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Phan fluff: Aquarium

Hellooo everyone, yep that’s right I am back with fluff after two whole weeks like wow, this was obvs inspired by all the pics we got from d+p today so yeah enjoy!

(Also can we talk about how active I’ve been on tumblr over the last couple of days, I literally have another post ready for tomorrow aswell so woooo!)


‘Dan’ Phil whispered, quietly.
'Wake up’
Dan didn’t respond. They were lying there in bed next to each other, legs intwined, with Dan’s head buried into Phil’s chest.
'Dan’ Phil repeated, a little louder this time as he tried to scoot away from Dan’s warmth, only causing Dan to bury his head further.
'Don’t wanna move’ Dan groaned as Phil managed to successfully sit up.
'But we’re going out today, we’re going to the aquarium remember?’
'Yeah but jet lag Phil, I’m tired’
They had flown to Singapore the previous day because Phil had decided it would be a nice place to stop on the way to Australia.
'Oh come on you’re always tired, we were both on the same flight and I’m fine’
'I am not always tired!’ Dan protested.
'Prove it then’
'Fine’ Dan rolled his eyes as he over exaggeratedly got out of bed and put on one of Phil’s sweaters.

'You’re really taking your time in there aren’t you?’ Phil huffed. Dan had been in the bathroom for about twenty minutes and Phil was becoming increasingly impatient.
'Well you know, gotta look my best for the fish’ Dan said sounding mockingly seductive as he finally opened the door and was ready to leave.
'At this rate’ Phil began as he opened the hotel room door 'there won’t be any fish left’
'Oh shut up’
Both boys laughed as they shut the door and walked down the hotel corridor.

They didn’t arrive at the aquarium until about 2 o'clock (thanks to Dan), and as soon as they got there they were surrounded by overwhelming crowds of people. They walked up to the booth where a lady stood taking people’s entry money.
'Hello, um two adults please’
'I would have had you down for a child Dan but sure’ Phil mumbled. The woman behind the counter smirked as she seemingly heard this remark, she then handed Dan his change (while Phil was still laughing at his own joke) and gave them both a map of the building.

'Okay so the sharks are here’ said Phil, looking at a little diagram 'and the sea lions are here’
They’d been walking round for a little while, Phil closely examining the map he’d been given in one hand and holding Dan’s hand in the other.
'So we should go… this way’ he gestured to he left. Dan giggled .
'Stop being such a mom, we don’t need to plan our entire day!’
'Okay then, which way do you wanna go?’
'Hmm, what about this way?’ He pointed to the left.
'You just love to contradict my opinion don’t you?’ Phil chuckled as they started walking in Dan’s chosen direction.

'Woah, Phil look!’
They had just turned a corner and walked into a giant room. It was filled with huge tanks and gawping tourists, fish and various other creatures could be seen weaving in and out of each other in the water. Dan ran over to one of the tanks and gasped as a giant shark soared past. Phil snuck up behind to get a picture of him, not realising he had his sound turned on causing his phone made a loud shutter noise as he took it.
'Phil!’ Dan turned around and Phil blushed.
'What you looked cute, Mr hobbit hair’
Dan blushed, even harder than Phil.

'Hey Dan!’ Phil called as he leaned up against one of the tanks to take a selfie. 'Do I look like one of them?’
Dan laughed.
'Yes Phil, you’re truly embracing your inner fish'  he replied sarcastically. They carried on waking around the aquarium, stopping to look at seals and octopi and occasionally, so that Phil could take some more (not so subtle) photos of Dan.

At some point Phil had ran ahead. He’d said he’d seen a sign for sea horses and that he wanted to go see them. Dan was fine with this, of course, but it was just that he’d seemingly lost him now. He saw various people around him taking pictures together and walking together in big groups and here he was on his own.

What was he supposed to do? Phil had disappeared and he was alone, he almost considered going back to the entrance and asking someone to make an announcement when he felt something. He felt something grab him by his shirt and pull him backwards into a room, he caught a quick glance of the door and saw that it had a 'staff only’ sign on it. He turned around slightly unwillingly only to see Phil stood there still holding on to his shirt.
'Phil! W, wh, what?! You left!’
'Oops, I suppose a got a little distracted’
'Ya think?’ Dan said slightly puzzled.
He looked around the room and saw that it wasn’t really a room at all, it was a tiny supply closet full of mops and tank cleaning equipment. Dan was about to question Phil when he spoke.
'Thought it was a little crowded out there, you know? I know you don’t like crowded places’
Dan stared up at Phil, he could see his bright blue eyes glistening in the dim light, they looked deep and enchanting almost like the ocean itself and Dan almost swore he could see something swimming in them. Before he had a chance to speak Phil spoke again, leaning in closer as he did so.
'But here’s the real reason I brought you in here’
Phil leaned closer still until he met Dan’s lips with his own, eyes closing as he did.
'You sap’ Dan breathed against Phil’s mouth before gasping and seemingly sinking into Phil like he was sinking into the sea, wrapping his arms around him and trailing his fingers through his hair, Phil returning the gesture.
'What if we get caught?’ Dan spoke again.
'We won’t’ Phil whispered.
They carried on until eventually pulling away, smiling up at each other for a second.
'You wanna go see some more fish?’ Phil asked.
Dan didn’t reply, instead he leaned against Phil pressing his head against Phil’s chest like he had that morning.
'Thank you Phil’ he smiled 'this has officially been the best day ever’
They both stood there in silence for a moment.
'I think you mean ofFISHially’ Phil smirked and both boys burst out laughing.

