has proven

Pointing out that Arya has suffered and adapted and survived does not undermine what Sansa went through. Acknowledging Arya’s struggles, intelligence, strength, adaptability, and perseverance does not discount Sansa’s struggles, intelligence, strength, adaptability, and perseverance. Stop interpreting positive statements about Arya as negative statements about Sansa. 

There is no reason Arya wouldn’t have survived if she had been in her sister’s place. And that statement doesn’t detract from Sansa or her experience. It only speaks to Arya as a character and what she can endure and how she has already proven she can adapt. 


“Do you think we’re going to be legends?”

The question is simple on the surface, asked in the lilting, dreamy tone that Rina uses for everything that happens outside of a fight.  She’s a beautiful flower of a girl, the finest rose ever to grow in the gardens of Jupiter.  No one had expected her to be chosen as her planet’s protector.  The good money had been on her younger sister, which would have put Sailor Jupiter a year behind her cohort, yes, but age differences among the Senshi are not unknown–have even helped to forge some of the strongest teams in the long history of the solar system–and Rina had always seemed singularly unsuited for the battlefield.

It was a concern that has been proven groundless over and over again.  Rina may be a dreamer, but when she calls thorns up from the soil, she can destroy the enemies of Crystal Tokyo with as much efficiency as any soldier since the dawn of the second Silver Millennium.  She is a soldier to her core, this dainty little figure with rose briars in her hair, and so her questions are given the same weight that is afforded to any of the others.

Masami is the first to answer, twisting a ribbon of flame between her fingers as she says, “I hope not.”

“Why?”  Rina frowns as she turns, the motion knocking flower petals from the rose-colored cascade of her hair.  "Don’t you want to be remembered?“

"Becoming a legend means fighting something so big, so terrible, that no one dares forget about it, lest it come again.  I don’t want that.  I want to fight small battles, the kind you can defeat before dinner.  The kind that never get anywhere near our Princess.”  Masami shakes her head.  "She deserves better than to live in a time of legends.  We all do.“

"Don’t you want to live up to the legacy of your planet?  Don’t you want children to argue over who gets to be Mars when they play at recess?”

Masami smiles.  "No.  Let them fight over Uranus and Neptune and Mercury, if they want to play at living now; they fight enough to be Mars when they play at living in the past.  Mars is beloved enough without making me its latest legend.  I am at peace with the Senshi who came before me.“

"Easy to say, when they don’t point at you and call you the weak one,” murmurs Rina.  The dreaminess is gone from her tone, replaced by something darker: bitterness.  Regret.

Masami sits up straighter.  "What are you saying?“

"That maybe Jupiter chose wrong.”  Rina stands, shedding more flower petals as she goes.  "Maybe my planet would have been happier with someone who could be a legend.“

"You don’t know what you’re–”

“I think she knows exactly what she’s saying, don’t you?”  There’s nothing dreamy about this question.  This question is bright, painful cheer, the kind of brilliance that blinds without enlightening.  Masami stiffens.

There’s time, she thinks, her hand inching toward her transformation wand.

When the heel slams down on her wrist, grinding the bones against the ground, she doesn’t scream.  She’s proud of herself for that, for an instant.  Then all the world is burning light, and she’s screaming, and there’s nothing to be proud of anymore.  Nothing at all.


Natsuki rarely transforms.  She rarely needs to.  The Moon is at peace, and with it, the solar system; there are no dangers within or without for her to face.  She still trains with her Senshi, and watches as they train with her mother’s Senshi.  She enjoys the feeling of strength and swiftness and, yes, serenity that comes with her transformation–but her time needs a Princess more than they need another soldier, and so she most often stands by her mother’s side, head bowed in polite deference, trying not to think about the day when all this will be her responsibility.  When she’ll trade her name for a crown and become Queen Serenity, just like her mother before her, and her mother’s mother before that, and back, and back, all the way to the beginning of everything.

Sometimes she wishes she’d lived in an earlier time, a time of legends, a time of battles that would actually need one more warrior for love and justice.  But most of the time she’s happy to be who she is, to be when she is, a daughter of the moon, nothing less and nothing more.  Most of the time.

When Mars and Jupiter are ripped away from her–her first Senshi and her last, her courage and her innocence, without whom she barely knows how to stand–the loss strikes her like a physical blow.  She falls to her knees in the hall, eyes blank, hands useless at her sides, the Silver Crystal pulsing in her chest.  She can’t breathe.  She can’t breathe.  How is it that there’s so much air in the world, so much air all around her, and she can’t breathe?

