has no master

Ok shit dudes concept:

An AU where there are no Sith. Everything that’s happened–the invasion of Naboo, the Clone Wars, everything–is a manipulation carefully crafted by a power-hungry Jedi Council. Their weapon of choice? A red-armored Mandalorian who wields a black lightsaber.

Anakin’s former Master has been hunting this supposed rogue agent since the boy came into his care, but has never been able to catch him. Little does the new Knight know, when he starts on his own quest to apprehend the assassin that’s haunted his Master’s dreams, that everything is not what it seems.

At 13 years old, Obi-Wan Kenobi made a deal with the devil, and friend & foe may be one in the same.

….. Anyways, shit? Not shit? Lemme know. I’m kind of already sold on the concept so i’ll probably write it even if it is garbage but hey! Always nice to get some feedback on these concepts.

World Enough and Time ~ Doctor Who.

I need a shock blanket.

The beginning I enjoyed, it was interesting to see Missy try and act like the Doctor. She was pretty good, though i disliked the dab.

And then it went downhill; Bill was shot and then carted off. The Doctor with Nardole and Missy tried to save her but unfortunately time passed different.

I thought Mr Razor was Bill’s friend, the good guy, but evidently not. When he and Missy were talking I had a feeling that he could be the Master, I was right but still shocked when he revealed himself.

I knew Pearl Mackie was leaving but i didnt expect Bill to be turned into a cyberman!

Bill’s a cyberman! .. I liked her.

The Master has returned and with Missy .. could be explosive.

Is Missy about to reveal her true colours?

… I could really use that shock blanket right about now.

in orchestra:
  • bassoonist: *squeaks almost all the notes in their solo*
  • conductor: *stops conducting*
  • conductor: ok bassoon, what is the problem???
  • bassoonist: oh yeah sorry my reed is dying
  • conductor: oh yeah i get it
  • conductor: after hearing that solo
  • conductor: part of me is dying too
Master list of Great Comet Broadway footage

So I decided to make a master list of all of the footage / performances from the Broadway cast of the Great Comet. I will continue to update this list as more videos get released!






  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: I understand that John Simm is the version of the Master that most people - myself included - first became familiar with/hold close to their hearts, but Michelle Gomez is actually a much more faithful reimagining of the character's beginnings and so anyone saying shit about "the REAL Master" being back can sincerely fuck off