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Hmn this might be werid but I'm in the mood for angst, rfa + minor trio(MY baes) somehow injurying mc really badly maybe even leaving a permanent scar or something, if they were in an argument or etc, happy or bad ending u'r choice abd it's okay if u don't do this if it makes u uncomfortable

Oh my God this killed me, I deleted it over four times on accident!

This deleted over three times, and I almost had a mental breakdown, then my power was out before, sorry for the wait.Omg I’m so sorry for being so behind, I lost power for over 24 hours, and then I typed everything up and my computer crashed and it all deleted. I don’t mean to make up excuses. I’m so sorry! Anyway yeah, I’m not sure how good it’s going to be, but I hope you’ll like it!!!!
• He knew he wasn’t supposed to do it
• He knew it was bad for him, that it could very well kill him
• He was going good so far, he hadn’t smoked in two months, and hadn’t gotten too drunk in about six weeks
• You were happy about that, and honestly, he was pretty proud of himself
• But one day it happened
• He slipped, and all descended into Hell
• He had lost a role he’d been preparing for weeks to a man who he hated
• And his friends managed to convince him to go out and get a drink
• Well one turned into five
• And a cigarette
• Or two
• It was a miracle he managed to drag himself home, but when he did he sort of lost it
• And not in a good way
• You were waiting for him, after a crap ton of missed calls, and the pictures on the messenger
• You were ready to give him some Advil, put him to bed, and the next day to spend around eight hour lecturing him on the dangers of smoking
• But it didn’t exactly go that way
• When you saw the state he was in you kinda snapped
• A shouting match ensued
• “You’re going to kill yourself!!”
• “You’re just being over protective and stuck up, besides, what if I don’t care?”
• “You take that back right now!”
• “Why should I?!”
• Eventually he picked up a plate on the counter and chucked it
• He wasn’t aiming anywhere in particular, and it wouldn’t’ve mattered he was so drunk
• But the pieces of porcelain, along with what smashed on the grounds when he wildly grabbed it, were stuck in you
• In your shoulder, your ankles
• You bit your lip, fighting back the screams of pain as your body burned with the shrapnel-like pain of something being thrown at you at a fast rate, before lodging itself in you, still glistening with cleaning solution
• You ran out, leaving Zen with his thoughts
• In his drunken state he didn’t notice, he just slinked off to bed, falling into a coma-like sleep the minute his head hit the pillow
• When he woke up at first he didn’t remember
• Rolling over to hug you he noticed the bed was empty
• At first his thoughts were confused through the headache and haze of his hangover
• Hangover…
• He ran into the kitchen to see the remains of what happened last night
• Immediately he freaked out, calling Jumin, Seven, Jaehee, before finally clicking on your number
• The phone rang about five times, and he was in panic, when finally, finally, you answered
• “Hello?”
• He almost sobbed with relief
• “Jagi! I’m so sorry for what I did, oh my goodness are you hurt, where is it? Please I’m so sorry!”
• The line goes silent for a few seconds and Zen thinks you’re going to hang up
• “Zen, I’m happy that you’re okay. I am currently in the hospital. The porcelain is out, they were worried about infection due to the cleaning solution, but they can now say that is not going to happen. If you just wanted to know my vitals then I’ll be going.”
• Your voice sounds like a flat instrument, the ends dipping down into something, and something unpleasant.
• “Jagi, please, I know, I made a mistake, and I get it, you can leave if you want. Just please, please don’t hate me forever. That would break me.”
• You listen on the phone
• “Fine Zen, I’ll talk later, I have to talk more to the nurse. See you, bye.”
• The line dies
• When you’re released from hospital a few days later Zen notices the scars that trace your arm and ankle’s, the one on your arm slightly yellow, scabbed at odd places, the holes from vaccines and IUDs vivid against the dull purple
• He acts so fragile around you
• And though you don’t like to admit it, that breaks you a bit inside
• So you agree to stay
• As long as he gets help
• He nods
• He did something wrong, and you will always have the scars to prove it
• Not him, because sometimes we don’t hurt ourselves, instead we pin our crimes on others
• And he knows that now
• The day you move back into the apartment, over a year later, he is waiting patiently, the pieces of glass still in a box, buried deep in his closet that acted as his own reminder

