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Dance Dads // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: family fluff, domestic fluff, just fluff in general, parent!phan, jealous!dan

Words: 3.0k

Relationship status: Married

Warnings: none

Summary: At Emily Lester’s dance classes, she notices that some of her classmates’ mums like to compliment her papa, who always comes with her to rehearsals. Don’t they know that’s her daddy’s thing to do to her papa?

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spacegate  asked:

Not so much an ask, but I wanted to share how important pet bugs can be. My girlfriend is TERRIFIED of most bugs, but since I got my Ivory Millipedes she's been watching them a lot. I came home from work to find that she put some fresh cucumber in the tank with them, and now she's interested in holding one while she wears gloves. Before she wouldn't even look at pictures of them but now she wants to hold one. I feel very proud of her for this. Hopefully we can work on spiders next!

Yeah studies have shown that neutral to positive exposure has an almost 100% success rate of reducing or eliminating animal phobias of just about every sort.

Depending on the severity, some people just have to start with like, cartoons and storybooks about that animal and work their way up through video footage, realistic models and toys, visiting them in a zoo or pet store, and getting closer and closer to them in captivity until they can keep one in a tank at home for a while



  • The chairman’s son
  • doing his residency in neurosurgery under the direct supervision of his father’s friend, Cor
  • is super good at it, but he’s doing it just so he can qualify for his role as heir
  • has no passion for it, Noct would rather study medicine for dogs or birds or fish or literally anything else other than people
  • does it splendidly anyway, because he wants to make his sick father proud
  • would never admit it but he he can’t ignore someone who needs his help
  • has a secret relationship with Lunafreya who is a biochemist and next in line for pharmaceutical giant Nifilheim Co.


  • pediatric nurse and resident sunshine boy
  • just looooves the new babies!
  • they’re so cute and squishy!
  • wears a colorful set of scrubs everywhere, and reads storybooks to sick kids on his time off
  • sometimes feels inferior and out of place because he’s the only male nurse in the maternity ward
  • kids love his animal impressions tho, and that’s all that matters! 
  • best friends with the chairman’s son but not a lot of people know that


  • Rehabilitation Specialist
  • helps people get back on their feet (literally) with love and sometimes necessary guilt tripping
  • has the mass and muscle to carry patients around if they can’t do it themselves
  • likes to chat casually with everybody and actually remembers things about them, his patients tend not to skip on their exercises because he feels like a friend
  • likes to schedule his coffee breaks to coincide with Cor or Ignis


  • Oral Surgeon
  • he WILL stick his gloved fingers in people’s mouths without warning
  • Noct hates the ‘surprise check ups’ because he never flosses
  • does more surgery than dentistry, a lot of his patients are car crash survivors and high-impact sport athletes
  • has restored the faces of hundreds of people, a natural healer
  • likes the idea of getting his work done without the patient babbling on and on
  • addicted to coffee and enjoys the occasional cigarette, gets teased because “what if u get mouth cancer and have to do surgery on your own face lmao”


  • Neurosurgeon
  • detail oriented and a stickler for details
  • refuses to give up on patients, stubborn till the end and beyond
  • has actually brought back some patients from flat-lining like some immortal healer
  • likes to chat with Gladio on breaks and assigns him most of his rehab follow ups
  • is very strict on Noct even though the boy is actually really good at his job


  • used to be an ER surgeon, moved to working with and studying prosthetics after losing his left arm to cancer
  • wants to create functional limbs to replace his own, but also to help other amputees coming back from his war-torn country
  • hates that his sister’s company keeps putting roadblocks on his patents and projects, but understands that there’s very little she can do about it until the current chairman dies or retires early
  • standoffish and aloof, he’s not aware how popular he is with members of the staff, it doesn’t help that the only people who aren’t scared to sit at lunch with him are the twerp’s clique
  • actually enjoys their shenanigans and looks forward to lunch at work to catch up on the latest drama but shhh don’t tell anyone


  • Pathologist and sometimes Coroner
  • lives in the basement and takes charge of the morgue, disappears occasionally to do work out in the field with the local police
  • everybody agrees that he’s the creepy slimy type, he thinks he’s everyone’s friend
  • plays with dead people every day, creates his own drama plays with the corpses when he’s bored (he gets the clothes from thrift shops and dumpsters)
  • tries to persuade Noct to fund his ‘reviving the dead through cryogenics’ experiments by throwing rad Halloween parties (nobody attends)

@andromedainwonderland said:

Teen Wolf-Scooby Doo, as in, the Teen Wolf crew driving around in the Jeep solving supernatural mysteries. Just me?

So I don’t know what this is, but this fic turned out to be my ARCH NEMESIS, so, you know, make of that what you will. It’s even alternating POVs, which I haven’t written in years upon years. So please appreciate how much this story wanted to kill me, and how we’re still eyeing each other with open hostility from different corners of the room.

The groundskeeper has gnarled, knotted fingers and rheumy eyes, and it takes five hundred years for him to turn the key in the rusted padlock.  The gate creaks almost as loud as his bones, and Derek flicks an ear in irritation.

“That’s a big dog you’ve got there,” he says, only mildly curious.

Stiles buries one hand in the scruff around Derek’s neck. “Not sure he is one,” Stiles says, and Derek cocks his head up at him.

Scott has the van idling behind them.

Derek takes a deep breath and sneezes. Decay, old blood, and sulfur flood his senses—he whines softly. He doesn’t have a good feeling about this.

The old house looms in front of them, stone and spires, ominous, cloaked in shadows thrown by the nearly full moon. His skin ripples under his fur, uneasy, and he tucks his tail between his legs.

“Relax,” Stiles murmurs to him. “This is easy money, right? A simple salt and burn.”

Derek huffs, knocks into Stiles’ side as he hastily turns around, and then slinks back to the van. He doesn’t like this place. He never likes haunted places, too much lingering despair that stirs up old guilt, but this house feels like it’s made out of skeleton bones, dread sits like a stone in his belly.

Lydia already has the side of the van open. He hops in, slides past Kira, and then digs into Stiles’ open duffle, buries his snout in an old t-shirt that smells a little bit like Scott, too.

“Dude,” Stiles says when he climbs in after him. “Come on.”

Derek growls, low in his throat, and Stiles backs off with a huffy, “Fine, be that way.”

The van grinds into gear and rolls forward slowly, tires bumping over the cobblestone drive, and Derek feels like his chest is caving in.

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On this weeks’ episode of, “Alana Copes with Once Upon a Time,” Emma Swan is really f*cking angry because her life isn’t a goddamn fairy tale and anyone who thinks otherwise is a naive garbage dumpster. Also, congratulations on the engagement you guys, seriously. btw, swears abound. @abbadons-little-witch @the-reason-to-sail-home xo

+ Here’s the thing about Emma Swan’s mental state in the moments following a confession she should have heard two days ago: she’s angry. And sure, she’s angry at Killian, because, yes, of course, you tell the woman you plan to marry the finer points of the darkish past before the proposal, but he’s not the only fuck-up between the two of them. The first emotion she feels is anger, because, quite honestly, it’s easier than being sad. Turning around and walking away is easier than being sad. 

