has fun that sounds so awkward but i didnt know what to say

  • everyone has a letter on their upper arm that disappears when they hug their soulmate for the first time
  • the letter is the first letter of your soulmate’s last name
  • the one on your arm happens to be a big, fat, “C”
  • you’ve met lots of people with C last names and hugged some of them too, 
  • yet the letter’s still there.
  • one day, your friend, seungkwan, invites you to meet some of his friends
  • which isn’t a new thing since seungkwan knows literally everyone and he feels like you also deserve to know everyone too
  • and seungkwan does what seungkwan wants
  • so……
  • you head over to the park to find seungkwan waving at you from next to a group of guys, some of whom you recognize and some of whom you don’t
  • you see your friends mingyu and seokmin 
  • you see two guys you’ve never met before - one wearing a yellow hoodie that reminds you of hollywood actors and a squishy looking dude who reminds you of a hamster
  • and 
  • you see a guy in a cap that says thug life (in comic sans gosh darn it) that you kind of know through lowkey overlapping social circles 
  • tbh, you’ve always thought the thug life guy was cute
  • but you still don’t know anything about him bc you’ve only seen him around
  • you’d like to know more though 
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • movinggggggg onnnnnnn
  • seugkwan drags you over and introduces you 
  • “this is Y/N, say hi”
  • *awkward waving from everyone*
  • “WASSUP HOMIE” from mingyu (bc he would)
  • seungkwan forces everyone to introduce themselves and you learn that hamster boy is kwon soonyoung
  • hollywood boy is called choi hansol but goes by vernon
  • and you finally get a name to put on thug life boy’s face.
  • choi seungcheol.
  • choi seungcheol.
  • Choi seungcheol.
  • his last name starts with a freaking C
  • la;sjdflsjdflajsdflasjdlfajsdlfkjasdlkfjas;dlfkjasdlkfjasdfl
  • al;skjf;lasjfl;askdjflaskdjfl;askdfj;lasdjf;alsjfa;lskdfjals;l
  • you try not to flip out bc he’s actual pretty darn close to your ideal type?
  • plus, he has extremely pretty eyes framed with the most gorgeous eyelashes ever 
  • me want
  • but you don’t get to fantasize for long because Seungkwan bursts your bubbles and you’re off to play games with all of them
  • you laugh more in those few hours than you have for a while
  • watching Seungkwan with the hansol kid is the actual funniest and cutest thing ever 
  • seungkwan treats the poor boy like a puppy who rejects his affection
  • he does look like a cute puppy
  • after that day, you find yourself hanging out with seungcheol, vernon and soonyoung more and more bc you discover they’re roommates 
  • and they happen to live literally only a block away from where you live
  • the group of you often hang out at the park and you quickly learn more about the boys
  • you hit it off with soonyoung (who you nickname hoshi or hosh for short) right away
  • his bubbly nature just clicked with you and the two of you are constantly fooling around together
  • with seungcheol, the two of you get close easily as well and conversation is always light and comfortable with him
  • besides that, you also keep finding more reasons why you want seungcheol to be your soulmate
  • he’s really kind?
  • and caring?
  • and he’s into music?
  • AND he even writes lyrics?
  • PLUS there’s freaking depth to him?
  • goddang. this boy is perfect.
  • can he please be your soulmate?
  • hansol is probably the one boy you don’t feel the instant friendship click with
  • maybe it’s bc he’s more introverted or 4D than the other boys
  • maybe its bc he doesn’t really approach you right away
  • maybe its because you’re too occupied with the other boys
  • you really dont know, but you and hansol dont grow uber close and something’s just not there
  • at this point he’s just the really good looking one with the spongebob laugh who seems to be off in his own little world
  • (none of that is bad)
  • anywhoo, yall are still a squad™
  • during your time with the boys you quickly learn that they’re all performers
  • the two chois rap and hosh dances along with a few of your mutual friends and some peeps you don’t know
  • one day, when you and a bunch of the guys are hanging out together, seungcheol invite you out to one of their performances
  • “hansol, mingyu, wonwoo, idk if you know him, and i rap. soonyoung dances with this 99 liner and some exchange students. seungkwan mcs the whole thing. you should come”
  • “sounds fun. i’ll finally get to see rap god mingyu in person. he always tells me he’s really good - we’ll have to see.”
  • mingyu looks hurt but that’s not your problem
  • when you agree, hoshi (being hoshi as well as overly excited) pretty much attacks you in a hug
  • the boys watch and laugh as you try not to choke and die a death by squishy hug
  • but then mingyu comes in and joins
  • then seungkwan
  • then everyone
  • and eventually seungcheol comes and hugs you too
  • and nothing happens 
  • :( 
  • you dont feel the buzzing on your arm that occurs as your letter disappears 
  • you can’t say you’re not disappointed