• Okay, this one was an accident
• Yoosung had been holed up at the library for over twelve hours, agonizing over finals
• He looked more dead than alive tbh
• So when he dragged his way home he wasn’t exactly thinking straight
• You were cooking beef soup on the stove, waiting patiently for him to come home
• “MC…..”
• He stumbled in, bag falling immediately to the floor
• You smiled softly, then went back to your work
• “Yoosung, hwo about you go take a bath, dinner will be ready in a bit!”
• “Ahh, but MC! I’m too tired, let’s cuddle!”
• He went to hug you, but you carefully pried him away
• “After dinner Yoosung, it’s important for you to eat.”
• “But MC!! Dinner isn’t that important!”
• He lunged towards you, going to hug you, but somehow knocked you back
• The broth feel on your elbow, which in turned rammed into the fire, touching the gas distributor
• Your survival skills kicked in, and you managed to get the fire off yourself, but not without screaming in massive pain, feeling like your flesh was dying, eaten away quickly like in those old movies
• Yoosung immediately sprung into action
• Turning the stove off he ran towards his phone and called an ambulance
• When they got there and he explained it the medics just shook their head
• He felt ashamed
• He waited outside the room as they operated on your arm, managing to put some sort of fake skin on it, that would attach to the cells and act like actual skin
• It was the latest technology, but Yoosung couldn’t help but worry
• When you were finally allowed visitors he rushed in and held onto your good hand tightly
• “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”
• The tears streamed from his face onto your palm
• You just smiled softly
• “It’s okay, I’ll be fine, there’ll always be a bit of a dark patch, some burn scars, but after some rehab my right arm should be completely functional again.”
• You tried to keep your tone light and airy, but Yoosung could still hear the pain behind the words, the heavy breathing tearing at his heart
• Even when you were released he still babied you
• You were put to bed, and he was getting everything ready
• In the process he pulled up your sleeve somehow
• He immediately began to cry
• The scar was massive!
• Wrapping around your arm, and patchwork of hues, ones that would never fade
• “Yoosung.”
• Your voice snapped him out of himself and he realized he was crying again
• “I don’t care about how it looks. I’m happy that we’re both safe and there was no true long term damage. So please don’t cry, when you do it makes me so unhappy.”
• He put on a brave face for you, but when you were asleep he kissed the bruise lightly, whispered I’m sorry, and fell asleep to the tears in his eyes

• You guys had planned this date weeks ahead
• You two were so excited
• Until Jaehee bought a ticket for herself to go see one of Zen’s plays
• The same day
• Not even two, no, one
• You were obviously upset
• You two had been talking excitedly about it for weeks, it was going to be special
• It was your anniversary after all
• So why did she do that?
• You ended up confronting her about it
• And a screaming match ensued
• “Do you not enjoy my company or something?!”
• “Maybe I’m just getting tired-”
• “Of who, me?!”
• It was going back and forth
• Until a coffee withdrawal-ed Jaehee threw a vase at you
• The glass shattered against your face and lodged itself into your eyelid, barely missing the iris
• But you still knew there was trouble
• You resisted the urge to touch it, but not the urge to screaming bloody murder as you grabbed your phone and ran
• When Jaehee could see past what had just happened she immediately panicked
• Dribing to the hospital, she called Jumin, Seven, and Yoosung by the time she reached there
• When Zen was there she didn’t so much as acknowledge his existence
• Finally, after agonizing hours they were done
• Your vision couldn’t be saved
• The RFA let you two have a moment alone once they were done surrounding you
• Jaehee kneeled next to your bed and began crying
• She apologized again and again
• You just sat there listening, your eye now slightly white with film, a scar weaving its way around the gap
• When she was done you began
• “It’s good that you learned your lesson…”
• He head picked up in surprise
• “…That was you won’t make the same mistake with your next loved one.”
• She began crying again, and you just tapped the assist button and rolled over
• The day that you were released she came over with some flowers
• But you were already gone
• It had been years since she had seen you
• Seven refused to tell her your location
• All she knew was that you were in France
• She waited for you every night
• The only night you came was the night she left this world