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When I meet @captainsnumple (who is an amazing and kind and gentle, lovely person oh my god) in Estonia, she gave me this before I left, on the condition that I not open it til I was home. 


Specifically, this fic, the Madoka crossover fic I jokingly call Michiru Magica, which is one of my favorites I’ve ever written, honestly. 

I feel like the way this looks doesnt really come across in pictures, but it’s beautifully done, the illustrations are perfect and the way the entire book is laid out is so thoughtful and conscious of the story. I’d have to post the whole thing for you to get a sense of it, and even then, I feel like you never could from photos. Snumple is astoundingly talents and always has been, but this was truly a cut above, the colors are lush and fulll and give such a sense of the otherworldly that I was trying so hard to invoke. 

And aside from all that, there’s the thoughtfulness of it all, to take something that I did and add such beauty to it. I adore when people springboard off things I’ve done, in fic or in art, and this took so much planning and real love, and I was genuinely touched by it. I still don’t really know what to say about it–it’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. 

// I think I finally realized one of the major reasons why the Magi Final Arc unsettles me so much…

It’s because none of these characters have solid personal reason to fight Sinbad. Sure, they’re all here to save the day from a crazed man whose ambitions have gone to his head but a personal reason is important here. 

In a narrative that often blurs the line between Right or Wrong / Good or Evil, a personal reason allows the story to be more relatable, hence producing a proper conflict.

Without further ado, here’s my analysis on how this team can be improved + my own personal recommendations on who really deserves to slap the sh*t out of Sinbad

(DISCLAIMER: I do not hate any of these characters. This post is not meant to bash any of them but to provide deeper insight on their objectives.)

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agoddamnrayeofsunshine  asked:

that response to the last voltron family ask inspired me, so consider this: Keith taking the story the kids made for him and cleaning it up a little (spelling and grammar errors, nothing big) and publishing it. he comes home with it one day to surprise the kids (the title could be something like /the children of the two kings/)

OH MY GOD. I have legit placed my hand on my chest and sobbed. DUDE. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE. Lemme just wipe my tears first and give you that friggin damn scenario. /sniffs/ Thank you for this. <3 [The Voltron Family]

For reference: The post where the kids made Keith a story

So we know that Keith doesn’t really write his own stories, right? He’d rather work behind the scenes, he really doesn’t like the spotlight. But when the kids made him a storybook, he felt so determined that he wanted to make it into a book. Obviously it’s going to be a children’s book with illustrations. 

Keith: I’ll do it, Shiro. I’ll make it a legit storybook with illustrations. The works. 
Shiro: Keith! That’s great! It will be like your first book.
Keith: *smiles* yeah. I wanted to do this for them. I was so touched. Like, WHO MAKES ME A STORYBOOK WITH US AS CHARACTERS? WHO DOES THAT?
Shiro: *hugs* Awwww, now don’t go all emo on me, baby.
Keith: Shut up. I have the right to be emo. I’ll ask Coran to proofread it for me. I’ll have to do meetings and stuff if ever it will get an approval.
Shiro: *smiles* I’m honestly way too excited for this! Who will you hire to illustrate though?
Keith: *glares* You’re seriously asking me that? You married a weeb!
Shiro: *laughs* Oh my god. Finally all your weeb days will pay off.
Keith: Oh knock it off. *smiles* You know I love drawing, I just haven’t been able to draw recently because of work. 
Shiro: *smirks* Don’t lie to me. You have your sketchpad in your office.

So Keith worked day and night (after his normal workload) rewriting the story Lance, Pidge and Hunk made. He’d sketch some drawings and ask for Shiro’s opinion. He asked Coran to proofread it and he was touched by the background of why Keith was doing this. So he helped him make a presentation to their big boss Alfor who owns the publishing company to publish Keith’s work. Alfor is Allura’s father so she pretty much knew of Keith’s project too. They were so into it that all of them were pretty excited! 

A few months after and Keith finally received his advance copy–all in its hardcover glory. He called Shiro to tell him all about it and that he wanted to surprise their kids. So when Keith arrived home, the kids and Shiro were all gathered in the living room.

Keith: Okay. Family Meeting time! *excited*
Lance: I swear I didn’t break the glass, okay?! It was an accident!
Keith: *smiles* It’s okay, Lance. You can break as many glasses as you want.
Lance: *drops his jaw* Are you serious, Daddy Keith?!!!
Keith: *frowns* I’m joking. But enough about that! I have a surprise to all of you. Though your Daddy Shiro knows about this already. He helped me a bit with the planning and all. Oh wow I’m blabbering. Sorry sorry. Lemme just…
Pidge: *whispers to Shiro* What’s Daddy Keith talking about? 
Shiro: *smiling so damn wide* You’ll see.
Keith: *takes out the big book and shows it to everyone* TA-DAH~~~~

The Children of the Two Kings
Written and Illustrated by Keith Shirogane

The cover was so beautiful. It was an illustration of two kings sitting on their thrones with their three beautiful children smiling so happily sitting below them on the stairs leading to their throne. It was undoubtedly Lance, Pidge and Hunk with Keith and Shiro. 

Three Kids: *is in absolute shock*
Hunk: *looks at Keith* I-Is this what we think it is?
Keith: *nods while smiling so wide* Open it!!!

The kids opened it to the dedication page

To my children Hunk, Lance and Pidge who created this story for me while I was feeling sick. Thank you. You three are the best thing that has ever happened to me aside from your Daddy Shiro (but let’s not make his head too big). You make my days full of smiles and laughter and because of you, I was motivated to publish my own book. So, thank you for inspiring me with this beautiful story. I hope you’ll love it as much as I loved making it.

Love, Your Daddy Keith
P.S. I’ve upgraded your weapons in this story, hope you like that! ;)

Shiro, Lance, Pidge and Hunk just stared at the dedication page and it was Hunk who let his tears fall down first. 

Keith: *panics* Oh god. Hunk, baby…
Lance: *sniffs* Will you read it for us?
Pidge: *sobs* Please, Daddy Keith. Read it for us.
Keith: *smiles* Of course. 

The kids adored it. The improved storyline with the perfect characterizations. Everything. It was the storybook that they made Keith read to them every night without getting tired of. It was their story and they loved it.


I’ve realized I might have taken this the wrong way than what you wanted and would love to have an alternative scenario for this so have this:

The Children of the Two Kings
Written by Lance, Pidge and Hunk Shirogane
Illustrated by Keith Shirogane

To my children Hunk, Lance and Pidge who created this story for me while I was feeling sick. Thank you. You three are the best thing that has ever happened to me aside from your Daddy Shiro (but let’s not make his head too big). You make my days full of smiles and laughter and because of you, I was motivated to publish this book. Your Book. Consider this a gift from me and may your pure hearts touch others as it has touched mine.

