has some flaws

people who don’t like hunk genuinely confuse me. what has hunk ever done wrong? name one time hunk has done something wrong. see? you can’t. he is perfect.

Creating Likeable Characters

Sometimes it’s difficult to make your characters likeable as they are tested and are pushed to further and further lengths. Sometimes they have to make hard decisions, and sometimes the pressure gets to them and they mess up, hurt another character or an innocent bystander. How can you keep them likeable throughout the whole plotline?

- Keep their motivations pure.
It almost always comes back to the heart – if their heart is pure, and that’s established early-on, the audience is more likely to root for them.

- Give them flaws – make them human.
Not every character has to have some huge problem, like an addiction or a traumatic past or a disability – if your entire cast does, it’s no problem, but it’s not necessary. But every character has to have some flaw(s), whether it’s cheating at card games because he can’t stand to lose or being too-closed minded or closing off when she gets too emotional. If your character doesn’t have a flaw, they start to come off as too perfect, too angelic, pretentious.

- Give them permission to mess up.
This ties in with flaws – if your character is inclined to make a bad decision at any point in the plot, don’t steer him away from it because “oh no he’s my protagonist and he must be Good and Whole and Pure and All-Knowing”. Let him walk into that ambush despite the sick feeling in his stomach and get half his army killed; let her rush into a confrontation with a bully and get into a fight with another girl who has a switchblade. Let your characters mess up – it shows that they’re human.

- But if your character messes up, let them own up to it eventually.
The general who killed half his army by ignoring the unease in the back of his mind might cry over their makeshift graves long after the rest of the platoon is asleep; the girl sitting in the infirmary might feel remorse for knocking her opponent’s block off. Or your characters might argue and might be stubborn and might not apologize for weeks. But let them apologize eventually. This goes back to the heart, and what the character knows is right.

- Relationships with other characters are vital.
That’s not to say a loner character can’t be likeable – but the audience’s perception of a loner character is determined by the thoughts/words of other characters. Characters all color each other and define parts of each other, just like people do to each other in real life. If your character is a jerk to other characters and other characters don’t like him (especially if the characters who dislike him are likeable), the audience won’t like him either. The character’s image depends not just on himself, but on his supporting cast.

Hope this helps! - @authors-haven

Did anyone else notice this?

I love that they finally see how broken the other person is in TLD… like Sherlock thought he was the fuck up and John was great, and vice versa. Don’t get me wrong - they know the other person has flaws, some huge, but they also think the other person has their shit together more than they do/is emotionally impenetrable. They’re finally looking at each other honestly, though, as the broken trashcans they are. It’s time to fix this. The only way to go is up. Time to ascend to johnlock, pals.

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You talk a lot about what Yuuri's good at, but he has to have some flaws, right? Like, is he that one guy who can't carry a tune to save his life, and so he sings twice as loud as everyone else to compensate?

Since Yuuri’s VA can sing I always assume he is quite good at singing but he definitely has a few things like that. Stupid stuff like always leaving the laundry until the last possible minute, is literally the worst backseat driver in history despite not actually being able to drive himself, a complete night owl who keeps Viktor awake (and not always in a fun way) until early in the morning and then complains that he’s tired all throughout the early morning practice the next day

Reasons you should all watch the first season of Veronica Mars

* This is considered as one of the most perfect piece of entertainment having ever graced the networks.

* It actually has some flaws but who cares this is still phenomenal.

* This is feminist, in a very Buffy/early 2000 way ( yes I’m talking about the first season there ) most of the time in a very clever not-at-all cliché way.

* Veronica is one of the most empowering female character I’ve ever watched on TV. She is so strong, but you will want to wrap her into a blanket and give her a cup of tea because she is still a teenager, fighting alone against the rest of the world.

* An amazing romance, everyone love them, 98% of the fandom ship them and you will do too. This romance tears appart any tentative of love triangle or petty drama because you know damn well that they are the best thing that ever happened to this show.

* The best father/daughter relationship on screen.

* The characters are all A+, deep and flawed and full of secret.

* The Echolls family is more entertaining to watch than the Kardashians, no joke there.

* I said you’ll want to wrap Veronica in blanket ? Then what should I say about Logan ? No joke, at some point you’ll be beggin’ the show to give him a fricking break because this kid needs to breath from time to time.

* The final plot twist will destroy you. It destroys everyone though, so don’t worry about that and enjoy the ride.

* Literally everyone is in this show. From Max Greenfield to Paris Hilton. Hell, Michael Cera is in this show. SUE SYLVESTER IS IN THIS SHOW TOO. Also this dude in Mean Girls. And Blair Waldorf. And Ben from Park and Recs.

