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Running Wild

Prompt: Something on how everyone loves Batmom’s hair. And the boys know that when going out they have to look perfect with her around. Honestly just work your magic, I’d be fine if you just put her having a hard time getting the boys ready for a gala

Words: 683

“They are your children, Bruce Wayne.” Bruce does his best to bite back a grin, as he finishes tying his tie. You pull your dress on and turn your back to your husband, “Can you help me zip this, please?”

He smiles at you in the mirror, before giving up on his tie. He guides the zipper up, his fingers leading it up with a warm trail against your skin. You do your best to fight down the shiver that wants to consume you.

Turning around you narrow your eyes at him, “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re up to Mister Wayne.”

Bruce smirks at you before giving you his best innocent eyes. “I have no idea what you mean, Mrs. Wayne,” he practically purrs the words.

You roll your eyes before tying his tie for him, “I organized this fundraiser Bruce. I’ve spent months on it, making sure it’s perfect, and it’s for a good cause.”

Bruce sighs, “I know. This function is raising money for Gotham’s orphanage. It’s going to supply a lot of the refurbishing and improvements needed. I just don’t get why we couldn’t do something more than just another ball.”

You shake your head as you sit down on the bed and pull on your shoes, “For Gotham’s fiercest crime fighter you’re very naive Bruce Wayne.”

He raises an eyebrow in question and says, “Oh really?”

“Yes, really. Most of these people want to give the money and been seen doing so. They want to dress up in their pearls, and finest, and socialize with others of their class. They don’t care about what actually has to be done. Hell, most of them are in so deep with the crime families it’s amazing that they give at all. But, this is one sure fine way to get them to open their pocketbooks.”

Bruce sighs, “Sometimes I forget that you navigate this world more than I do. You’re always the one left behind to make excuses when the boys and I run out. You’re the one that plans most of these functions.”

You smile, “It’s for a good cause.”

Bruce bends over and whispers, “A very good cause,” before kissing you. Then his hand is tangled in your hair, and you’re reaching for his bowtie to untie, when shouts sound out in the hallway.

Bruce lets out a small growl before pulling back. You grin at him before standing off the bed, and walking towards the door. You open it to find the boys wrestling down the hallway. You let out one sharp whistle and they break apart. Your hands go to your hips and you say, “Seriously? You boys aren’t even dressed yet! And we have to leave in twenty minutes!” They just keep staring at you before you ask, “What in the world are you staring at?”

Jason just says, “Is your hair supposed to look like that?”

Your brows knit together in confusion before you reach up to feel your hair, all out of place. The memory of Bruce’s fingers tangling in your hair makes you groan. You take a deep breath and say, “I know this event won’t be fun for you guys, but it is very important to me. Can you please go get ready; brush your teeth, put on deodorant, comb your hair, and put your tuxes and shoes on.”

They stare at you for a moment before they agree to go. They trudge down the hallway, and you turn to Bruce, “Can you please make sure they’re actually getting ready, and not having some giant pillow fight?”

He just smirks and asks, “Are you sure you don’t need my help fixing your hair?”

You smile and begin pushing him out the door, “You’ve done enough thank you very much. I can manage these curls on my own thank you very much.”

He just smiles, before reaching forward and gently pulling on a loose curl. It straightens for just a minute before bouncing back up. He just winks at you and says, “Personally, I like it when you let them run wild.”

Different Forms of Magick

Magick can come in various forms, with various techniques and uses. There is no right or wrong form, just whatever works best for you. You may find you want to use few, many or even all forms you encounter. There’s no limit. The only thing I would say is fear or doubt of your own ability may not provide the best results when working.

I’m going to list some, though I am in no way an expert on all, nor do I know all forms magick takes. But at the very least, I hope this will be an interesting if not useful read.

• Colour Magick - some would say this is one of the simplest forms of magick. It is often used together with others, but can be effective when used alone. Colour can enhance or change moods and emotions, it can be used to represent your goal and even something as simple as dressing your alter in a specific colour can have an effect.

• Herb magic - this can also be used alongside many other forms, for instance with talismans and amulets. The oil from herbs can be used to dress yourself or candles. You can even combine many herbs and oils together to create the desired effect.

• Candle magick - one of the oldest and simplest forms of magick, they can be used in many ways. They can be used to attract or repel, used as an offering, used to form your circle, to represent elements when placed using different colours and locations, or even just to represent the element of fire solely.

• Crystal magick - crystals and stones have their own energies and can be used in many ways. They can be used for protection, healing, enhancement, enchantment, to aid in meditation any many more ways. Even ordinary stones can be charged for use in different ways, an example would be rune stones.

• Knot magick - strangely although this is a simple and versatile form, I’ve found few people know of it. It can be used in weaving, knitting, crocheting, just plain knots or intricate knots. You can use anything that can be made into a knot, whether you choose rope, ribbon, cord, wool, string. At its simplest it’s knots in a cord, but you can make it more intricate with uses of different colours, shapes, changing the pattern in places and even weaving in symbols.

• Representational magick - magick is ever changing and flowing, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to add this or not, but history is important and unfortunately a lot has been lost. Representational magick can now be used to describe what you’re using a tool or ingredient for, an example would be that a purple candle is used to represent spiritual power. But there was a time, if not still, that it was used to describe a form all of it’s own. A good example would be the use of poppets, dolls fashioned by the witch to represent a person. With witch hunting and bad portrayal in media this has come to be seen as a negative practice, when it can be used for many things.

