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Each Type Doing Homework

Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow - ESFJ, ENFJ


Teacher says: ‘’please take out your homework’’… *HOLY SH*T. WAS THERE HOMEWORK?!* - INFP, INTP

Spends 2 hours on youtube - Does one fifth of the homework - Spends 2 hours on youtube - Does on fifth of the homework - Spends 2 hours on youtube - Does one fifth…. ‘’HOLY SHIT ITS ALREADY 2AM’’ - ISFP, ISTP

Ok……LETS GET THIS HOMEWORK DONE!!!  *6 hours of intensity later*……. DONE! :) - INFJ, ISFJ

*Is at a party* ‘’OMFG HOLY SHIT, DID I HAVE HOMEWORK?! nah, probably not’’ :) (has an essay that hasn’t been started due tomorrow) - ESFP, ESTP

Gets… The… Homework…. DOOOONEEEE!!!!!!!!! - INTJ, ISTJ, ENTJ, ESTJ

Am I allowed to point out that they all almost have the same hairstyle? (has this been done with all three yet?)



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Edited version with updated information

1. ymir (possibly our ymir!) is the mother of all titans and first coordinate. there are 9 titan shifters in total (at least one of them is still unaccounted for). They are from the elodian bloodline and they either brought prosperity to the country or mercilessly dictated over the other bloodline, maren.

2. After many years of infighting among the 9 titan shifters, the new coordinate, King Fritz, decided to move the capital city to Paradi Island where he erected 3 walls to keep himself and his people safe. The old city was abandoned. The marens sensing the elodian weakness took this to there advantage and a war broke out. The elodian bloodline eventually lost the war (and 7 of the 9 titan shifters). At this stage King Fritz announced that if the marens moved against his walled city he’d release the titans within the walls to annihilate them.

3. the defeated and abandoned elodian’s were subjected to sanctions and treated as lesser humans. they created a resistance movement to try and regain the coordinate power from King Fritz and take back control from the marens.

4. Grisha was one of the resistance fighters. He joined the movement after learning that the maren guards had murdered his younger sister for their own entertainment. While in the resistance Grisha met, and later married, Donna Fritz, one of the only members of the royal family to remain when King Fritz abandoned the country.

5. Grisha and Donna had a son. Zeke.

6. A while later the maren government announced that they would be creating a special fighting force consisting of ‘warriors’ from the elodian villages. These warriors would take on the power of the 7 stolen titan shifters. The warriors would all be children aged 5-7yo who would be raised (brainwashed!) to protect the marens from the inevitable threat of the walled elodian’s.

7. We later learn from a maren informant within the government that the real purpose for the warriors is to help capture the walled city so the marens can gain access to the precious fossil fuels that are predominant on paradi island. They also want the coordinate power.

8. Grisha decides to nominate his son, Zeke, as one of these warriors so that he can act as an informant within the warrior ranks. Zeke’s loyalty to the marens, however, becomes so ingrained that he eventually betrays the resistance.

9. The resistance are all ‘killed’ i.e. turned into mindless titans and taken to the walled city, where they serve to trap the walled elodian’s within the walls. THIS IS SO FUKCING TRAGIC IT’S HEARTBREAKING!!!

10. Meanwhile, within the walled city, King Fritz has used his coordinate power to wipe the minds of all elodian’s so they don’t remember the abandonment of their bloodline or the maren occupied country and are happy to live docile within the walls, safe from the titans outside.


1. Zeke is Eren’s half brother. He’s still loyal to the marens and his sole purpose seems to be to capture eren (and the coordinate power) to give to the marens. I think Zeke thinks he’s doing the right thing for the right reasons and that he’s only trying to protect his younger brother. I think that he thinks once eren knows the truth about the evil dictatorship of the elodian’s over the marens all those years ago that he’ll understand and come willingly. I think Zeke is very wrong!

2. The SC has been killing their own bloodline (the ex-resistance fighters!) this whole time. I have to say I’m quite glad Erwin doesn’t know this. He was already carrying so much guilt, I can only imagine what this knowledge would have done to him! As it is, idk what it’s going to do to Levi, Hanji and all the others?!?

3. The ‘warriors’!!! Omfg :(( They are literally brainwashed children taken from their parents at the age of 5-7yo and told that they are doing good by protecting the marens from the evil elodian’s and any attempts they might make to retake maren occupied country and continue their diabolical dictatorship. They also know that if they fail it will bring disgrace on their families and villages, and result in possible death. Idk what this means for Armin now that he has Bertl’s memories!?!

4. Fritz was the first king within the walls. His reign and future reigns have been merciless. Anyone who has stood against him has been killed, imprisoned or banished from within the walls. Since him, all the other coordinates have decided to keep up the charade, presumably bc they wanted to keep the power over the walled elodian’s. Thanks to Erwin Smith and the SC the walled elodian’s are now free from Fritz tyranny. I’m not clear on how the coordinate power switched from the Fritz to the Reiss family?!?

5. The battle is far bigger than we, the reader, ever expected! This is a battle for life or death. If the marens get the coordinate power they will use it to destroy the walled city and take whatever resources they want to mine. With the coordinate power perhaps the SC can bring the fight to the marens?!?