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I’m really sad to hear about Choa leaving AOA. I actually got into AOA because of her. She had charm to her character and her voice was what attracted me to her and her group’s music. But to hear that she had been struggling with depression this whole time and had forced herself to smile through it all really put my perspectives in a new light. Any idol can be suffering from depression or anxiety and we wouldn’t know. Be it the member whom we call the sunshine or the angel of a group, they can be forcing themselves to act happy. This shouldn’t be surprising to hear, but it should be reminded. Again, I’m sad to see Choa go, but if she is leaving in accord to her mental health, then I am thoroughly supporting her choice.

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endless list of favorite relationships |→ sookie and rory

“Okay, I’ve got it from here, Sookie. I love you.


Bethyl Appreciation Week 2017:

↳ ‘Day 4: Favourite Underrated Moment’

so are people really…..MAD that taylor isn’t “paying enough attention” to us/doing enough promo? are ppl forgetting that…..TAYLOR DOESNT OWE ANYONE ANYTHING. that’s not ….. negotiable djakdjakdjsks her wanting to remain out of the public eye is completely warranted and always will be no matter the circumstances. she’s done MORE than enough for us/always has and the fact that there’s still ppl asking for more is literally absurd like grow the fuck up

I’m not sure why I hate the epilogue of Harry Potter so much, but I always imagine Harry getting completely BORED of normal life a year into it. He can’t handle it. His life has always been filled with trouble, kind of like Lord Tennyson’s view of Ulysses, and he goes stir-crazy, engaging in reckless behaviour almost daily. Hermione is worried sick because it’s causing Harry and Ginny to fight. ‘You got through all you went through in your 19 years just to kill yourself on some bloody dare?!’

Draco Malfoy shows up on Hermione’s twentieth birthday with a story of how he can’t handle how he was a coward and talks of how he killed a demon that tried to devour an old lady on the outskirts of muggle London. He says he wants to do this again; the thrill of it was amazing but he needs a partner or two. Harry and Hermione are all for it. Hermione, too, has grown tired of the Ministry life. After all, she has already secured rights for elves and goblins if they want them; that only took her a year. Hunting evil things is appealing, and she’ll be helping not only the wizarding community but the non-magical one as well.

Ginny is furious and leaves Harry for Blaise Zambini. Ron is not keen on more adventure, either. He decides he would rather help George at the joke shop than work with a Malfoy, although he, Harry, and Hermione will stay in touch. ‘Write to me every week,’ he threatens, ‘or else.’

Harry, Hermione, and Draco go on to live their lives doing the things Gilderoy Lockhart only claimed to do: battling demons, ghosts, poltergeists, sirens, urban legends, vampires, and more –all with a magical tent and three wands instead of a Chevy Impala and guns.

They call on Luna Lovegood whenever they encounter a creature they know next to nothing about, pop in on the Weasleys from time to time, and even allow Ginny to write books of their travels based on Hermione’s obsessive journal-keeping.

They become animagi. Hermione watches in surprise as her patronus changes into something unexpected. To her utmost delight, they learn about different forms of magic, even gain new magical abilities whenever they encounter a wise tutor well-versed in the more obscure magical arts.

Odd things happening while on the road are completely normal: one time, this crazy drunk American fangirl dressed up like Supergirl, who went by the name of Charlie Bradbury, latched onto Hermione’s back like koala bear when they were investigating a case at Comic-Con and wouldn’t let go, proclaiming as loud as that Banshee that one time in Ireland that Hermione was her idol, and that she was so glad she didn’t actually marry Ron.

'She reminds me of you when you were around Gilderoy Lockhart,’ Harry had said with great fondness afterwards. The backhand he took to the gut and death glare from his best friend, he thought, were completely worth it. 'Look at it this way, Hermione, she was so drunk she got a Princess Leia tattoo. She won’t remember anything.’

Imagine Hermione frustrated and flustered with her head in her hands as Harry and Draco’s school rivalry almost cost them their lives yet again. Then, she loses her temper, and both boys shrink back in fear. 'Has she always been this scary?’ Draco mutters out of the corner of his mouth to which Harry can only nod furiously. The disappointment the both of them feel is almost childlike. Draco and Harry become very close. Killing creatures will bond even the worst enemies together.

It changes Draco. All of his prior prejudice is smashed having spent so much time with his childhood rivals, and he becomes a much better person for it. Harry is reminded of Snape, and how Dumbledore once voiced he thought they sorted too early. Maybe Draco belonged in Gryffindor, too. Though the pain etched deep within Draco is visibly fading, it will never go away completely, and Harry often wonders what would have happened had he been sorted into Gryffindor with them.