Their absence is a hole in her heart.  She barely finds her feet, barely finds the strength to grasp her locket and thrust her hand into the air.  "Moon.“

That’s the beginning, yes.  That’s who she is.  Sailor Moon, Moon Princess, Natsuki, daughter of Serenity, who will be Queen.  She has it.


It hurts, it hurts so badly.  She can’t do this without them.  She was never supposed to lose them.  This isn’t the time of legends.  Her grandmother passed the crown in peace, fading as Serenitys always fade when their time is done, when the phase of the moon changes under their feet.  Her Senshi are her handmaids, her protectors, not her peers.  They’re supposed to be here.  They’re not supposed to leave her.


She’s never had power.  She’s never needed power.  She’s a princess, pretty and perfect and cosseted and raised in love, in love, in lo–

The ribbons wrap themselves around her, pink and blazing and perfect, as they have always been, each time they wrapped themselves around a daughter of Serenity’s line.  They count from the second Serenity, the one who truly founded the line that may last from here until forever; the one who knew love was a gift, and not a weapon.  There was no need for a Sailor Moon before the first Queen Serenity did her best to break the universe.  Sailor Moon healed it.  She has always been the Sailor of Healing, of Love, of Justice.  Of Necessity.  She is so much stronger than she knows.  She has to be.

The ribbons draw tight and Natsuki is gone, Sailor Moon in her place, moonlight-colored hair drawn into high odango, formal gown replaced by a skirt short enough to fight in, shoes designed to absorb the shock of her jumps, top tight enough to support her spine and protect her internal organs.  She gasps, glittering with the bright and terrible power of transformation, and runs.  Her Senshi need her.


Kaito and Souma walk hand in hand along the shore of the lunar sea.  Kaito hums to herself, and even untransformed, hears the sea humming sweetly back.  Souma is silent, but watches her with sloe-eyed adoration.  The wind that tangles in Kaito’s hair might as well be Souma’s fingers, pushing it away from the shorter Senshi’s face, leaving every scrap of her clear to view.

“See something you like?” asks Kaito.

“Always,” says Souma, and grasps her elbow, spinning her out, pulling her back, until Kaito is pressed against Souma’s chest, the two of them tangled in each other’s arms as they have been for so beautifully much of their lives.  Yoshiko rolled her eyes when they first came to her for training, until she found ways to chain wind and waves together, to turn two Senshi would refused to be parted into a single hyper-efficient weapon.  Not that they’ve ever been needed in that way; not that any of them have ever been needed in that way.  They live in peacetime.  They are Souma and Kaito before they are Uranus and Neptune, and they are happy.  Sweet stars, they’re happy.

Let the girls who stand closer to the Princess dream of becoming legends, of facing great dangers and carrying out noble missions.  Saturn leads.  Mars and Mercury advise.  Jupiter restores.  Pluto watches.  And Neptune and Uranus love.  What more could be asked of the protectors of a Princess?

The wind blows, carrying the scent of ice and emptiness.  Souma stiffens.  Kaito catches it immediately.  She pulls back, frowning as she scans her lover’s face.

“What is it?”

“I don’t…I don’t know.”  Souma looks over her shoulder.  "Something’s wrong.“

"Wrong how?”

“Wrong we should transform.  I think…I think the Princess needs us.”

They are peaceful people.  They are lovers walking on a shoreline.  They are transformed and gone in a matter of seconds, leaving a circle of glass where they were standing, sand melted by the force of their panic.  They do not run so much as they leap, verging on flight in the low lunar gravity as they chase down the source of the coldly blowing wind.  They have to hurry.  They have to hurry.  The farther they go, the more the certainty grows, in both of them, that time is running short.