Love, Your Daddy Keith
P.S. I’ve upgraded your weapons in this story, hope you like that! ;)

Part 2: 10 More Animated Movies Beyond Pixar

Part 1: Animation Beyond Pixar
Part 3: Another 10 Animated Movies Beyond Pixar
Part 4: Some More Animated Movies Beyond Pixar

Hey! It looks like people really liked the first post, so let’s do it again. This time I’m going to expand the rules a little bit and show you 10 movies that were not produced by Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, or Studio Laika. Hope you find something cool!

Kirikou and the Sorceress (Kirikou et la Sorcière, 1998)

The breakout hit of French animation master, Michel Ocelot, Kirikou and the Sorceress is an invented fairytale drawing from west African folklore. You’ll immediately notice the style, how it alternates between very lush, lovingly rendered scenery and somewhat limited animation. A lot of the limitations of this movie can be chocked up to the infant-status of French animation at the time, but in spite of a few reused walk-cycles Kirikou is a wonderful film! In fact, Kirikou was such a success in French theaters that it spawned its own sequel in 2005, Kirikou and the Wild Beasts.

The story recounts the birth and early travails of Kirikou, an impetuous but incredibly clever infant boy. Kirikou’s village has been all-but enslaved by the evil sorceress Karaba. It’s up to Kirikou to keep his ailing villagers safe from the sorceress, and find a way to stop Karaba for good.


Sita Sings the Blues (2008)

Sita Sings the Blues is an interesting creature, it’s actually been released under the Creative Commons license, so you can download it for free right now. A labor of love by cartoonist/animator Nina Paley, the movie is entirely animated with Adobe Flash. Ordinarily I’m not very fond of flash animation, it’s become the new fad in TV because it’s cheap, and has unfortunately ushered in a new era of bland, limited animation cartoons (Teen Titans Go, I’m looking at you). That said, Sita Sings the Blues is a wonderful example of how an artist can exceed & in some cases exploit the limitations of Flash to create really charming cartoons brimming with beautiful designs.

Featuring 4 different animation styles and an overabundance of musical set pieces, Sita Sings the Blues contrasts the many trials and tribulations of the mythical Sita (wife of hindu folk hero, Rama) with the waning days of the animator’s own marriage. Interspersed between these two stories is a more light-hearted retelling of the Ramayana (the story of Rama) by indian shadow puppets.


My Dog Tulip (2009)

My Dog Tulip recounts the trials and tribulations of one Mr. Ackerley as he attempts to raise his bratty german shepherd, Tulip. The most striking feature of this film is its styling, which can charitably be called “impressionistic” but more accurately be deemed “scribbly”. Everything is freeform, and the models shift and twist into the most expressive shapes for their given scenes. Considering that every one of its 60,000+ frames is actually an individually-rendered digital painting, the movie becomes quite impressive.

This is a very restful movie, aimed at an older audience, so save it for when you next want to relax. At once charming, silly, dry, and very juvenile, it’s hard not to smile as you watch Ackerley’s animated self blunder through raising his dog. And though Ackerley shamelessly anthropomorphizes Tulip, the film (quite refreshingly) will never let you forget that she’s a silly, fidgety dog.


Perfect Blue (Pāfekuto Burū, 1997)

While Japan produces a lot of animation, most of it is just miserable crap. That said, every so often someone amazing gets to make a movie. Writer/director Satoshi Kon was one of those people.

Kon’s directorial debut, Perfect Blue, is an intriguing, upsetting, suspenseful, and frightening movie. A young pop star leaves music for acting, but is traumatized by her first role. Shellshocked by her first experience, the actress falls into a fugue state, and the people involved in the production start dying. All signs point to the murderer being the actress, and while she should be recovering she’s inadvertently pulled into the world of an obsessive stalker who has been watching her every move.


The Illusionist (L’Illusionniste, 2010)

Based on a recovered script by legendary French comedian/director, Jacques Tati, The Illusionist is the story of the last bright spark of an aging stage magician’s career. Tati loosely based the film on his own stage career, which happened to start at a time when many stage acts were being muscled out of venues by young, hip rock bands. Supposedly Tati wrote the original script as an attempt to reconcile with his eldest daughter, whom he had abandoned as a baby. This is heavily-disputed. Delicately-rendered and beautifully-told, the Illusionist features no distinguishable dialogue, but its sentiments come across crystal-clear.

An older, struggling French magician takes a gig out in the Scottish boonies, and in the process picks up a new fan who thinks his magic is real. The result is a quirky father/daughter relationship between two strangers, the adoration of one keeping the other going during one of the darkest times of his life.


The Secret of NIMH (1982)

If you’re going to talk American animation beyond the big 3 studios then you have to go back, before the Disney Renaissance. If you’re going to talk American animation before the Disney Renaissance then there are two giant, inescapable names that you must address: Don Bluth and Ralph Bakshi. Let’s talk about a Don Bluth movie.

It’s easy to forget, now that Disney has been ascendant for 25 years, but from the 60s to the end of the 80s Disney’s animation studio nearly shut down half a dozen times. Having endured this long decline, Don Bluth, one of Disney’s veteran animators and directors, had enough. He left Disney and took 16 of the studio’s animators with him, intent on getting back to basics and producing feature-length animated films again. His name might not ring a bell, but you’ve definitely seen his movies: An American Tail 1 & 2 (the Fievel movies), All Dogs Go To Heaven, Anastasia, and the original Land Before Time were all Don Bluth movies. The Secret of NIMH was actually Bluth’s first post-Disney feature film, which unfortunately means it’s less well-known than some of his later successes.

The Secret of NIMH shows us the life of a simple farm mouse, Mrs. Brisby. Mrs. Brisby’s son is very sick, and she desperately needs help moving him before her home is destroyed by the farmer’s plough. The only ones that can help are the mysterious rats of the rose bush, strange, almost magical creatures that seem to have known her late husband.


American Pop (1981)

If you’re going to talk American animation beyond the big 3 studios then you have to go back, before the Disney Renaissance. If you’re going to talk American animation before the Disney Renaissance then there are two giant, inescapable names that you must address: Don Bluth and Ralph Bakshi. Let’s talk about a Ralph Bakshi movie.

The king of rotoscope, Ralph Bakshi is the guy who really created and explored the idea that animation doesn’t always have to be for kids. What’s rotoscope? It’s literally animating on top of live-action footage. For ages it was used as a pre-CGI method for creating special effects (the original Star Wars, for example, featured heavy rotoscoping). Bakshi was the first director to use it to animate entire movies, admittedly with mixed success. Rotoscoping allows for incredibly realistic movement, but is (surprisingly) bad at translating facial expressions.

Considered one of Bakshi’s better movies, American Pop is an alternate history retelling of the rise of pop music in the United States. The story is presented through the eyes of four generations of a Russian Jewish immigrant family, each of whom has a profound impact on the music industry of their respective day. It’s a fascinating look at the type of people who defined musical genres through the years.


