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How do you feel about how user ex//tilia is handling being basically the only person who still has the leaks up?

if i’m being honest they are 100% right taking down the leaks do literally nothing i won’t lie i saved a few of them because hell i’m only human :’) the damage is already done and taking down photo’s doesn’t take away the fact that thousands of people already saw them and will spread them around privately

also now that i’m more chilled about the situation and have more of a level head and know that this isn’t as severe as we thought i really don’t care?? like if they want to keep up the leaks that’s not my business but i will say keeping them up when studio mir specifically asked us to take them down is quite rude but at the same time save your breath y’know some people won’t budge and also like don’t attack anyone either like at the end of the day i saw some nasty anons when it was not needed like the photos were leaked and they do have every right to share them now, regardless of anything because at this point it’s no longer confidential and everyone who is part of the studio and dreamworks know thats and it happens,,, 

hackers literally leaks content all the time to the public so people saying that studio mir will get nothing more than a heavy warning and gag order are probably right like dreamworks is on a contract for 8 seasons with netflix and even with this happening it would be easier to give a warning than to find a whole new company completely

overall yeah kinda being rude to keep them up but at the same time they are 100% right it wouldn’t change anything and they definitely don’t deserve hate

Cute Breakfast Cat Facts
  • Whenever I get out of the shower, Hash Brown jumps onto the counter and waits. I lean down and make a kissy face, and she headbutts my mouth. After she gets her kiss she leaves.
  • Eggs Benedict stands on his hind legs and kneads my thighs anytime I’m cooking. I wear fishnets and lace tights a lot and he frequently ends up stuck.
  • Hash Brown is so soft that she’s actually slippery. That’s why every photo of her sitting on the top of the sofa is of her trying not to slide off, like this:
  • French Toast is so love with my husband that when he’s on business trips she will circle the hallway and meow mournfully for hours. Nothing I do can console her until he returns.
  • Eggs loves having his tummy rubbed, but only if you use your foot. No hands allowed. He’s very serious about this rule.
  • Hash Brown likes finding hair ties and dropping them into her water bowl. If her water bowl already has a hair tie in it, she’ll store any additional hair ties under the bathroom scale. One time we found 7 of them under there.
  • Eggs Benedict and French Toast often synchronize poses.

This has been Breakfast Cat Facts! I hope they made your day a little better.

Mom Friend

Ok but imagine how the aliens would react to the idea of the “mom friend”. Like the crew is losing their mind over the fact their human is reckless, doing so many dangerous things that would have killed any other race but of course it’s fine because it’s a human and those things are so hard to kill anyway.

The only planet that is a danger to a human is the one it came from.

So when the human-Kat comes into the control room with that adorable hopeful face a lot of the crew members are instantly on guard. The last time Human-Kat had that expression they almost lost Xe'rex to the waves of that one planet that Human-Kat just had to “Surf”.

“Can my friend Lola come meet us for the 34-OJ mission? She’s right in our pathway to that new planet? Please?” Huamn-Kat says and though they want nothing more then to say no, the crew of 626- Launch can’t say anything else other then yes.  They know how humans react when left alone for too long. Humans claim that their greatest criminals are placed in “solitary confinement” as punishment which goes very far to show how much bonds affect their life spans.

Human-Kat needs human interaction to stay alive and sane (or as sane as humans can be)

So the crew  agrees to have Friend-Lola on the voyage, slightly terrified of having two humans. But when the new human arrives it is not what they expected.

“Kat, have you finished your paperwork? Come on man, you know it’s due in like a day. Get on it.”

“Whoa dude, I love you ok. But no. You are not going to go surfing down there. It’s for your own good.”

“Girl you got the promotion?! Yes! Ok Ok! We need to celebrate with girls night in!”

“Hey I have some tissues in my bag somewhere hold on. There ya go.”

“Look at this game I picked up on RE-vr’. It’s just like Cards against Humanity but space!”

“Go. To. Sleep. Kat.”

“Remember that pact we made in high school? The one where I would stop you from doing something that will get you arrested or killed? Yeah well I’m calling it into action and saying that you do not lick anything on a unknown planet!“ 

This Human…holds common sense? That is possible for that race?!

After Friend-Lola leaves they ask Human-Kat about this and she merely laughs while swiping through photographs she had taken with the other human.

"Well Lola is the mom friend.”

And the crew of 626-Luanch are so confused because they have already seen photos of Human-Kat’s birth givers and they look nothing alike not to mention Human-Kat already has a Mom. Do humans have more then one “Mom”?

