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Hello!! How about RFA and Saeran oh!oh! and Vanderwood with Mc who have no sense of direction!! Like they always getting lost

You asked so adorably, awww. But, I’m so sorry, I don’t write Vanderwood because I really don’t understand their character at all. Very sorry!

-Yoosung was having a hardcore cram session one day.
-This poor thing keeps stressing himself out because he has an extremely important test tomorrow and he cannot fail it. Even though he’s a genius, and you tell him that many times, he’s stressed as hell.
-You thought you’d do something nice and offer to go buy him some comfort food to cheer him up.
-He says you don’t have to, but you do it anyway. So you hop in your car and head to the grocery store.
-You actually get there just fine and enter the store only to find that it is rather crowded.
-You’re only there to pick up some snacks for your stressed boyfriend so you try to get in and out as fast as possible.
-So you quickly make your way to the side of the store that has what you’re looking for, but you have to take detours to avoid crowds and next thing you know you’re lost in the canned food aisle.
-You tell yourself to just retrace your steps and follow the signs hanging from the ceiling but you still can’t find where you were trying to go.
-It takes you an hour and a half to get the snacks and get back to Yoosung.
-He’s passed out, dead asleep on top of his text book.
-You wanted to let him sleep. He deserves it. But you set the bags down and he stirs awake.
-“___, what took you so long?” he mumbled, still half asleep.
-You tell him about the grocery store incident and he laughs at you.
-He laughs at you. fuckin rude
-He apologizes and just says you’re cute for being so bad with directions. But he also says you need to be more careful not to get lost in more serious situations.
-Whatever you say my dude

-You wanted to bring Zen food while he was at rehearsal since he forgot to bring some with him today.
-You told him you’d bring him something so he can eat something healthy, plus it would be nice to see him.
-Zen tells you you don’t have to go out of your way to bring him food because he could just go buy something, but you insist.
-It’s not like you’ve never been to the theater. Your boyfriend practically lives there. You’ve been there hundreds of times, so you’re confident that you can get there in time for his break.
-But suddenly you’re on a street you’ve never heard of.
-That’s okay, you’ll just turn right and end up on the main road again.
-Wait since when did this place exist?
-Where the fuck am I??
-You pull over and decide to text Zen that you might not make it in time for his lunch break. He’s really sweet and tells you not to worry and all that cute stuff.
-You use the GPS on your phone in defeat and find that you’ve somehow ended up on the other side of town.
-You rush to the theater and get there just as Zen’s break time is up.
-But, you still give him his food, and the director kindly gives him an extra few minutes to eat it.
-While he ate, you explained why it took you so long to get here.
-“Darling, thank you for the food. But, uh… maybe you should use a GPS more often.”

-You two had planned a date night tonight and you were both supposed to meet up at a restaurant at 5:00pm
-She had arrived five minutes early and was waiting patiently on a bench for your arrival.
-But ten minutes pass, twenty minutes pass, thirty minutes pass…
-Okay she’s very worried.
-She texts you after the first ten minutes she notices you’re running late, and you reply with “Sorry! Traffic!”
-She understands but then after thirty minutes? She’s getting concerned.
-The restaurant wasn’t far from your house. Why is it taking you this long? Even if there is traffic, how could it be so backed up you’re thirty, going on forty minutes late?
-Are you… standing her up?
-Wait no that can’t be right
-You’re not that kind of person.
-After forty five minutes of sitting on a bench waiting, you run up to her
-“Ah, oh my god, Jaehee! I’m so sorry I’m so late..!”
-“What kept you? There couldn’t have possibly been that much traffic from here to your house. It’s fairly close.”
-“…It is?”
-“It’s close to my house..?”
-You had apparently taken the long way here. Not just that, you had missed three turns twice along the way.
-You had to explain that to your poor unamused girlfriend. That’s how she found out how horrible you are with directions.
-But, even though you’re very late, you continue with the date plans as usual.
-She offers to drive you from now on when you two go out anywhere. If she can’t, she suggests a cab because it’s much cheaper than the gas you’ll waste taking wrong turns.

-Driver Kim takes care of transportation so you never had to worry about driving.
-Which is good because you don’t know left from right.
-But one day he invites you to come visit his office because you had been curious as to what it was like.
-When you got there, an employee at the door gave you directions to Jumin’s office.
-You were highly confident that you would be able to find it without issue.
-You find yourself standing in a hallway.
-“…Did they say to turn left or right…?”
-Now you’re lost in a very important and busy office building.
-You wander around trying to find some landmark to determine where the heck you are while also trying not to look like a lost commoner from off the streets to the important and professional looking people walking past you.
-A guard that happened to be passing by stopped you and ask you to identify yourself which was intimidating
-You tell him your name and that you’re trying to get to Jumin’s office.
-He gives you a confused face.
-“But his office is three floors down from here.”
-So the guard escorts you to Jumin’s office.
-You got there safely to a worried looking Jumin.
-“____, you’re finally here. I was worried; you were taking so long to get here I thought something happened.”
-You tell him you got lost and embarrassed yourself in front of his coworkers. He will now always make sure you have an escort when you visit to avoid you wandering somewhere you’re not supposed to be.
-Also when you go out together he holds your hand and is reluctant to let you go off on your own so you don’t get lost.