Every time I watch This is us I’m a blubbering mess. Even though I itch to watch it every week, I also dread the water works. DAMN Jack OWNED THIS EPISODE!
This episode was everything!
From the whole hallucinating Jack and his interaction with Randall.
The push-up scene ended me. I was reaching down the bottom of my tissue box.
Those push-ups had my ovaries on fire!
Apart from the hubby with the body bit my womb ached for the daddy bit. Wow this is embarrassing but what the hell!
Jack just one upped his game.
I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop…there HAS to be some flaw.
Goddamn it.
definitely gonna watch this show all over again after the season finale!
I gotta hand it to Milo Ventimiglia he has Jack spot on. Every emotion. Everything.
I’m in awe. Every time I watch this show I’m awestruck. The writers are brilliant!!!

This is a SWTOR/KOTET Positive Blog

With the imminent release of the KotET expansion, I feel like I should get this out there right now, because there’s enough negativity out there regarding swtor and its expansions already. And yeah, it has its flaws. Some pretty major ones. I don’t always agree with the direction the dev team has decided to take.

But it’s a game. And I love it. I love it to pieces. So regardless of what comes, I’m going to try to focus on the positive and brush away the negative. That’s what you can expect from me.

(Also going to try to avoid spoilers, but if I have to gush about something, I’ll tag under #kotet spoilers

I just want to say-

Did you guys see the Gaster theory from MatPatt ? (The Game Theorists)

At first I was like/ “Oh… It’s THAT theory….”
But Then I realized. It’s legit. Sure it has some flaws and paradox here and there but-

It’s fucking L E G I T.

And somewhere deep in my bones I feel it, it’s so fuckign canon that it actually hurts.

PERSONALLY, I will consider this theory as THE ONE, and you know, Huntertale is based on some theories that I like and find legit.

Now here’s the thing.


I am.


I need to rethink so many things.

If I can’t find a way to change those things to fit that theory AND my story , I’m just gonna go “fuck it” but honestly I don’t want that to happen.  


…I’m sad ;_;

Downton Abbey: A-Z

Lady Edith Crawley + strenghts&flaws

“How comforting it is that there really are a few good people left in the world.”

Plans and deception in the season finale: Ludo and Glossaryck's gamble against Toffee.

I promised a third analysis on the season finale of Star vs. the Forces of Evil in which I discuss Ludo’s lying and speculate on Glossaryck’s whereabouts. It’s taken me a while to get my thoughts in order.

In the meantime, while I was thinking, I read a very good analysis of Ludo’s characterization which, while it has some flaws, mostly makes some excellent observations about Ludo. The blog also has an interesting comparison made in the season finale. Both of these posts form an intriguing puzzle piece which I will make use of in this analysis. My thanks to the author.

Let’s first return to the issue I raised in my comparison and contrast analysis – that of Ludo’s lies.

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  • Me: Final Fantasy VIII has some very major flaws, the worst of which is that it's possible, even easy, to play the game wrong by poorly understanding the Junctioning system and spamming GFs. You can get all the way to late in disc 3 like using this method, but you're not going to have a good time. Also, it fails to deliver on most of its promises--Squall's conflict with Seifer never reaches the level of challenge or drama implied in the opening cutscene, and Edea, the game's most compelling villain, is only the villain of Act I, eventually replaced by a succession of witches right up to the point where the final boss is only a person you've heard of a time or two. The game's major plot twist stretches suspension of disbelief to the breaking point, and how well or poorly the Squall/Rinoa romance is executed is mostly a matter of taste. Because of all of this, while it is one of my favorite games, and despite having all the elements of a great game, I can only recommend it with the caveat that it has some very major flaws.
  • Someone: FFVIII sucks
  • Me: Final Fantasy VIII is a True Masterpiece. The best game in the series.

Me: This character definitely has some serious flaws and has done some bad things, but their grayness makes them interesting. 

The Narrative: *Hates the character, treats them horribly, and clearly wants the audience to show no sympathy or understanding for them, snatches every victory away from them through the power of plot convenience and gives all of the happiness to bland protagonists*

Me *clutching character to my chest*: This character has done nothing wrong ever and is an actual angel who deserved better. 


COMPLETED! Byarlant Training Type

Based on 1/144 HGUC Byarlant Custom Unit 02

Probably my fastest build as it it involved almost no weathering! Painted straight with a mix of Mr. Color paints and Tamiya acrylics. All the decals are leftovers from other projects and the gun was made from a mix of Kotobukiya junk parts from some Armored Core kits. The Byarlant kit, despite being a pretty recently released HG kit, has some really weird flaws in the construction, but overall an enjoyable and well proportioned kit. It towers over the rest of my collection which is mainly One Year War stuff!

Boyfriend S.Coups Would Include...

