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Angelica: Maria Reynolds, welcome to the “We Fucked Alexander Hamilton Club”

Maria: “We fucked Alexander Hamilton Club”? What’s that?

Angelica: It’s a club that Eliza and I formed who’s ever had sex with Alexander Hamilton and we want you to be a member.

Eliza: I’m the president of the club and Angelica is the Vice President and for now it’s just only the three of us.

Laurens: Excuse me I think you’re forgetting someone.

Eliza/Angelica/Maria: …

Laurens: *unbuttons his jacket and reviles a shirt that says “Founder Of We Fucked Alexander Hamilton Club*

So I’m thinking about Mustang and clap alchemy, because of a post by @the-flame-and-hawks-eye a couple of days ago.

A lot of the comments went on to talk about gloves and sparks and Flame Alchemy stuff. But I want to think about what Shay said in her tags. 

#I just imagined him helping repair buildings and household items in Ishval#does he do it at home too#does he use it often like???

And just YESS! This is what I think about! Stuff Flame Alchemy. He can do that in is sleep, and probably doesn’t want to.

Suddenly he can perform ANY transmutation he can think of, without having to design/develop/calculate (what is the right term here??)  an array and draw it out somewhere.

He just has to understand the transmutation and ** CLAP! ** BOOM! ** It’s happening!! Mustang would be totally stoked! No tedious paperwork. Just getting in and doing stuff to help people.

Laurens: High five Alexander!

Alexander: *gives him a high five*

Laurens: *intertwines fingers*

Alexander: Wh-

Laurens: I’m in love with you

INTP Thing? #11

INTP: *has 2 days of inktober to catch up on, 4 animation projects open, 3 backgrounds to draw, a storyboard sequence to do, and an unfinished character sheet*

also INTP: *bleaches hair 3 times*

rhere are people????????? who enjoy????? and look forward to their birthday???????

sounds fake

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Jefferson: Hey Johnny boy guess who’s going turn is it to have some a little alone time?

Laurens: Can I guess that involves me and a guy who wears magenta and no clothes and a bed?

Jefferson: You guess right babe. Let’s stop wasting time and-

Alexander: *pushes Jefferson* Hell no it’s my turn!

Jefferson: *gets up* It’s my turn Hamilton!

Alexander: No IT’S MINE!

Laurens: *watching Alexander and Jefferson fight over him* Why don’t I have sex with the both of you?

Alexander: …

Jefferson: …Okay I’m fine with that.

Alexander: Me too!