Harry, however, is fully satisfied in that moment. They are in the middle of a hunt. Sitting against the front of the tent in a small forest on the east border of Paris, Harry lets out a long sigh. It is the first time he feels truly at ease in a while. Adjusting his glasses, he takes in the loving and relaxing company of two of his closest friends.

Draco is fiddling with the old radio, and tears of laughter escape Hermione as she reads. This is a normal night for all of them. 'Albus Severus?!’ she hollers, unable to keep her grip on the novel that has her undivided attention. The pumkin-coloured book falls, still open, flat on her stomach, and she dissolves completely into a fit of giggles. 'Muggles have quite the imagination these days, don’t they, Harry?’

'It’s not that bad of a name,’ Draco says, rolling his eyes. He turns the dial on the radio, and a hauntingly familiar tune sounds through it. His annoyed frown is replaced by a smirk, 'Your song is playing, you two.’

Harry can’t help but snort. Hermione throws a sarcastic remark towards Draco over the name Scorpious, before Harry finds himself being dragged to his feet by his childhood friend. Green eyes meet brown ones with a grin. They can’t not dance to 'Oh Children.’

Holding Hermione’s body close to him and swaying to the music under the stars, not all that different from the time they did a little over five years ago, he knows he made the right choice in going on the road. He is drinking life to the lees. This brilliant life with all its scars, beauty, and constant excitement is magical. It has made everything well again.

—  Non-Canon Epilogue : Drinking Life to the Lees

I’ll find you one day, make no mistake, precious one inside of my memory…

Inktober 2017 day 2: Dandelion 〜wishes brought to you〜

Missing Phone and Home

“Come on, Maggie! Kara and James are already waiting for us!”

Maggie groans from her bedroom and Winn exchanges an arched eyebrow with Alex.

“You alright in there, babe?” Alex calls.

“I can’t find my phone!”

Maggie’s voice is muffled, and Winn leans into Alex.

“She sounds like she’s… is she checking under her bed?”

Alex snorts. “Pfft, no, why would her phone be there?”

“Babe, do you remember if I took it out of my pocket last night before we – “

“I’m calling you right now, hold on!” Alex cuts her off, a blush rising in her face as Winn’s smirk grows.

“Nice work, Danvers,” he mutters, and Alex smacks him lightly, gently, affectionately, on the back of the head, but her own pleased grin gives her away.

She dials Maggie’s number and Maggie appears in her bedroom doorway, head cocked to the side, waiting for the call to go through.

John Legend’s Save Room starts blasting through the apartment from somewhere near the couch, and Maggie bites her lip with wide eyes as Winn awes and Alex blushes and bends to scoop the phone out from between the cushions.

“Babe – “ She says when she glances at it, and Maggie closes her eyes like she’s waiting to be hit, like she’s thinking she’s done something so stupid; like she’s thinking she forgot something, and that something might destroy everything.

Alex stares down at the caller ID picture of herself on Maggie’s phone – a beautiful shot, one that James took at game night a few weeks ago, Alex with her face frozen in laughter, holding Maggie’s hand and leaning into Kara’s shoulder – but that’s not what has her attention, what’s made the blood rush from her face.

The picture isn’t what’s tearing Maggie’s stomach into knots and making Winn stare between them, completely unaware of what’s happening, wondering if he’s going to need to call Supergirl and Guardian.

“I’m sorry, Danvers, I’ll change it, I know it’s probably uncomfortable, I – “

Winn leans over Alex’s shoulder just before her call goes to voicemail. “Maggie, no, that picture’s beautiful, why – oh. Oh.” He stares between them now, and he knows what Maggie’s afraid of. But he also knows Alex, and he knows Maggie has no reason to be apologizing, no reason to be scared.

“No, Maggie, I…” Alex holds up Maggie’s phone numbly, even though the screen’s faded to black by now. “You have my cell number listed as Home.”

Maggie lowers her gaze and licks her lips. “Like I said, Danvers, I’ll change it, I’m sorry, I – “

Alex is across the room before Maggie can say anything else, and she’s lifting her chin up with gentle, gentle fingers. “No. No, no. You’re not reading me right, I… I’m not angry, I’m… I love it, Maggie. That I’m…”

“My home,” Maggie supplies in a soft, tentative, terrified voice, and Alex’s smile has never been more tender.

“Why… why would I be upset about something so… beautiful?”

Maggie shrugs and tries to look away again. “It’s clingy, it’s – “

“No,” Alex corrects gently. “No, it’s not. It’s amazing. You’re amazing. I… I want to be your home, Maggie, I want to give you that. I want to give you everything, because you… you deserve everything. And I… I want to build mine with you. My home. If you want.”

