has left hospital

immediately doodled this after hearing the BD special drama track1… oh Chika <3 now we’ve confirmed mikan def wrote those harenchi lyrics of Shoujo Iijo no Koi ga Shitai

Heathers/Voltron AU

hear me out on this okay

-lance as veronica, keith as J.D

-Allura as Heather c, Pidge as Heather D, Shay as Heather N

-Hunk as Martha (who has a crush on shay shh this will work 100%)

-idk who shiro would be tbh maybe instead of keith having a dad keith would have an older brother that suffers from ptsd from the war and has so many graphic descriptions about bombs and death and it affected keith

-this has a happy ending i guess also there’s shallura/klance/shunk so if you’re not into this you dont need to read it

-also this isn’t 100% true to the heathers storyline SHHHHHH

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Yoonmin Bingo 2.0 - Week 5

@aiwyn​ - Non AU

@more-power-less-people - Runaway AU

@still-no-jams​ has left the game

@parkjizzmin​ - Reincarnation AU

@aebaes​ - Exchange AU

@yoongillest​ - Voice Actor AU

@shugamins​ - Hotel AU

@glossugagutsd  - O! R U L8 2?

@yoongii-trash​ - Public Transit AU

@vainesst​ - School AU

@minjiminnie - Video Games AU

@the-nev - Journalism AU

@jiminchii​ - Kid AU

@the0therhand​ has left the game

@1xingjpg​ - Hospital AU

@namjucci​ - Detective AU

@lovesoyabean​ - Housesitting AU

@kyungcool​ - Voice Actor AU

@nightsburning​ - Art Student AU

@silent-terrorx​ has left the game

@valkyrie-88 - Soulmate AU

@storm-clouds81​ - Public Transit AU

Stay tuned! We’re crowning a winner next week ;)

My Everything (Kris x You)

“I’m busy right now, so I can’t meet up with you,” Kris says over the phone. “Also, try not to call me during work hours. It gets annoying. See you.”

You hear a click as the other end of the line goes silent. Silently hoping that you’ll hear his voice once again, you keep the phone pressed to your ear. However, the moments pass, and you throw your phone into your handbag.

You sigh.

After pacing around the entrance of the SM Building, weighing whether you should go see Kris or not, you decide to turn the opposite direction and head home.

It had been this way for weeks.

Not two months ago, moments with Kris would consist of holding hands as you walked down the paved sidewalks, laughing as the two of you would secretly play hide-and-seek in the SM Building, and lying in the soft grass as the two of you observed the stars in the night sky. One day, you noticed he had suddenly lost interest in you, and he began focusing on work. Taking calls as the two of you were conversing, and even canceling dates to practice. All of your joyful moments with Kris had reduced to a rushed “I love you” and an indifferent “I’m sorry” each time you called. Now, however, Kris doesn’t even bother talking to you.

As you stand alone, a familiar voice calls your name.

”_____? Is that you?”

You turn around to see Jongdae. Despite his position as an idol, his hair is ruffled and he wears a simple t-shirt and jeans. The ends of his lips curve upward into a natural smile.

“What are you doing out here alone? It looks like it’s going to rain soon,” he says. “Aren’t you here to see Kris?”

You shake your head. With a sad smile, you reply, “I don’t think Kris wants to be disturbed right now.”

Jongdae tilts his head in confusion. “He’s usually happy to see you.”

You force a slight smile. “I’ll be going now. Bye, Jongdae.”

Still in confusion, Jongdae blankly stares as you walk away.


Jongdae and the rest of the Exo members have noticed Kris’s slight personality change. The once 4D and joking leader of Exo M had become a bitter and serious workaholic. Though it was only a subtle change, Jongdae notices how each day, Kris appears to be more bitter.

That night, Jongdae watches Kris’s every move in the practice room. Despite having messed up the dance routine a few times, he keeps a keen eye on Kris. After practice, once all the other members have left the room, Jongdae sits alone, and Kris joins him.

Kris takes a seat next to Jongdae, the two of them tired and sweaty. Jongdae remembers not to bring up any topics that could anger Kris and keep the conversation casual. He tells himself not to speak to Kris unless he is spoken to.