The scent on the wind becomes a raging battle as they grow nearer.  Ice spires blast upward from the ground, encircled by the all-devouring shadows of Saturn’s attack.  Then there is a burst of silver glitter, and haste becomes panic.  Their Princess is fighting.  Sailor Moon is fighting.  If their Princess has been moved to transform, then–

The golden chain wraps around Neptune’s ankle and jerks her down, slamming her against the ground before she can find the breath to summon her attack.  Then there is no breath, there is no body, there is nothing but–

–screaming, screaming, because she is alone, yes, she is alone here on this world without a name.  How can Haruka have done this?  How could she go?  She didn’t have to go, she could have fought, could have stayed, could have conquered death itself with Michiru at her side.  They didn’t need forever, but they should have had more time, they should have had centuries, eons, time, and time, and time.  How dare she–


The name is familiar.  The voice is not.  For the first time in a thousand years, Michiru opens her eyes and looks at the battlefield, confusion breaking her usual calm.  A girl she doesn’t know flings ice with geometric precision at Jupiter, while another girl with hair as white as seafoam swings Saturn’s glaive in a defensive arc, holding Mars at bay.  In the center of the battlefield, a girl in what looks almost like Usagi’s fuku, but bleached, faded into pastels, fights…



Michiru turns.

The girl in front of her is too young: that is the first of it.  They’re all girls on this battlefield, not yet women.  This one, with her golden hair and her too-familiar fuku, is no different.  She stares at Michiru with something caught between confusion and horror, and her eyes are a study in heartbreak.

“What did you do?” she asks.  She takes a step forward.  The wind whips around her, already rising, even though she has yet to shape it.  "Where is Sailor Neptune?  What did you do to her?“

Understanding crashes down like a wave.  "You’re so young,” Michiru whispers.  "You found each other so young.  How can she…I am so sorry.  I shouldn’t be here.“

Where is Kaito?!” demands this new Sailor Neptune, this sweet child, and raises her hands over her head.  "Tell me!“

"No!”  Michiru scrambles to her feet.  The old power moves through her, welcoming her home.  She knows the fight better than this child does.  She could grind her into gravel, and let…let…

She could have Haruka back, and all it would cost is the life of her replacement, this fresh-faced child who doesn’t understand how much she has to lose.  She could allow her selfishness to remake the world.

“I am so sorry,” she whispers, and, “Deep Submerge,” she howls, and the pretender, the successor, is washed away in the face of a superior opponent.

It won’t last long.  No version of Sailor Uranus will ever be that easy to take down.  Michiru gathers her strength and leaps, aiming for the source of this trial.

Sailor Venus–who remembers, who cannot age, who cannot die, who has never been released from service–is so deeply sunk into her battle against Sailor Moon that the blow to her side takes her by surprise.  She hits the ground on her hip, sliding hard, and before she can get her balance back, Neptune is there, her elbow held against Venus’s throat, a feral light in her eyes.

Minako smiles.  "There you are,“ she says, smug as Artemis with a bowl full of cream.  "You’re welcome.  But you hit the wrong target.”

“Put us back,” snarls Michiru.  "We’re the dead.  We’re the past.  Release us, and bring these children home.“

"You’re not the past,” says Minako, still smiling.  "You’re a legend.  Children play at being you, they fight over who gets to hold the mirror and the sword.  Little girls dance in your name.  You’re the present, and the future, and you deserve to live in peacetime so much more than the simpering little fool who pretends to hold your title.  Let me lead you home.“

"I won’t–”

“Before she died, Haruka said the only thing she’d regret was leaving you.”

Michiru hesitates.

Selfishness is essential on the battlefield.  There are those who would call it a failing, but without selfishness, what is there to lead the soldiers home?  Michiru was always a poet of selfishness.  She knew what she wanted.  She knew how far she was willing to go in order to get it.  She fought and she paid and she suffered and what was her reward?  Being left alone, last one standing, broken-hearted and fading by inches.  It’s tempting.  It’s so tempting.  She could have everything she ever lost, and all it would cost is one more enemy left to dust and ashes.  She’s been damned since she tempted Haruka out of her comfortable, safe life.  What’s one more damnation?

“No,” says Michiru calmly, and punches Venus square in the nose.  The golden Senshi reels.  "No,“ Michiru repeats, and punches her again.

She will reflect, later, on the fact that she could have won, if only she hadn’t looked so much like one of the enemy.

This new Uranus has her own attacks.  ”Wind Spiral Snare!“ howls a voice that isn’t familiar enough to avoid, and Michiru is lifted away from Venus, lifted into the air kicking and howling fury and frustration.

Venus pauses long enough to blow a two-fingered kiss, and then she’s gone, a golden streak heading for the horizon, Jupiter and Mars behind her.

The wind cage shatters.  Michiru drops to the ground on hands and knees.  When she raises her head, it’s no surprise to find Sailor Moon, this new, young, innocent Sailor Moon, standing over her with a scepter in her hand and vengeance in her eyes.  The others are behind her, Mercury and Uranus and Saturn, youth and fury incarnate.

