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That “the post left are all secretly fascists” thing has brought up a lot of discussion about how the writer, an anarcho-syndicalist, slides over the transformation of several syndicalists (most notably Sorel and Mussolini) into fascism, and while this seems like a cheap point this actually ties into something that’s both a pretty strong refutation of Ross’ argument and a pretty key thing to keep in mind

If you put Sorel’s work side by side with the syndicalists it’s clear that he’s not a syndicalist and doesn’t think the same way as them, no actual cgt member would view the general strike as a myth or think about organizing in the cynical way that Sorel wrote about it. Sorel latched onto the syndicalists because he was an anti Republican and the syndicalists were the most disciplined anti Republicans at the time. Mussolinis interaction with the psi was similar.

Any movement that succeeds in opposing the status quo is gonna get the interests of people who are also opposed to the status quo, even if their opposition comes from a completely different direction.  There’s no real way to remedy this, it can happen with any group especially if you’re successful.  The only way to prevent those forces who have aligned with you even though their beliefs are completely opposed to your own is to define your work positively towards a thing.  This is a danger to all anti-capitalist movements.

A lot of people have a habit of saying “If this person is on anon, they obviously aren’t a person on a computer, who has feelings and stuff”

I can understand that sentiment with anon hate because that’s literally just a shitty thing to do and it proves that the person behind the screen is a piece of shit, but when they’re just asking a simple question there’s…literally no reason to mock and deride them

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Ok, I know everyone praises P2 for having a canon gay relationship, But can we talk about how it isn't apex of represantation. I mean, while Jun's great, writers avoided giving him a Shadow. Also his relationship with Tatsuya has pretty much all yaoi cliches of that time (like game can't stop reminding us how feminine Jun is). I think Naoto and Kanji's (and Chie's, in the original) are much realistic and meaningful represantations of gender perspective in Japan.

I agree with some things you have said Anon, but I also think you got a lot of things wrong too, so I’m going to try to adress those things down below in this big post.

Just have in mind that this could be just my own opinion in the matter and I could have made some mistakes or forgotten to mention something, but I really respect your opinion and I will be careful to say anything about the matter.

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Plus his comment about Miz and Maryse not having kids Falls flat when you remember that Miz has mentioned in interviews that he and Maryse are waiting till they retire from wrestling to have kids. Because they want to be able to be there for them. With that in mind, i couldn't get behind with what Cena was saying.

It’s hard to get behind a lot of the things he’s been saying. Miz and Maryse are supposed to be the heels in this feud but Cena somehow manages to find a way to come off as the asshole in that segment. Meanwhile, you’re waiting for Miz to stand up for himself, and his wife but it doesn’t happen.

And the added salt in the wound is you know he could combat a lot of what was said but no; gotta look like a pussy because Cena called him a pussy. Not only that but you also have Cena proceeding to discredit Maryse’s entire WWE career as well.

It wouldn’t be as bothersome if that meant that in the end Miz and Maryse were the ones to stand tall at Wrestlemania but that seemingly is not the case.

And it’s bothersome because if the perception is that Cena’s “too good” to be in a feud with Miz, which is a consistently pushed narrative that he’s better than a lot of people, then his shots become scumbaggish because now it comes off as if he’s making the people “beneath” him seem unimportant which ultimately adds more validity to what Miz has been saying so, again; how am I expected to root for that?

Why would I want him, and Nikki to have their happy ending at Wrestlemania?

Long Story Short: There should have been a rebuttal, and the last word should have been Miz & Maryse’s tonight.

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I think you should be a lot more concerned with actual pollution and contamination that you can see and measure rather than ridiculous conspiracy theories. You're right that the air is getting polluted, so is the soil and water, yes airplanes play a role in that, but that is from their use of fossil fuels and contribution of CO2 into the atmosphere, not from 'chemicals and drugs' that 'they' intentionally release.

Hey now, chemtrails are not even my thing. I’m aware of it, but I don’t really go around trying to preach about it. It was just brought up, and it has crossed my mind as well, so why not talk about it?

As you basically said, I have more important things to worry about. My region is being demolished by coal… and on my own soil is my true fight.  For clean energy. If I were to make one step forward for this country, it would be just that. 