• You two were so excited to work on this small cottage
• And you of course insisted that you two work on at least part of it together
• It was a sunny, hot day, and Jumin was working on the tiling, while you worked on some of the piping
• “I’m so excited!” You squealed cheerfully
• He smiled gently at you
• “Yes, it’s going to be the best vacation home anyone has ever seen.”
• You smiled brightly
• That smile lit up his world, you were his torch in the darkness, a spirit leading him out of what once had been darkness
• He still couldn’t believe the ring you wore on your finger, the fact that you had said yes
• “Hey Jumin, could you pass me the wrench.”
• Absentmindedly he picked up the metal object
• And chucked it at you
• It hit your forehead with a thud as you knocked on the ground
• Blood was trickling down your head, and your vision was fuzzy
• A concussion was almost certain
• Jumin’s head whipped up when he heard you fall, and he immediately drove you to the hospital
• It was indeed a concussion, and the scar was unrepairable
• He was beside himself in guilt
• Watching intently as they patched you up
• It took them about three hours before he could see you
• Your neck was in a brace, and the scar was read, the skin sunk in slightly, no wider than a paint brush
• He kissed it softly before apologizing profusely
• You laughed slightly, despite the pain
• “It’s okay, but, um, what the heck were we doing.”
• You had forgot the 24 hours up to when it happened
• He carefully explained everything to you, and you listened
• He felt bad about it every time he saw your scar
• But you assured him that it didn’t matter, what a concussion and a small scar in the grand scheme of things
• Eventually he got over his guilt
• And when you two had children of your own one of his favorite stories to tell them is about how their mother defeated a giant metal dragon

• It was torture trying to push you away for him
• And for you too
• But you kept pushing, and pushing
• You just couldn’t give up
• He would hear your sobs through the thin walls, and agonize over the pain he was giving you
• But it was for the best
• Wasn’t it?
• One day was especially bad
• “Don’t get near me.” He kept insisting
• But you kept pushing it
• Eventually he stopped thinking
• Shutting down he shoved you into a wall, hard
• The room echoed with a crack, amplified to the sound of a gunshot
• His façade immediately disappeared when he saw your curling up around your limp arm, your face scratched, the blood sticking in your hair
• He scooped you up, running towards his car, asking over and over if you were okay
• You were crying into his chest, the pain running through your blood, your ears ringing and your vision half fizzed out
• He rushed you to the hospital, and stayed there the whole time
• When he was allowed to see you he rushed in
• Your arm is in a cast, the bruise climbing up around your joint
• Apparently your arm also popped out of its socket
• He apologized over and over
• And you just said
• “I’m happy you don’t hate me.”
• After a few weeks in hospital, you had an infection and it took a bit longer that expected
• He helps you get into your house, where you immediately go to your room
• After a while he knocks on your door and joins you
• You’re snuggling under a bunch of covers and it takes a few minutes top pop your head out
• You smile at him
• “I’m so happy you don’t hate me.”
• “No MC, I could never hate you.”
• He kissed you lightly on the forehead
• “I love you….”

• You two were usually really happy together
• You leaned on each other and were complete together
• But one thing hurt that
• The surgery
• Whenever if came up you two ended up bickering and pouting for about an hour
• And one day Rika inevitably came in
• “Just tell me you love her and I’ll be gone!”
• “Don’t give me an ultimatum!”
• “What, should I just stay here to watch you agonize over another woman!”
• That was the last straw
• He picked up the first thing he could feel and chucked it at you
• It, was his tripod
• There was an ear shattering crack
• The tripod had broke, and part of it was lodged in your thigh
• You grabbed the phone and called an ambulance
• V sat there, telling you breathe, trying to comfort you, crying
• The ambulance arrived and took you away leaving him
• Seven eventually got him over to the hospital
• Where you were crying
• The bit of tripod cut through nerves, and put a hole in bone
• You would never walk again
• When he heard that V couldn’t look you in the eye
• And if he did you wouldn’t let him
Five years later
• You had left a long time ago
• He saw you sometimes, being wheeled around by Seven or some other member of the RFA
• He had gotten the surgery after, to be able to look at the pictures of you scattered around his house
• But you never looked at him
• He knew it was hist fault, he hurt you so much, he deserved it
• So why did it hurt so much?


