has my face


🥀 me??? wearing gay make up bc BigHit broke my heart yday??? more likely than u think!!!💐

anyway i done my makeup b4 they semi-redeemed themselves *shrugs* but 3 selfies?? from two different days??? yiKES…. 

i think (sorry if i’m wrong vjwhvbg pls…) i was tagged by: @gaymyg @1honeybf @younhgyun nd @17pjm 

no offence but i have like 2 friends on here this whole tagging malarky is TORTURE fnvhidsj but i guess i’ll tag @wiseok @barefacedtae @hobitaki @9taegi nd @1iebling 💖✨🌷

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Do you think Kyo has a tattoo on his dick? Like a dragon coiled around it? And you never answered the question about the nose job! You're the all knowing Kyo Sorceress, you should know these things!

he prob has the fucking starbucks logo tattooed on his dick lets be real

I know I’m absolutely never going to finish this.


ok i did a rough closet cosplay of my bard Cynbel!!! if i were to really cosplay her i’d have to get all drow purple and get her short white hair, but this is fun for now.


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“I belong here, Hawke.”

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So I was rewatching Miraculous (again) and I just felt like you would understand that wonderful shipper feeling you get when you see the scene of Chat Noir smiling at Marinette's family photo in Animan.

NONY, YOU REALLY GET ME. BECAUSE, OK, ok. Like, I’m not sure why I never made a post about this but now that you brought it up I’m just??????? heck yeah let me talk about this—

because there is more to this scene than you know, anon. THERE IS MORE. So slip on your shipping goggles cuz we about to swim deep in this ocean of shipping feels~

See here, we have our sunshine baby Chat smiling at a picture of Marinette and her family. Now, that in itself is already oodles of cute and fluff because it shows he really likes the Dupain-Chengs—–


See this moment here? When Ladybug calls him, he reacts like this:

What is that face, you tomcat?

Is that guilt i see in your face?


Is it because “the love of your life” has caught you smiling at a photo of some other girl? Or is it because you caught yourself smiling at a photo of some other girl? In the general vicinity of the love of your life and the other girl’s parents?



are ye guilty of another crush? y/y