• Symbolic magick - unlike representational magic which would use items, this uses shapes, sigils and symbols. They can be used to represent anything, and while there are many you may know as standard, planetary for example, you yourself are free to create your own. Many years ago when a witch would have to hide their workings, they would even come to develop their own alphabet for their book of shadows.

• Elemental magic - with this magic the elements are called upon to add power to workings. You may find yourself favouring one in particular, and it may not be one that would be traditionally fitting for you. For example I am a Gemini, typically an air sign, but I favour working with fire.

• Talisman, amulet and charm magick - this uses a lot of other forms. There are many uses for them, luck and protection being very well known. They are fashioned as jewellery, carried around in a pouch and can even be made into key chains and phone charms. This form of magic can be as simple as a necklace made with a single stone or as intricate as you like, including symbols, containers for herbs many different stones that compliment each other, use of colour and different metals, even the shape it takes can have an effect.

• Divination magick - divination magick can come in many different forms. From tarot, scrying, crystal balls, palmistry to tea leaves and many more. You may find one works better for obtaining answers than another, it’s not uncommon to find one is more successful for you personally. Most people will think of it as “future telling” thanks to how media has portrayed it, but that is just one aspect of it. You can use it to seek answers, to find things that are lost, and to find information to guide you. You may choose to use to obtain the meaning behind dreams. There are many uses besides seeing the future, and you may find you use divination in a completely different way to others.

☆☆Thank you for reading, and please let me know if there’s any forms you think I should add☆☆

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Bellarke Fic were Bellamy finds out when Clarke’s birthday is and makes her her a ring or bracelet or picks her a flower or something?? :) - cause she should still celebrate her birthday even if it’s the apocalypse :) THANKYOU


Wow, k, so I saved this ask in my drafts and now it won’t post which is super cute. Sorry, anon. Anyway, I wrote this fairly quickly? It was just fun to write lmao. ALSO ty @bcnightsquad​ for inspiring me with the drinking game vignette you sent <3

Fandom: The 100
Pairing: Bellarke
Rating: G
Words: 1,381


Bellamy shouldn’t have expected to beat Clarke at pong. He saw her obliterate everyone at every alcohol fueled game during their time at the Dropship, but for some reason he still agreed to play against her tonight. He’s not bad, and she’s had to down a few of her own cups thanks to him, but Clarke has hardly missed a shot. Before he knows it, Bellamy is chugging his last cup in defeat.

“You know,” he says, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, “seeing as I’m a member of the guard, the legal drinking age is twenty one, and you’re only seventeen, I could arrest you right now if I wanted to.”

With a roll of her eyes, Clarke aims the browned, bent ping pong ball they used to play at Bellamy’s head. “First of all, age restrictions stopped being enforced the day one hundred kids were sent to Earth without adult supervision,” Clarke reminds him. It’s not a written rule but Bellamy supposes it’s true. Age is obsolete when all that matters is survival. “Second,” Clarke continues, “I’m eighteen.”

“Still not of age,” counters Bellamy. He tosses the ping pong ball back to her.

“Must we revisit my first point?”

Clarke’s age has never been something Bellamy focused on. She’s wiser than the oldest Arkadian and more mature than most adults. If her youthful features didn’t play a factor in Bellamy’s perception of her, he would assume she’s the most ancient person on the planet. It’s easy to forget that in reality, the only reason Clarke is on Earth at all is because she was just a kid.

And now she’s not.

Age isn’t important on the ground, birthdays even less so, but people are important. Clarke is important. Especially to Bellamy.

How could he have possibly missed her birthday?

“Since when have you been eighteen?” Bellamy asks.

Clarke shrugs, walking over to the other end of the table to stand with him. “Since Mount Weather, I think. Could have been before that. The council forgot to supply us with calendars.”


“Not that Priamfaya would spare me if I were still seventeen.”

“You’re literally turning a conversation about your birthday into a discussion about the end of the world.”

“My birthday was months ago, Bellamy.” Any humor Clarke wears slips from her face as she steps into his space. She stares him dead in the eyes when she says “the apocalypse is now.”

Trying for comfort, Bellamy slides his knuckles along the path between her elbow and shoulder. “You really know how to lighten the mood, Princess.”

Frowning, Clarke conks her head against his shoulder and rests it there. Into his sleeve she mumbles a halfhearted “shut up.”

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10 First Date Questions To Help Ease Things Along

First dates can be nerve-wracking event. Sometimes they lead to hot passion; sometimes they’re a damp squid. However, the key to having a great time is relaxed conversation, which can be helped along with some well-chosen first-date questions.

  1. What kinds of things really make you laugh?
  2. What is your favourite movie of all time and why?
  3. What should I know about you that I’d never think to ask about?
  4. What’s your favourite place in the entire world?
  5. Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
  6. What’s your biggest goal in life right now?
  7. What is your favourite way to spend a Saturday?
  8. What were you like as a kid?
  9. Do you or have you had a nickname?
  10. Have you figured out your calling in life?
  11. What do you hate most about first dates?

Always remember…

Listen as much or more than you talk. The best communication happens when even and equal exchanges occur between two people. Think of conversation as a tennis match in which the players lob the ball back and forth. Each person gets a turn—and no one hogs the ball.

Peel the onion, don’t stab it with a paring knife. Getting to know someone new is like peeling an onion one thin layer at the time. It’s a slow and safe process. Be overeager to get into deep and meaningful conversation, and you risk going too fast. Ask too many personal or sensitive questions can put people on the defensive.

Don’t dump. If feeling inhibited is a problem for some people, others go to the opposite extreme: they use a date as an opportunity to purge and vent. When a person reveals too much too soon, it can give a false sense of intimacy. In reality, premature or exaggerated revelations are due more to boundary issues, unresolved pain, or self-centredness than true intimacy.