Azur & Asmar: The Princes’ Quest (Azur et Asmar, 2006)

Another original fairytale from Michel Ocelot! Ocelot has this fantastic skill of drawing from all points of a culture’s folklore and making a movie that’s at once evocative of its inspiration but satisfyingly original.

This time around Ocelot draws from dozens of Arabic folk tales, including some of the more infamous stories of 1,001 Arabian Nights. He also employed a new technique for 3D animation, rendering non-photo-realistic figures on top of painted backgrounds. The effect is absolutely stunning, and gives the entire movie a storybook feeling without looking like a series of drawings. It’s absolutely overflowing with rich colors and intricate arabic designs, and is a complete treat to behold.

The story: On the French countryside two boys are inexplicably born with the exact same destiny: to save the djinn fairy of the east. One is born to a wealthy french household, the other is born to an Arabic nursemaid working in the same household. The boys grow together, are forced apart, and eventually meet back up as fate guides them towards their shared destiny.


A Town Called Panic (Panique au village, 2009)

Most of the animated feature films worth a damn are dramas and serious adventure movies. They can start to weigh on you, if you watch them one after another. That’s why it’s so fantastic that movies like A Town Called Panic exist. An unapologetically silly, borderline nonsensical comedy that injects you into its bizarre world for 80 minutes and keeps you entertained the entire time.

A stop-motion animated feature that uses action figures (kind of like the old KaBlam! shorts on Nickelodeon), based on a Belgian/French TV series of the same name, A Town Called Panic recounts the lives of Horse, Cowboy, and Indian. Three roommates in a small rural town. It’s your average guys-order-too-many-bricks-for-a-birthday-present-then-accidentally-destroy-their-house-then-as-they’re-attempting-to-fix-the-house-with-the-bricks-aquatic-dwellers-start-stealing-their-half-finished-house romp. And it’s a delight. Highly recommended!


The Secret of Kells (2009)

The Secret of Kells is a glorious reminder that 2D animation is very much alive, and capable of being infinitely improved upon. In this case the movie is animated with stylized 2D drawings, but uses computer graphics to add color-washes and other subtle effects. The overall product is an all-too-rare visual treat in a medium that’s increasingly becoming a victim of computer technology, when it should be a beneficiary.

A young boy raised among monks finds his calling as a manuscript illuminator. But in order to become skilled enough to illuminate the legendary Book of Iona he’ll have to brave the dangerous forests of Kells and discover nature’s secrets from its wild pagan spirits.

Dengeki G’s Magazine First Cover Girl Election Special Gallery (February 2017)
Message from Hanamaru
Caption: What should I do— No matter what, I can’t pick a cake I like best— I want you to choose one for me zura♡♡

Amazing, there’s so many of them—♡
There’s a ton of cakes— a-amazing isn’t it♡—
Ah, I see— For a confectionery to have tons of cakes, that’s to be expected— Ah, ahahaha♡

What- what should I do—
Somehow I, I’m quite nervous—.
I ended up saying some weird stuff zura…

Ah, uhm, don’t mind me— please.
Because it’s my first time doing something like this, I’m not used to it—.

Though I’ve read about first dates in storybooks quite a number of times before, but— As expected, when I’m the one standing here—.

Ever since the start— my heart has been thumping.

My heart is racing in my chest—.
I feel like my face has to be red.
It’s embarassing zura—.

The truth is I’ve been preparing myself since yesterday, thinking about things like what we should talk about— but I’m so excited, it seems all of that has flown out of my head—.

Ah, uhm!

I’ll muster my courage to talk!!

I’ve been too excited since the start— I’m entirely unable to decide which cake is best so—.
Won’t you choose for me and tell me “This one’s good!”

If you choose for me then I’m sure— I’ll be so happy that it would be the tastiest cake to me no matter which one it is♡

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine February 2017 issue



For the first time, Kim Jinwoo of WINNER has been given a microphone that was prepared solely for him.

Kim Jinwoo’s heart is a knot of excitement and fear, nerves and anticipation and he has started to unravel that knot one by one, carefully, and calmly.

Kim Jinwoo? When I heard the news that he was casted for the title role of “The Little Prince”, I tilted my head. There was no face that popped up in my mind immediately. The first reason was the fact that I did not think to make the connection between the Korean National Contemporary Dance Company and an idol group. After I was given the hint that he was a member of the group WINNER, I was able to think of his face. But even then, I was doubtful. That was because Kim Jinwoo was never really coupled to phrases like “dance-idol” or “dancer”. On top of that, unlike his group members who don’t hide their talents and actively display their individual charms, he is usually standing slightly to the back, smiling at them. That Kim Jinwoo is going to perform contemporary dance? I feel that even his fans who know him best would have been surprised at the unexpected news. But all these doubts subsided when this shy young man entered the studio. That was because Kim Jinwoo himself looks so much like the Little Prince, as if he came out of the storybook itself. There is no doubt that Kim Jinwoo has an uncanny resemblance to the illustrations by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. From his blonde hair, to his large, bright eyes, and even his zoned out facial expression when he is alone. Fortunately, it wasn’t only me who discovered these similarities. “My members and the people around me tell me that I suit the Little prince. It’s probably because of the hair color (laughs). I feel embarrassed but it’s true that it makes me happy. I have to do well to satisfy those expectations. I have to do well so that even when this is all over, I still have the nickname of the Little Prince.”

The courage of the first step

“The Little Prince” is bringing him many “firsts”. For example, this is his first time to promote alone. He has never stood onstage alone without his members after debuting as WINNER. “This is my first time to take part in such a quiet photoshoot so I feel awkward and lonely. Wherever I go, I’m with my members so I’m used to noisy and hectic environments. On the other hand, it takes much less time for the photoshoot to end compared to when all 5* of us (T/N: This interview and photoshoot took place before the announcement of Taehyun’s leave) have a photoshoot, so it’s nice to end the photoshoot when the sun is still up (laughs). But that’s how much I need to do well so I feel much more burden and responsibility.” His burden is not unrelated to the genre of contemporary dancing. Unlike with plays and musicals, it is difficult to find idol members who take part in the contemporary dance stage. This probably proves the vast difference between the genre of contemporary dancing and the idol industry. It seems like that gap itself is an obstacle that Kim Jinwoo must overcome. “With musicals, meaning can be delivered through various ways such as songs and spoken lines, but with dance drama, the dancer has to express everything with just the body. That was what I was worried about the most. I was also afraid about whether I’ll be able to do well.”