-You had both taken a trip to the grocery store to pick up some more food.
-You were just about done gathering everything on the list you collectively created when Saeyoung noticed you had skipped an item on the list.
-He groaned. It was all the way on the other side of the store.
-Noticing how he really didn’t want to walk that far, you offered to go get it yourself.
-He let you, of course.
-He didn’t think much of it until you were gone for about fifteen minutes.
-This store isn’t that huge; how could it take you fifteen minutes to walk to the other side and back?
-He decides to text you and check up on you. He asks where you are.
-“Sorry, looking for the right aisle.”
-“Don’t tell me you’re lost.”
-“…Well you see…”
-You’re lost. And you’re on the other side of the building, earning another groan of Saeyoung.
-“Okay, well where exactly are you”
-I don’t know there’s only soup
-You tell him what aisle number you’re in.
-He stops.
-“…That’s not even close to where that last item is.”
-“You’re literally three aisles down from me.”
-You had apparently done a full circle on your journey to get to the other side of the store.
-You walk out of the aisle and start walking to find him when you hear him call your name from behind you.
-You even went the wrong way to find him three aisles over. oh my god how have you lived this long
-Saeyoung walks with you to get the last item on your list. He also makes a mental note never to let you go off on your own without knowing where you are, and to never put you in charge of directions.

-Well aren’t you both just a disaster together.
-V can barely see, and you don’t know what you’re doing.
-You were on a date at a local fair and having a great time.
-V enjoyed being able to spend time with you while also being outdoors. He was indifferent to the rides, but he was outside with you, so he was the happiest man ever.
-You were both getting a little peckish so you decided you should go get some snacks.
-You knew exactly which stands had the best food and he trusted your judgment, so you held his hand tightly and guided him through the crowds of other fair-goers.
-In your excitement to get your hands on some junk food you managed to get completely lost. You stop abruptly, causing V to almost bump into you.
-“What is it?” he asked.
-“Nothing,” you told him before marching into motion again with V in tow.
-You were determined to find the food stands if it was the last thing you did. You were using landmarks to find your way around like the Ferris wheel and the various roller coasters but you still could not find the stands.
-You find a map yet you still can’t seem to get to point B.
-“Love? The food stands are over that way,” he said quietly and pointed behind him with his thumb. “Should I lead you there?”
-Great job. You have to have an almost blind man guide you places because you’re that poor of a guide.
-He’s not annoyed in any way because he’s such a patient person. V helps you to the food stands that you had walked past multiple times in your frenzied search and you purchase the food you wanted.
-V can’t really see, so you will guide him, but he will help give you directions so you don’t get overwhelmed or lost.
-You’re actually a good team.

-He gets so annoyed when you run off and get lost.
-Can you not just say in his line of sight? That way you won’t get lost and he won’t have to go find you?
-But alas, you tend to get distracted and run off, leaving him to figure out where you had gone.
-He panics on the inside whenever you get lost on your own. He doesn’t want you getting hurt, which is more likely when you’re all alone.
-You wanted to take him out to a new shop opening up across town that you had been dying to check out.
-You assured him that you knew where it was, so he reluctantly allowed you to drive.
-He rolled his eyes and slouched in the passenger’s seat. “You better not get us lost.”
-No promises, Saeran wrap
-The bad thing about this situation is that he doesn’t know where the shop is, so he can’t correct you when you go the wrong way.
-You thought you knew, you really did. But, you’ve been driving for ten minutes with no sign of the store.
-“Oh no…” you mutter under your breath.
-Saeran glared over at you. “What do you mean ‘oh no’?”
-You swallowed hard. “I may be heading the wrong way.”
-Saeran groaned in annoyance. “I told you you should follow a GPS! Ugh, just pull one up on your phone.”
-So you did, and you followed that instead. Even then, one time, when the GPS said to turn right, you accidentally turned left, Saeran grumbled and glared in your direction again.
-He’s so grumpy and irritable because 1. this is taking too long and 2. he doesn’t like not knowing what’s going on, but he’ll get over it.
-He forgives you when you buy him ice cream from a shop next to the one you were visiting.

