has nobody seriously noticed this

I’ve already accepted that if I wasn’t always the one putting myself out, sending the first message out to people, the first word or question or call or literally anything I’d just fade into complete obscurity. Invisible. An invisible, annoying mess. I’ve already accepted that long ago, both with family and friends, but it still hurts.


In Vanoss’ most recent scary map: http://youtu.be/ItmxhgIRPnk
Delirious says “Touch me, somebody touch my ass” like all breathy after they teleport. AND VANOSS JUST GOES AND FUCKING DOES IT. Then they are all walking through a tunnel and nogla says “now walk through the anal” and Delirious just fucking says “I love anal” and I fucking cannot.

I don’t care how ridiculous Joel Schumacher’s film of The Phantom of the Opera is, when they light and hoist up the chandelier and that THEME kicks in and WIND STARTS BLOWING INDOORS FOR NO REASON and THE THEATRE COMES BACK TO LIFE LIKE A FUCKING 80S MUSIC VIDEO

I get the best kind of chills.