I’ve watched first hand the effects coal extraction has had on our land, and also our people. I’m sick of seeing them struggle in this dirty way of life. We can get power from the sun. There is no use for such madness that unfolds in these hills. For no reason other than greed. 

There are too many issues at hand… but I think we all need to choose a fight to stand for. When it comes down to it, humans are nothing without clean water and air. Protecting those things is a duty that should be shared between us all.

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YO GIVE SIN A BREAK FROM ALL THESE ASKS ((not that she doesn't love em because I know she loves em lmao)) but seriously, Sin has a life just like every other person and deserves a day to REST AND TREAT HERSELF LIKE DAYUM SHE DOES SO MUCH FOR US

You’re so very kind to say such things. It means a lot to me, and I appreciate it. Thank you, anon. ❤️ I don’t mind the asks, but I was resting and just dealing with stuffs. Thank you for the concern.

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kindergarten AU from my first stream ever today! thanks anyone who watched (it was 3 people, i supposed)

something i fished out from the trashcan to color *sweats*

this is the comic for this AU part 1

im thinking that yurio’s grandpa is the kindergarten owner, yuri has to see their grossness every day, and yuuko is the caretaker

tag yourself as movements in classical music
  • Medieval: often ignored, shy, secretly gay, likes to stay in the same place all the time, dreams of being a monk
  • Renaissance: loves to dance, likes fancy things (but not too fancy), nobody else could pick them out in a crowd but everyone is friendly to them
  • Baroque: very particular about everything, draws immensely detailed doodles, gets super side-tracked on pointless tangents, everyone's distracted dad friend
  • Classical: very neat bedroom, makes bad puns constantly, has a 9-5 job, everyone's helpful but slightly exasperated mom friend
  • Romantic: can never make up their mind about anything, gets shivers when they go to art museums, cries a lot (and you'll know about it), sad bisexual (TM)
  • Impressionist: super gay, loves music that isn't in their native language, cries easily, just wants to have a good time
  • Early Modernist: just like Romantic but also does drugs and is afraid of but also super interested in sex
  • Serialist: angry at everything, "you don't understand my torment", probably a communist
  • Neoclassical: wants to be just like classical but has never gone to sleep before 1AM, keeps a very neat bedroom except for a single massive pile of clothes in the closet they refuse to acknowledge, occasionally steals Renaissance's hoodies
  • Total Serialist: 500% angrier than serialist and proud of it, has never had fun, has probably killed someone
  • Academic Avant-Garde: has never done the same thing twice, trusts nobody else, has an on-again-off-again relationship with total serialism
  • Minimalism: loves technology, still wears Google Glass and the Apple Watch, meditates for fun, trying to learn Hindi (and horribly failing), often incomprehensible to everyone else but is actually super friendly
  • Polystylism: originator of the term "pastel grunge", wears immensely clashing outfits, steals everyone's looks, memes

So, I’ve seen some buzz going around about Kubo’s trip across Europe and a lot of fans think she’s researching for season 2, but I’m sorry to disappoint you guys. Do not get your hopes up by this. She has stated that she’s been planning this trip for awhile and meant to go sooner but couldn’t because she was busy working on yoi. She’s on vacation.

Now, she has added that if she happens to learn some things along the way, she will totally include it in her future work. However, keep in mind, research is not her intention. Sorry.


Collection of stuff…. older drawings and drawing gifts for my twitter mutuals and friends!!
(please do not take or modify thank you, they are here for your viewing pleasure ;;)

Random swapfell papyrus icon, you may use if you wish I do not mind… mostly style study/inspiration like??? (oh.. i made this cute puppy so gross.. ;;)
I do custom icons like this for 15USD  。・゚・(ノ∀`)・゚・。

I am also creating double-sided keychains for purchasing in the future!!
(9 variants so far of different skeleton brothers)
(Maybe add other original UT Characters [?]… as I am hoping to sell at a convention this year near me..!! Everything is undetermined… ㅠㅠ)