“Aren’t you tired, Jongdae?” Kris asks.

“A bit,” Jongdae replies. “But sitting alone and thinking helps me to relax.”

“Me too,” Kris replies.

As Jongdae speaks to Kris, he realizes that the same Kris was still there, but he is covered by layers of stress and constant work. After a casual conversation, Jongdae daringly brings you into the conversation.

“Kris, can I ask about _____?” Jongdae asks.

Kris’s expression changes. His eyebrows furrow. “What do you want to know about her?”

“I’m just wondering what’s going on between the two of you,” Jongdae mutters. “You seem to be ignoring her and she-”

“It’s none of your business, Jongdae,” Kris states in a cold tone of voice. “She’s my girlfriend, and I think I know her better than you.”

Kris gets up and leaves the practice room, slamming the door behind him.


“Where are you taking me?” you ask as Jongdae grabs you tightly by the hand and pulls you through the calm and peaceful streets.

“You need some cheering up,” he insists.

As you reach a building with windows displaying thickly frosted cakes and warm bread, Jongdae smiles. “When I’m down, eating cake with a friend always makes me feel better.”

As a result, the two of you spend the next hour trying different flavors of cakes. What started out as eating cakes turned into an entire day of trying on flashy outfits in clothing stores and eating new foods and desserts when the two of you came upon interesting looking cafés.

Once it becomes late afternoon, you insist that you have to leave. After Jongdae sees you home safely, he walks back to the SM Building, only to be greeted by a frustrated Kris. He enters the lobby to find Kris impatiently waiting in a chair.

“Where were you the entire day?” Kris demands.

“I was just taking a break,” Jongdae replies.

“How could you not tell any of us that you were going to be gone?”

“I didn’t think I needed to.”

“What were you doing?”

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing.”

Kris eyes Jongdae suspiciously as Jongdae heads to the practice room.


You sit across from Kris in complete silence. He had taken you out for a dinner at an expensive restaurant for a “date”, yet you act as if there is a barrier dividing you and Kris.

“What were you doing yesterday afternoon?” Kris asks, taking a drink from his glass.

“Why?” you ask.

Kris smirks. “Don’t think that I don’t know.”

“What do you mean?” you ask.

“Are you cheating on me?” Kris asks. “Because you and Jongdae went on a date yesterday.”

You freeze. You drop the fork in your hand.

“I can’t believe you would do something like cheat.”

“I wasn’t cheating, Kris,” you reply calmly. “You know, if anyone’s being a total jerk here, it’s you.”

Kris sets down the glass cup. “What are you saying?”

“Jongdae actually cares for me. However, you’ve been ignoring me for the past few weeks and you don’t even know how I feel.”

For a moment, Kris is silent.

“Do you know why?” he asks in a bitter voice. “It’s because I have more important things to do than go on petty dates with you.”

“Fine. If I’m not that important, I guess you don’t need me anymore,” you state. Immediately, you stand up from your seat, tears forming in the corner of your eyes. As you walk out the door, you expect Kris to come running after you. You want him to embrace you and tell you how sorry he is. You want him to comfort you and love him again.

But he doesn’t.

Though the rain is pouring, you run through the streets, going wherever your feet will take you. The raindrops slice through the air like dull blades and hit the ground, splattering water everywhere. Your vision is blurred by the tears and raindrops in your eyes, and all you can see are the lights of cars and buildings glowing in the darkness of the night.

With the slippery concrete under your feet, you aimlessly run, only wanting to isolate yourself from Kris and the city. Suddenly, however, the sound of a car horn blares through the street. You turn around, only to be met by two blinding lights.

An abrupt collision.

And everything goes black.


Kris presses on the gas pedal and speeds through the rainy streets in his car. He mutters curses under his breath as he recollects the evening with you. Amidst his deep thoughts, he gets a call.

“Who is it?” he asks angrily, pressing the phone to his ear.

“It’s me,” Jongdae says over the phone. “Listen, Kris. You have to come here right now, it’s an emer-”

“I don’t really have the time right now, and I don’t really care-”

“Kris. You are going to get your ass over at the hospital right now.”