• He was doing much better
• All the drugs had been flushed out of his body
• There was one problem left
• The PTSD
• His attacks, although lessening, were horrible, he couldn’t recognize anyone, he’d scream, throw things, and
• You tried to pul lhim out of that darkness, but it took a long time
• One day it must’ve been especially bad
• You reached out to touch him
• And he swiftly took you arm and snapped it
• The pain was disconnecting, what was going on, you felt like you were on fire
• Who was screaming?
• Was it me?
• While you were grabbing for your phone to call an ambulance Saeyoung ra in
• Pushing past Saeran he scooped you up and took you to the hospital
• Saeran just stood there
• It took about half and hour for him to process everything
• And when he finally woke up it was Hell
• He ran to the hospital
• When he got there, the whole RFA was there
• Saeyoung walked up to him
• “She’s in surgery right now, they thought it’d be prudent to take care of it right away.”
• Those words chucked Saeran out to sea
• He couldn’t process anything, it was like the ground underneath him was made of glass, and he’d just shattered it
• It took a few hours, but finally you were allowed visitors
• And when he stepped in he knew he was lost again
• Your arm was in a metal brace, stitches spiraled down you arm, neat and carefully done, holes pocketed your skin where pieces of bone and vaccines were
• The RFA surrounded you, asking if you were in pain, did you need water, smothering you
• Saeran stayed in the corner, looking at the people outside passing by, leaning against the wall
• “You need to talk to her.”
• Saeyoung had snuck up behind him and put his hand on his brother’s shoulder
• “She won’t want to see me.” He said flatly
• “How do you know what she’s thinking right now? Have you asked her? You matter to her, no matter what she thinks of you, she’ll still want to talk.”
• Saeran looked at his brother. “And if she hates me?”
• “Well then you know, besides, I don’t think she hates you, she’s too proccupied.” Saeran nodded and, as the RFA began trickling out, walked up to you
• “I’m sorry, this is all my fault.”
• You looked at him, curiosity written all over your face

  • “Why is it your fault that you have PTSD?”
  • Saeran looked up at you, disbelief written all over his face, but you were dead serious
  • “It’s not the fault of the people who have cancer that they have it, why should it be any different for people with mental issues. Sure I’m really mad, I’m frustrated, I hate this scar, but that doesn’t mean it’s your fault you have PTSD.”
  • You two talked a long time
  • And came to a decision
  • Saeran would go see a professional psychiatrist regularly, and take medication as long as possible
  • The attacks stopped
  • He recovered, and what it took was hurting the one he loved the most
  • Never again


  • Kids, this is why you don’t run with sharp things
  • It was a week before April Fools Day, and Saeyoung was having the time of his life
  • Constant pranks on Vanderwood
  • It was driving them crazy, and one day it got to much
  • Achievement unlocked: You’ve officially broken Vanderwood!
  • The next time Seven tried it again Vanderwood has scissors
  • They were goofing off, running around, chasing each other
  • When you had the misfortune to walk in
  • The room was chaos
  • But that wasn’t the problem
  • The problem was that Vanderwood had run into you
  • As had their scissors
  • Right into your shoulder
  • You screamed, and at first they weren’t sure why
  • Then they saw the scissors lodged in you
  • Panic mode officially on
  • The drove you to the hospital, insisting that you mustn’t pull it out, it could cause nerve damage
  • It’s good they did, because the doctors later said that themselves
  • The procedure wasn’t horrible
  • Stitches, salve, then in bed
  • Unfortunately, it would leave a bunch of scars all over your back
  • You hated those scars, they were ugly, and they were there for such a stupid reason
  • Every time you saw them poking out behind your sleeves
  • Vanderwood felt horrible
  • You didn’t let it show that they were a bother in front of them
  • But they knew
  • Eventually they confronted you
  • “Do you hate me?”
  • “Why would I?”
  • “Because of your back.”
  • You flinched, and Vanderwood thought they were a goner
  • “I understand if you never want to see me again.”
  • “No.”
  • Those words echoed throughout them, and their face furrowed in confusion
  • “I may hate them, and sometimes I may not want to see you, but that doesn’t mean that I want to never see you ever again. That’d be ridiculous.”
  • You hugged them tightly
  • “It may have been your fault, but that doesn’t mean I should hate you forever.”
  • Vanderwood was never more grateful in their life

OH MY GOD IT’S DONE!!! Now here’s to hoping it doesn’t delete FOR THE FIFTH TIME while I’m writing the closing. I’m super sorry. I lost power for over two days, then it kept deleting, it was just a nightmare. I hope you liked, and I tried to vary it. I feel so bad about Baehee and V, but I just felt like I needed to. I hope this helps you and your need for angst!! Thank you for requesting this and hope you like!

Some things I love individually about each of the kids:

Gaten: His kindness. He is so sweet it’s almost unbelievable and you can just tell he’s the type of person that makes anyone feel welcome.

Caleb: this kid has the best fashion sense and some awesome dance moves but outside of that he is also so supportive and encouraging not just towards people he knows but to everybody

Noah: Noah is the sweetest thing with the best taste in shoes. This guy has the best smile I’ve ever seen and the cutest laugh I’ve ever heard not to mention this guy can rock a bowl cut.