Yes, you’ll always think of that one reason why your life turns out to be what it’s like now. You’re going to give time for it every single day. Like a rainbow that will suddenly pop out of the sky after it rained, and will also vanish after a few minutes. You’re always going to imagine what your life would be if things happened in a way you wanted it to. Like wishing in a falling star to give you everything you ever wanted. That thing will always disturb your mind, but not until you’ll realize why it has to happen in a different way. Why some of your plans didn’t turn out the way you expected it to happen. Why you made what you thought was the wrong decision. That to figure out life was like solving the biggest and hardest jigsaw puzzle that was invented in history. And sometimes you won’t immediately have all the pieces with you. That sometimes you need to look for it by yourself while discovering some places and meeting a lot of people. You need to discover every single piece in its own time. Someday you’re going to realize that life wouldn’t give you all the answers in just twenty-four hours. That to figure out life wasn’t like a simple question and answer because it would take years—not just a single overnight.
—  ma.c.a // Almost A Lifetime

This has been something Ive wanted to do for a long time. It’s a lot scarier and stressful than I thought it would be. I am still terrified and second guessing everything about this thing… But to hold this in my hands is worth it. Ive been writing since I was five years old and this is a dream come true. There will be more to come, thank you all for your support.

My book is out! 🍻Please spread the word if you don’t mind! Thank you guys again for putting up with all my blogging about it. I can’t thank you enough. And to the people who pushed me when I literally was about to call the entire thing off, you mean the world to me (you know who you are) 😘

Dan's audience VS Phil's audience during live shows.

I’ve noticed something lately that’s been really bugging me a lot. During the liveshows, Phil’s audience is very sweet and soft and funny, talking about silly things and whatever, but Dan’s audience seems to like to rip into him a LOT. Like, some things are okay, but I swear to god, some people just say and ask the meanest shit, and I know, I know, Dan laughs, and he’s addressed this before, how he doesn’t mind, he knows that everyone has a dark sense of humor, but there’s a different between teasing and just being plain fucking mean.

Some of these people literally rip into him for everything, from his hair to his clothes to anything that he says, and yeah, he laughs it off, and maybe it doesn’t really effect him that much, but Jesus Christ, it’s really fucking rude. Let the boy fucking breathe. He does enough, seriously, he does so much for his audience, but yet some of the Phandom doesn’t seem to care. Would you like someone criticizing everything you say? Would you enjoy someone criticizing your appearance? Some of you guys are so mean to him and it’s starting to be a little annoying. He doesn’t fucking deserve it.

Stop being middle school bullies. You’re not being funny, you’re not being cool, you’re being fucking mean, and it’s not okay. Maybe he laughs it off, but it’s not okay for the rest of us. Give Dan the same amount of love and respect you give Phil, because he deserves it.

Killing Stalking Thoughts: Ch 19

Smug ass Sangwoo was so proud this chapter. He got what he wanted and he didn’t really do anything to get it.

I figured Bum would wind up killing Jieun, but I thought it would take a lot of coaxing from Sangwoo. I thought Sangwoo would play some mind games with Bum and convince him to do it, or at the very least Sangwoo would physically help Bum hold the knife and plunge it into Jieun, but nope none of that was necessary.

All it took was Jieun to say some more crappy things to Bum and she triggered him something terrible. Bum pretty much disassociated with the present. When Bum was killing Jieun, in that moment she wasn’t just Jieun, she was the girl from the past Bum had attached himself to.

Bum clearly has attachment issues. The girl from the past probably wanted nothing more than to be Bum’s friend. She thought she found a kinship with him since they both suffered from abuse, but Bum thought it was more than that. Bum has an obsessive personality and the minute someone gives him positive attention he attaches himself to them and probably thinks it’s love. This is the exact reason Bum started stalking Sangwoo in the first place. Sangwoo saved him in the military, so that meant Sangwoo must’ve cared for him.

What’s really interesting is Bum’s reaction to killing Jieun.

I don’t know what to expect in the next chapters. Bum might feel bad about killing Jieun later if he snaps out of the dissociative state he’s in now, but I could definitely see Bum willingly killing people with Sangwoo in the future without him being triggered to first. All Sangwoo’s got to do is convince Bum that the people they kill aren’t innocent. That every person they kill is just another incarnation of every person that’s ever wronged either of them in the past. At this point, it might not be that hard to convince Bum at all.

