has he been on dw already

Class on BBC America

ok so if youre following me and haven’t watched class already, i wouldn’t blame you if you just looked away from the title lmao, i am quite forceful when it comes to this

ANYWAY, as most of you probably know already, the new series of doctor who premieres on bbc america tonight at 9/8c (if you’re in the small minority who doesn’t just download it illegally when it comes out in the uk), and that’s awesome!! but before you’re tempted to switch off your tv immediately and scream on social media - there is a new show starting straight after, and you should really watch it

class is a spin-off of doctor who set at coal hill school, with a torchwood-like premise in that there is a tear in space and time which attracts a bunch of aliens. the cast is HUGELY diverse - there’s a black girl who is super intelligent and skipped two school years, but is still vulnerable and cares deeply about her family (and calls out another character on his alien racist attitudes); a sikh boy who talks about his religion, and loses a leg in the first episode and has to get used to using a prosthetic, and a gay polish character who deals with homophobia, but that isn’t his entire character. the only two white males are in a gay relationship, and there are two interracial relationships as well.

also it’s not written by moffat if that helps - its written by YA author patrick ness who’s written stuff like a monster calls, more than this, the rest of us just live here, etc.

HOWEVER, at the moment, due to lack of advertising from the bbc, only being shown online and being given a shitty time slot when it actually was shown on bbc one, it is very low on viewing figures, and in danger of not being renewed for a second season. at the moment, the bbc haven’t made a decision, and it entirely depends on how well it does in america - so it’s crucial that you watch it!! even if you don’t want to actually watch the show, at least leave your tv on after dw, to boost the viewing figures. posting about in online, specifically twitter and instagram since those are the only ones the bbc care about, would also help a lot, and signing the petition for season two (that i can’t link right now as im on mobile)

(the characters i didn’t mention are brilliant as well - there’s a girl who seems like a typical hufflepuff at the start but then becomes probably the second most badass character in the show, gay alien prince who’s socially awkward and adorable but also super morally grey and pretty much a slave owner, and although he doesn’t think so he gets called out on it a lot, and an alien freedom-fighter physics teacher who has hilarious lines but also a really complex personality and backstory and gets a shit ton of character development. she’s my fave. i love her a lot.)

tl;dr: class is on bbc america tonight at 10/9c (after dw), its really good, watch it or it won’t get a second season and i’ll cry

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aa im sorry if this is weird but the RFA reacting to a trans boy MC? hhshshs im sorry if this is bad

It’s not weird! DW! And not bad at all! I’m a trans guy myself so I’m way more than happy to do this one!! (I’ve been waiting for someone to request this tbh) 


  • Yoosung is a super friendly and nice person 
  • but he doesn’t have a lot of IRL friends, Mostly because interactions are hard. But he has a lot of internet friends 
  • So he has trans friends, and therefore knows basic trans stuff 
  • so when MC tells him he’s a trans boy Yoosung is super supportive! 
  • He doesn’t have to ask a lot of questions since he already knows a lot but he might ask a few to understand better
  • if MC isn’t up for answering at the time he won’t pressure him 
  • if MC is getting anxious over dysphoria or anything else Yoosung will do his best to calm him down 
  • He just really loves MC and MC being trans doesn’t change who MC is. 


  • bless her soul she is such a sweetheart 
  • and completely understanding i love her
  • she thought she knew more about trans stuff than she did 
  • she asks MC more directly about this to understand his experiences more instead of reading online 
  • she also does read a lot about it but would rather listen to MC since everyone has different experiences 
  • she is so accepting and she has the best boyfriend so she has to be there for him at all times and she is  


  • watch out we got a super supportive boyfriend over here 
  • He honestly didn’t know much about it so he’s mostly confused when MC tells him 
  • but he is SO ready to learn 
  • and he does, Every time MC starts talking about it he is so concentrated on him 
  • he might make a few mistakes at first but he’s quick at learning 
  • if any media outlet tries to belittle MC or their relationship then Zen is ready to
  • M U R D E R 
  • he’s the best tho honestly 


  • OK I know everyone probably says this but he would be the most confused 
  • he wouldn’t be transphobic or anything he would just be confused 
  • he might ask a bit inappropriate questions at first because he doesn’t get they’re inappropriate.
  • But if MC tells him he’s uncomfortable with that Jumin will stop in 0.4 seconds 
  • He’s going to understand though because he loves MC so much and MC deserves it. 
  • and he is quick to learn and really quick to understand MC 
  • if anyone who works for him makes even a slight transphobic comment about MC they’re gone. 


  • probably gets it the most out of everyone 
  • /honestly I sometimes HC him as trans/
  • He doesn’t make a big deal of it 
  • is always understanding 
  • and most importantly he’s just there for MC 
  • why would something like this be a big deal for him when MC is the best thing that has ever happened to him 
  • if MC wants to talk about this to Seven he is 107% ready to listen
  • he shows MC that he is loved all the time and he’s just happy for MC that he knows this and has figured this out about himself  

“Now that DW has a female Doctor, and one who will be infinitely a better Doctor, ALL you 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi fans will be left where you belong. In the rubbish bin, along with Capaldi. You were only fans because of him,and as everyone knows, he’s rubbish.  I see already, that his fans are jumping ship, because it’s sinking, for the new Doctor.  All these groups dedicated to him and his rubbish Doctor will disappear.  Thank God for that.  Tired of faking love for a old has been.” 