However, “The Little Prince” was so charming that he willingly put aside all his worries. Each facial expression and movement add to the storytelling and that is done through each dancer’s dancing and each of those individual movements interconnect with each other and illustrate a large, directed choreography. There is a magic to the recreation of the many different planets that the Little Prince visits with vibrant colors and detailed props on the stage. As Kim Jinwoo became taken by this unfamiliar site, he fell in love with the charms of contemporary dancing as he watched every National Contemporary Dance Company performance video he could get his hands on. He became deeply aware of how WINNER choreographies and the dancing of “The Little Prince” were worlds apart after he started practices. If the goal of idol choreography is to accentuate sharpness through detailed movements, the bodily movements of contemporary dancing are determined only by the dancer. In other words, improvisation. For Kim Jinwoo to pull out this unfamiliar concept from within himself, the dancers of the dance company, who are also his teachers, gave him a homework assignment on the first day of practice. The homework assignment was for him to discover the defenceless Kim Jinwoo. He had to organise what he did when he was alone and what he thought about when he was alone. “After coming back to our dorm that day, I thought about that assignment and… Please wait a moment, I wrote down all of it.” He took out his phone and after looking through his notes, he started reading them out loud. “‘Zoning out while lying down. Going to the bathroom. Eating a meal. Watching TV’ and the thoughts I wrote down were, ‘I’m bored. I feel empty. I’m hungry’ and we started with expressing these things with my body. They told me to express them in my own way and that it didn’t matter whether or not people could recognise what I was expressing. For example, usually when people are asked to express hunger, they touch their belly. But I (actively moving around) turned my chest around like this and wrapped my arms around my belly.” The movements he created were brushed up and connected and then became the Little Prince’s dance. That is the reason why it can’t be helped but for “Kim Jinwoo” to flow out of each and every movement of the Little Prince. These days, he is most taken by the expression of lacking gravity out of all the choreographies in the performance. This is because floating in air is the most fundamental movement of the Little Prince as he travels to the many different planets in the universe. For this, these days, Kim Jinwoo walks around carefully with his heels in the air at the dorm. “Even outside of practice, I practice the feeling of being out in space. I open the door and hug my cats as if I lack gravity. I try raising my arms with this floating feeling and I think about how my eyes should travel. I realised that letting my body loose is harder than I thought. When it doesn’t work out well, I look for videos about space and get ideas while watching them. Recently, there was a special ‘Infinity Challenge’ episode on space so I enjoyed watching that.”

Other than dancing, “The Little Prince” has changed the air that surrounds Kim Jinwoo. And he is gladly enjoying that fresh air. “I went to the practice room for the National Contemporary Dance Company at Seoul Arts Center and it was really nice. There was even a fountain (laughs). Before debuting, I practiced in underground rooms that lacked sunlight so practicing at a nice place like this really feels new. The leader [of the dance company] and the teachers don’t distance themselves from me so I’m able to practice with a comfortable heart.” Although he suddenly became the youngest/most inexperienced member of the dance company from being the eldest hyung in his group, he laughed happily about it. “There are actually many things I have to worry about as the eldest hyung. I’m not the leader but I realised that there are things I have to do as the oldest. But after becoming the maknae, I feel at ease. Something like even if I make a small mistake, I feel like people will let it go? And it’s nice because it feels like I’ve become younger. Haha.”

Proving Kim Jinwoo

Kim Jinwoo wishes for “The Little Prince” to be the starting point of becoming a bigger and deeper person. He straightforwardly stated that his ultimate goal is to mature as a person through meaningful experiences. “I walk on the path of a singer but I think singing and dancing according to what is expected of me would be trapping myself in a boundary. I can’t deny that I didn’t experience enough freedom since I joined my agency when I was 20 years old and gave up my youth (laughs). But attempting to act and challenging myself in contemporary dancing naturally leads me to experience various things. I think that after experiencing new things, my thoughts and feelings will become deeper. In that sense, I think that challenging myself in contemporary dancing is a chance for me to learn many things.” He has already prepared himself for biased/negater attitudes that is common for celebrities who challenge themselves in musicals and plays. “I think professional artists of the modern dance or ballet industries will think it unusual for me to be a part of this. However, I will devote myself to practices and perform in a way that will not distance them from me. I don’t expect praises like, ‘He suits this genre,’ I will work hard to at least not make them feel that there is a disconnection.”

However, everything talked about above is all secondary worries. That is because what he desperately waits for is the stage itself. After WINNER ended promotions in March, it has been 8 months since he last stood on stage to meet the Korean audience. His heart thumps quickly with even just the thought of stepping up on the stage that he longed for. “Just the fact that I will step up on a stage makes me happy. I really longed for the stage. Although it is slightly regretful that it won’t be WINNER’s stage. I want to enjoy myself as much as I waited for this moment. Of course it’s important that I do well but more than that, my greater goal is to enjoy myself on this stage.” What does he want to show the audience on the stage he desperately waited for? Unlike with how he took his time answering previous questions after much thought and deliberation, he had an immediate but also clear answer for this question as if he had thought about it for a long time. “[I want to show] that Kim Jinwoo can do it too. The fact that I have the strength to create this kind of stage and performance and that there’s this kind of side to Kim Jinwoo too. I want to show people this side of me.” The determination in his shining eyes felt like this was a promise to himself more than to the audience. Kim Jinwoo will be given five stages and during that time, we will watch him prove his own domain just as he promised. And the audience is already prepared to accept him with joyful hearts. Just like how the Fox was able to imagine the Little Prince’s golden hair just by seeing the waves of the golden wheat field.

“The Little Prince” - Korea National Contemporary Dance Company

- Dates: 2016.12.9 ~ 12.11

- Time: Friday 8PM | Weekend 2PM and 6PM

- Place: Seoul Arts Center CJ Towol Theater

- Choreography: Ahn Ae-soon

- Organisation & Script: Kim Jiwoon

- Music: Jung Jae-il

- Price: R seats 50,000won; S seats 30,000won; A seats 20,000won

161130 * trans: @chrissy96_

scans: @goduandme5

Pocket Change
  • Pairing: Tom Riddle x Hermione Granger
  • Setting: Modern foster care AU with magic
  • Word Count: 4,239
  • Rating: M
  • For: The wonderful @colubrina as a thank you for the wonderful Rebuilding, which is such a monumental and amazing project I’m awed every single day and also for Pygmalion, whose dark deliciousness I’m certain we all relish. Based off of this.  

He stands in the doorway. He stares.

“Oh, is this the new kid?” asks one of the kids, a nasty sneer on his face. And Tom– Tom wants to sneer back, shoot a nasty glare at the boy with filthy off-brand white sneakers and burned-out eyes. But he doesn’t of course, because first impressions are everything and he at least has to make a good one with the foster “parent”.

“Yeah,” Tom says, offering his hand and a wide, fake smile. The boy doesn’t take it.

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girls like her come once in a century. you are a disaster waiting to happen, a pair of hands that have seen too many bad mistakes,  a history too heavy to carry.

and she - she is golden. she has this light in her that is something storybook, untouched, an angel’s hope. she’s strong and fierce and imperfect in a million ways that make your nerves flicker out of control. talking to her makes you feel like maybe somewhere out there, there’s good in this world. 

watching her read books and throw her heart into small things and love so fully and wildly - it drives you crazy. you want to give her all the coffee shops and fairy-lit nights she dreams about. you want to pull down the clouds so she can taste them, to show her your secrets, to protect her. she bubbles over with passion, with color, with something you thought you’d lost forever.

she is life. she reminds you what it’s like to be living. 

she makes you want to be a better human being.