"What have you done to our friends?” demands Sailor Moon.

Oh, to be so young.  Oh, to have so much to lose.

For the love of Serenity, thinks Michiru, and aloud, she says, “The legends are true,” and oh, they are so like she was, and so different.

They have so much left to lose.


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One thing I hated that Sansa did was sending Brienne to King's Landing like what are you doing ????? Other than that I was a hot mess with that Arya and Sansa scene. Thoughts on the episode ?

Although it sucks that Sansa sent Brienne to King’s Landing the way she did, I think this is a smart move for one reason and one reason only: Littlefinger wanted Sansa to use Brienne against Arya. He knows if it comes down to it, Brienne will protect Sansa over Arya. Sansa is a lot like Cat in terms of being a Lady with “womanly” courage, which Brienne respected in Catelyn. Arya, on the other hand, has proven her own skill and is very much a fighter. Despite the bond between Arya and Brienne over their fighting skills, Brienne has spent more time with Sansa. That makes a difference.

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JON: OMG, guys, GUYS.


JON: I just realised I forgot something. 

JORAH: What?



BERIC: Didn’t you go to Dragonstone to mine dragonglass in preparation for the war to come, as it has been proven to kill white walkers?


THOROS: So why did you not bring any back, perhaps at least whittling some arrowheads during the surprisingly swift boat journey north to Eastwatch, because I realise that swords might have taken a bit longer and you wouldn’t want to be unrealistic about it?


I think I might have caused my own fatigue by trying to snark two books at once?

Before, snarking was kinda fun, but now it feels more like a chore that everyone else is kind of already doing for me and much better. Having to alternate between two books has proven surprisingly difficult, because I can never really get into the book and write chapters ahead, knowing I have to return to the other one eventually. 

So maybe if I went back to just doing one book at a time, that might help with my general blogging/reading exhaustion? Doesn’t help when both books are so terrible, it’s kind of a badness overdose.

Would you guys mind if I went back to doing one book? It was kind of experimental from the start, anyway. Because it’s either that or I’m taking a break for some time so I can recharge.

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Here is what I think. Real Ciel has been brought back to life to get rid of our Ciel, so he can take over the position as the watchdog and the underworld will be free from that brat. So maybe when Lizzy said she couldn't save our Ciel, she meant that she knows where the danger come from, but she has a duty to real Ciel, because he is her fiancée.

I wonder if the twin would be better… ;) But yes, I know what you mean and I could actually see that. Our Ciel is quite a successful Watchdog which is bad for England’s underworld. So it would make sense for them to want to replace them. Even better if they have the control over the future Watchdog. And there’s a good chance that the twin is manipulated by the sect.

Another idea that I still prefer is that the Queen is actually the one behind all that. Our Ciel has proven not to be that loyal anymore so the Queen may now want to replace the old Watchdog by a new one who is more loyal or who she at least has under her control. Take a look at @midnight-in-town‘s theory about that here

As for Lizzy, I think her words about not being able to save him were meant for the real Ciel because she was saying his name (already knowing who the real one was):

But yes, she might know a bit more about the sect since she’s living there now. And I agree that she stays because she feels it’s her duty as the twin’s fiancé.

Hoe Tips: School and Studying

I’m currently in PA school with close to a 4.0 GPA, and with college and back to school starting up, I’m dropping some tips for y'all. A hoe gotta get bomb ass grades if ya want a bomb ass career and to be successful af. So let’s get it✨

1. Write out your notes. Have two notebooks: one for when you’re in class (this one can be messy) and one for at home (this one is the neater one, for color coding, formatting, and all that organizational jazz). Writing things out is proven to enhance memorization 7X more than just reading is.

2. Have a go-to format for your notes. Numbering, bullet points, whatever floats your boat.

3. Type out your notes. I use Google Drive, because it automatically saves all your shit, and you can access your notes via your Google account literally anywhere. Typing out your notes does the same thing writing them out does, as far as helping you review the material.

4. Use Quizlet. Quizlet is a free flashcard website/app that allows you to type in all of your flashcards and definitions, and gives you review options like matching, testing, flashcard mode, and more. This shit made me my high schools valedictorian, no lie.

5. Keep your old quizzes and tests. Often times, teachers will ask similar questions on finals.

6. For math-based subjects, always always always show your work in your notes. I try to explain each step for a math problem in the margins of my notes, and generalize how to do each problem at the end.