Genuine interest goes a long way. Maybe your first date questions will lead you to discover that this person is your soul mate. But remember its exciting to be able to get to know another human being. Great communication starts with being genuinely interested in the individual you’re with and paying close attention to what they. The process begins by providing lots of space for the full expression of information and asking follow-up questions to further draw out the one talking.

Me: LEGO BATMAN IS SO GOOD! And the way it handles the whole BatJokes thing is wonderful. They’re so gay and happy to hate each other and they CALLED it a relationship which is important because this film is all about unusual family dynamics. So you get the surrogate father rather than the birth father, the adopted son rather than the birth son and the not-really-a-love-interest instead of a sibling. AND THEN you get the villain who completes you instead of the silver screen romance. It all works and everyone is happy and learns to accept their feelings for each other and that the feelings they have for these people are real and valid. It’s a really lovely film about unconventional family building that places the relationship between two men in the slot reserved for the love story, and a declaration of hate where there should be a declaration of love. The reason that there isn’t a moment where Batman and The Joker are declared ‘boyfriends’ is because this film isn’t going about things in a by the book matter, but that doesn’t stop them being each other’s romantic partner in the context of the film. 

Discourse Me: But The Joker is one of the most obvious examples of queer coded villains in all of comics and associating queerness with evil like that is hella homophobic. You can’t deny that The Joker was more into Batman than Batman was into The Joker for most of Lego Batman and indeed, has made several passes at him in the comics and you can’t argue that this film does much to deconstruct that. The best you can say is that when Batman does admit his feelings for The Joker he doesn’t become a depraved villain and so queerness isn’t directly tied to evil, but it’s still kinda…there. Oh yeah and the filmmakers didn’t actually have the balls to say that they were in love and plenty of people are going to view how BatJokes are portrayed by Lego as a joke rather than a serious relationship and you are grasping at straws rather than appreciating genuine representation.  

Me: Shut the fuck up and have some fun jesus christ. 

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Per your top 5 favorite characters list, why Ginny? I love her too, just curious what in particular put her in your number one spot. Love your blog, btw!

Honestly my top 5 varies based on how I feel when I get up in the morning. I honestly can’t choose a single character most of the time.

But I do love Ginny dearly.

She’s smart, witty, and friendly, and what’s not to love about that?

But more than that, I think she is an incredibly strong woman who comes into her own over the course of the series.

From the very beginning, she’s impressive. How many 11-year-old girls could escape from Voldemort’s control like she did when she got rid of the diary? How many 11-year-old girls could go through what she did and come out on the other side without completely falling apart? From the very start, she’s a survivor.

A lot of people complained that she wasn’t included enough in the books (though she’s mentioned more often than most people realize), and I would love to have seen more of her story too. On the other hand, I also love that she has her own thing going on in the background. She grows into this amazing self-assured woman, and we as readers get only glimpses of that transition. There are all of these wonderful little moments, her developing independent friendships, her sharing a joke with Harry. One of my particular favorites is when Ron suggests she goes to the ball with Harry. She had already accepted Neville’s invitation to go as friends, but to be completely honest, Neville would have understood if she ditched him. But she didn’t. This is a 13-year-old girl who has just been handed her crush on a silver platter, and she turns the opportunity down because she already has a date.

This is the girl who Fred and George were both impressed with and slightly afraid of. And that alone says a great deal about Ginny.

As we get into OP, I love that Ginny is even more confident. She stands up for both Luna and Neville, and that absolutely matters. She also shows that, regardless of her feelings for Harry, she’s still going to stand up to him. She calls him out on his shit when she thinks he needs it, but she’s also there to listen to him when he just needs someone to listen. OP shows Ginny’s ability to connect with Harry emotionally, and give him exactly what he needs. I love that she has the emotional intelligence to deal with both Harry and her friends. She’s down-to-earth, but she also injects some much-needed positivity into Harry’s life.

In HBP, we get to see even more of Ginny. I genuinely like the way the subplots with Ginny’s boyfriend were handled. Ron’s annoyance seemed perfectly in-character, but I love how Ginny and her relationships basically deconstructed the idea that Ron has a voice in her dating life. Not only does she repeatedly fire back and assert her independence, she challenges the hypocrisy and makes it clear that her business is not her brothers’ business. And I love Ginny for giving zero credence to the idea that her brothers had a vote in her dating life.

All in all, I just really really love Ginny.