As for Sangwoo’s reaction to Bum after he killed Jieun, I’d definitely say he’s shocked. He probably expected Bum to be completely broken. He probably expected regret and tears of sorrow, but imagine his surprise when Bum isn’t feeling that at all. Bum’s crying, but those are probably tears of relief, that he got payback and killed one his “tormentors”. Sangwoo sees the smile on Bum’s face and the light in his eyes and he’s probably thinking “I don’t know what the fuck is happening…but I like it.”

Thanks to @jaynia for the translations!

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so you've been getting a lot of asks about your play party au which is all fine and good and spicy and i love it but. your umfb!yuuri student athlete meme things that you were doing this past weekend were HILARIOUS and i request some more if you have any floating around in your mind pls :)))

What a beautiful request, as opposed to the rest of you thirsty folks (jk i love all of my anons)

Someone: I bet Katsuki secretly has a crush on Nikiforov


I got a request if I could share the pond leaves, and of course!
4 rc/pond deco
As for uploading the whole lot.
Hm, you know, if everyone was cool with including cc in buildings, I would share everything I build, but I’m far from a NoCC simmer and linking and finding all the stuff is just a bit -not fun- to me (I don’t mind simple wcifs tho!). It has nothing to do with me not wanting to give credit to all the awesome cc makers, it’s just me, wanting to spend my time on other things. :)
(Also, thanks for all the tips in my pond leaves wcif and birthday wishes! <3)

You know that friend or acquaintance who has put up with so much in life but is just so hardworking and positive and happy? That one who lost a parent at a young age, or just had a really bad home life, or had health problems but it doesn’t really seem to affect them emotionally and they’re still so kind?

I think Lance is one of those people.

People talk a lot about his humor being an “act”, or a front for his insecurities. But maybe it comes from years of needing to be positive in spite of some really bad circumstances? Maybe he lost a parent and had to step up into that role for his younger siblings. Maybe someone in his family was dealing with a life-threatening illness. Maybe things were just really tough financially.

We know Lance has a big family (he was thinking of them in the scene where all the paladins were mediating and clearing their minds of whatever else they were thinking). And Keith grew up with no family at all. Maybe this could be a source of tension later. Keith thinking Lance has no right to feel sorry for himself because he had a huge family to support and take care of him, not realizing how much of it was also Lance taking care of and supporting his family.


1. Take a clipboard to school.
You have to be prepared to do homework ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. Carry it in your hand with some paper and your homework clipped onto it and get work done whenever you can. Don’t keep the clipboard in your bag.

Keeping track of assignments and important dates helps clear your mind. You don’t have to worry about remembering everything because all of it is written down. If you have a lot going on at once, start a bullet journal. If you can, divide your planner into sections based on different activities. For example, my bullet journal has 4 major sections: school work, extracurricular activities, community service, and general life issues. This creates order in the midst of chaos and also enforces the idea of taking everything one at a time. Your planner shouldn’t overwhelm you.

3. Get the biggest calendar you can find and hang it on the wall.
The purpose of the calendar is to allow you to establish a general time frame for everything you need to do. PLAN AHEAD. Make sure EVERYTHING is on that calendar. Being overwhelmed by your planner is bad because it leads to a stressful day; your calendar takes on the role of allowing you to see the big picture. Having everything written down on a calendar creates a sense of urgency that’ll decrease the likelihood or duration of procrastination.

4. If you’re taking multiple AP classes, dedicate at least one day of the week to each subject.
I had 7 AP’s so I studied a different subject each day. For example, every Monday was Macroeconomics day. I took my econ review book to school on Mondays and studied whenever I had some extra time. Start doing this 3 or 4 months before the exams in May to avoid cramming and excessive stress.

5. Sleep whenever you can but avoid sleeping on the way home from school.
If you enter your home feeling sleepy the bed is going to be extra enticing.