7. Do practice problems consistently.

8. For my college hoes: never take an 8 am class. You think you can do it because you did it for high school, but I promise you will regret it. If there’s no avoiding the 8 am lecture, bring coffee and skip any makeup/hair that day. Sleep is too important.

9. Make flashcards. The night before my exams, I like to try and fit everything I need to know for a specific chapter/topic onto one flashcard, in order to weed out main ideas.

10. For essays, easybib.com is amazing with free citations to avoid any plaigiarism or incorrect bibliographies.

11. Rent👏your👏textbooks👏. Unless your teacher specifically requires you BUY it, you likely won’t need the actual textbook. Buying access codes for the book online is hundreds of dollars cheaper.

12. If you do get your textbooks, a lot of them have chapter summaries at the end of each chapter. Be sure to write out/type out/review those summaries.

13. For science labs, if you are allowed, take pictures of any models or slides you need to know for your exams. Pretty much all labs won’t let you take pictures of cadavers or animal dissections, but plastic models and microscope slides should be fine.

14. If you have a question, ASK YOUR TEACHER. It is better to look stupid in class and get your clarification, than to look stupid when you get your exam back and actually have it count against your grade.

15. Do study groups. I have two nursing friends in some of the same classes as me, and we’d always meet up before exams to go over the material. We would bring dry erase markers and map out shit in empty classrooms, taking turns explaining shit to each other until we nailed it.

16. Try to teach the material. Like I said in #15, study groups are great for this. By teaching the material out loud, you are subconsciously reviewing it yourself. This is a HUGE help.

17. Take breaks. You cannot exhaust yourself and expect to still recall anything you learned.

18. I know everyone does this and there’s no avoiding it sometimes, but DO NOT CRAM. Gradual learning is most effective.

19. Have one day every week where you don’t do any schoolwork. You need time to reboot.

20. Use your phone’s calendar/task checklist app for all major assignments, due dates, exam dates, study plans, appointments, etc. Set reminders as needed.

21. Charge your phone in another room while studying. No distractions.

22. Rainymood.com is a free website that plays a 30 minute loop of rain sounds. It helps me focus like nothing else, especially in my loud ass household, and every time the loop stops and replays, I know to take a break between 30 minute study sessions.

23. Feel distracted at home when studying? Try studying in a library, cafe, or even at school. I find that going somewhere else to study actually forces me to pay attention to what I’m doing, for some reason.

24. Reward yourself for good grades. Buy yourself a slice of pizza or a new highlight, have a netflix marathon, go to a party, or take a nap. Whatever conveys a job well done, do it. It’ll make all that studying feel that much greater when it’s over, and you’ll have a goal to work towards.

25. Sit in the front of the classroom as often as possible. You’ll be forced to pay attention, be able to actually see the board, hear the instructor better, and you’re more likely to have your questions answered quickly because your teacher will actually see your hand go up.

26. Caffeinate. I prefer tea because it’s healthier, but coffee works too. Ya girl is NOT a morning person, but my morning tea at least helps me pay attention during earlier classes.

27. Keep all of your school shit organized, together, and labelled.

28. Do NOT skip a class just because you’re lazy or don’t feel like going. The temptation is real sometimes, but a hoes gonna be pissed when ya see your participation average decline.

29. This may just be a psychological thing, but I love to use the same colored/brand of pen for all of my notes/assignments/tests. It just makes everything seem more uniform, and I’m able to recall information better.

30. Trouble taking tests? For any multiple choice question, read the question and try to answer it first without reading any of the options. If your answer doesn’t match the options, then use process of elimination to find the best answer. For true/false questions, write out justifications for each answer (you can also do this for multiple choice). You’ll be acing your exams in no time.

31. Chewing gum during class/studying, and chewing that same flavor gum during the exam, has been scientifically proven to boost your memory recall.

32. Literally any time you have the opportunity to do extra credit, DO IT. Cherish that shit.

33. If you aren’t doing so hot in a particular class (literally any math class for me lol), schedule a private meeting with your professor and go over test questions you missed, or topics you didn’t get. If you know your professor is a flop, or can’t get an appointment, meet with a tutor or another professor of that same subject. Sometimes another voice can shed new light on a difficult topic.

34. For essays, readable.io critiques your writing for free based on readability, grade level, formality, tone, grammatical errors, etc. Seriously a life saver.

