has someone already pointed this out

things you didn’t know about the Bye Bye Man that make it sound even more like a fake movie than it already does:

  • the bye bye man has an animal sidekick. it looks like it’s a dog made of raw ground beef. 
  • a real and actual power that the bye bye man has is the ability to cause erectile dysfunction
  • when the bye bye man shows up, you hear the toot toot of a train. no reason is given for this. toot toot.
  • there are college students who own a house phone
  • faye dunaway is there
  • there is a character named Mr. Daisy. he uses the phrase “handsome boys.”
  • the bye bye man is shown in the library. he’s not cast in shadow or anything. he’s just there. he has some books. i can’t remember if we hear a toot toot when it cuts to him, but i like to think we did.
  • the bye bye man has long long touchin fingers
  • can you imagine hooking up with someone and the bye bye man broke your genitals. you would have to say “i am sorry i cannot get aroused the booboo man did a witchcraft on my peepee”
  • toot toot

Okay so I’m sure someone else has already pointed this out, so I’m sorry if I’m late to this realization but in the original Arthur Conan Doyle stories, one of the stories is called “The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire.” 

In the story, a man writes to Sherlock worried that his second wife (and mother of his youngest child) is sucking their baby son’s blood; thus believing she may be a ‘vampire.’ However it turns out that instead the man’s eldest son from his first marriage is actually behind the marks that have been appearing on the baby.

The boy was attempting to use poisonous darts on the baby, and the boy’s stepmother knew and had been trying to suck the poison out from the wounds. This poison the boy was using was initially tested out on the family dog.

Now, in BBC Sherlock, when John was texting who we now know to be “Eurus” who was going by “E,” John texted her and asked her if she was a night owl, to which she replied “vampire.” She clearly doesn’t seem to be a very nice person, now yet is a supposed sibling to Sherlock; and we all know Sherlock loved his childhood dog…

I don’t really know if there’s anything to be made of all of this, but it felt like something worth mentioning! Food for thought!

For years we’ve been joking about Sam always being in the middle of the never ending Dean/Cas tension and probably getting so sick and tired of his brother and their best friend still not finally TALKING ABOUT THEIR SHIT AND JUST GETTING TOGETHER ALREADY. 

But now we can add Mary to the mix, because by now she’s spent quite some time around Dean and Cas as well, and she has a pair of functioning eyes, so surely Sam and her have bonded (aka COMPLAINED, because wtf?!) over it at this point. 

So one morning over breakfast when it’s just her and Dean, Mary -on a mission to at last make this suffering end before someone accidentally gets killed by a stray arrow magically formed out of too much sexual tension or some shit- will go

“Knock knock.”

And, Dean, curious, humoring his mom, rolls his eyes but goes “Alright… who’s there?”


And yeah, that sounds legit, so Dean humors her again. “Mary who?”

“OH for the love of all things holy please MARRY Cas already because none of us can take it any longer goddamnit!”

im pretty sure someone else has pointed this out already but it looks like lance is using pidge’s headphones (?) and pidge doesnt typically let the others touch her things so i like to think that she lent them to lance after he asked to borrow them so he could listen to the sound of waves or smthn that reminds him of home

okay. I’ve just been scrolling through tumblr and there was this post about Eskild and one of the gifs really leaped out to me

(source: @nalle)

soooooo………. does that mean Isak “shares” clothes with Eskild and doesn’t give them back??

let’s be honest, this is so cute!! normally, Isak’s clothes would be a bit too small for Even but of course this shirt fit because it is (was) actually Eskild’s…..

also, Eskild met Even in the bathroom in the morning after the cuddle night and he would definitely recognize his own tshirt?? so he knew for sure that Even was wearing clothes that weren’t his own…


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@my white male liberal friends

I woke up this morning, rolled over, and read my group chat messages I missed after I went to bed. A dear friend of mine showed a picture of an interaction she had online with a friend of hers. She calmly and rationally laid out an argument as to why she was scared. Made her point eloquently.

Her thoughts were dismissed immediately by him as “libtard sore loser crybaby shit,” and another man chimed in that “it sounds like someone needs their pussy grabbed.” The first man joked that he already had. Disgustingly, no one spoke out against either of them - because our society has on the grandest level legitimized violence of all varieties before and after this election. Why do we do this? Why do we sit idly by while our other white male friends joke about violence against women? There’s some odd feeling you get - and they propagate - that stopping them means you’re not one of the guys, that you’re no fun. But think about this: you can be fun, and have all of the women in your life be tremendously leary of you. Or you can use your leverage and what you have to battle this attitude openly, with the least risk of violence or consequence.

