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Who would you personally like to see on the 2018 Miyako Odori poster, and who do you think is the most likely to be chosen?

The Maiko who gets to be on the Miyako Odori poster is always one of the district’s most famous Maiko, so one can just look through the list of last year’s highest earners and get a pretty good idea of who will probably be chosen.

Last year’s highest earner in Gion Kobu was Geiko Satsuki from the Tsurui Okiya, who has already been on the poster in 2014. Geiko Mameroku (Arai Okiya) and Maiko Marika (Tsurui Okiya) shared the second place, and Mameroku is a Geiko now, so she can’t be on the poster, and Marika was on the poster this year, so she is out, too.

I think the most likely to be chosen is Maiko Katsusen from the Odamoto Okiya. She has become pretty popular over the last about 2 years, and she was already a possibility last year, but Marika became the model for the poster. She was in the third bracket last year with Geiko Sayaka (Tsurui Okiya), Geiko Makiko (Nishimura Okiya) and Jikata Geiko Danyū (Onaka Okiya).

In the fourth bracket were sisters Maiko Mameryū and Mameharu (Tama Okiya), Maiko Koeri (Hiroshimaya Okiya), Maiko Mikako (Nishimura Okiya) (who will become a Geiko in just 18 days and has already been on the poster in 2016, so she isn’t an option), Maiko Shōko (Nishimura Okiya), who has retired by now, and Geiko Ichitomi (Nakagishi Okiya).

In the fifth bracket were Maiko Ichiharu (Nakagishi Okiya), Maiko Mitsuki (Tsurui Okiya), who is too young to be on the poster, I think, now-Geiko Katsuhina (Odamoto Okiya) and Geiko Mao (Okaai Okiya).

All of the Maiko on the list are possible to get chosen for the poster, but I personally think that Katsusen, Mameryū or Koeri are the most likely, but who knows, maybe one Maiko did exceptionally well this year and manages to get on the poster and surprise us.

Personally, I’d be happy with any of the Maiko mentioned and there is generally not one Maiko in Kyoto I don’t like and I think they are all well-deserving, but I’ve really taken a liking to Mameryū, so I’d be happy to see her on the poster. I’d also like to see Katsusen on the poster, it’s been a while since a Maiko from Odamoto was on one.


This is my sister she has been missing since wendsday we already have posters and have alerted the whole family and police but she could literally be anywhere. Her dogs name is leah and is shy, dosnt usually bark and is a nice calm pupper.She was going to go to a sioux reservation in north Dakota but she was coming back to get her son from the hospital (Ohio) and take him with her. We are checking in Michigan because that’s where the majority of her friends are but…I’m just her little brother. I don’t know what to do. They already have missing persons posters out and I’m scared. I don’t think people come back once the posters come out..so if anyone sees her..take a picture and submit it to me please. Something. Anything.

The tattoo on her wrist is a sun holding an umbrella , both of them are her drawings.

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  • interviewer: iggy freestyle for us one time
  • iggy:
  • iggy: aight
  • iggy: Yo, listen up,
  • Have a halla from Ron
  • The Naked Mole Rap is the
  • Name of the song
  • Here's the story
  • In all it's glory
  • Ain't hiding nothin'
  • Don't know what the truth is,
  • How Ron met Rufus
  • Never heard a cat bark
  • Never heard a puppy purr
  • My dad's allergic to every kind of fur
  • So I searched for hairless pets
  • On the internet
  • Saw this thing on a pet thing
  • Gonna need sun screen
  • What is that, that freaky thing?
  • (Yes, that's right
  • It's a naked mole rat)
  • C'mon, y'all, let the girlies sing
  • (Listen to the naked mole rap)

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Did... did you just get a passive-aggressive well actually about well actuallies? Did I read that right? Oh god, I need to lie down

My personal qualifiers for a Well Actually are responses that either;

  • Are so eager to prove someone wrong they do not stop to fact check their own incorrect information
  • Are so eager to prove someone wrong they do not read the entire original post and end up making a lot of points that were already addressed and/or refuted
  • Try to compose a retort to the original post completely out of nothing but textbook logical fallacies and turn the entire conversation into an impossible 20 goto10 loop
  • Try to prove people wrong about completely fictitious things like fantasy creatures’ biology and behaviour (“Female Dullahans can’t exist because they wouldn’t have adequate breast support!”, “Werewolf mothers can’t protect their children because werewolves are uncontrollable monsters in their wolf form!”, “Elves can’t be black because Tolkien said so!”, etc)
  • Incessantly pester the original poster about a point that has already been discussed and resolved, that they would have seen if they’d made even the smallest effort on their part to go to that person’s blog or catch up on the conversation before interjecting
  • Read the first three or four words of a post, invent the rest of it in their head, and post an argumentative response that has nothing to do with the original post


As most of our readers already know, the fight between Donny Montell and Ivan for Jüri Pootsmann’s heart will take place today 12.05.2016, during the second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest, behind the stage. As far as we know, the official supporters of each team are:

The government
The illuminati community
Jüri Poot
Måns Zelmerlöw

Justs Sirmais
Juts Sirmais
An experienced team of Lithuanian pilots

We support Donny Montell in this fight and we would like to wish good luck to him and his team.