Originally posted by the8soo

  • Our over confident leader Seungcheol
  • I love this boy actually 
  • If coups were your bf then you are in luck bebe
  • He has so much affection like aww like a little Golden Retriever 
  • He’s so loyal and lovable 
  • He’d just adore you like AKKINDA BEBE
  • He’d always puts your needs before his which can be a good thing and a bad thing
  • Lets be realistic here, no relationship is all pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows 
  • He can get shy about his feelings sometimes, and it’s your job to push him out of his shell 
  • He has a a strong tough exterior 
  • But he’s all squishy on the inside
  • Like a roasted marshmallow 
  • He has some flaws, like he can be a little too touchy and annoying 
  • Maybe from a introverted standpoint he could be your worst enemy 
  • But remember he’s here for you with open arms no matter where and what 
  • In a relationship you two would compliment one another 
  • He’d fill the empty spaces and vise versa 
  • Coups is a warm person, he always has a very optimistic out look on life 
  • He’d constantly be thinking about the future while living in the present 
  • He doesn’t dwell much over things 
  • He can move on quickly 
  • He’s very bubbly and bouncy 
  • Bright dark orbs and cute puppy pout
  • He can get anything through bribery 
  • Don’t be fooled, stay aware 
  • He’s a little devil 
  • He very mainly and strong and wow
  • He likes to flirt and show off a lot, he’d show you his muscles a lot oh wow
  • He loves to kiss and hold you like child bebe
  • He’d try to sneak kisses every so often so he could see you smile 
  • He liked to hold you by the waist, almost like a married couple??? You get me right?? Plz understand >,>
  • He’d whisper in your ear a lot 
  • His deep voice booming in your chest
  • Speaking of chest, he’d like it when you lay against and rest on him like a small child 
  • He’d  tell you that you’re so cute a lot 
  • He likes making you blush that little f*cker 
  • His hair is really fluffy and soft and nice and smells good trust 
  • He likes it when you play with his hair 
  • He likes to go on romantic dates and fun ones like the arcade or to fancy restaurant cause he’s coups
  • He’d play up the gentleman vibe like hardcore m8
  • He’d carry you around, and kiss you a lot
  • During sexy time he would be rough yet gentle cause he’s always thinking about you he just wants to make you feel…. good oki um 
  • He would tease you a lot, pinch your cheeks tell you that your his little bear or something 
  • He’s really into skinship so like holding hands and cuddling and stuff even in public 
  • He’s open to his relationship he doesn’t mind announcing you as his gf 
  • He wants to make it clear that you are his 
  • He is kinda dominate and will be the big spoon but then again he would sleep on your chest like a child 
  • He likes a girl who can cook cause he loves food so expect to cook meals for each other cause sharing a meal is better than Mc, Donalds
  •  Honestly I’d say that nicknames would play a key role in the relationship 
  • Okay imagine, you are sitting through a lecture, your phone buzzes and it’s no one other than your bf Seungcheol. “Meet me at the library after class.” 
  • Your teacher dismisses the class, you make your way over to the center campus, where the library is.
  • You spot a strong sturdy frame from the entrance. 
  • “Hey, what’s up?” You poke at him, waiting for his response.
  • “Mhm? Oh, nothing I just wanted to see you.” A big grin pasted across his face he stares down at you
  • You pouted, “are you serious, well I’m hungry so see you.” you begin to turn, but he has a grip on your wrists. 
  • “Okay wait let me come with you!” He takes his hand in yours, as you two walk over the cafe
  • “Seungcheol, people are staring….” You whisper a hint of annoyance in your voice
  • “So, now they know how much I love you.” He spoke proudly 
  • “Uh…” Your cheeks began to burn, he hasn’t told you that he loved you  since your last fight, and that was weeks ago. Hearing it now, spoken so causally, sent volts of energy, sparks flying, a pain set deep in your chest. 
  • “That shut you up huh.” 

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April is always going to love Jackson. That is never going to change. Whether or not that love is a healthy part of her life is less certain.

Look, I get it may not come across as being healthy and I’ve mused a lot of times if I would encourage this relationship if April was my friend.
But, here’s the thing. They’ve known each other for I think, more than 10 years now. They’ve been best friends and they’ve been married. April knows Jackson isn’t a bad person deep down. He’s a really wonderful human being who has some awful flaws. He takes things out on her and he reacts to things very demeaningly and has a really hard time dealing with emotions he doesn’t want to feel. This all because of his abandonment issues. (Not that he shouldn’t take responsibility of course)
April knows this. She knows when he’s acting unlike himself - that’s why in that last scene in 13x15 she asked him if anything was wrong. She has a feeling him acting this way towards her has nothing to do with her.
I don’t think April will continue to love him if she believes he’s become an inherently bad man. She knows he’s a good man who has made bad choices. (So has she.)
So her loving him is out of understanding, years and years of friendship has developed.
So I don’t necessarily believe anymore that it’s unhealthy. :)