White male liberal friends - open your fucking eyes. Stop wallowing in defeat and for God’s sake, stop acting like we need to find something in common with those people who are now emboldened to joke about sexually assaulting women in their lives. Saying nothing to them is endorsing their behavior.

Our responsibility as bearers of the single greatest amount of privilege in the world is to leverage our strength. Confront people who joke about sexual assault. Do it quietly or loudly, but do it. Women can handle themselves- of course. But to these slobbering neanderthals, a white man’s opinion is the utmost of importance.

AGGRESSIVELY protect POC. Aggresively protect women. Aggressively protect LGBTQ+. Aggressively protect marginalized people everywhere. And don’t fucking toot your own horn when you do it. Don’t expect gratitude. All of those people have to live in a JUSTIFIED deep fear of us - that was true before election day and it is increasingly true after it when it was revealed that a plurality of us from 18 on up voted for a man known to have committed sexual assault. Don’t tell me you didn’t vote for it - the passive acceptance of this growing MRA counterculture bullshit is a daily vote for it. It must be confronted vigorously.

Use your strength and your privilege. Don’t run away from conflict or making people uncomfortable anymore- they have never done it for you or for anyone else. Don’t brag about how you are a safe place for people - lead by example.

USE YOUR PRIVILEGE. You have the best chance of being heard OF ANYONE. Let’s go, boys.

Made me feel as if I’d been asleep for a year, slumbering inside a glass coffin, and he had just shattered through it and shaken me to consciousness. - ACOMAF Chapter 42. 

I’m going to assume I’m jumping on the bandwagon very late and that someone has already pointed this feyrhys quote out with regards to the Snow White story that’s going to be woven into ACOWAR but on the off-chance no-one has…

I don’t know if someone has already pointed this out but (if yes sorry)

This book


I realized this little orange (or wte) book seems to subtly appear a lot in official arts and stuff (check more if you want to doe)


Plus I’m not sure but it seems to be the same book that appears in the first ending (i‘m not sure doe!!)


IS IT THE BOOK? Or maybe i’m just dumb


I haven’t been on tumblr in six years so maybe someone has already pointed this out but Yuri is crying when Viktor first walks past him talking to Yurio.

It makes me feel like it was less of an outright snuff and lack of confidence when he walked away from Viktor asking for a commemorative photo, and more that he didn’t want Yurio to see him crying again, and for Viktor to even see him crying in the first place.

Idk, it just makes it that much more understandable as a whole as to why Yuri turned heel when Viktor called out to him.

I don’t know if someone has pointed this out already but…. (If someone already has I’m sorry

I was rewatching ep 7 and gawking at the absolute godsend that is the 17 year old Victor Nikiforov when I began wondering why he was wearing/holding blue roses out of all kinds of roses? Did this choice of colour hold any significance?

So I looked up blue roses and it turns out

Regal majesty and splendour. The impossible and the unattainable. Don’t these symbolisms just suit Victor so well??? He is exactly these words - the World Champion who rules the figure skating world; the beautiful man who never fails to deliver magnificent performances; and the one who surprises everyone by always going for what others believe is unattainable.

The blue roses suit Victor so well not only in appearance, but also in meaning and I just love that so much

This is more bitterness than theorypost but as long as I live I will never understand why more people aren’t suspicious of the fact that Jasper is billed as an ultimate supersoldier and Lapis literally took her out in one hit in Alone At Sea. Effortlessly.

It’s like if a ninety pounds pizza delivery guy showed up in a Marvel movie and kicked Captain America’s ass and when this is pointed out someone shows up to go “clearly, the pizza delivery guy works out.” like that explains everything.

And everybody who already has their fingers on their keyboards to tell me why somehow this is not in fact suspicious.

Do me a favor.

Go and watch the entire Ocean Gem battle. I even put a link here.

Consider Garnet and Pearl are the veterans and victors of a war that lasted over a century. Consider Pearl is described as terrifying and has been shown to be able to take down a Diamonds’ personal guards two at a time in a single stroke. Consider Garnet is an incredible physical juggernaut with literally precognitive reflexes. That Amethyst, on top of being trained and raised by these people is a functional supersoldier and a professional wrestler. That Lion is able to go toe-to-toe with the Desert Glass and is, literally, a supernaturally empowered apex predator. Greg hits one of the water clones with a car

Look at how absolutely none of this actually even fazes Lapis’s powers for a moment.

And a friendly reminder that Lapis is basically seriously injured and by the standards of Eyeball and Amethyst should be barely able to move in her condition. And she is holding up literally the entire ocean at this time.

Then you can explain to me how Lapis is totally an ordinary pizza guy.