Sick!Robbie headcanon time
  • He’s terrible at keeping his germs to himself, and not even on purpose (uh, usually?)
  • Constantly forgetting to cover his coughs and sneezes. The kids and Sportacus always have to remind him and he’s all “I do what I want” but he actually does end up making an effort to cover so no one gets sick because he doesn’t want anyone feeling as miserable as he does
  • Has pretty specific foods he likes to eat when he’s not feeling well, and he’ll eat nothing else.
  • Sometimes it takes him a while to realize when he’s actually caught something because he’s so used to just…things being wrong with his body
  • Can (and will) fall asleep anywhere and at any time bcuz he’s so exhausted. (staying asleep is a whole other matter)
  • Prone to being really achy and uncomfortable with even the smallest fever
  • Is sick like, way too often. One sneeze and he’s all ugh not again
  • Isolates himself like crazy cuz he’s not in the mood for anyone’s nonsense and he just wants to sleep all day
  • until he has to leave his lair because he’s out of soup and tissues. Sportacus or someone probably sees him and makes him go back to bed while they run to the store for him
  • His cow blankie is his best friend and he can’t be without it when he’s sick
  • Gets super congested and is probably prone to sinus headaches
  • Also prone to ear aches 
  • Stomach aches are usually bad enough to render him completely useless
  • He hates throwing up more than anything else being ill can do to him
  • Moody af 
  • Totally the type of guy to just wipe his nose on his blanket and call it good
  • Until his nose has had it and he’s suddenly really desperate for lotion-y tissues
  • His nose is really mean to him and is a total sneeze tease
  • He’s such a loud, obnoxious noseblower omg
  • Reaches a point where he’s too lazy (heh) to deal with his nose and just shoves a couple tissues up there
  • I am so sorry

@thethinwhiteziggystardust tagged me to do this fun little game, thank you!! 💙 (also this is my first time being tagged)

Rules: enter your answers then tag ~10 people! Use the first letter of your name to answer each question. Real answers only. If the person who tagged you has the same initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use the same word twice.

Name: Katie
A four letter word: Kick (my inner INXS fan is showing)
A boy’s name: Kirk (again)
An occupation: King?
Something you can wear: Kimono
A food: Kiwi 🥝
Something you can find in a bathroom: Kleenex
A reason for being late: Kidney pain
Something you shout: Kiss my ass!
A movie title: Kill Your Darlings
Something you drink: Koka Kola (as The Clash spelled it)
An animal: Kangaroo
A type of car: Kia
Title of a song: Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain) - INXS 💛

Okay this was harder than I expected but a lot of fun! I’ll tag @mosaictrionic, @cobblecatghoul, @trash-depeche, @wilderdevotee, @itsdraconia, @the-beat-girl if you guys feel like doing this :)

tips for a happy life
  • wake up early in the morning
  • do some kind of activity - go running, walk your dog, etc.
  • drink lots of water to boost your productivity
  • read more books
  • listen to inspiring music
  • clean your home/apartment for 15-20 minutes daily
  • consume fresh fruits and vegetables every day
  • prepare your own food - read more about healty eating, check out new recipies, cook with love
  • reward yourself, celebrate little victories - you’ve made it out of bed today, you washed your face and you had the strength to wake up and embrace the new day
  • go out, make new friends, be social
  • pick a diary and a beautiful pencil to write down how your day has been before you go to sleep
  • go to bed earlier
  • make plans for the next day - do something you’ve never done before. When was the last time you tried something diferent?
  • love life
probably true things about ur sign
  • aries: is like a lil kid and a mother to u at the same time, a perfectionist, has naturally nice eyebrows, appreciates pretty things
  • taurus: can fall asleep anywhere anytime, obsessed with random ass kitchen appliances like cookie cutters and stuff, makes strange but funny noises
  • gemini: rocks anything from tie dye t-shirts to gangster hats, always up for an adventure, down for 3am bike rides, slays at making gingerbread men
  • cancer: doesn't like it when their food touches other kinds of food, will randomly attack you with a cuddle, is the best at keeping secrets, keen for getting outside and actually doing something
  • leo: they're naturally hilarious but won't admit it, thoughtful gift givers, drives with their hand on the steering wheel like they own the world
  • virgo: thinks their socially awkward but can actually make conversation with anyone, facial expressions. so many facial expressions.
  • libra: trusts everyone, does that little innocent smile when they have something to tell you, practically has an endless amount of energy
  • scorpio: they're actually vampires, obsessed with watching movies, always the first to fall asleep at sleepovers, is the one you want on your team when playing just dance on xbox
  • sagittarius: drives to maccas to get mcflurries at midnight, wants everyone to be happy, likes to facetime instead of message, great fashion taste
  • capricorn: can get mad in three seconds but screeches if they see a puppy, their stomachs are bottomless pits that want to be filled with icecream, love going on drives at night with loud music
  • aquarius: chicken nuggets are the center of their world, can lead any conversation into something funny, would trade their sibling for the newest version of sims, have nice nails
  • pisces: big doe eyes, live off cookies and sushi, want to be on everyone's good side, like nights where they have an excuse to dress up fancy,
♡ valentine’s day starters, fluff edition
{ the angst edition is here! }
  • “you are so cheesy.”
  • “i didn’t know you were a romantic.”
  • “oh my god. i can’t believe you did this.”
  • “wait, let me get a picture!”
  • “you are absolutely ridiculous.”
  • “i have the perfect day planned out.”
  • “i made it myself.”
  • “i made it myself, which explains why it’s a little burnt.”
  • “i tried making it myself, but i figured food poisoning doesn’t make for a very good valentine’s day present.”
  • “has anyone ever told you that you have a funny idea of romantic?”
  • “where are we going to put a bear that big?”
  • “did i just hear a bark?”
  • “when you said you were planning something big, i didn’t expect it to be this big…”
  • “i told you you didn’t have to do anything!”
  • “this might be the happiest day of my life.”
  • “how did you know my favorite chocolate flavor?”
  • “help me find a vase for these flowers?”
  • “this holiday seems like the best opportunity to ask you out.”
  • “i know a place that sells hot chocolate with heart-shaped froth.”
  • “i want to make you this happy for the rest of your life.”
  • “is today a good day to say i think i love you?”
  • “i think i’m in love with you.”
  • “i love you.”
  • “i love you so much. you know that, right?”
  • “…that’s for me?”
  • “…are those flowers?”
  • “…i didn’t get you anything, though.”
  • “you didn’t have to.”
  • “you alone are enough.”
worst thing to do to the signs