Basketball player! Jaehyun

Basketball player! Jaehyun
• It was basically his life, basketball came before anything
• He started playing at a young age and anyone could see that he had a talent for it, shooting three pointers at seven years old, if he didn’t have school he’d probably be in the basketball court five minutes away from his house all day long and probably way after dark.
• Above everything else, it was his stress reliever, everyone has their own ways of ridding their worries and basketball was his.
• When school got a little too or he didn’t do well on a test he’d grab his sneakers and ball and he’d race down to the court, it was usually empty because most people in the neighbourhood knew that Jaehyun pretty much owned it.
• The downside to this was that when it came to basketball, Jaehyun was a perfectionist. If he wasn’t in the right mind set and wouldn’t be able to shoot, he’d become even more frustrated than he was before.
• So he’d stay until he calmed down and was able to make a shot. Just being in the court would help him to think straight and concentrate on the reason why he was stressed out, after doing that he would be able to come up with a solution and think of the positives.
• He was so excited when he first case to high school that on the first day he didn’t even bother picking up his timetable, he ran to the gym to find the coach and ask him when try outs would be, finding out that they would be in a few weeks, all of his concentration went towards making the team.
• He’d spend five minutes eating his lunch and then head to the gym to practice shooting some more and one day he’d see you sitting on the bleachers.
• Because this doofus had been spending so much time making the basketball team he didn’t even stop to make friends though he knew of a couple of guys named mark and ten who were trying out for the team too, so he talked to them in class.
• He knew that he had to make friends to get through high school and so that he could have some sort of social life.
• So he did something out of character, walked up towards you while you were finishing off homework and sat beside you, twirling the ball in his hands.
• “hi my names jaehyun, want to be friends?”
• You got a shock at the sound of a new voice beside you as you looked up to see an undoubtedly attractive boy who had the most charming smile you’ve ever seen. Clad in a plain white t-shirt and basketball pants, he stuck a hand out towards you with the ball in the other hand, you took his hand and shook it lightly and you couldn’t stop the smile making its way onto your face.
• You were already stressing about school even though you were only a week in so hadn’t made many friends either. You found comfort in the gym at lunchtime, when it was quiet, giving you time to think and peace to concentrate on revision and homework.
• Jaehyun was a fresh face that you hadn’t seen before, probably because he spent all of his time in the gym when he wasn’t in class, funnily enough you knew a thing or two about basketball because your brother used to play.
• The conversation came so easily to both of you as you discussed what subjects you were taking and what your plans for the future, you weren’t sure what you wanted to do yet but you listened in amazement to Jaehyun as he talked about his passion for basketball and how it had always been his dream to play alongside the pros.
• You felt yourself wanting Jaehyun to pursue his dreams and be able to make them come true as much as he did, with the amount of adoration he had when he spoke about it and the way his eyes lit up.
• Soon enough it became a daily routine to bring a packed lunch to school so that you could sit on the bleachers and talk to jaehyun as he practiced shooting. It was incredible how close you became in such a short period of time.
• He even asked you if you would go with him to try outs, knowing how much it meant to him to make it on the team you agreed straight away.
• There was never a doubt in your mind that Jaehyun wouldn’t make the team, he was one of the best amateur basketball players you had seen, when they called his name along with his other friends ten and mark who you had become close with also, you raced down from the bleachers and pulled them in for a group hug.
• And then you realised they all stunk so you pulled back and yelled at them to go shower.
• A few years on you were still the best of friends with the noobs but would consider yourself closer with Jaehyun and you had the most things in common.
• In the time that you had been friends with jaehyun you had begun to develop feelings for him that weren’t on a friendship level, being so invested with the team he was pretty much oblivious to the fact.
• You were pretty sure than ten and mark had caught on before him which says a lot.
• The coaches noted the amount of effort Jaehyun put into his games and always played with 110% and since the old team captain had graduated that year they decided to give him the title.
• When he found out he raced through all of the corridors looking for you and the guys so that he could share his excitement, after searching through most of the halls he found you at your locker and picked you up into a hug spinning you around, you clung onto him for dear life, in fear that he would drop you or you would fall.
• Though he did end up grabbing the attention of everyone else who was in the corridor too.  He finally placed you back on the ground, helping you stand because you were really dizzy, your heartbeat accelerated at his smile, you hadn’t seen him smile like that since he got onto the basketball team.
• you danced around the halls with him because you were his number one fan and probably just as excited as he was, you ran together to find mark and ten to tell them the news, ending up with you being squished in the middle of  their group hug.
• After school the four of you had made plans for a celebratory dinner, the buzz still hadn’t died down after you shared lots of laughs and inside jokes at the noodle bar you had decided to go to.
• Not realising the time you all had to call it night, because his house was in the same direction as yours Jaehyun walked you home, you turned to give him a hug and congratulated him once again, he smiled and kissed the top of your head “I wouldn’t have made it without you”
• You were glad he decided to leave at that point so he didn’t see your cheeks turn into tomatoes. After watching him leave you’d run and probably scream into your pillow because 1. Jaehyun kissed the top of your head 2. What did that even mean? 3. was that on a friendship level or did it mean more??
• But you didn’t realise that become captain came with a lot of popularity from, the girls of the school and suddenly, you didn’t hang out as much, he didn’t text you as  much,  you didn’t eat lunch together anymore.
• You thought back, was it something you did? It broke your heart to see him talk to people who only liked him after he was made captain of the basketball team, how could he have forgotten about you so quickly? Did your friendship mean nothing?
• He rarely even talked to ten and mark anymore, his own teammates
• He walked over to your but you refused to look him in the eye, you were not going to be friends with him whenever he felt like it. “Hey”
• You continued to ignore him, stuffing books into your locker. “Are you coming to my game tonight?”
• You scoffed, slamming your locker “oh sorry are you talking to me?”
• “duh who else am I talking to? you’ve never missed one of my games before and you know you’re my lucky charm”
• “sorry, why don’t you go ask one of your cheerleaders to do it for you? I’m busy tonight”
• You started to walk away when he grabbed your hand, making you face him “woah woah woah what did I do?”
• You laughed dryly “jaehyun I’m still surprised you even remember who I am with the amount of times we’ve talked in the past month,god you hardly even talk to ten or mark and they’re on the team! You’ve changed. You used to play basketball because you loved it, because it was your passion. Now you play it for popularity and attention.”
• He looked at you as the realisation hit him, he had neglected the friends he had since freshman year for “friends” who were the popular crowd. Guilt washed over him as he promised himself he wouldn’t be that person. He sighed and pulled you closer, resting his head on top of yours, you knew that he felt bad for what he had done but you couldn’t forgive him just yet. With basketball season coming into play and Jaehyun acting differently you were basically on your own for the past month.
• “I’m sorry, I really mean it. I’ll go and apologise to the guys too, they both deserve an explanation too. I just got so caught up in finally taking the steps forward to achieving my dream”
• “I get that jaehyun but I want to be with you when you take those steps” you huffed, finally wrapping your arms around his waist and he smiled, knowing that he had been forgiven.
• “It’s not too late you know, if you come to the game tonight I’ll make it up to you. I pinkie promise”
• You walked into the basketball court and tried to find jaehyun’s eyes as you took a seat, his eyes lit up when he found you in the crowd, giving you a wave.
• He had told you earlier that there were going to be representatives from huge teams coming tonight to scout for fresh talent so you hoped for his sake that he played as well as he normally did
• You felt jaehyun stare at you a few times through the game, he still guilty over the way he treated his best friend, not only that but he person he was starting to fall in love with. He created a plan so that he could try and win you back.
• You played with your fingers nervously as you looked at the scoreboard, the two teams were neck and neck and there was only 30 seconds until the end of the game.
• 15 seconds left. Jaehyun avoided the opposing teams defence and sunk the ball through the hoop with seconds to spare.
• The home crowd went wild, the rest of the team picked Jaehyun up, carrying him around the court, he laughed as he was let down, hugging mark and ten. Then his eyes met yours, he took a permanent marker out of his pocket and wrote something on the ball, he laughed at the confusion on your face as he threw the ball to you.
• You caught it, spinning it around to read the message and even though his handwriting was awful you made it out clearly “will you go out with me?”
• You nodded and ran down the bleachers, leaving the ball behind, he met you in the middle of the court and kissed you, holding your face in his hands, sending the crowd wild once more, you smiled into the kiss as ten and mark came over to tease you both and began ruffling your hair but you couldn’t have been happier.