—  you fell so quickly // r.i.d
Bitty Reader (Timid Reader & Underswap!Sans and Papyrus)

I recently found the bittybones au by the amazing, fabulous, creative @fucken-crybaby and fell in love. Though, to be honest, I’d rather be the bitty ;). Thus, this was born. It was just written for shits and giggles - not my best work, but fluffy all the same. I have a few different ideas for this AU of an AU which includes several AUs and jeeze this is starting to sound like Inception. Anyway, I might write more, or I might write actual bittybones stuff. Go check out Crybaby and all the other bittybones AU art and stories - they’re FANTASTIC! Enjoy the fluff!

               The adoption event had been going on all morning, and you were the only one left. Well, no, you weren’t - there were a dozen or so other Readers, all eagerly awaiting a home and chatting loudly at the other side of the large, glass container. But here, curled up in the corner, staring dully through the fingerprint-smeared glass, you felt alone. You felt worlds away, abandoned to a fate of solitude. Nobody wanted you - nobody cared for you. You weren’t pretty enough, or skinny enough, or smart enough to be any of the visiting monsters companion. They always picked the happy ones, the jumping ones, the chatty ones who complimented their fur or squealed over how cute and big the monsters were.

               And the monsters were big. Even Whimsuns, the sweetest, smallest of the monsters, towered over you. Though to be honest, at a whopping five inches tall, everything towered over you. That’s why Readers needed monsters to look after them - you all were simply too tiny to survive on your own. Not that you would want to. Readers were drawn to Monsters, just like certain Monsters were drawn to Readers. There was nothing better than being adopted and finding a monster to live with.

               The bell above the door of Rivethart’s Itty Bitty Reader Shelter rang out as somebody new came in. Through the smudged glass pressed against your cheek, you could see two monsters enter. One was very tall and thin, while the other was short and wide. Their skin was white and smooth, and after catching a glance at their eye sockets and lipless mouths, you realized they were skeletons. The taller one was dressed in an orange hoodie and had a sucker between his teeth. The shorter was wearing some kind of blue and gray outfit that looked similar to armor, all tied together by a lovely blue bandana that matched his eyes. Said eyes were currently sparkling with stars as he looked around the small building, practically vibrating in excitement.

               “Papy, look!” The short one pointed to a poster hung on the wall, detailing all the different types of Readers that were available for adoption. He rushed over and began reading, bouncing up and down on his heels. “Look at all the different little Readers there are to adopt!” His brother – Papy – wandered over to look at the various posters on the wall, rolling the sucker between his teeth.

               “There sure are a lot of them,” he agreed in a low, lazy voice. “You gonna be able to pick, Sans?”

               Sans wiggled in place, the stars in his eyes growing larger as he ran a finger down the listing. “Joy, Artist, Quiet, Chatty, Dreamer, Jumper – ooh, look at this one, Paps!” The little skeleton poked at a picture of a happy, jumping Reader standing beside his monster beneath the label, “Jumper – Active Reader.”

               In your little corner of the large, square display case in the center of the room, you snorted. Actives were always popular. So were Joys and Artists, and the other happy and loud Readers that caught the monsters’ attention. Then there were readers like you – Readers that fell under the labels of Quiet, Shy, Timid. There were plenty of equally quiet and shy monsters for the Quiet and Shy Readers.

               But you weren’t Shy or Quiet – you were Timid. And Timid Readers rarely found forever homes. Despite how kind and compassionate most monsters were, there was simply something off putting about having a pet that was afraid of you.

               “Papy, look!” The short skeleton bounced across the room to the display case. It was a large glass box on top of a wooden table. The walls went up just high enough to keep any of the Adventurous or Curious Readers from escaping, since there was no top to the case. This allowed monsters to reach down and interact with the Readers, picking them up and chatting with them.

               Sans immediately went to the other side of the display, where most of the Readers were gathered. A few of the Quiet and Shy Readers were sitting together nearby, close enough to listen but not pressured to join the louder ones. As soon as the monster poked his head over the edge of the box, he was greeted by a loud chorus of ‘Hello’s’ and ‘Hiya’s!’ One Curious Reader started jumping up and down, yelling ‘Look, a skeleton!’ at the top of his lungs.

               You sunk deeper into your corner, too-big sweater bunching and making you look even tinier. Squeezing your eyes tightly, you tried to ignore the skeletons loud laughter as he did his best to give each and every Reader his attention. The sound sent an uncomfortable shiver down your spine – it was just so big.

               Monsters themselves didn’t scare you – they were perfectly nice, really. Each one you had met had been nothing but kind and gentle. It was just…they were so…big. Large. Giant. They were overwhelming, and even though you knew it was stupid, being close to them terrified you.

               “Hey kid, you’re not lookin’ too good.” The voice came from your side of the box, right above you. You jerked in surprise, craning your neck back to look up at the tall monster, Papy. He pulled the sucker out of his mouth and looked down at you, head tilted slightly in curiosity. “You want me to get the boss over here?” He asked, sounding slightly worried as he thumbed over his shoulder at Rivethart, who was speaking with another monster at the far side of the store.

               You shook your head furiously, not wanting to bother the kind deer. Papy waited a moment, obviously expecting you to speak, but when you didn’t say anything, he popped his sucker back in his mouth and shoved his hands into his hoodie pockets.

               “Not much of a talker, huh.” He winked. “That’s okay, neither am I.” He rocked back on his heels, putting his focus onto his brother, though he didn’t immediately move away. You went back to slumping in your sweater, eyeing the gaggle of Readers speaking with Sans.

               The short skeleton was making sure every Reader got at least one compliment – he even made the Quiet and Shy Readers smile with only a few words! While you watched Sans interact with everybody else, Papy wandered back to the posters on the wall, scrutinizing the blocks of text and pictures. Each type of Reader was defined by a certain color of clothing. You were wearing a soft, mint green, and there, at the bottom of the poster, was a picture of a similarly-dressed little Reader sitting beside a monster, who was reading a storybook aloud.



Timid Readers are very shy and quiet when first meeting monsters. Often times they hold some kind of apprehension towards monsters, whether due to size differences, aversion to loud noises, or poor past experiences. However, once a Timid has grown used to a monster and created a strong bond with them, they can be very open, friendly, and enjoyable companions.