35. Also thesaurus.com is ya bff for fancier words/phrases to make your writing more eloquent

36. Always make an outline for every essay or project to organize what you want to say. This will keep you on track, and help you work around any quotes or sources in you writing to make sure your writing is hella organized.

That’s all I can think of for now, please please please feel free to add and share. Enjoy those 4.0’s, hoes💞

Here’s what really grinds my gears about Taylor Swift’s trial.

As a woman we are conditioned to almost expect this kind of behavior from men. So when a man grabbed Taylor’s ass, she didn’t go to the police (knowing the case was weak), she had him thrown out of the arena in Denver, CO and called his boss to inform them of how this man was representing KYGO.. She then gets blamed for his firing as if sexual assault isn’t a good enough reason to be fired. He then sues her for defamation of character in attempts to take money from her, nearly 4 million to be exact. Make no mistake his intentions in suing her was hoping she’d make a plea deal because she wouldn’t want or be able to sit through an eight day trial, which they maliciously extended by calling more witnesses than ever needed. But instead of taking the easy way out, she stood strong and counter sued for assault and battery, resulting in 1 dollar. It’s almost unheard of for a celebrity of her caliber to sit through this long of a trial. But damn I admire her for it. Because this guy has proven to be serious scum. He just wants money from her and I’m so fucking disgusted by this whole thing.

I’m disgusted by how a man assumes he has a right to a woman’s body.

I’m disgusted by how this man is blatantly trying to acquire money from her.

I’m disgusted by how the public is turning this into a fucking media circus and camping on the sidewalks like it’s a fucking concert. And taking her photo and treating this law suit over sexual assault like a fucking meet and greet.

And I’m so disgusted by how the media (FUCK YOU TMZ) leaked a SEALED PHOTO OF A SEXUAL ASSAULT AS IF ITS NO BIG DEAL BECAUSE IT IS TAYLOR SWIFT AND SHES NOT A PERSON I GUESS?? ?? Because if it was any other victim, there is a code within the media, and they wouldn’t post that shit or even their name.



Am I missing something? I was under the impression that, now more than ever, feminists were loud and present and defensive. I thought I was seeing a wave of even braver men and women on social media, calling out bullshit and striking down misogyny. I thought the last nine months built an online army of journalists and Twitter users and anyone else who’s fed up with sexism and its disturbing presence in the administration, fighting every day against the trails of normalized misogyny Trump leaves behind and defending the women who speak out about it.

But there’s a ringing silence now. And it’s looming around Taylor Swift’s groping trial. A woman who is constantly attacked for being silent is now getting the worst of it.

Colorado DJ David Mueller is suing Swift for $3 million in damages after she alleged that he lifted her skirt and grabbed her during a meet-and-greet photo op. Mueller was fired soon after, and sued Swift, her mother, and her radio promotions director for defamation.

As much as grabbing women in sexual violation has been dismissed and normalized by our country’s leaders and its people, it’s an issue of sexual assault that made Andrea Swift want to “vomit and cry at the same time” seeing the look on her daughter’s face post-backstage incident.

Firsthand, I’ve seen girls run out of clubs in a heartbreaking tearful mixture of shock, fury and disturbance after a man grabbed them sexually without any form of consent. I’ve seen girls weakly laugh it off because they think that’s what they’re supposed to do. And I’ve seen guys stammer excuse after excuse after excuse, because they’re taught to search for anything to blame but themselves.

I’ve also seen girls, on and offline, race to the defense of those who were violated. I’ve seen them deliver completely scathing responses to regular people and political leaders alike who try to dismiss a woman’s story of sexual assault in any way or call it anything less than it is.

These people I’ve seen are incredibly vocal. They like to hold others accountable, and they spend a really admirable amount of energy spouting their support to women, famous and not, who choose to speak out about their sexual assault experience.

Let’s just take Ke$ha’s trial, shall we? Tons of celebrities, journalists and everyone in between shouted their encouragement, their disgust at her alleged abuser. Adele used her acceptance speech at the 2016 Brit Awards to publicly express her support of Ke$ha. Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Snoop Dogg, Kelly Clarkson, Lorde and a clump of other pop stars (apologies to Snoop Dogg and his admirers for grouping him into a ‘pop stars’ category) used Twitter to do the same.