6. If you NEED to pull an all-nighter (try to avoid them), drink a cup of straight up black coffee (no sugar) and take a 20 minute nap.
It takes some time for the caffeine to kick in so you might as well get some sleep. You’ll eventually get used to the bitterness.

7. Sometimes you need to skip school but don’t skip unless you absolutely have to.
If you do, you better not sleep in! Wake up normally and get to work ASAP. Do the makeup work and turn it in the next day, even if you don’t have to.

8. Study smarter, not harder.
Figure out which study methods work for you. Note-taking is time-consuming so try to find alternatives. You don’t have to make everything aesthetically pleasing to post it on tumblr. In fact, if you’re compelled to take pretty notes just to post it on tumblr, LEAVE NOW. DO NOT WASTE TIME.

9. Do homework for the learning experience instead of the grade.
Don’t copy work from your friends. If you use homework as a study resource, you won’t have to worry about long review sessions before a test. I have never studied for a Spanish test but the lowest score I’ve ever gotten on one is a 93. How? I did my homework.  

Perfection = waste of time. Don’t spend 10 hours writing an essay if you know you can get the same grade by only spending 2. I used to believe that the most important thing was being proud of everything you put your name on but none of that matters when you haven’t slept in 48 hours.

11. Complete the difficult tasks first.
One of the many reasons people procrastinate is to avoid difficult tasks. If you save the hardest assignment for last, you’re more vulnerable to wasting time.

12. This one is very bad because it involves lying but it saved my grade a couple of times: ALWAYS turn in your homework.
Why? Rarely missing an assignment gives you a good reputation and teachers tend to trust hardworking students. If you ever forget to do an assignment and you’re known to be a good student, your teacher is more likely to believe your excuse. Or, if you really left it at home, he/she/they might give you an extra day.

Can’t turn in your essay because you told yourself you’d print it in the morning and forgot? No worries! It’s in google drive! Need a past assignment for reference but have the copy at home? No worries! It’s in google drive!

14. Your study space significantly impacts productivity. Organize your room/space to maximize concentration/productivity.

15. MOST IMPORTANTLY, give yourself some time off.
If you don’t, you’ll eventually burn out and nothing will be able to motivate you again. I like to go watch a movie alone once in a while because it clears my mind for 2 hours. Being constantly bombarded with due dates can lead to massive anxiety issues. And guess what? You can’t get anything done if you’re having multiple panic attacks or if you’re in bed all day because you’re depressed. Take care of yourself. School can wait but your physical and mental health can’t.

Small Steps

           Some days it’s really hard for me just to get going in the morning. It can feel like the weight of the world is sitting on my chest or like it will take hours and hours of torturous work to get anything accomplished at all. Learning to work in small steps has helped me through a lot of those days, and, I personally believe, has helped minimize them a little. Your own mind can be one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to overcome in life, so let’s have a discussion about productivity.

           Productivity is relative. It depends on how much you’ve been doing lately, what activities you count as being productive, and just on your perspective of it in general. Sometimes we think we’re breaking productivity into smaller, more realistic chunks when we aren’t. My twin sister and I try to use the following method on these hard days:

Think about the smallest next step possible and handle it. Then move on to the next one.

This does not mean having a lot to do and crossing each large task off the list as you go. This does not mean breaking a huge project down into four chunks and getting one done at a time. Small steps = the smallest step possible.


Small step- Sit down

Small step- Open your backpack

Small step- Take out your planner

Small step- Open your planner

Small step- Look at your to-do list

Small step- pick one to-do item

Small step- Take out materials for that activity

You see what I mean? Each of those small steps is incredibly easy, but momentum is the concept we’re looking for. On hard days, easy things can feel difficult. Breaking it down into a thousand little pieces makes it easier to digest. One small piece at a time. Nothing more.

:), Notebook Nerd

dan howell is a very good person who has come very, very far over the years. it’s refreshing to see somebody be open-minded and educate themselves on important things such as feminism, sexuality stereotyping and gender roles and other things that really matter.

he’s using his platform to send wonderful messages, especially to his newer, younger viewers who might not know as much just yet about that sort of thing.

i will always admire and have respect for any youtuber or famous person in general who can do that and still retain a good humour and eloquence.