If you are adopting a Timid, please remember:

  • Timids like to feel protected and safe, and will want to be around their monster as opposed to being alone
  • Though they may be hesitant at first, once a Timid is comfortable they will crave physical contact
  • It takes time, patience, and work to gain the trust and affection of a Timid Reader. Do not adopt if you are not able to put in the appropriate effort
  • Timids can be very protective of friends and family, though they will avoid physical confrontation
  • Caring for a Timid may seem like a daunting task, but they are rewarding companions who will stay with you through thick and thin

               Papy hummed under his breath and wandered back over to the large display case. Sans had three different Readers climbing over him, examining his pauldrons and oddly pliable face. One had even made a hammock of his bandana and had apparently fallen asleep there, if the tiny, squeaky noises he could hear were snores. The little brother looked up at him, the stars in his eyes nearly too large for his sockets.

               “Papy!” Sans greeted, joy in every line of his face. “Look! Can we take them all home?”

               Papy snorted, thinking of the chaos that would ensue with fifteen or so Readers running wild at home. “They have adoption limits, Sans,” he reminded his brother, “and we only have room for one Reader right now, remember?”

               “Oh, right,” Sans muttered sadly, along with several of the Readers that had clambered up his arms. The skeleton carefully set each one gently back in the case, including the one that had fallen asleep in his bandana. That Reader simply rolled over and snored, and didn’t wake, even when he was put down. Papy felt a bit envious - he wished he could sleep that deeply.

               While the brothers spoke, you sat in your corner, quiet and still as a mouse, avoiding the blue skeletons attention. You watched, a smile tugging at your mouth, as a Dreamer Reader rolled off his hand and continued to sleep, letting out soft, squeaky snores.

               “Hey Sans,” the tall skeleton was back behind you, and you sunk deeper into your sweater and tilted your head back to look up at him. He glanced down at you when you moved, and flashed you a wink. “Have you said hello to this little one?”

               You made a little sound of distress as Sans eyes landed on you. His already cheerful face brightened exponentially, and he rushed around the case. “No!” He chirped, stopping by his brother and leaning over the glass wall. His face was only a few yards from you now. You wished - not for the first time - that you could hide in your sweater and disappear.

               “Hello little Reader!” He greeted loudly, stars popping in his blue pupils. You winced and had to stop yourself from clapping your hands over your ears at his loud voice.

               “Easy bro,” Papyrus scolded gently, his voice much lower and softer than his brothers. “You’ve gotta be gentle with this one.”

               “Oh!” Sans made a loud noise of understanding, then immediately hunched his shoulders when he saw you wince again. “Oh. Sorry,” he continued in a much softer voice. “Hi! I’m Sans! But sometimes people call me Blue, ‘cause there’s lots of other Sans in the city and it gets confusing when everybody calls us all Sans! What’s your name?”

               You don’t answer, caught up in watching his jaw move and large teeth clash as he speaks. When you stay quiet, he frowned. “Can you talk?” He asked curiously.

               “They don’t talk to monsters!” One of the Curious Readers has wandered over, despite several of the others hissing at him to stay with them and not interrupt. You felt blood rush to your cheeks, turning them a brilliant shade of red, and shot the nosy Curious an unhappy look.

               “Oh.” The sound wasn’t disappointed or offended - it just was. Oh. The smile bounced back onto the skeletons face without hesitation, and he leaned back a bit. “That’s okay! I can do enough talking for both of us!” Behind him, Papy nearly choked on his lollipop trying to stop himself from laughing. Sans straightened up and struck a pose, one hand curled into a fist over his chest, the other placed proudly on his hip, legs akimbo, head tilted back as he gazed at some glorious horizon nobody else could see.

               “Don’t fear, little Reader! I, the Fantastic Sans, will keep this conversation going!” He boomed, though it wasn’t bad now that he was farther away. As soon as the spontaneous sparkles that had appeared around his cheeks faded, he leaned back over, grabbing the edge of the box with his boney fingers. His round chin followed, and he remained leaning there several feet away, giving you plenty of space.

               During his posturing, without the two of you noticing, the nosy Curious had been dragged back to the gaggle of Readers, all of which were watching with varying levels of interest. He blustered and waved his arms, but when he glared at Papyrus (whose eye was glowing the same vivid orange as the magic surrounding the Reader), he immediately cringed and went to hide in the back of the group. A single, flippant eyebrow raise from the tall skeleton was more than enough to shut him up.

               Sans hummed, tapping his fingers against the glass as he tried to think of the best course of action. “Oh, I know! I’ll ask you yes or no questions! That way, you just have to nod or shake your head. Okay?”

               When he didn’t say anything after a moment, you realized he was waiting for you. Hesitantly, you gave a small nod.

               “Great!” He paused again, tapping his pointer fingers against the glass. “Hmmm…oh, I know! Do you like tacos?”

               That was a bit of an odd topic to start on. You slowly nodded, remembering Taco Tuesdays (which happened every first Tuesday every month. Mama made the BEST tacos!).

               “Great! I love tacos!” Sans wiggled a bit in his spot. “Do you like Napstabot?”

               You’d heard of the celebrity before, but hadn’t seen or heard much of him. Not enough to form an opinion. You shrugged.

               “I understand! Not everybody can comprehend Napstabots brilliance!” The skeleton tapped the glass, not seeing his brothers eye roll behind him. “Do you like peacocks? I think they’re neat!”

               The conversation continued in this vein – him asking you out-of-the-blue yes and no questions, you answering with nods, head shakes, or shrugs. Sans weaseled out your favorite color, that you liked to read books, and you liked listening to music. He also learned you didn’t like Glamburgers (too many sequins), didn’t like heights, and had never driven a car before. The last one made you smile – how would you ever drive a car? They were all a million times bigger than you!

               “I like you!” Sans declared after asking if you liked puzzles (yes, even if it was tricky to get all the pieces in the right place thanks to your height). “Do you want to come home with us?” He motioned to his brother with a jerk of his head.

               The past half-hour of rapid fire questions had turned it into a bit of a habit, and you nodded without taking the chance to think of the consequences in depth. Bright yellow stars burst to life in the skeletons eyes, and he jumped up and down a few times.

               “FANTASTIC!” He squealed, wiggling in place a bit. “I’ll go speak with Miss Rivethart right away!” He shot across the room like an arrow, nearly colliding into the deer in his haste. You watched as he spoke rapidly, making grand gestures with his hands.

               Had you just been…adopted?

               “I give it a week!” The Curious Reader from before – the one who had slunk to the back of the group – sneered at you, arms crossed over his chest. All the other Readers were watching you, you realized. You stood, using the glass wall to help get to your feet, and adjusted the sweater so it didn’t bunch up as much around your neck. When you didn’t say anything, Curious scoffed again.

               “Everybody knows that Timids are sent back. No monster can stand being around you guys for long. They don’t want Readers who are afraid of them.” He looked over your shoulder at Sans, who was filling out a piece of paper with a bright blue pen and a broad smile. “He’ll get sick of you soon enough.”

               You weren’t exactly sure what made you angrier – the fact that the rude Reader was teasing you and trying to make you feel bad, or that he was insulting the nice skeleton who had just spent the past half hour talking with you, despite you never saying a word.