And then, two days after a New York judge denied Ke$ha a court injunction, Taylor Swift donated $250,000 towards any of Ke$ha’s financial needs. Kind, right? Nope, no one seemed to think so. Internet users everywhere shamed Swift for her donation, including the “I-always-know-the-best-thing-to-say-on-the-Internet” Demi Lovato.

Lovato tweeted “Take something to Capitol Hill or actually speak out about something and then I’ll be impressed.” This attitude was reiterated widely across Twitter, because it’s Twitter. And also because Taylor Swift, no matter what on the Lord’s green Earth she does, cannot win. But that’s another story that would take pages and pages to tell, so I’ll refrain myself.

Swift was ripped apart for “silence” after her donation. She was also ripped apart for her “silence” during the Women’s March. She Tweeted about it, celebrating the day and expressing her pride in everyone who marched. But of course that wasn’t enough, because it never is. She was annihilated for not going to her local march. (Even though she’s one of most photographed and stalked celebrities in the industry and could probably not go to a march without people harassing her and/or accusing her of going for attention and a photo op, but whatever it’s fine.)

Before my fury completely takes over my fingers and I start to type a fuming address to everyone who continually hates this girl because it’s what they’ve been in the habit of doing since 2012, let me take it back to the trial.

I’ve never heard silence quite this loud. (I hate myself, that is a Taylor Swift lyric, whatever.) It’s obvious, and not just to me.

…Everyone is a feminist until it comes to Taylor Swift. This has been proven to me enough times to make me scream internally while staring at Tumblr.com. Demi, is your Internet down? Or are you in a plane on the way to Capitol Hill to discuss sexual assault and actually impress someone?

Where is everyone? Where are the mighty feminists I so admire, I so try to be? Suddenly they aren’t as loud.

But Taylor Swift, no matter what card you think she plays, is a forcibly strong human being. To be hunted down every day physically and on the Internet, to be mocked at absolutely every turn, you can’t be a weak person. You just can’t.

Swift only countersued for $1. Before you open your mouth or press that little blue button in the corner to compose a Tweet, close it and take your hands off the keyboard. She’s not doing this for the money. Her mother wanted to keep it private until DJ Mueller sued. She’s doing this to show every other girl who watches her with adoring eyes and the ones who pretend they don’t that you can report your sexual assault. You can hold the person accountable. She’s showing men who mock her for her dating life but objectify her at the same time that they will not be tolerated. And it’s being met with silence. But we’ve known since the early days of 2010 that silence doesn’t follow Taylor Alison Swift for long, and it won’t now.

—  Huffington Post article discussing the feminists’ silence on the Taylor Swift sexual assault trial (x)
Missing Person, Please Help

Hello everyone,

Tumblr has proven to be an excellent resource in finding missing persons.

We are appealing to you, especially those in Scotland, but anyone can reblog.

Our friend Nusrat Jahan (or Nusrat Dow) has gone missing. She was last seen headed to the beach in Aberdeen, Scotland 5 days ago. The football match let out around the same time.

Nusrat is 5′3 and 34 years old. She was wearing flat black slip on shoes, black leggings or skinny jeans, a light grey patterned top, black rimmed glasses and was using a white handbag with black band across the top.

If you have seen someone resembling Nusrat or have any information, please get in touch with the Aberdeen police.



How I Got Straight A’s 3 Terms in a Row

Some people just seem to breeze through school, never study and get all A’s all the time; I am NOT that student. I work just as hard as I need to to get the grades that I want. But the trick to getting the grades you want isn’t just about studying your brains out, it’s about studying and planning strategically.