Finn: the actual coolest kid. He has the coolest sense of humor and while he likes to meme and be silly is seriously mature and reasonable.

Millie: she has a way with words if you watch interviews she’s just very amazing at wording things. She also is outgoing and confident. Not to mention this girl can rock the curls

I love these kids equally but for different reasons and yes they’re amazing together but apart they’re just as amazing

Best Distraction. (Peter Parker.)

Requested – No.

Prompt – Peter Parker breaks up with you because Tony Stark thinks you are a distraction.

Warning – Cursing.

Words – 1,328.


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day 1: favorite scene(s) - Jaha asks John Murphy to have faith and join him on his uncertain journey to find the City of Light.
Having nothing to lose, Murphy soon follows, smiling.

(2x10, Survival of the Fittest)

Jeff Skinner #4

Requested by Anon:  can you write one about jeff skinner and his smile because he has the best and most shiny smile I’ve ever seen

*Thank you so so much!! I hope you like this one. Enjoy!:)*

Word count: 862

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You will never tell anyone this but your favorite thing in the world is seeing Jeff Skinner on the ice. Actually, your favorite thing in the world is seeing him smile while he’s on the rink. It’s just full of happiness, his face. You’ve never seen him that happy or his smile shine that bright other than when he’s skating on the ice, playing with a puck. For the longest time, at least after he gave up figure skating, hockey was his life. And he’s your life so… you just never miss a game.

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endless list of favorite people: toby schmitz

“I film a callback for this pirate thing which is called Black Sails, and which still only my mother has seen along with a few remaining suckers who subscribed to the flagrant swindle that is Showtime. And I film this thing on my phone by myself in a Norwegian dressing room wearing three jumpers, a pea coat and a scarf, and cropping the frame close so they can’t see how skinny I am and I get the fucking thing. I get the fucking pirate thing. Casted as the not-butch talky pirate. Every pirate show needs one of them.”

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First date, Magnus and Alex

Ahhh yaasss!!! :DDD

Honestly? Alex didn’t know what to expect when she decided to put Magnus out of his misery and asked him to be her boyfriend. Honestly, she should’ve  known when his face lit up, brighter than the sun. She should’ve known  when he grabbed her hand from underneath the table at breakfast, blushing like the adorable nerd he was.

But she didn’t know, which means she’s in for the biggest surprise of her life.

It started when none other than Magnus Chase showed up at her door, fidgeting with the helm of his sweatshirt, not meeting her eyes. He opened his mouth and what came out was just barely words.

“OkaysoIwasthinkingearlieraboutstuffandIrealisedthatwe’veneveractuallybeenonadateand–” Sometimes, even when Magnus tried to give off the impression that he was fearless, he got worked up like this. The first time it happened, a sort of mini panic attack, Alex didn’t know how to calm him down, how to help him. It broke her heart in ways she couldn’t even explain. But now she could help him, even when it got worse than this.

“Magnus. Stop. Take a deep breath….” Magnus does what she says, letting the oxygen return to his lungs.

“Now. Tell me what you came to say slowly,” Alex says, emphasising the last word. Sometimes, Magnus said twenty words a minute, and he didn’t realize it. It made Alex giggle in a way she never wanted to again. 

“Alex Fierro… Will you go on a date with me?” Frick. He did it in that innocent voice like a two year old asking their mom for a cookie paired with the puppy eyes. Oh gods, kill her now.

Magnus clears his throat, letting her know he was still there. She realises she’s been staring at a plant, her jaw open wide. She looks back into his marvelous grey eyes, her heart stuttering. Stupid feelings.

She smiles at him, sunshine lighting in her heart.

“Sure!” she says. And oh gods…. his smile is the best thing that has ever happen to her. 

When Magnus said “date,” Alex assumed it would be something lame and stereotypical, like a movie or just grabbing a cup of coffee at the cafe down the street. But no. She should’ve known Magnus Chase would strive for more.

“Magnus. Where are you taking me?” He smirks.

“You’ll see.” They round the corner and stop in front of an abandoned building. Alex looks at Magnus, confused.

“Did you take me here to kill me?” she says, sounding deeply concerned. 

“You’re already dead,” Magnus says.

“Did you take me here to kill me?” Alex repeats. Magnus shakes his head, giggling a little.

“No. At least, I hope not.” Alex nods her head. 

“Well that still doesn’t explain why we are here.”

“It’s a surprise,” Magnus says giddily. 

“But we’re already here. It’s  not a secret that you’re taking me to an abandoned building in the middle of nowhere.”

“Just…. let’s go inside.”

“Are you kidding me? That place is haunted,” Alex says, eyeing it warily.