               “He won’t!” You declared, loud enough for all the Readers to hear. “Sans is nice! He doesn’t care that I don’t talk a lot, or that I don’t like the same music as him, or that I’ve never seen a peacock thing!” You put your hands on your hips. “Do don’t you be mean just ‘cause you’re jealous!”

               He snorted, crossing his arms but not looking at you. “I’m not jealous,” he growled. “You’re gonna get ditched, just like the others. Don’t come crying to me when they bring you back.” He slunk back to the group of Readers. Most of them flashed you smiles or waves, before dissolving into their own conversations.

               “Well said.” The deep voice – above and behind, just like before – made you jump. Papyrus was leaning against the table the display was on, unwrapping a new sucker. He winked at you – a common habit, apparently – and popped the grape-flavored candy in his mouth. “My bro can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, but he’s a good soul.”

               Said good soul returned at that moment, clutching a piece of paper in his hands. “Look!” He thrust the paper out in front of him, angling it so both you and Papyrus could see it. It was an official adoption form, filled out in neat comic sans print. “Now you can come home with us!” He folded up the paper and tucked it into his pocket before lowering his hand in the case, letting it sit right in front of you.

               If someone had told you earlier that you’d be adopted by a loud, boisterous, cheerful skeleton and his brother today, you wouldn’t have believed them. Despite the surge of courage you’d felt while yelling at Curious, you were still nervous at the idea of leaving the familiar adoption center. Sans hand, resting in front of you, was still so, so big – you were just a bit taller than his middle finger was long. The skeleton didn’t rush you – just waited, his hand still and steady.

               You took a deep breath and stepped forward, crawling carefully onto the oddly-warm surface of his boney palm. The tree-trunk like fingers curled around you before he lifted his arm, immediately bringing his hand to his chest so you weren’t in danger of falling off. You fisted one hand in the front of his jacket, feeling a bit steadier. Magic hummed through the fabric, radiating off his bones and soothing your nerves.

               “Great, lets head home!” The short skeleton waved to Rivethart and the other Readers before leading the way out of the center, his brother trailing behind. “I’ve got all of Napstabots CDs in the car – we can listen to them on the way home! He has some quieter ones that the radio doesn’t play very often. I bet you’ll like them!”

               He babbled on as you all got into a bright blue convertible, Papyrus taking the role of driver so Sans didn’t have to put you down. As they buckled up and pulled out of the parking lot, you watched as the adoption center disappeared from sight. You knew you’d miss it, but sitting against Sans chest, listening to his magic hum beneath his chest as he chose music specifically to make you feel better, you couldn’t help but think that you were going to have a good time.

nct dream; reaction

rq: nct dream’s reaction when reader hides their injury from them

mark: honestly when mark found out he would be so worried like. he’ll be constantly fending after you like a mother hen. water??? here have the entire ocean. food??? gotta order the whole menu from the whole takeout restaurant.

jeno: jeno would silently take care of you and heed all your needs. would help carrying/support you if you were in crutches. borrows you notes from the classes you’ve missed. nags at you a little but mostly concerned.

jaemin: initially nags you for not telling him beforehand, then laughs at you for being a dumbass. tells you to be careful and sends memes so you can be happy. nurses love him.

chenle: would be so pissed when he first heard that you were injured. why wasn’t he the first one to know? kind of hurt that you didn’t tell him. brings you gifts and a teddy bear that kind of looks like him. tells you about his day and lowkey misses you playing with him.

renjun: poor baby would be so worried when he first heard that you were injured. tries to make you happy and holds your hand whilst you rest. reads storybooks to you so you’ll feel better. brings handpicked flowers to the hospital.

haechan: this boy would sass you so hard you’d regret not telling him. highkey roasts your ass, lowkey worried about you. tries to crack jokes by dissing his hyungs. hasn’t slept for days. borrows jeno’s notes for you. sings sometimes when you ask nicely.

jisung: the whole nct suddenly visits your room with flowers and jisung has red and puffy eyes from crying. poor baby was so worried but didn’t wanted to cry in front of you because he’s a manly man. shows you new dance moves he’s learned. sneaks sweets from ten’s stash and gives it to you.

anonymous asked:

Just wanted to pop in and say that I love how your art has a sort of storybook feel to it 💖💖


The (Exhausted) Knight in (Dented) Shining Armor

In some ways, Harry’s rescue of Ginny at the end of CS was textbook knight-in-shining-armor-rescues-the-damsel-in-distress.

Ginny is in danger, Harry puts himself in an extremely dangerous situation to save her, Harry defends Ginny’s honor, Harry fights with Tom, Harry defeats Tom, and Ginny wakes up to see Harry standing victorious. On one level, it looks like this grand storybook rescue.

Only it totally wasn’t.

Ginny has spent the last year imagining Harry as this grand romantic hero. He’s “the hero who conquered the Dark Lord” after all. But when Ginny woke up in the Chamber of Secrets, she didn’t see a perfect hero. All she saw was this grimy and exhausted-looking 5-foot tall 12-year-old standing there with a 3-foot long sword. He’s got blood on his robes and debris in his hair.

And Ginny doesn’t feel like the damsel in distress either. She feels violated, embarrassed, guilty, exhausted, and overwhelmed. She can’t stop crying and apologizing. She doesn’t even want to be comforted by Harry, she just wants her mother.

The following year, Ginny still holds some residual embarrassment, but we see her starting to treat Harry like a human rather than a mythical hero.

Because there’s nothing like actually being an unwilling participant in one of Harry’s various altercations with Voldemort to show you how very unglamorous and nightmarish it actually is.

At the end of her fist year, Ginny learned that being the damsel in distress wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. And being the hero wasn’t exactly a fairytale either.


Last month I posted a prologue to a story I never ended up writing. It was a soulmate AU that just never quite worked out the way I wanted it to, so I dropped it. I’ve gotten a few requests to write some drabbles/one-shots in that verse. So here you all go ;) 

Alternatively, you can read this on AO3

Felicity Smoak is 7 years old when her father abandons her. Up until now, her life has been perfect. She’s had everything she’s ever wanted. But when her father leaves, he takes her entire world with him.

There’s no explanation. He leaves no note. The only signs that anything is amiss are her crying mother, his missing things, and an empty chair at the dinner table. It’s for the best that he doesn’t try to explain himself. There are no words he could possibly say to make any of it okay.

Felicity feels like she’s dying. It’s like somebody reached into her chest and ripped her heart from her body. She can’t breathe. She is utterly gutted by his abandonment.

And then… she’s not.

At least, she’s not drowning in feelings of inadequacy and loneliness like she should be. The sadness is still there, but it’s also mixed with something else. A foreign emotion that she can’t quite place.

It’s almost like… hope?

Whatever it is, it doesn’t come from her. It’s pushing it’s way into her heart and making itself at home, despite having no logical reason to be there.

Her mother smiles when she listens to Felicity try and explain her feelings. She uses a word that Felicity has only ever heard in storybooks and movies.


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