“Oh you know a mom friend is the one friend in a group that keeps everyone else from dying.” Human-Kat jokes.

But the crew is amazed. They have learn the reason humanity haven’t killed itself off. They send a message to every out post in the area.

If xe have a human on-board make sure that they are accompanied by a Mom Friend. These are the humans in charge of keeping other humans alive and well-behaved. 


a few people (usually at gas stations, noting my hail destroyed car) have asked, “why do you storm chase” and the only good answer I have is “why don’t you?” 

it’s true I’m not a classical storm chaser. I tend to entirely different areas of the storm than most do (the part that still has some light if possible) and really, I’m a photographer chasing a photo more than a storm chaser but I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to scream across the prairie after some monster so big and alive you can hardly take it all in (even at 15mm). the complexity, drama, violence and power make almost anything possible. I’ve seen things that took my breath away, and cowered in my car praying my glass would hold and that nothing terribly nasty was living in that shroud of rain that pinned me to where I was. 

I’ve wasted entire days on hope. 

I hope that storm can organize itself despite all the science saying it can’t. I hope I can get to this spot on the map before it does. I hope the light holds. or the road hasn’t heaved too bad this winter. 

every year i commit myself to only chase the big bad boys that have structure, and form, and the rare magic of a fully formed super cell and every year I find myself rolling across the gravel roads after some pulse storm that maybe, just maybe has something pretty in it. 

so entering year three of really learning and chasing more seriously my answer would be, why aren’t you out there, living and dying with the gust fronts and hail cores and living creatures sucking up the prairie moist. really. why?

also can i just say that it makes me sad that harry has to specify that he wants people to make eye contact with him when they meet him? because he’s constantly faced with stalker fans who clearly want nothing but a photo of him so that they can post it on social media and they probably don’t even say a word to him most times before shoving a camera in his face,,, and he says that not making eye contact with someone is cold, super cold and i’m sure that just makes him feel like an object rather than a human being when people do that to him so anyway psa don’t stalk him and psa try talking to him (and ASKING FOR PERMISSION) before taking a photo


Morrissey is selling a t-shirt with his lyric “black is how I feel on the inside” and a photo of James Baldwin

  • British singer Morrissey is in hot water after selling merchandise at concerts featuring the face of writer James Baldwin, who is currently the subject of critically beloved documentary I Am Not Your Negro.
  • Featuring Baldwin’s face is not the problem. On the shirt, hovering around Baldwin’s face like a racist halo, are the lyrics to the Smiths’ “Unloveable”: “I wear black on the outside ‘cause black is how I feel on the inside.” Yikes.
  • People on Twitter were quick to point out the racism of using Baldwin’s image to promote a lyric that has nothing to do with blackness — and doing so to make a profit. Read more (3/17/17 11:40 AM)

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The Imamura Brothers & Fumi

Half cosplay, half my rad photoshop skillz

(Amelia, the Burrowing Owl Siren from @emo-rock-tale)

my opinion on twenty one pilots 

  1. amelia earhart - first woman to fly across the atlantic ocean solo, i mean if that’s not badass what is 
  2. charles lindbergh - apparently his nicknames were slim, lucky lindy, and the lone eagle i guess that’s cool 
  3. bessie coleman - first black woman and first native american woman to hold a pilot’s license, also badass, a cool gal 
  4. jacqueline cochran - apparently one of the most gifted racing pilots of her generations, that’s rad
  5. bob hoover - it doesn’t say much about him but he’s wearing a cool hat in his photo, i approve
  6. louis bleriot - this dude has a big mustache
  7. buzz aldrin - you know him, you love him, good ol’ buzz
  8. steve fossett - first person to fly non-stop around the world in a balloon, i commend him 
  9. chelsey sullenburger - a true icon of our generation
  10. jeane yeager - the first non-stop, non-refueled flight around the world in the rutan voyager aircraft apparently? that’s sweet
  11. glenn curtiss - apparently he started as a bicycle racer, and was like you know what, let’s try out planes. this dude has ambition and i can respect that 
  12. hanna reitsch - germany’s most famous test pilot and a nazi, not cool
  13. dick rutan - apparently flew the same flight with jeane yeager yet the plane was named after him, rude. don’t like him and his name seems made up
  14. harriet quimby - first woman to gain a pilot’s license in the us and again, has a cool hat. idk what it is but pilot’s sure do like their hats 
  15. antoine de saint-exupéry - a rich french dude, i know nothing else about him
  16. dogulas bader - idk but he’s smoking a pipe in photo tho so obvious he’s going for some kind of look 
  17. wiley post - first pilot to fly around the world, like one day he just decided to do it, i mean good job i guess but i would not do that 
  18. howard hughes - a business man and owner of hughes aircraft company? apparently he had a lot of money?
  19. richard e. byrd - no personal feelings on this guy from the 5 seconds i spend researching the topic 
  20. raymonde de loche - she seems cool i like her
  21. amy johnson - john travolta was before her in google but i’m not putting him on this list, she’s got the typical aviator glasses on in the photo and seems cool. i like her