  • but you can’t dwell on it too long because hoshi decides to call an “official” group hug
  • the boys peel themselves off you, throw hansol and jihoon into the middle with you bc they were the only ones that hadn’t joined the hug yet
  • and then,
  • rehug
  • its all a mess and you kinda just squirm a bit in the pile of overexcited puppies boys 
  • you feel it
  • a buzzing on your upper arm right as you’re forced into a hug with choi hansol and lee jihoon while surrounded by the other boys
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • and in the midst of all the excitement started by an overexcited squish (hosh)
  • you and hansol are staring at each other like wtf?
  • neither of you know what to do
  • bc you both felt it and you both know how to match initials with names
  • he’s a Choi
  • why didnt you figure it out before?
  • or at least consider it
  • but anywaysssss
  • weren’t soulmates supposed to click right away or something?
  • you’ve known each other for over a month and you’re still p awk?
  • don’t really talk or anything?
  • due to the hype of the moment (even though there isn’t much that needs to be hype about it tbh),
  • the two of you dont get to talk about it and nothing happens to your relationship other than some more awkwardness 
  • which isnt out of the ordinary for awk vernon and the two of you not being bffs isnt new to anyone
  • you still hang out with them and he still joins in too
  • nothing new
  • bc neither of you really know what to do
  • you do think about it a lot
  • and then you like ???? 
  • bc you dont get it
  • and what do you do?
  • you two weren’t that close to begin with
  • and he’s not the biggest extrovert ever so he’s not going to  approach you first
  • its all just
  • the day that you agreed to see the performance comes around and you make your way to the venue which is a stage in a park
  • you stand towards the front off to the left side a bit as you wait for the show to start
  • it opens with soonyoung and some of his friends dancing 
  • thats followed by vernon rapping and ngl, you’re pleasantly surprised at his skill
  • wow he could be on smtm
  • his lyrics lowkey make you want to cry
  • goddang this boy has been through a lot
  • and the girl featuring - eunwoo? - bless her voice
  • much respect to vernon for performing that song
  • there was always something about music and lyrics that resonated with you
  • seungcheol (who was introduced as scoups for god knows what ridiculous reason) was up after him 
  • after finding that seungcheol wasn’t your soulmate, you’d slowly gotten over your crush, 
  • but you maintained an admiration for him 
  • and when he got into the music like he was doing now
  • goddang
  • you’re appreciating the music, really feeling it, when you hear the voice of a dude standing behind you
  • “i don’t get why this is such a big deal. he’s literally just talking to a beat.”
  • oh no he didn’t 
  • he did not just go there
  • you whip around, about to give the man a piece of your mind bc
  • who is he to go around judging other people like this?
  • and does he really think it’s that easy?
  • people are pouring their freaking soul into their craft
  • rap isnt just talking to a beat
  • its got emotions 
  • its got skill and technique
  • its got stories
  • you’re about to blow up at this dude, esp since its your friends and an art form you love and respect that he’s dissing
  • “It’s not just talking to a beat”
  • you hear another voice that’s not yours say that as the same time as you
  • looking up, you notice that it’s vernon who was walking over after his stage
  • “it’s so much more”
  • “there’s so much that goes into it and so much that comes out”
  • “you can’t disregard it like that”
  • and as the two of you are sticking up for rap together, something clicks
  • you two have a connection
  • something in common
  • and that’s the first step in realizing that 
  • oh. 
  • this person really is my soulmate.
  • the change is not instantaneous 
  • but you two find that you have a lot to talk about, starting with music, that you’d never discovered due to the constant presence of others combined with your personalities
  • soon you two are talking all the time about literally everything
  • (seungkwan is often jealous, but you can’t really tell if its you or vernon he’s jealous of)
  • the more you talk with vernon,
  • the more you realize he’s been your ideal type all along
  • he has all the qualities you used to declare coups your ideal type, simply manifest in different ways, and much more
  • he’s not only caring, deep, and a musician
  • but hes also an older brother, the owner of the cutest laugh ever, someone who’d experienced the cruelty of the world and therefore wanted to help others even more, too pure for the world, an amazing confidant, the list goes on
  • and you find that while your soulmate isn’t the person you’d thought he’d be or the person you wanted him to be,
  • he’s even more perfect for you - more than you’d thought he’d be and more than you could’ve hoped for
  • and you’re so glad that he’s your soulmate