Maggie is silent for the longest of moments, trying desperately not to cry, trying desperately not to weep.

“You getting soft on me, Danvers?”

Alex laughs and it’s the best sound Maggie’s ever heard.

“When you’re done proposing to each other, any chance we can go meet Kara and James at the brunch place? Kara’s blowing up my phone with texts, and I’m pretty sure if we don’t get there soon, she’ll fly in here and forcibly carry us or something. You know how she gets when she’s hungry.”

Alex laughs again but doesn’t turn around, her eyes still locked in Maggie’s. She kisses her knuckles before turning and tossing one arm around Winn’s shoulder and the other around Maggie’s.

“Tell Kara we’ll be there in ten.”

“And to get extra nachos when she inevitably orders the entire left side of the menu.”

“Mmm, I love how well you know my sister.”

“Do you two just… wanna text her yourselves? Or keep… making out… right next to… me… How can you walk while you’re doing that? Is it some kind of special lesbian superpower? Okay you know what, I’ll just be over here.”

Alex tousles Winn’s hair without looking at him as she and Maggie come up for air and press their foreheads together softly.

Being such an obvious third wheel has never left Winn feeling so happy, so peaceful.

Because their joy is infectious.

Because he’s not really a third wheel, because they are his family.

Because really, they’re his home, too.

after the final battle

“What was it like,” he asks, “when you watched me die?”

“Hmm?” Emma responds, blinking her eyes open. She was nearly asleep.

The celebrations at Granny’s ended hours ago. They’re in bed now, freshly showered, under the sheets. The window is open and an early spring breeze is coming in. Just days ago it was snowing, but in the last few hours the warmth of spring seems to have settled in Storybrook. Magic probably has something to do with it, but Emma is too exhausted to be bothered by it. In fact, she’s just quite tired in general. Fighting a final battle will do that to a girl.

“What was it like when you watched me die?” Killian asks again.

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When tragedy struck at the Burrow, it used to be Molly who took the situation in hand, guided it, helped make sure everyone came out of it okay. 

The war and the loss of her son, though, made her different. Made her more scared, because she knew so intimately how the losses would feel. Made her quieter and less willing to give orders to the strong men and woman who had once been toddlers around her ankles. 

Luckily, though none of her children are interested in taking up her glamorous position, her two daughters in law are perfectly suited to the task of running the house in crisis. Hermione and Fleur work seamlessly together, and keep the entire clan in as much as possible under any given circumstances. If someone gets hurt, or goes missing on a mission or one of the kids is sick or …anything, really, they emerge to manage the chaos. 

ribcage. || i

Summary: college!au Where Tom is a genuine sweetheart trying to make it through college without completely losing his mind; his three close friends make it easier though. However, there’s one girl who wears the big sweaters and seems to have her head more in her sketchbook than anywhere else who changes him after he gets caught blatantly admiring her from afar. Tom takes it upon himself to make her problems his problems, but sometimes it’s just better to not stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. Emphasis on the sometimes though.

Pairing: Tom Holland x Fem!Black!Reader

Word Count: 1,255

Warnings: Swearing & Staring

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these are kind of old and kind of blurred but. 

strawberry38  asked:

You say about Max ("being a petty sore loser" ) and Nino ("in horrificator" ) not owning up their fault. I don't fully understand you here, please could you explain that to me? Chat has called out Nino that he needs to come back to reality after treating and dealing with the threatening situation in a delusional, exciting kind of way.

Yes, I will. 

I have it undercut since it’s a bit lengthy, @strawberry38 .

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MariChat May
Day 9: Bell Collar
Words: 1104

Chat can admit that he has a problem. Ladybug had recently taken up a habit of flicking his bell whenever she was pleased with him. A ‘good job’ gesture that didn’t take much time. It wouldn’t be a problem if she hadn’t started doing it all the time. When he did a good job, when she was bored on patrol, on the nights she lay her head on his lap and look up at him with those gentle eyes that killed him.

Each ring of his bell started bringing dopamine flooding his brain and his tail would start twitching in anticipation of the physical reward that followed.

A hug, a pet, and one late, treasured night, when his lady was clearly sleep deprived, a kiss on his cheek.


Of course.

One night Marinette had flicked his bell and immediately noticed the blush that came as a result of her finger lightly flicking his bell.

Of course she had managed to pull from him the reason that he seemed he wanted to pounce her and then laughed at him.

Then exploited it relentlessly.

The next time he came over to her house he doesn’t know what he was expecting except a matching bell collar to be around her own neck. All he knows is that it is absolutely unfair.