“What? You scared?” He wiggles his eyebrows. She slaps his arm.

“No. I just don’t want to be that girl.”

“What girl?

The one who goes in a haunted building because her boyfriend says it’ll be fun and then they die. Gods haven’t you seen Supernatural?” Magnus snorts. 

“You know I don’t watch all that creepy junk you watch. Plus, it’s not haunted. I checked.”

“Awwwww you do love me!” Magnus blushes. He tentatively grabs Alex’s hand and brings her inside. It’s dark. 

“Well isn’t this room lovely,” she says sarcastically. “Black. My favourite colour.”

“I thought it was green.”

“Shut up Maggie that’s not the point.” He let’s go of her hands.

“Magnus? I swear if you’re going to kill me I will not hesitate to chop your head off like I did last Friday–” the lights flicker to life, illuminating the room, revealing…. oh gods.

The room is something that should be ugly and old like the rest of the building, but someone transformed it into something…. how do you describe it? Beautiful? Artistic? Lovely? Obviously, a lot of work went into it.

It’s a mural. A mural of Norse mythology is painted directly onto the wall, slowly fading away as it drifts onto the other walls. In the center is a large tree, it’s willowy branches curving and spiraling up and up, curling onto the ceiling. It was as if it was actually alive, making the room smell like forest and rain. Around the tree are animals, their features set in ferocious ways. Alex could practically hear their growls.

And in the center of the room was a pottery wheel. A pottery wheel. Not some cheap-o one that Alex has been trying to use for ages but a real life one. There where shelves stocked with paintbrushes and easels and all kinds of clay carving instruments. Tucked in a corner where stools and just…. it was an art room. It was better than she could’ve ever imagine. She walked over to her wall, pressing her hand to the painting, feeling the bumps from all the different brush strokes. 

“Did you…. did you paint this?” Alex asks. Magnus bites his lip, then nods his head. 

“Oh my gods….”

“What? Is it bad?” He’s playing with the helm of his sweatshirt again. 

“Magnus it’s…. beautiful.” That wasn’t a word that Alex threw around often. The word “beautiful” was meant to be saved for a time you really meant it, or else it wouldn’t be special anymore. That was why Magnus’s face lit up like a paper held over a match, bubbling joy spreading across his lips. Gods it was cute. 

“You-you think so?” he says shyly. Obviously he hasn’t shown many people his artwork. Alex turns to him, so he can see the absolute seriousness on her face, an expression that wasn’t there often.

“It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” Magnus looked at the floor, obviously trying to hide a blush. 

“I was just thinking that…. you know…. maybe you wanted to have an art studio or something….” Alex gets a wide grin on her face that let’s you know that you made her happy. The purest of happiness. 

She rushes forward and throws her arms around Magnus, who puts his hands out in surprise. Hesitantly, he puts them around her. 

“Thank you,” she whispers in his ear. It sends chills down his back. She pulls away, looking around, seeming to try and figure out what to do first. Her eyes light up with child like glee that tells Magnus that he did the right thing. Thank the gods for once he did the right thing. 

“Will you teach me how to paint?” she says, practically bouncing. Magnus giggles. 

“Only if you’ll teach me how to make a pot.”

In the end, neither of them succeeded in trying out the other’s talent. Magnus’ pot looked like a blob and Alex ended up getting frustrated with the painting and messing it up entirely. But either way, they had fun doing it, music blaring in the background, (they both had the same taste. Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco) and laughter bubbling in their throats. The rhythmic pattern of brushstrokes and and moving their hands up and down the vase soothed them and they let their lips crack into broad grins as they realised that they where meant to be. 

How’s that anon? U like?? :DD

Send me a word + a ship and I’ll make a fanfic out of it

I seriously think that they need to over think the jury next season.
There’s been so much drama this year because they keep making wrong decisions especially when it comes to the wind.

Andreas had shitty conditions when it came to his jump and yes, Stefan’s weren’t perfect either but Andi definitely drew the short straw.
There was nothing he could do with this conditions. He obviously did the best he could, even the commentators said it. With this conditions, this was the best thing he could do and I just think it’s unfair that the jury ignored the fact that they didn’t have nearly the same conditions.
Sorry, but it’s fucked up and the four hills all over again. And I’m so done.
That was one of the first thoughts I had after I saw Andi crying. I looked at my mother and said “this ended just like the four hills tournament” and she agreed.

It wouldn’t even have mattered because even if Andi wouldn’t have gotten to Stefan’s result, he still would have been second and it would’ve been okay but no, the jury fucked it up. Again.

And I’m not saying that Stefan doesn’t deserve this!
He clearly does, he did an amazing job. He’s an amazing athlete,
but I just wish that he final jumps would have been under fair conditions for both of them.. I can’t be happy for him right now. I just can’t.