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Prince! Hansol

Merman! Taeil

Merman! Sicheng

Sway - George Weasley Imagine

A/N: more requests! I don’t know why but when I got this I pictured it like a scene from The Wedding Date and this song! :)

Anonymous said: Hiya! I was wondering if you could do a george/twins one shot imagine thing, where the reader is a short girl in gryffindor, who’s best friends with the twins even though she’s a year below them? But George and y/n get into a massive argument and end up shouting etc. and really insulting and hurting eachother? And they’re both really stubborn so they both continue being really nasty and dismissive toward eachother, until eventually Fred gets so sick of it and tries to get them to make up? 

Here it goes!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter!

Your name: submit What is this?



“Uh-oh” both twins said looking at each other.

“What have you guys done now?” Ginny asked looking suspiciously at her brothers.


“We would never!”

“I am deeply offended that you would think that your dear ol’ brothers would-“

“George and Fred Weasley!” (Y/N) said standing at the bottom of the stairs from the girls’ dorms with bright hot pink hair. Ginny ran as quickly as she could. She knew this wasn’t going to end well.

“Well, hello, there (Y/N)” Fred said smiling innocently. “Trying a new look, I see-“

“Knock it off, Fred!” (Y/N) said glaring at him as she walked closer to them. “What the bloody hell did you two do to my hair?” she asked getting more furious with every word.

She had known the Weasley twins ever since she started Hogwarts. They were a year ahead of her, but they were still her best friends and they loved her like their little sister. And like their little sister, she was often the Guinea Pig in their new inventions for their shop. She supported them more than anyone, but she would rather not be an experiment to them anytime they wanted.

“How can you just assume that we did this?” George said pretending to be offended.

“Oh, I don’t know” (Y/N) said sarcastically. “Call it a hunch!”

“Come on, (Y/N), it doesn’t look that bad” Fred said trying not to laugh.

“Yes, once we know how to turn it back, imagine how many people will pay for it” George said excited.

“WHAT!?” (Y/N) snapped walking over to them. “You don’t know how to take this off?!”

“W-well, it’s a bit more complicated than we originally thought” Fred said starting to get a little nervous. The short girl was pretty scary when she was mad.

“My hair is pink” she said between clenched teeth. “IT’S PINK!”

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I don't want to be a huge downer, or seem like I'm attacking you in anyway. But from the looks of your art, mainly the busts, and from my experience from watching tons and tons of artists stream--now this is a huge assumption and I don't mean to offend you or anything--but it looks like those probably take you maybe an hour tops? Like I said, totally ball parking that, and I'm sorry if it's 100% wrong. But most of the working population doesn't make $30+ an hour...

Are you saying because other people aren’t making 30 an hr I shouldn’t either? With commissions there is time spent talking to clients, research, sketching for the right pose, lots if prep work on top of the actual drawing. Definitely more than 1 hr. In fact at the end of it I’m maybe only a little above minimum wage. Honestly your comment has made me stop feeling bad and I’m definitely raising prices now so thank you for that.