Written by Admin Sea

Walking to work you couldn’t stop reading the text you got last night over and over. You shook your head and put your phone away ‘was this the right thing to do?’ You asked yourself 'he has a girlfriend and not only that she’s your bosses daughter’ you took a breath 'relax it’s just to people going out for coffee nothing more’ you said looking up to the building of big hit sighing 'let’s get today over with’ and with that in mind you walked in to the building.

So far so good its been three hours and you haven’t seen Yuna or Jungkook 'thank god’ you were in you office on the computer fixing up the images you took yesterday, you came across one picture of Jungkook the way he was looking in to the camera was like he was looking in to your soul, you couldn’t look away a knock on the door startled you looking up to the person coming in. It was Jimin and Taehyung, they sheepishly walked in smiling “hi guys can I help you with something?” You asked the boys looked at each other and nodded “well you see we found out your going on a date after work” Taehyung said your eyes widened at the mention of date, at that moment Jimin hit Taehyung on the arm “it’s not a date” you told them “I’m sorry Y/N we know it’s not Taehyung just likes teasing people that’s all” he said looking at said boy shaking his head “that’s fine” you nodded “but really if it’s not a date then why is Jungkook getting nervous about it?” Taehyung said to Jimin forgetting you were there “Taehyung” Jimin warned glancing at you. You shook your head “I’m sorry guys but if it’s not important then can you leave I’m very busy” you said not trying to sound harsh “oh that’s fine we’re sorry for bothering you” Jimin apologised both of them bow and leave. You turn to your screen seeing Jungkook again sighing your head fell on the desk with a bang “what are you doing to me?”.

You were still at your desk watching the clock 5:58 two more minutes then you would have to go on that 'date’ with Jungkook 6:00 it’s time.

Waiting at the front of the building you were just about to give up and leave when you see him running up to you hair bouncing as he ran it looked cute. Finally getting to you he put his hands on he’s knees “sorry I’m late” he said panting “it’s fine I don’t mind waiting” you smiled at him as he gave you a bunny smile he put his arm up and moved it “shall we? ” He asked you chuckled “we shall” the both of you started walking not noticing you were being watched.

At the coffee shop you had been there for twenty minutes laughing and joking about different things Jungkook was telling you about the funny things he and the rest of the boys do. Jungkook put he’s drink down and looked at you “so enough about me what about you? ” He asked, you looked down your fingers playing with your cup “there’s really nothing to talk about” you said “impossible” he said “your a photographer why did you want to be one?” He asked you shrugged “I like capturing things to show the bueaty to the world, god that sounds stupid” you said blushing Jungkook put his hand on your arm “no its not stupid at all” he said you looked up at him getting lost in his eyes 'he was so much more atrative in person’ you thought you didnt relise you were both leaning in until the door slamed shut making you both jump and pull away Jungkook taking his hand off your arm he couffed “so what’s your favourite colour?” He asked you looked at him and smiled “green” he nodded “why?” “colour of nature” you said “where are you from?” Again you answered “England” his eyes lit up at that “I’ve never been to England before what’s it like?” You put your finger to your chin thinking “cold raining all the time apart from that it’s like any other place” you said shrugging his face fell a bit “I really want to go someday” he said “you should I mean London’s fun, we have the palace where the Queen lives and the London Eye has a nice view, oh and there’s London dungeons very spooky” you said laughing “well maybe when I go you come to you could be my tour guide” he said smiling sheepishly at you “yeah maybe” you nodded.