I was honestly so shocked when it happened and the moment I saw Andi crying, there was no holding back for me. I was crying too and I still am. Andi deserves the world and after always being second behind Stefan I really really prayed for him to be first just once.
He would have deserved this so much.
And now being not even second but only third is so bitter. You could even see in this face that he just wanted to leave during flower ceremony. He kept his face blank but it said everything. He’s so strong and I’m so fucking proud of him!

My deepest respect to Kamil Stoch who’s such a wonderful human being, amazing role model and such an fair, respectful athlete that it makes me want to hug him so badly.
My mother and I honestly both teared up when Kamil said those words about Andi. I really do wish him the best and hope he’s able to win the world cup next week.

I’m also soooo damn proud of Domen Prevc and Karl Geiger, I can’t even find the right words for it.
Domen just improved his personal best three times the last two days and I couldn’t be prouder. It’s obvious how much he loves this and how much fun he has. Him smiling after coming down is the best thing ever. Also, people say that you notice how much fun he has because he’s walking through the athletes village with a huge smile on his face all the time.

Then Karl, oh my god Karl. I can’t say how bad I felt for him yesterday. He’s such a sweet cupcake and needs to be protected at all costs. After the jury fucked him over yesterday I only prayed for him that today would be good and it wasn’t good, it was freaking AMAZING.
Seeing him all happy and reliefed after he came down after his first jump made me so incredibly happy you have no idea because I wouldn’t have been able to bear it seeing him doubt himself. And then after the second jump, boy, no words needed. Sooo happy for him. He really needed this so push his ego and to finally realize that he is able to do this. Job well done Karl!

Kevin Bickner gave me a freaking heart attack people! I personally felt like he wanted a little too much in his second jump after both this incredible jumps before and that went wrong. I’m just glad nothing bad happened to him because I was really scared when he wasn’t able to prop up on his left arm. I really thought something was broken.. but gladly, he’s okay. Thanks god!

Also, Bine Norcic being so happy. He almost couldn’t believe what he saw! This time he didn’t dare to roll his eyes ;)

And of course, Noriaki Kasai. This man just rocks!

Also really happy for Jurij Tepes, Michael Hayboeck and Simon Ammann today. Still a little heartbroken that Markus Eisenbichler didn’t make it into the second round. And of course, my heart just is fully with Andreas Wellinger right now..


Overall, I’m just glad that raw air is finally over because it was unfair, the wind was annoying, the jury made bad decisions and it was so nerve wrecking.

What can I say, I won’t miss it. Nope. I won’t. I just wish it would’ve ended in a different way.

this certainly isn’t the best photo of me that has ever been taken–when I smile my face rounds out and I don’t really like that, my eyebrows are messy, and I was suffering from a very bad cold at the time so I looked sick. But even though it’s not the most beautiful photos of me, I think it’s one of the best. I’m in love with how happy I look, how happy I was.

you gotta love yourself, even as hard as that might be.

Acting P2 (Bob Morley x Reader)

Request: I really enjoyed ‘acting’ too and I know requests are closed, so feel free to not even do anything with, but I’m only asking so I don’t forget lol but if you could write a part 2 to acting that ends super fluffy and cute with the two together that’d make my life. I love your writing and you (and please don’t even look at this until requests are open, I just have a super bad memory)

Grabbing your keys, you prepare yourself to leave set and travel home. You urgently need sleep. Though waking up at 5:00am to shoot scenes for the 100 was incredibly fun, it often took its toll on you - as it is today. Yawning tiredly, you open the door of your trailer and almost jump when you see the person standing outside, about to knock. “Jesus!” You exclaim with a laugh, placing your hand on your chest. 

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He looks up at the top shelf, and sighs. Tony runs a hand through his hair, fingers catching on several tangles and tightly wound curls. He winces, and stares at the offending curls that hang down into his eyes.

Tony likes the library. It’s calm, filled with the soothing scent of paper and leather bindings, and he gets to take as many books out as he wants, as long as he brings them back in good condition, which he always does out of fear of death.

What he doesn’t like, however, is how all of the books he actually wants are on the top shelves, where he can’t even hope of reaching. He could jump, but there’s always the chance he’ll fall and brain himself on the bookcase behind him.

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Omg cute idea
Surprise gift baskets/bags for your littles/kittens/etc!
You could like, go to the dollar store and only spend a little bit!!
You could get a box or two of their favorite candies, some nice smelling lotions, coloring books n crayons, stickers, glow sticks, balloons, and whatever else your bby would like ^.^
Idk I’m sleepy an little an thinkin about presents hehe 💜