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((Dunno which characters you wanted, so I just did all the ‘good’ guys))
Lucio is dodging ALL the paintballs. You cannot catch this boi. Unless, of course, your Tracer because damn, she’s gotten everyone at least twice and no one is happy about it. Mercy’s hiding out, and eventually teams up with Pharah to ambush everyone with paintballs, but she can’t stay in the air forever and when she gets down, you bet your ass D.va’s waiting. She has no qualms of paintballing Mercy, but Pharah doesn’t have qualms of paintballing D.VA either. But they are surprised when Mercy paint balls both of them. Hey, if she can win at something she might as well take the advantage. Soon enough they hear more than see Reinhardt coming their way, and barely have time to get out of the way as he and Torbjorn barrel their way into the room. The two of them are paint balling each other and anyone unfortunate enough to get caught in the crossfire(everyone, honestly.) 76 has since disappeared, and most people think he just went to his room, but suddenly everyone has a paintball to the head and no idea where it came from. Genji is aggressively trying to get Hanzo’s attention while Hanzo is aggressively ignoring him, moving places away from him constantly. He finally just paintballs his face plate and disappears, and Zenyatta, who had just been observing passively, made it his personal mission to absolutely drench Hanzo. Bastion got talked into the game and situated himself in a corner, hitting anyone unlucky enough to round that corner, but Zarya is having none of that. She gets assistance from Mei, and the both of them wage a paintball war against the cornered Bastion, but both of the girls get hit before they can take him down. Doesn’t stop them though. Symmetra’s more than anything trying not to get hit. She didn’t really want to have to wash her stained clothes, no matter how much people told her the paint was clothes safe. Not to mention it hurt getting hit. Winston doesn’t join until last minute, when a 'stray’ paintball hits his book. He knows Tracer was the one to hit him and he make sit his personal mission to pay her back. McCree’s hitting anyone that he catches sight of, and just having a grand ol’ time. He hasn’t had this much fun in a good while, and he especially goes and makes the newbies his targets. Good practice, he says. In the end, no one knows who won because everyone got paintballed, and 76 refuses to admit he even joined. They just settle down with the fact that mostly everyone had a pretty nice time.

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Do you know about this competition of putting as many spiders in your mouth as possible? I saw it on "Ripley's Believe it or Not", so it might be fake, but I was curious about how dangerous it is for the spiders and people involved.

Well, I wouldn’t doubt it being true, while its hard to show something like that on tv because thankfully people will complain about the animal cruelty. Most large spiders have fangs that can pierce our thin skin on the esophagus and mouth, and they need them to eat so defanging a spider is just torturing and dooming it.

Tarantulas have urticating stinging hairs on their body that they use for self defense, so swallowing those live would be a no go.

This isn’t the only time this has happened. Some idiot in 2012 died after taking part in a contest for a $860 ivory ball python in Florida. He had eaten more than 60 grams of meal worms, 35 three-inch-long ‘super worms’ and a bucket of discoid roaches. Now, he won those contests, and the insects were raised in Sterile conditions as food for reptiles, but the problem is that he ate some alive, and he ate a large amount at once, and the spines and hairs on the legs used to hold on and resist being pulled out of the ground or swallowed dug into the throat, resulting in many legs being lodged in the throat, causing him to choke on the cockroach legs, and he threw up, causing more legs to get stuck in the throat, causing him to asphyxiate.

Sadly he already had two poor kids and is unable to claim a Darwin Award.

Don’t be an idiot, kids.

Riley Matthews is better than your fave

I have a lot to say in regards to this particular gem of a character.

[Let me preface this by saying I’m not anti Maya. I’ll admit I’m not her biggest fan but that’s just because she’s not really my cup of tea.]

Riley, however, is everything I love in a character all wrapped up into one giant ball of smiles. It honestly kills me that she’s so unappreciated and under loved. I feel like in today’s ‘world’ we’re use to young people, specifically preteens and teenagers, being too grown for their age. Somehow we’ve made it the norm for children to not have any innocence.
Riley is the human embodiment of childhood. She’s naive and gullible. She’s eternally optimistic and radiates warmth and light. Idk about you guys but when I was a kid (in the late 90’s and early 2000’s) I believed everything. I was optimistic, I believed in fairy tales and love at first sight. I believed in world peace and as my mom would so lovingly put it I was “living in a fantasy world.”
Riley is everything her friends aren’t. Riley is everything most kids aren’t nowadays. She still has innocence and even though she’s roughly 14(?) she still likes bunnies and believes in love and Pluto and she’s a fucking ball of sunshine. It infuriates me that people dumb her down because of it, they make her out to be this ditzy character with no original thoughts. Think every stereotypical blonde character ever..now add brown hair and that’s basically what Riley’s seen as. But she’s so much more than a goofy optimistic kid who happens to be an easy target.

She’s also the only one of her friends that seem to be struggling with who they really are. Farkle had a brief 'I’m Donnie Barnes’ moment but it was resolved that same episode. Riley struggles with having the “perfect” parents (which don’t even get me started with how disappointed I am about Corpanga’s parenting skills toward their teenage daughter) she also doesn’t think she has any talent, she gets bullied for being herself, and she cries herself to sleep when her friends abandoned her. She doesn’t just need to be protected she needs appreciation, admiration and acceptance.

I don’t understand why people hate her? Is it because Lucas likes her? Is it because she’s weird and stands out amongst her friends? I mean Riley is hands down the best fucking character on Girl Meets World idgaf what anybody says. For almost 2 seasons we saw her swoon and talk about Lucas and the second she finds out her own best friend likes him she steps back. Don’t try to come at me with that “Maya stepped back first” no, she didn’t. There was nothing to step back from because she didn’t like him until well after Riley did. Their entire seventh grade year went by without her ever getting feelings for him. She was too head over heels for Josh. But that’s not the point, so I digress.

The point is Riley Matthews doesn’t deserve all the hate she gets. We should be happy that a character like her exists in 2016. One who young people can look up to or even a 22 year old like me can look at and go “wow that was me in middle school” Or hell even “I wish I was more like her in grade school.” The world needs more people like Riley.

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Have you considered the reason he stopped eating in the first place is because he's scared in his new cag because that's what it sounds like. Snakes breed because they are happy and healthy so if they're making babies for breeders why are you trying to be different?