Aries: take advantage of them
Taurus: take their food without asking
Gemini: not pay them back
Cancer: not show appreciation for the things they do for you
Leo: tell them they’re wrong
Virgo: agree with something they strongly disagree with
Libra: try to interfere with their relationship
Scorpio: argue with them/call them names
Sagittarius: cancel plans on them last second
Capricorn: tell them who/who not to date
Aquarius: belittle them
Pisces: not do what they ask when they ask you to do it

Ps: try using your Mars Sign as well (it has to do with what makes you angry)

i don’t know how to erase hurt. sometimes i still cry about him when i didn’t cry at his funeral. nobody really cares how you cope with things as long as you cope quickly, a silent rehashing of your life in the sudden void. stuff goes missing in the wake of it. like something has to fill up all that sucking emptiness. the pit of no end. you throw in your emotions or food or showers or everything. and people ask you why you don’t just get over it. there’s always somebody better at getting over it, and sometimes it’s you. sometimes you’re at work the next day even though no one expected that from you; only to miss a solid week seven months in the future. how do you explain that. sorry i just kind of put it in a box and the box finally leaked. sorry it just got out on me. i know it’s silly. i know it’s silly.

Bee themed Asks🐝
  • Honeybee: What is one thing that you hope happens in 2017?
  • Drone: What is your favourite kind of bee?
  • Worker: Where do you love to travel?
  • Queen: What is one of your goals?
  • Hive: What is one thing that you love about bees?
  • Honey: What is your favourite food to eat that bees have somehow contributed to?
  • Bumble: What is something that has inspired you?
  • Flower: What is your favourite season and why?
  • Pollination: What has been your daily act of kindness for today?
  • Dance: What is your favourite kind of music?
  • Beekeeper: Why do you have your blog?
  • Apis: What is your favourite thing to learn about?
  • Brood: Do you eat honey, yes or no? Why or why not?
  • Garden: What do you collect?
  • Cells: Do bees scare you?
  • Stinger: Describe your day in 10 words.
  • Stripes: How have you inspired someone?
if nhl players were contestants on ‘chopped’

sidney crosby: has been the head chef of a restaurant since he was 19. wants to win so he can buy his own restaurant. smiles and blushes whenever the judges say something positive about his food, purses his lips and nods when they say anything negative. keeps talking about how he’s a “competitor” and how important winning is to him. when he wins, ted asks him if he’s excited and he says “for sure.”

jonathan toews: owns an all-organic, gluten free, vegan restaurant. says he would use the $10,000 to buy some land to farm so he could do true farm-to-table. gets pig’s cheek as a basket ingredient in the entree round and doesn’t know how to prepare it, gets chopped before dessert

tyler seguin: calls his food ‘sexy.’ says he’s going to win it all. uses an absurd amount of vodka in his dish, after taking a shot or two of the vodka. winks at alex guarnaschelli as he presents the dish. gets chopped in the appetizer round

alex ovechkin: makes food that ‘reminds him of russia.’ somehow manages to charm all of the judges. makes pasta even though scott conant is one of the judges, and kills it. tries to bake something in the dessert round and ends up with a wonky cupcake-looking thing that he tries to pass off as ‘deconstructed.’ gets chopped in the dessert round.

jeff skinner: is the youngest one by far in the competition. “i’m just here to prove to myself that i can do it.” kills it in the appetizer and entree round, but can’t work the ice cream machine in the dessert round and gets chopped.

brad marchand: spends literally the entire time he’s cooking trying to talk to everyone else in the kitchen. gets chopped in the entree round because he literally didn’t plate, he just threw everything in a damn bowl.