  1. Prepare the summer before the school year starts. This doesn’t necessarily mean studying. Go online and search for the curriculum for each class you will be taking. In Canada, you will find this information on your province’s Ministry of Education website. The curriculum will tell you EXACTLY what you will be learning. Now you can use this information however you like. You can review last year’s material where you can see it will be helpful. You can make one online document per unit and find links/videos/diagrams online that will help you when you eventually learn that unit, this will give you a preview and now you have a online study guide to help you when you learn it in class. You can teach yourself the material and make in depth notes for yourself. 
  2. Always know your grade +/- 2%. You should always, always, always, know where you stand in all your classes. Some students are able to check their grades live online, I would recommend checking your grade after every assignment that gets handed back. If you do not have that option, I would suggest having a notebook (or a bullet journal!) with a page (or two) for each class. Record the name of the assignment, the date you submitted it and the grade you received back (as a percentage and a fraction). This is a great way to see how you are doing and where you are falling short. It is also helpful when you have finals, you can visually see where you struggled throughout the year. If report cards are coming out soon and you know you’re a couple points off, make the assignments for that class a priority.
  3. Prioritize. If you’re spending hours doing one minor assignment when you have a big test the next day, you need to reevaluate. Yes I know, smaller assignments are more fun because they’re super satisfying when you finish them, but you must prioritize your assignments. I rank my assignments according to how much it is worth, how well I know the subject, time it will take to complete and how close the deadline is.
  4. Study sessions and homework time. It has been scientifically proven that doing homework in this order is the best to prevent procrastination. Small assignment –> Larger assignment –> Break. Give yourself a time limit on the smaller assignment and your break time. Do not limit yourself on the larger assignment. Make sure your environment is well lit and you’ve chosen wisely whether or not to work in a quiet or loud place. Have water and snacks, try and save your snacks for during your break as an incentive.
  5. Do homework in the library at lunch. This might seem pretty lame to some people but if you can get some friends to join you, even if they’re not doing work, it can honestly be really fun. I find that when I get home from school, I’m usually exhausted and don’t even want to think about homework. If you do your homework while you’re already at school and in that mindset, trust me it makes its SO much easier to work.
  6. Grades aren’t what you want? Talk about it. Seriously talk to your teacher if your grades aren’t what you want them to be at. Some teachers will omit quiz marks or give you extra assignments. Sometimes if you really beg they’ll let you retest. Do not underestimate what your teachers will do. You don’t know unless you try! Plus teachers will see that you really do care about their class, which means they might mark you a little easier if they know your goal grade.

johanna mason from the hunger games is a lesbian and it’s important yall know this fact

lydialovebad  asked:

Do you know what I would really like? An AU where everything is the same but Marinette is a boy (Marin?) and there is a really fluffy marichat scene ♥^♥ I would die for see something like that!!! What do you think?

*grabs tablet and imediately draws about it proving how much trash i am*

so like i thought some ideas for this, if that’s alright, and well:

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the shit that still doesn’t sit well with me is when allura, hunk, pidge, and keith were all either lowkey or highkey calling lance dumb. and they were satisfied with themselves for it. 

he’s already shown disappointment in himself for not being able to connect with the black lion and has expressed that he doesn’t feel like he’s good enough to be a paladin. so why would they be so quick to make fun of him when he’s feeling vulnerable? yeah, he’s a goofball but that’s only one part of his personality and they shouldn’t treat him like he’s stupid all the time.

he only wanted confirmation from allura that she wasn’t making fun of him. she had said, “i just had to get into a lance-like mindset and stop thinking so much.” a pretty back-handed compliment in contrast to all the praise she was getting for connecting with blue. 

lance immediately got defensive (”are you calling me dumb?”), which is a completely reasonable reaction because it was kind of rude of her. she did say he was a natural, but the rest of the team jumped right on that dumb comment and kept going, and allura did nothing to stop them. 

then keith said he was glad they were all making fun of lance… it didn’t really seem like friendly teasing to me. it was mean of them to do that after lance has proven himself to be just as smart (albeit in different ways) as the rest of them.

You know who I’m really proud of? 


He accepts and even SUPPORTS Keith in the role of their new leader. Fucking. Lance. “I’m not sure but I bet it’s Keith’s fault”-Lance. “Whatever, dropout”-Lance. “He’s a hothead; he’s probably gonna shoot first and ask questions later”-Lance. “Hasta la later, Keith”-Lance. “My biggest rival”-Lance. 

This. Do you understand what this means?? It means that Lance shoved all of it aside: his initial dislike for Keith, his competitiveness, his rivalry, his insecurities. He shoved it aside and assessed the position from a neutral point of view and came to the conclusion that Keith has the potential to lead them all. From the later episodes of season 2 to the end of the first episode of season 3 Lance has grown up. More than that, even - he didn’t just realize that Keith has potential as a leader (willingly putting him in a role ABOVE him), he also realized that Keith needed emotional support. 

And. He provided it. 

Just. With this change in attitude Lance has proven so much. He was the very first one to change his role in the team to adapt to the new situation. 


concept: simon moves back into the hotel, he and raphael talk shit out like adults without insults and hissing, there are apologies and physical contact that isn’t full of pain and anger, the clan cautiously welcomes him back because he is family after all, simon feels loved and accepted, he willingly chooses raphael.