She doesn’t say anything about it, but he can see her playful smile when his gaze slides from her face down to the collar and locks on the shiny bell that hangs in the hollow of her collar bone.

Its mocking him. She’s mocking him. Playing games with his head and his heart at the same time.

“Princess.” He greets, every hair of him standing on edge, every muscle tense, every beat of his heart carefully monitored

“Yes, Chat?” She leans forward and Chat stiffens in anticipation of a ring of the bell but none comes. The bell remains mercifully silent, and her smirk only widens, watching him as he frowns and forces himself to relax.

“What is that?”

“It’s a bell.” she answers. “I thought you might like it. Reminds me of you.”

Oh he does.

But he also hates it.

Very quickly he finds out two things about his princess, One, she’s awfully alluring when she doesn’t mean to be. Two, she’s a tease and he should start expecting this.

He steps down from her bed, and she turns back to the project on her desk, something he can’t be bothered to pay attention to. Especially when he notices that she’s tied her hair in a bun specifically so he could see the clasp. It’s just two buttons, but her message to him is clear

‘You could take it off.’

But that would be losing.

Which he refused to do. He wouldn’t let her know that her teasing was working, that even now he was wondering if the pitch of her bell would be the same as his, wondering what might happen when it finally rings out. Wondering how she’ll feel, wondering how he’ll react.

So Chat settles down, watching her carefully, bristling every time her hand goes near her neck, sighing when she pulled it away.

Finally, after finishing with the obviously staged something -probably created specifically to rile him up- Marinette turns in her chair and looks at a fairly antsy Chat Noir.

“What’s wrong?”

‘You know damn well what’s wrong I’m conditioned to act like a love struck idiot whenever that thing goes off.’

“Nothing, princess, Merely distracted by your radiance.” he says, his voice totally not cracking on the word radiance when her hand goes upwards and traces one thin finger along the golden curve.

“My radiance, huh? Nothing else?” she asks. His eyes go from her teasing finger to her teasing mouth and back again. Watching how her tongue moves when she says nothing and then to her finger as it pokes the still silent bell lightly. Back to her lips where she licks him and back down to her fingers as they just barely push behind the leather of her collar.

What god decided this is the bad luck he deserves?

Probably Plagg.

“Mmhm.” he answers, still staring at the collar until he felt it should’ve burst into flame.

Marinette seems to smirk and stands up.

That does it.

It rings.

Chat’s entire body goes from tense to languid in the space of three seconds and soon enough he’s laying on Marinette’s lounge, fully taking over the space. Now that the bell has rung everything’s going to be fine, and he has no reason to stress.

Or, that’s whats supposed to happen.

Marinette still hasn’t come over and pet him, telling him that -yes- everything is okay now. His whole body starts buzzing with anxiety the longer it takes for her to walk over. When he looks up she’s walking around the room pointedly not looking at him. He has to get her attention.


“Yes, Chat?”

“Are you okay?” because she’s not petting him. He’s probably done something wrong.

“Yes, Chat.” she answers and continues walking around the room doing god knows what. She’s ignoring him. That much is apparent, and she’s not smiling, just moving items through her room. He’s done something wrong. He can feel it.

“Princess?” he asks again, voice cracking as his head fills with negative thoughts and his eyes fill with tears.

“Yes, Chat?” She glances over and then immediately drops the yarn she’s holding and rushes to him, pushing her fingers into his hair. “What’s wrong?” He pushes his head more into her hand and sniffles. He know’s he’s being too sensitive but…

“I thought you didn’t want me.” he whispers and Mari yanks off the bell and glares at it as if it’s done something wrong.

“No that’s not true at all, Chat. You’re my kitty, and I’ll always want you.”

Chat gently takes the collar from her hands and snaps it back onto her neck. Adjusting it so it rested to where it was before.

With one claw, he taps the outside and then lifts it upwards and lets it swing back into place with a ring.

Although his body reacts in much the same way as usual, relaxing and feeling everything is alright he’s much more interested in Marinettes reaction. Rocking back on her heels and slapping her hand over the bell even though her pupils dilate at the same time. A slight blush is covering her cheeks and she looks away from him.

It’s not the full blown red he’s used to, but he could get there.

He smirks, revenge will be sweet.

Chaptire 106 - The Escape to Tomorrow

Or, as the translation in my hands says, The Escape With No Tomorrow. 

One of these implies that everyone straight up dies in this chapter. So, like. That’s questionable. 



Is the Splash Text talking about Fai or Ashura? Or neither? Is it from your perspective or someone else’s? 

More importantly, how are your fluffy bracelets still so fluffy underwater? 

The REAL mystery of Tsubasa finally revealed.