pk subban: wants to win so he can take his family on a nice vacation. manages to charm all the judges and ted with his jokes. slips up a little in the entree round and gets a lil too ambitious with his flavors, but makes it to the dessert round and ends up winning it all.

carey price: “i’m here to prove to everyone who said i couldn’t make it as a chef.” burns one of his basket ingredients in the entree, but somehow turns it into something amazing and gz says it’s “the best dish of the day.” gets chopped in the dessert round, but just barely.

brent burns: is “just here to have fun.” is probably wearing board shorts under his chef’s apron. gets fish in the appetizer round and is the only person in the competition who can actually prepare it. tries to make a sauce out of peanut butter and lemonade in the entree round and gets chopped.

connor mcdavid: looks like he’s flustered and doesn’t know what he’s doing, but actually is super fucking skilled. uses all the weird kitchen appliances like the anti-griddle and shit like that. the judges keep praising him for being “innovative” and “new.” wins the whole thing, in his exit interview he says “yeah this was pretty cool. glad i won.”

jack eichel: gets personally offended when the judges don’t like his food. gets chopped in the entree round bc he ‘over-seasoned the chicken.’ his walk-out interview is just “i mean if they like bland chicken that’s fine, whatever.”

nate mackinnon: “i just really want to make a name for myself and showcase who i am.” forgets a basket ingredient in the appetizer round and gets chopped.

vladimir tarasenko: spends the entire time running around the kitchen like a crazy person. all of the judges are like ‘what is he doing??? there’s twenty seconds left why is he in the pantry?????????’ but he somehow manages to get everything plated in time. plates are a little sloppy but he actually ends up winning it all.

Women’s Work: The First 20,000 years by Elizabeth Wayland Barber, 1996

This is a great book, all about the work of spinning and weaving, how it developed, and how and why it was women’s work. It makes the great point that women’s work is ephemeral - food, cloth, it’s all things that don’t survive archaeologically, so that it’s something that gets overlooked. The author also knows how to weave herself, and has tried out weaving some ancient cloths, pointing out that it’s only by doing something like that that you can work out practical issues. 

One of the things that was really great was the author pointing out that the most plausible reconstruction for the Venus de Milo is of her spinning:

Even better, is that since the book has been written, an artist who makes 3D printed sculpture has made a 3D model of what she would have looked like - and you can buy one for yourself:

I think the older I get the more apparent it becomes that it doesn’t really matter if my theology is “right” or if I believe parts of the Bible are literal or if I think I know what happens when we die. What really matters is how I love people and if my neighbor has food and if people around the world are getting their basic needs met. Those are things that I can actually do something about. Those are things that bring life. Those are the things that Jesus cares about.

Pavlov had it all wrong

I am a single adult human living in a house with two corgis. Got Girldog from a shelter when she was about a year, year and a half old maybe; got Boydog a few years later as an 8-week puppeh. And let me tell you something, from Day One, this has been a three-way psychological experiment. I no longer know who is manipulating who on a daily basis.

  • One of the first things I trained Girldog to do was not to bark at the dinner table; if she barked at me while I was eating, I put her in The Quiet Place (her crate) where she couldn’t see me. She learned almost immediately to subvocalize her barks, to let out a breath with just enough vocal cord vibration that I wouldn’t QUIIIITE consider it a bark and move her further away from the food. It’s a sound like this: “Hrrrr. Hrrrr. Hhhrahhh.” I didn’t realize how odd this was until my aunt came over and said, “That dog hissed at me.” “Yes,” I said, “she does that.”
  • Boydog learned to do tricks by watching Girldog. I never taught him to sit. He learned by watching Girldog get a treat for sitting. Once, I told both dogs to sit at the same time, while I held a treat in each hand. When Girldog didn’t sit quick enough, Boydog put his paw on her butt and pushed her down.
  • I hung a bell on the door and taught Boydog to ring it when he wants to go out. Girldog sees no reason she should ring the bell, as it is beneath her dignity, and she can get her way by barking instead. Boydog, however, will ring the bell for Girldog when she lurks around by the door, although he has no interest in going outside himself. Girldog has made Boydog her personal slave in this matter.
  • Boydog rings the bell when he doesn’t need to go out but thinks I have been at my computer too long. By the time I get to the kitchen, he’s nowhere near the door, but hey mom, as long as you’re up, let’s play! He obviously does not believe I can see through this extremely clever ploy.
  • Girldog once climbed onto a sofa, crossed the back of it, leapt from the sofa to my desk chair, leapt from the chair to the desk, and knocked all my stuff off the desk. (I wasn’t there, but it was obvious from the trail of destruction what route she had taken.) Then she got down and proceeded to ignore the bag of corn chips she’d encountered and focus her attention on biting my phone charger in half, chewing up a USB memory stick, and eating a pen. I still have no idea how she could be so smart and so dumb at the same time.
  • Boydog will chase a laser pointer (not uncommon for dogs introduced to them as puppies! Pro tip) but only when Girldog is not around, because she hates it for some reason and will tackle him for it. Girldog also likes to be outside while I want to be in, and Boydog prefers to have us both inside. Boydog will lead me to the laser pointer, pester me until I get it down, and then run around chasing the laser and barking madly. No matter how stubborn Girldog has been about staying outside, she wants to know what he’s barking at and immediately comes inside. (It is always the laser pointer he’s barking at, Girldog. Always.)
  • There is a chair in my bedroom that I cannot sit on. The dogs take turns sleeping on it, depending on who gets there first. The only hard and fast rule is that if the human sits on the chair, they will both lose their cool. The chair is for dogs only. I have not even tried to sit on the chair for about six months now.