Kris is speechless. He had never heard Jongdae cuss. In fact, he had never heard Jongdae raise his voice before.

”_____ got into a car accident, so she’s in the emergency room. The person she needs most isn’t by her side. If you don’t care, then fine.”

Jongdae hangs up.

After a moment of thought, Kris jerks the steering wheel to the side and turns the car around. He slams the gas pedal and races to the hospital.


Kris barges in through the glass doors.

“Kris,” Jongdae calls, gesturing Kris.

“Where is she?” Kris asks, abruptly.

Jongdae motions him to another room, where you lifelessly lie in a hospital bed. You are covered in bandages and bruises, and an oxygen mask is placed over your mouth. Kris kneels by the hospital bed and holds your cold hands.

He begins to sob.

“The doctors say she’s going to need surgery,” Jongdae begins. “She has internal bleeding, so she’s in a risky state. In an hour, they’re going to perform the surgery.”

“Is she going to live?” Kris inquires.

Jongdae doesn’t reply.


You stir awake from the low murmurs of people and the constant beeping of a machine. Your eyelids flutter open, and you see a blurred face. Though the image is blurry, you make out slight facial features.

“Kris?” you mumble.

What is he doing here?

He hushes you. “Don’t speak; you need rest.”

“What happened?” you ask.

“You got hit by a car,” Kris says. “I’ve been here, waiting for you to wake up. You should take better care of yourself.”

Tears well up in your eyes.

He had stayed for you?

Suddenly, the doctor enters the room. “It’s true,” he reassures. “This young man has not left the hospital for two days. He needed to make sure your surgery went well.”

“I was afraid you weren’t going to wake up because I needed to tell you something,” Kris mutters.

He reaches out for your hand and intertwines his fingers with yours.

“I’m sorry. I was just so focused on work I forgot what was really important. I just realized that I need you,_____, and you are my everything.”

Tears roll down your cheeks.

The Kris you had once loved has returned.

Kris wipes your tears away and replaces them with a small kiss on the cheek.


my countless tv shows / my mad fat diary [2013-2015]

↳ Set in Stamford, Lincolnshire in 1996, My Mad Fat Diary follows the story of 16-year-old, 16 stone girl, Rae Earl, who has just left a psychiatric hospital, where she has spent four months. She begins to reconnect with her best friend, Chloe, who is unaware of Rae’s mental health and body image problems, believing she was in France for the past four months. Rae attempts to keep this information from her while also trying to impress Chloe’s friends Finn, Archie, Izzy and Chop.

Racing legend Schumacher out of coma, hospital

BBC News: Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher has left hospital in France and is now out of a coma, his management have confirmed in a statement.

Doctors kept the German driver in a coma to reduce brain swelling following a skiing accident

Photo: Michael Schumacher in his car in 2012 (AP)

Blaine Hummel-Anderson has left the hospital. The songwriter has been in the hospital for a week after being brutally attacked by theater actor Steven Zimmer. Sources saw Hummel-Anderson leave the hospital with his husband, Broadway actor Kurt Hummel-Anderson. Hummel-Anderson was seen with an eye patch and his face was very badly bruised and swollen. We do hope that the young writer makes a speedy recovery. He did release a statement from his publicist stating that he was and is doing well. Which we love to hear, he is a talent and we hope to see him back to writing and work. As for Zimmer he is still in custody.

Edit: We have been informed that at least four man have come out to saying that Zimmer assaulted them. 

anonymous asked:

When did the mycroft/lestrade scene happen?? I must've missed it.

To this Anon and others asking about the Mystrade scene - it’s a shade under 46 minutes in on my copy, when they’ve just discovered that Sherlock has left the hospital and are looking for his bolt-holes. Greg speaks saying he knows three places then it cuts to Mycroft’s office where he’s telling Greg about two more and gives him a rather adorable little dismissive wave. Enjoy its 29 frames of precious on-screen interaction.

Buckingham Palace says the Queen attended her annual medical check-up at the King Edward VII Hospital in London today. A Buckingham Palace spokesman says: “This was a routine, pre-scheduled appointment. The Queen has now left hospital.”
—  @royalreporter