and thus concludes my opinion on twenty one pilots


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Genre: Smut, fluff, angst (it will contain smut in the next parts)

a/n: The story will have another part. So dont worry, im not cutting you off

Description:Jungkook is a  photography major in collaage. Every girl likes him yet he only has eyes for his camera, until he -even tho he hasnt realized it yet-  finds his muse.

Part1 Part 2  Part3

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[march study challenge] • 11/03/17

Day 11: Future goals

This photo has nothing to do with today’s prompt for the March study challenge, but it’s what I’m doing as I write this caption. I’m literally sitting in the library café with a beautiful cappuccino (look at that chocolatey froth!) and reading some good literature (Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf - my English exam is next week), which sounds like something out of an aesthetic blogger fairytale but is honestly happening at this very moment. But here are my future goals, which I’m very excited for:

HSC ATAR goal: 95+ (for context, the highest score is 99.95)
Dream university: Australian National University, Canberra
Dream course: Bachelor of Science (Advanced Honours) or Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), both of which need an ATAR of 95 + I want to do further postgraduate study
Dream career: Science research in behavioural neuroscience/biopsychology or medical science/molecular biology (but apparently there are no jobs in science research, in which case I’d like to be a clinical psychologist!)

And I know this sounds like a cliché, but because career isn’t everything, I’d definitely like to get married and have a family in the future. I’m obviously not ready for anything like that now, but i’s definitely part of my future goals and probably more important than what I’ve listed above. After all, there is life beyond study and a career, and I’m excited for that too.

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I very much appreciate your taking the time and effort on the in-depth analysis of SOTT. I do have a question about it. You ended the main section with this: "How does he rescue himself and others?... Musically, of course...Harry Styles has hung out his Sign." Can you clarify or expand on that a bit? I guess I was hoping for something more positive and hopeful of a definitive end to all the fuckery. Do you see anything like that for our boys, or (1 of 2)

(2 of 2) is it pretty much a lost cause and they’re all going to be stuck in a hellish round-a-bout of bullshit for the forseeable future?


I didn’t mean to imply that he hung out a Sign as in: “from here on it’s all Holo forever.” I’m sorry if it came across that way.

What I meant was that this song was Harry delivering the goods. “You want Holo? You got Holo.” And the messenger was the message– the meaning of the song itself explained how it was birthed, with a lot of pain, lies, confusion, forced separation.

I totally do not think this will last.

What I’ve seen for the last few days is:

- Liam and Niall tweeting congrats to Harry; Louis did not
- Harry unable to mention Louis’s name in interviews
- Liam tweeting a strange message– glad you’re getting to do your stuff. Because Liam can’t?
- H and L releasing public pap and stalker photos showing they are in separate locations/ continents

Why do they have to go this hard? Why are they always linked? If there’s nothing going on, why can’t there be normal congratulations, well done H, let’s catch up sometime?

It tells me that things are not normal right now, but the narrative is being pushed hard. We were hoping for change in April, but obviously it didn’t come. I think the hard push has to do with nothing getting in the way of a successful Holo launch.

Why would Louis agree to go along with it? If they’re not together, why would Louis care that Harry launches successfully, and go to such lengths?

Because they ARE together. Always. You.

And if Harry can write this kind of music, doing what he has to do to protect Louis, and Louis has to do what he has to do to protect Harry, and still make music, then they’re managing. We want them to be “free,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean what we imagine: free to come out as a couple, free to conduct business without restrictions.

I have to believe that they know how to manage their own careers better than we do. They have access to lawyers. They know things we don’t know. Both are amazingly smart and have planned their lives accordingly. It will end. Already almost no one in the media (thanks Sirius XM assholes) mentions Louis’ having a son, and he doesn’t even pretend to care anymore. And Harry gives no shits about deflecting questions he doesn’t want to answer.