I suspect I’ll be adding more of these as the three of us continue to train each other.

things to do if your friend has an eating disorder

•remind them how much you love them and that they’re irreplaceable

•make sure they know that they’re beautiful and perfect just how they are

•lots of warm cuddles

•heated rice bags make us feel less empty

•tell them how proud you are of them when they eat something successfully

•tell them how proud you are of them for trying to eat something

•stick with them on their journey to recovery

dominant vs. inferior versions of the functions

Dom Si: it makes sense to do what has always worked
Inf Si: *something is slightly abnormal* hahhA aha ahaahaahha kill me

Dom Se: let’s go for a run it will be great! look at the sky! the air in the room feels particularly nice
Inf Se: drugs, sex, food, alcohol   —–give it to me——

Dom Ni: look at what the future holds!
Inf Ni: the end is near, there is no hope for any of us, we are all doomed to oblivion

Dom Ne: the possibilities for what we could imagine are endless! 
Inf Ne: okay but consider this: what if I forget to do my homework what if I fail my classes what if I don’t graduate what if I never find a job what if no one ever loves me what if satan reaches up from the depths of hell and consumes what little is left of my soul what if

Dom Fi: these are my values, they are important to me and I stand by them
Inf Fi: you think I am being a little stubborn? well guess what you can shove a cactus up your ass

Dom Fe: don’t worry, I’ve got your back! I am here to support you
Inf Fe: ah um erm *ahem* hm ah uh there there it’s uuh okay

Dom Ti: logic is a wonderful thing, I bet there is a lot we could do with it!
Inf Ti: oh so you think that I am incorrect about this one thing?? how dare you say that how dare you doubt my knowledge what is wrong with you, no you are the one who makes no sense get out of my sight

Dom Te: we are going to get things done today *gets things done that day*
Inf Te: now you see I have everything planned out and I know exactly how we are going to get this done, but, additionally, I see another possibility: we do nothing

Batjokes Handling Alfred's Time off Headcanons

- Bruce and the kids can’t cook to save themselves from starvation; at some point, after days of Alfred’s absence and takeaway, they’ll even eat Dick’s infamously teeth-rotting pancakes if it means putting something handmade in their stomachs.

- J. finds all of this hilarious, of course, but he offers to make food for them; mind you, it’s not French cuisine but he can do mean toasties and pasta.

- The deal though, is that everyone else has to do the washing up.

- Once Bruce almost flooded Alfred’s precious kitchen so, he was exonerated from the task.

- The kids set up some weird and mildly violent competitive game involving squirt guns filled with dish soap (the idea was Tim’s)

- Jason is disgustingly competitive and not above maiming if it means winning (he’s known for squirting soap in his brothers’ eyes)

- Dick and Damian are the Terrible Duo

- They even set up teams and hung up a score board behind the fridge, well hidden from Alfred’s disapproving gaze.

- The system with which they assign points is not exactly clear and they take every chance to cheat as if there is no tomorrow (Bruce is appalled by their lack of fair play, while J. is not-so-secretly proud)

- Deep under Bruce is pretty happy, though - not only this is a good bonding exercise that makes them have fun and train some of their reflexes at the same time, but it’s also a small accepting step towards J.

- They lost count of the times someone got seriously injured after slipping on the suds covering the floor.

- At the end of each game, J. ends up making hot chocolate (or smoothies, it depends on the season) for everyone.

- Everytime Alfred comes back from his holidays, the kitchen is spotless but he knows his scoundrels well and always goes to check on the score board hidden behind the fridge.

- Because he’s an evil man, he changes the scores and grins at the idea of the boys screaming murder at each other.