First off, anon, I’d just like to state that I don’t like your tone of voice. If you’re looking to get an honest answer from someone, you may want to rephrase what you are trying to say because this question comes off as an attack. If that was your intention, i have no need for you and your terrible attitude on my blog, thanks :)
Anyhow, I’m not sure how to word this without sounding rude, and I’m not jazzed about fluffing my language up after being greeted with a message such as “why are you trying to be different” along with subtle accusations of not being able to troubleshoot basic husbandry mistakes.
I’ve been taking care of ball pythons in some capacity for years. Even though I had not kept my own until the recent years, it does not discount the past years of professional experience I have. In short, this isn’t my first rodeo. Helios is not off feed because of his enclosure. I’m very capable of providing and maintaining an appropriate “large” enclosure for ball pythons. It’s not even as difficult as most people make it out to be. Just have several appropriately sized hides and no open spaces. Additionally, he has only been in this new enclosure for a few weeks. He has been off feed since October. If you ask me, the fact he has eaten in a larger enclosure tells me he’s more content than previously, or at least it would if i didn’t know he is a terrible eater and has historically fasted in the winter months.
Even though industry standards dictate that full grown adult males should be kept in an enclosure larger than a 41 qt, because “bigger cages will scare them and they will go off feed,” i don’t buy into that and I’ll explain why.

Im not a big fan of the traditional rack system. It’s proven to be a toxic state of mind for breeders and would-be breeders. For ball pythons it’s praised for its ability to keep them on feed with appropriate temps and humidity, but it also has its downfalls. Everyone tries to fit every species of snake into racks, even snakes that are not meant for such small and cramped spaces. @rainbowsnakes has several amazing write ups on the subject that i highly recommend you take a look at.
Basically, they are the bare bones of enclosures. When you take a look, they have what? A water bowl and some bedding (usually paper towel/newspaper). The animal is able to fill its need for food and water, but there is 0 mental or physical stimulation. It is my firm belief that if you are keeping animals, even reptiles who have a history of being seen as unintelligent, you NEED to provide some outlet for them to perform natural behaviors. Racks do not support that. For ball pythons, a rack enclosure simulates the termite mounds they may be found in when hiding. That is not, however, the extent of a ball python’s natural behaviors. They can be extremely active and curious creatures, when given the chance. I can attest to this because I’ve seen my snakes out and about more with their new enclosures than ever before. Helios will actually lay along the front side of his enclosure, out of his hide for hours on end. Cronus has taken up exploring WITHOUT “glass surfing.” Styx will also use the space to her advantage. I see her hiding in her vines as we speak.
And yes, they may breed in a rack system, but there is no evidence that snakes will breed because they are “happy and healthy.” With industry standards, they receive the basic needs to survive and that is it. That is why they are able to breed. Additionally, if a male snake is put into a small enclosure with a female and the female has no where to escape from the male, they’re going to end up breeding. I’ve seen underweight snakes with horrible stuck shed locked together. It doesn’t have to do with health- if they are in the same enclosure it’s inevitable.
I am not TRYING to be different. I am just not at all satisfied by what the industry dictates as “the right way.” If everyone is doing the same thing, where is there room for improvement? Who will be updating the care requirements on the animals? Is ball python care going to continue being so archaic? I’m constantly asking myself “what can I do to provide better care for my animals?” And maybe that’s born from my zoo work, where the aim is to always develop new and better ways to care for the animals. Maybe it’s from my basic understanding and observations of actual animal behavior. I’m not sure where the desire to do better by my animals came from, but i am never going to stop thinking that way.

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do you think the red templars sometimes accidentally address samson as 'dad'

PFFFT of course, and he loves it (but secretly because he has to be a bad ass general). The troops that have made the slip up get ribbed about it all the time. Get injured? Go get Dad to kiss it better. Beat your partner during sparring? Go tell Dad so he can give you a pat on the back. Food too hot? Get Dad to cool it off by blowing on it.

But also: Samson making dad jokes? All the time? Really bad ones?

Templar: I’m hungry.
Samson: Nice to meet you hungry, I’m General Samson.

Templar: General Samson, I was thinking…
Samson: I knew I smelled something burning.

Templar: General Samson, did you get a hair cut?
Samson: No, I got all of them cut.

I mean, look at how happy this grease ball is when when he’s talking about his templars at the Well of Sorrows:

Calpernia has also been called “mum” more than once despite being the same age or younger than most of the people she leads. It doesn’t help that she carries extra handkerchiefs for people when they get schmutz on their faces, she’s always reminding her gladiators to drink enough water and put on sunblock.

what she says: i’m fine

what she really means: why would people subscribe to dan but not phil? why would people not appreciate the beautiful ball of sunshine that is phil? he literally is the most creative youtuber out there and people constantly steal his ideas but he still continues to be happy and cute? and he supported his best friend who has more subscribers than him while he hasn’t reached 3 million yet but he is ok with it? why don’t people think that he’s amazing? like he has such a beautiful soul and i love him so much and if any random mushroom thinks that he isn’t worth subscribing to i will shove their foot up their ass


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The moment it was announced Jared was cast as The Joker, and that it would be the follow-up to his award winning tour-de-force performance as Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club, I had two immediate thoughts: 

1) wb gave bb a very very very very very convincing sales pitch.

2) pleasedeargodohlord do not let this be his Catwoman (Halle Berry’s immediate follow-up to her tour-de-force performance in Monster’s Ball).

Unfortunately for bb, Suicide Squad did become his Catwoman, in more than a few ways. One major way being he, like Halle, has now been nominated for a Razzie for a performance following an academy award winning performance. Sandra Bullock also holds this honor.