(mind you there was much, much more of this nastiness in the post, but this bit stuck out for me.)

Say the fuck what?! O_O

Saw this on a PCap fan group no less.

Not sure who the person was, but let’s just say this…they suddenly removed themselves from the group right quick.

But, it kind of gave me pause for a moment…are we “jumping ship?”  I know for damn sure, I’m not.  I’m a die-hard, life long Whovian, a die-hard 12th Doctor fan AND, a die-hard Capaldi fan. I will be on this ship until the end. I will probably have to be thrown off it, to get me to leave!!!  That is a given for me. What I am doing, however, is a giving someone a chance in this iconic role. But still, I paused and wondered…

Is this actually happening?  

Tidbits I’ve learned from reading Doctor Who novels

  • The Doctor had already read Harry Potter even before meeting Ian and Barbra.
  • The Doctor took Martha to see Tangled.
  • Amy knows all the moves to All the Single Ladies.
  • Mickey has been a volunteer at the British Museum.
  • Rory had once been part of a charity ‘fun run’ for the hospital he worked at.
  • Amy had a clubbing phase.
  • Wilfred has a star named after him. 

I just had a thought, and OHMYGOD WHAT IF.

What if we’re seeing the Doctor further down his timeline than we think? Like, what if whatever is going to happen to Clara has already happened and these adventures are the Doctor trying to hold on to her as long as possible by going into her past and picking her up pre-leaving?

It would explain why he keeps having these really… “knowing” looks whenever her fate is brought up (like tonight, when she asked what it was like when he thought she was dead, and he answers “That was the longest month of my life” and she says it had to have only been five minutes and he’s like, “I’ll be the judge of time”). WHAT IF WHATEVER HAPPENS TO CLARA HAS ALREADY HAPPENED TO THE TWELVE WE’RE SEEING HERE?

so apparently originally moffat wanted a lot of sexual tension between clara and twelve, but peter capaldi insisted that it focus more on the drama rather than a needless loveplot (a loveplot that is a little creepy since he’s 56 and she’s 28, which was also a reason Capaldi didn’t want that)

also, peter capaldi didn’t want to be the doctor at first eve though it’s been his lifelong dream to be the character, because he had to be convinced by moffat that he was going to take the show in a much better direction

also, peter capaldi has debated with moffat about the scenes already

Peter Capaldi, a true Doctor for Doctor Who


Clara: If the repair kit never stops working, then why did you give her two? 

The Doctor: Immortality isn’t living forever. That’s not what it feels like. Immortality is everybody else dying. She might meet someone she can’t bear to lose. That happens… I believe.

Was the Doctor going to walk out the door and leave that village with the second dose in his pocket? He looks a bit caught in the act, doesn’t he? And notice who he looks at when he, a bit begrudgingly, reaches for that other medical kit. 

Now consider them back in the TARDIS. Clara consoles the Doctor’s guilty conscious. But is he just questioning his decision to make Ashildr immortal or is there something else he’s regretting?

That first yes is so forceful. He whips around towards Clara. Ashlildr is not the only person on his mind. He is thinking about someone else he believes deserves the chance to live forever, if they wanted. The person he’s already said he can’t bear to lose.  Look at you, with your eyes, and your never giving up, and your anger, and your…kindness. One day the memory of that will hurt so much that I won’t be able to breathe.

For just a moment, the Doctor held in his pocket the ability to never lose Clara again. Would he have given her the medical kit? Would she have wanted it? We don’t know. Because in a supreme act of selflessness he gave that chance up so someday Ashildr could avoid losing at least one person she loves. The Doctor has never been that fortunate, and he might never be. But despite already having someone he loves enough to want her around for forever (which is true no matter how you interpret that love), he still gave Ashildr the second repair kit instead of keeping it. It’s a fascinating choice by the Doctor, the effects of which I think we are only just beginning to see. 

Every Kiss begins with Konfusion


-With the holidays coming up, it’s no wonder Zim would be in a terrible mood. The cold snow, plus the burning sensation. The ice. The crowding of people just dying to get their hands on presents for their loved ones, it was sickening. All the television programs poisoned with this ‘Christmas Cheer,’ even Gir is into it. It’s a living hell for Zim. However, he has been exposing himself to some new kind of traditions in order to blend in with the crowd more. All because of the gingerbread accident, hoo boy. As he marched through the Skool, they set up and decorated for the holidays, hissing at nearly everything. And then, he caught eye of Dib. A wicked smirk pasted onto his features as he leaned against the wall, coming to a stop.-

“Hey, DYYYYEHB! What are YOU hoping for this year, a smaller head?!”

-Attention is already catching on. Time for their usual routine.-

GUYS IT’S OK, NO ANONS HAVE GONE AFTER D+P YET. Phil has said so himself, and has thanked us for showing concern ^^ he said that it was just a rumour and I feel like they may not know that it’s not meant to have  happened yet or misunderstood but they haven’t been targeted, and Ik there were some rumours that it had already started so dw.