- They’re a big happy family.

courtship rituals

i don’t know if it is because i have been watching period dramas, but i have suddenly got it into my head that it is really fun to consider the different wars star wars characters would express romance. think about it: they come from very different societies, and very different cultures, and rey ‘raised by sand’ rey is going to think romance means something very different to poe ‘’in a committed relationship with rebellion’ dameron, or leia ‘had protocol hammered into her from a young age’ organa, or anakin ‘what is healthy relationship’ skywalker. and i find the idea of these cultures/rituals clashing absolutely fascinating. 

to take a well-tested (and still fucking adorable) example: rey has spent her entire adult life on the brink of starvation, in a desert planet where only the strong survive, where your worth is completely dependent on the work you can do. on jakku giving food and water to someone was a sign of bone-deep commitment and adoration. for like a straight week she thought that everyone in the Resistance was hitting on her and she was both flattered and terrified. I’m not that pretty, she said to bb-8 in private, and went half insane trying to keep track of the various debts she thought that she was accruing (jakku has a very complicated economy of favours and debts that one has to balance if one wants to avoid grievous bodily harm). it takes her a while to calm down. she hits on finn by giving him half her lunch every day. finn does not understand, because stormtroopers always share everything; it is part of being in a unit. there’s no real privacy in the first order. (this attitude almost costs him an arm when he goes to raid rey’s secret stash of moisturizer – he learns quickly and violently that one does not just take things from a half-feral scavenger from a hell planet). for the same reason, finn is oblivious to the significance of The Jacket. Stormtrooeprs always share kit. (for what its worth, troopers flirt via an intricate series of tiny body movements and finn is constantly vexed by his intended target’s – poe or rey or both, he still can’t work out precisely which – complete obliviousness because his fingers have been splayed open like that for ages surely everyone knows that this means i would hold your hand if it wasn’t for regulation)

and i see tattooine as pretty mercenary about courtship: you have to prove that you are a good provider before anyone will want to pair-bond with you. when luke was fifteen and intent on getting into biggs’ bed he killed four krayt dragons over the course of four weeks, skinned them, and dumped both skin and meat in biggs’ larder. biggs had only consented to luke’s advances after the fifth dragon; and he had pretended that he wasn’t impressed, because that’s what the one being pursued is meant to do (tattooine is an ancient planet with long-held rules that don’t always make sense but everyone keeps to them; tradition is important; and oh how stifling it is to farmboys who dream of the stars – ). this stringent idea about courtship really really stilted luke’s flirtations with leia (thank the Force for that!) because he couldn’t work out if he should be the aggressor, or if she should be: she was of higher status, but seemed disinclined to commence courtship; but she kept flirting, needling away, and that was something briggs used to do, taunt him about being shite at flying and hunting. then again, leia did that to han as well. and han! corellian courtship is the simplest thing in the world, and he’s just so confused when luke drops a dead rathtar outside the falcon one day and grins, blood all over his hands. or when leia, raised to believe that it is improper to display overt affection, shorts at him for ten straight minutes over him using her conditioner – because when you get a girl full of fury and try to get her to be a diplomat you tend to get random outbursts, like too much energy stuffed into too small a space.

(han’s directness baffles the obtuse skywalker twins; but they work it out, in their own way)

anyway: thoughts? what does romance mean to different characters?

Science Terms for Non-scientists

There is a huge amount of misunderstanding around common science terms. So here I am to blow away the fog! Hopefully some of you can find this useful for both everyday life and your writing.

Hypothesis: A statement made by a researcher regarding what they think is going on. Also called an “educated guess,” as in the person has the background knowledge to attempt an explanation prior to any testing. A hypothesis must be testable.

Observation: Literally what it sounds like. It is a fact of something a person sees. For example, a researcher may make an observation that the sky appeared orange at sunset or that their rat ate 24 food pellets in month. There is no thinking about it, no extrapolation, just the facts.

Law: This is a statement made following repeated experimental observation. A law is always true under a given set of conditions. They are not theories, as they do not try to explain what is going on.

Theory: This is the explanation for the repeated observations. It is supported by experimentation. Note: theories can never be proven true, only false (you can never test every single instance of the situation). You can just build evidence to support it.

The scientific method (though not always followed):

  1. A person makes an observation.
  2. The person forms a hypothesis attempting to explain the observation.
  3. The person comes up with ways to test the hypothesis.
  4. The person implements these tests.
  5. The person evaluates results and revises the hypothesis if needed.

Field: This is the sub-specialization of a scientist. For example, a biologist may be a general biologist, marine biologist, molecular biologist, cancer biologist, neuroscientist, immunobiologist, epidemiologist, ecologist, behavioral researcher, neuropsychologist, etc.

Field work: This is the type of experiment that is performed outside of the lab. For example, an ecologist may be performing evaluations of stream conditions. While they are physically at the stream, they are doing field work.

Bench work: This is work inside the lab. For example, a scientist who is actively working on something like cell culture or running a gel is doing bench work.

Science writing: This is writing with a focus on science! It may be writing scientific articles, writing protocols, evaluating and editing proposals, or writing for popular press and audiences. Yes, this is its own separate career, typically requiring a background in at least science and possibly scientific writing or journalism.