The Razzies do not discriminate against Oscar Winners (in fact, most times they taunt them) so while this may outrage some people who truly loved Jared’s Joker, Jared is still in good company. This year alone he is joining fellow Academy Award alumni (Nic Cage, Robert DeNiro, Julia Roberts, Ben Affleck, etc.) - so at the end of the day, what does a nomination like this even mean? It’s actually an opportunity.

We can all agree, the Razzie Awards (like basically all awards) are nothing more than PR opportunities. It’s not about the title - it’s about how you accept it.

Both Halle Berry and Sandra Bullock showed up to accept their Razzie Awards for Worst Actress, the year after they won Best Actress Oscars. Their speeches at the Razzies became iconic - and people adored them for being big enough to take it all in stride and laugh it the fuck off. Because they were last seen on stage accepting Academy Awards, seeing them march up and graciously accept a Razzie made everything that much more lovable and enjoyable.

Jared’s been a Hollywood whipping boy from the get-go of his career, and most of the criticism tends to cut deep and go really personal. “He’s pretentious, he’s too sensitive, he takes himself too seriously.” blah blah blah. He draws a lot of hate for a plethora of insanely unfair reasons and while I feel he has every goddamn right to carry himself however he pleases - and if it’s a problem of interpretation or lost in translation within pop culture, then it’s their problem, not his - it doesn’t quiet the haters. And because he wants to be the black sheep, but he also wants to be one of the popular kids, an issue with his image lingers in the public perception. And it’s exhausting.

My main concern with this nom, honesty truly, is if he does win and doesn’t appear to affably accept it, it’s just going to add fuel to the haters’ flames. His avoidance of it would just support everything they already assume of him.

With this Razzie nomination, if Jared wins, he should really consider accepting it. In person. It would give the shove-off to a lot of his haters. It would prove to everyone that thinks he takes himself too seriously that he really can laugh at himself; that he’s not as pretentious as they believe him to be; and above it all, it would remind everyone that he’s actually an Oscar Winner (along with 40-something other award wins) and that fact can never be taken from him. No matter what kind of performances he gives in the future - and you me & everyone we know *knows* he has a lot of phenomenal performances in his future.


We need more goddamn Emma Duval appreciation???

This girl is fucking badass. Sure, she doesn’t tie people to beds then threaten to cut their dicks off or fake kidnap herself and her friend. She’s a subtle badass. She has PTSD making her lose her personality and the ability to trust her own eyes, her parents are barely there for her with their own drama, and her friends are too caught up in new relationships to support her either. She finds out her best friend was indirectly involved in the most traumatic events of her life and that her boyfriend has barely told her about his life. She has every reason to crawl up in a ball and hide, but instead she’s out there putting herself at risk.

She went to a party that was clearly a trap for her where she would likely see the killer for her friends. She wandered around the creepy ass building because she’s such a generous soul that she thinks of helping everyone more than helping herself. She put aside her differences with Audrey to save a bunch of people she doesn’t know. You can’t tell me that’s not badass.

She’s not boring. She’s pushing herself as she’s losing herself to PTSD.

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What kind of Pokemon do you think the Arthur cast would have? I know Binky would have an Inceneroar, that's for sure.

don’t make me go down this road

okay. okay. these are just some quick thoughts, but

Arthur would absolutely have a Herdier and only a Herdier, and he wouldn’t really bother with other pokemon because his Herdier is really smart and cool and knows lots of tricks and is the Best 

Buster has an Elgyem and spends a lot of time thinking about and looking for legendary pokemon. he says he saw Deoxys once but no one believes him

Francine’s primary pokemon would be a Monferno, with whom she not only battles but also plays games with. like ball games, frisbee, stuff like that. she also has a Meowth that does not get along with arthur’s Herdier 

Muffy has the most spoiled, pampered Snubbull you could ever imagine. this Snubbull has more accessories than most people have clothes.

Binky has - and I agree with you completely - an Incineroar. also a Pignite, i think. he’s a Tough Customer, he’s gotta have some Tough Pokemon to protect his image. he also has a Flabebe that he claims is for his little sister and he’s only looking after it until she’s old enough, but really it’s his. it loves to listen to him play the clarinet. 

Brain has a Kadabra that he considers his intellectual equal. he also carries around a Vanillish because his family breeds and raises Vanilluxe 

Fern would have a Drifloon and/or a Phantump because a ghost balloon that steals away children and a tree stump posessed by the spirit of a lost child seems like just the kinda creepy thing she’d be into. she’s also good at singing and i feel like a Chimecho would be a good complement to that

Ratburn: two Goldeen named Vladimir and Estragon

DW has a Miltank named Mary Moo that wipes the floor with everyone else’s pokemon with Rollout

they are painting louis as a dumb fuckboy who doesn’t even know what to do for someone’s birthday let alone for a baby when Louis is the most caring sweetest boy on this planet that helped his mom raising his sisters, that has shown more than once how good he his with kids, that has always done loveliest things for his boyfriend on his birthdays and for the people he loves in general, he brought a microphone to a sick child because they enjoyed singing, he paid for Disneyland trips to less lucky children, he organises charity balls and wrote a card for harry’s 17th birthday with all the things he loves about him and these things are ruined by this shit image and it’s not fair that he is there doing this while other people sunbathe in Bali, mind their own business or declare their freedom it’s not fucking FAIR that whoever is behind this is making him paid with these things instead of treating him like his other bandmates who did nothing more or nothing less to deserve the freedom they are enjoying now, i am tired of people who are not fans thinking he is this kind of person because he is NOT and i can’t believe there is someone who is actually letting him be painted as a joke of a person for their own benefits