All four boys are set to release music this quarter. It is ending, bit by bit. It will end.

HOW DID I DO IT?🤷🏼‍♀️ Seriously. There is no secret. None at all. I changed my diet, started working out and changed my MINDSET.👊🏼

The only limitations we have are the ones we set for ourselves. There is nothing that you cannot achieve once you commit your mind to it. Yes, I am physically very different between these two photos, but what you can’t see is how much my mindset has changed. If you told me a year ago that I would think the way I do now, I wouldn’t believe you. 🙌🏻

On that note, it does not matter what anyone says or tries to make you believe - as long as you believe in yourself you can do anything!💭

If you plant the seed that you won’t be able to do something, then, of course, you won’t be able to. But if you plant the seed that you CAN … then you WILL. Keep replacing the negativity in your head with positivity and watch it grow and multiply!🌻

And please, stop asking for a secret or quick fix. This is real life, it is forever. It is not a race and there are no secrets to leading a healthy and fulfilling life.💖

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Valid criticism of Aja: The edited photos on her social media set unrealistically high expectations for her makeup, which she is not living up to on the show.

Invalid criticism of Aja: Making fun of her skin texture, something that she has no control over and has nothing to do with her artistry or skill.

Learn the difference.

to the next dog person I hear talking about sloped backsin GSD

also to the next person who gives me a photo off the internet of a clearly pet bred GSD and sends it to me as an example for good structure and/or calls it a working line. lol…

(about the photo, this is the same dog in different stacks. As you can see, he may appear to be a completely different dog.)

The “angle” you see in the back (not talking about roaching, which is entirely different), depending on the dog, is a combination of low rear angulation and the way the dog is stacked. Some stacks make it appear more extreme, intentionally. Some lines are purposely bred to have extreme rear angulation, which is no good. (Really, anything bred toward extremes is no good imo)

Rear angulation also has nothing to do with “hip problems”, which is a common misconception!

This may be news to some, but good working lines have and should have some angle in the rear. The way GSD’s are built calls for it. They aren’t meant to be a big ole square like an Akita.

Here are a couple awesome west german working line dogs.

Carma Vom Oz Haus, a nationally competitive IPO3 female

Dexter, IPO3, 9th place at schutzhund national championship in 2016

(these two had a cool litter last year btw. LOL)

I wish I could help some people get off their newbie high-horse about GSD structure. :I

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Melly there's no cuter picture in the world than the one where Ziam are asleep together. Zaynie's little head on Loammy's lap 😍

I did the research and there really is no cuter photo then this one of two tender sleeping hyena children:

Let’s do a very important and scientific comparison!

Round 1: Ziam vs. Baby Deer sleeping in some guy’s disembodied hands

We’re starting off the competition with an intense one. You’ve got a lot of key elements here: baby deer sleeping, some guy’s hands to show you the smolness ratio. Who will be the winner?


Round 2: Ziam vs. Two Baby Kitties Sleeping

This one was real close because at first glance I thought I was doing a comparison of two of the same photo. As you can see though, the one on the left has a different background. 


Round 3: Ziam vs. Puppy Sleeping with a Teddy Bear (not to be confused with the alternate working title for the Ziam photo)

This last round almost made me break out into a sweat I ALMOST COULDN’T CALL A WINNER. But I did. 
Winner: Ziam. YOU LOSE, PUPPEH.

In short, there really is nothing cuter than this photo thanks for stopping by.

Even’s episode last season had been building up from Ep 7 onwards all the way up to Ep 8.

If we’re doing things by halves, Even has been anxiously on edge holding onto baited breath regarding Mikael since last week, and the selfie today parallels too too too much with the Ep 8 one from last season. Some form of a build up is happening slowly from Ep 3, to where we are now, Ep 4.

It’s 1st May, Mental Health Month, and Even gave us our first update of the new month. Nothing to do with Sana. But everything to do with him. Sana’s liked that photo.

This is Sana’s season, we know Sana and Even know each other. If Even does have an episode, we’d see it from Sana’s POV. So it has to be at a place where Even and Sana are both present.

IDK when that karaoke night thing will happen, but I feel like it could be very soon, maybe this week or next … and if it is this week, on Friday … Sana and Even would both be present there.

And if it was to happen, if Even was to have an episode, I feel Sana would do her utmost best to try and help Even in any way she could, by saying or doing something, or even … by praying something, if it could help Even in some way.

And that would … fire a thousand more questions into Isak’s mind.

Brace yourself.