Journal: This is where scientific papers are published. Some common journals in my field are Nature and The American Journal of Medicine and Neuron. There are a lot. And some are very obscure. They are rated by this thing called “impact factor” that is supposed to relate to journal quality (better impact factor gives your research better exposure), but in my opinion is nonsense. Also, you should trust peer reviewed journals more than journals that are not peer reviewed…that means that other professionals in their field have evaluated the paper.

Principle Investigator (PI): This is the person in charge of a particular study. Often that is the person who runs the lab out of which the study comes. Their name will be last on the paper. Note: name order on papers is very important. First and last author are the important ones. If your name is in the middle, you’re not as big of a contributor unless it is noted otherwise in the journal.

EDIT: It has been pointed out in the notes that author order sometimes varies by field. So these comments on order are not always true.

I hope you found this interesting and informative! Hopefully I will be able to post a biology-specific post like this soon. :)

Happy writing!


fussy baby!Keith in Dads of Marmora AU

nobody can figure out what’s wrong with him, they’ve tried everything

one of them brings Keith to Kolivan, “sir, he’s throwing a fit, and we don’t know what to do with him”

Kolivan: “really? did you take him to Thace? he seems to always be calmest around Thace”

“Thace went out to go get baby supplies and food, sir”

K: “oh… well how about Ulaz? what’s he doing?”

“I believe he’s already tried, sir; I saw him walk into his room saying something about ‘needing some peace and quiet’ with an icepack on his head”

K: “oh dear… umm… what about… Antok?”

“unfortunately, the second we handed the baby off to Antok, he got a swift whack to the face and hasn’t been seen since”

K: “…really? he hit him? even through the mask??”

“yes sir”

Keith of course has been screaming this entire time and the poor Galra holding him might be crying himself a little bit

Kolivan inhales and breathes out. “give me the boy.” 

the crying Galra hands baby Keith to Kolivan and one of the other Galras comes over to comfort the poor guy. Kolivan stares at Keith for a while before asking everybody to leave so he can deal with Keith on his own. everyone (happily) leaves. once everyone’s gone, Kolivan sits Keith on his lap and tries to get his attention.

“hey little warrior… I have a surprise for you…”

Keith looks up at Kolivan, who is covering his face. Kolivan then reveals his face, which is contorted in the goofiest looking face imaginable for a Galra. he’s making funny noises and sticking his tongue out at Keith to try and make him laugh. Keith stares at him for a while, Kolivan continues to cover his face and play peek-a-boo, making silly faces and noises every time. eventually Keith turns from sobbing into tiny giggles and then full blown cackling.

Thace eventually comes back, arms full of baby supplies, and finds the two of them still sitting there making faces at each other. he’s happy to see that Keith has finally calmed down, but he can never look at Kolivan the same way again ROFL

stydiagrounder  asked:

do betty and jughead have feelings for each other in the comics?? or something like that

Betty and Jughead’s relationship has evolved throughout the 75 years of comics history. In the earlier years, they have a hella ton of covers together where it shows how Betty is always coming on to Jughead, but Jughead is averse to all forms of human affections, particular from the “female species”. xD However, it also shows that they do go on dates together, but with Jughead’s main intention is to eat the food that Betty prepares haha…

More here >> http://betty-and-jughead.tumblr.com/post/155918476472/betty-jughead-on-couches-last-artwork-cred

Once that era slowly phased out…their relationship evolved to a more close buddies/confidant roles…where Jughead and Betty are usually open to each other about their feelings and thoughts…especially when it involves Archie. Jughead is usually the one who consoles Betty whenever she gets ditched by Archie for Veronica…or the one who’s with her whenever she and Archie is on a rough break….

and that happens so frequently that over time…readers (and even the writers) realised that it’s usually Jughead who will console her or take her side whenever Archie mistreats her….and they expressed that they wouldn’t mind Betty and Jughead together. Even Hotdog loves Betty! hehe

In more than one occasion, Jughead expressed how Betty is the only one he’d make exceptions for, and that he has a soft spot for her in those comic panels.


It’s comic canon where he said she’d be the only girl he’d willingly kiss, and he always butters her up and praises her… 

He even asked her to marry him at the age of 14 lol….albeit for her food and cooking skills, but still….;) the comics are usually done for laughs and for comic intentions, so they wouldn’t really delve too deep into real feelings etc..plus the main staple is still the Betty/Archie/Veronica love triangle, and they wouldn’t want to do something drastic to alter that. Of course there’s lots of other iterations of Archie comics universe….but i’m mostly referring to the classic archie comics.

I’ve got hella comic strips throughout the years of reading Archie comics that I could go on forever haha….but i’ll stop here. If you want, go back to my past archived posts where i’ve reblogged almost every Bughead related comic strip there is on tumblr lol. http://betty-and-jughead.tumblr.com/archive/2016/1

Personally, i love this pairing based on how Jughead is Ace and that his only love in life is food, but knowing that he has a huge soft spot for Betty Cooper. Platonic or otherwise, as long as we get to see their close relationship, i’m contented with that. ;)