!"
  • "That must be a good feeling."
  • "These look pretty important, _______."
  • "Hey, you're not a nobody."
  • "We have plans for you, _______."
  • "I made a choice; this is my path."
  • "We LITERALLY can change the world!"
  • "Nothing is what I thought it was."
  • "I just wanted everybody to see me."
  • "I should kill you."
  • "I'm gonna get you out of here, alright."
  • "I'm not the one you want."
  • "I want to make you a deal."
  • "You want _______ and I can give him/her to you."
  • "You were my friend and you BETRAYED ME!"
  • "You don't give people hope."
  • "I'm gonna take away yours."
  • "_______ what did you do?"
  • "What you made me do."
  • "Did you get my message?"
  • "I'll tell you what it says. Says, "I love you." Because I love you."
  • "They got, uh, Jack the Ripper."
  • "What? They haven't caught Jack the Ripper yet. You didn't know that?"
  • "This is most cliched hiding place you could've chosen."
  • "I'm sorry, I didn't take us to the Bahamas of hiding places."
  • "You're wrong about us being on different paths."
  • "It's like seeing a ghost."
  • "Now there's nothing to distract from your unibrow."
  • "You still blow-dry your hair every morning?"
  • "I didn't get love vibes."
  • "That's actually kind of what it's like to love you."
  • "How the tables have turned."
  • "How dare you come back in here?"
  • "You recalcitrant, unworthy, defective, urchin freak(s)!"
  • "Oh, God, sorry. That's just not the answer we were looking for."
  • "Right as rain."
  • "Okay, so, Fairy Godmother, it is time to grant me a wish."
  • "You're throwing his/her stuff away?"
  • "You mean people are pissed off because (s)he tried to turn everyone in New York City into giant lizards."
  • "Gives me a little extra in the cookie jar."
  • "If it was 1961, he pays me a fair wage."
  • "Yeah, I don't do complicated."
  • "Everything's always complicated with _______."
  • "I thought you two had broken up."
  • "I'm glad you're not one of those cops who rides a horse."
  • "People will say I am a monster for what I've done. And maybe they're right."
  • "You are experimenting on people in there."
  • "You are not going to bury me, too."
  • "The difference is, no one is going to miss you."
  • "Dude. Nice arm."
  • "It's just all in the wrist, buddy."
  • "Speaking of progress, you're looking better."
  • "It comes and goes."
  • "I hate this song!"
  • "You have such potential, _______."
  • "Such fierce intelligence, and you're throwing it all away."
  • "On my 16th birthday, you sent me Scotch. Or one of your assistants did."
  • "I don't expect forgiveness from you anymore."
  • "Maybe you can succeed where I failed."
  • "I never told you that it's genetic. Our disease."
  • "It's my birthday."
  • "Now it's time for me to light my candles."
  • "I'm so naked in here."
  • "It's not my fault."