You both stood out side “this was fun we should do it again sometime” Jungkook said looking off in the distant “yeah it was and we should” you agreed “well I better get back” Jungkook said finally looking at you “yeah me too” you both nodded “have a safe trip home” Jungkook said “you too” you both waved walking in different directions.

Getting home you opened the door and was met by three angry faces “you said we would watch movies tonight” Emily whined “Sorry I went out for coffee with someone” at that Emily’s face lit up “A DATE” she yelled “NO I didn’t say that” you said blushing Emily giggled “well who ever it is you like him” after that she ran off to her room, the other two just gave up and walked to their rooms as well with knowing smirks leaving you alone, you walked to get ready for bed thinking about everything.

Laying in bed you couldn’t stop thinking what Taehyung said “Jungkook nervous about the 'date’ today” he didn’t seem nervous well it was awkward at the start but you felt comfortable around him and when he touched you and both leaning in what was going to happen? were you guys going to kiss? or not?, so many questions ran through your head 'I wonder what’s gonna happen tomorrow?’ You thought and you fell asleep once again thinking about Jungkook.

The girl behind the camera Part 4

Genre : Angst / fluff /drama

Plot : Your a famous photographer who recently moved to South Korea with three of your best friends, you end up getting hired by big hit entertainment to become the photographer for bts. Everything is simple in you’re life, or so you thought.
I’m back!!! Not being able to write was horrid but I’m back with part 4 I’m sorry if it’s short but I hope you all like it :)

florchis  asked:

Oooh, can we hear more about your Parks and Rec autistic headcanons?

look theyre just all really autistic okay 

@stimmyabby has a whole autistic leslie tag for a reason. she’s got her special interests that she knows EVERYTHING about and could literally spend eternity infodumping about. she scripts conversations and gets confused when people go off script. she has meltdowns when she’s upset or overwhelmed. often misinterprets other people’s behavior and has trouble responding in a “normal” way. hyperempathetic. doesnt know what to do with her face when she’s on the spot. hoards things. can get really loud without meaning to 

ron literally like. HATES change and still gets his freaking milk by horse??? and he hates hugs and makes that face and humming sound when people try to hug him. and isolates himself and likes spending a lot of time alone. and he often doesnt see the point of lying about things so he doesnt. and does not care about social norms at all. he didnt even tell them when his son was born ?? there’s this whole post that goes into a lot more detail but basically ron is super autistic 

april “i’m about to say something serious and i cant do it if i have to look you in the eye” ludgate-dwyer. flat affect. cant really be open with people emotionally and hides behind sarcasm. loves animals and doesnt get people. finds it easier to play a part than to be herself. really only comfortable with affection if she’s the one initiating it. p fidgety and autistic posture? doesnt care about social norms. dresses really comfortably 

andy is just …….. andy. doesnt really understand like. how “normal people” interact or do anything and completely makes up his own rules about life. has some really interesting logic in terms of how he thinks about stuff. special interest in his band. just. really doesnt follow the ‘rules’ of interaction at all or form normal relationships. gets overwhelmed easily. has trouble reading between the lines of conversations (like when he thought miming a pregnant belly meant petting a dog). doesnt really know how to take care of himself 

ben who’s very much all about Following The Rules. and has to correct people when they’re wrong about stuff or he gets upset. super socially awkward. special interests in geeky stuff. the cones of dunshire is literally the most autistic thing ever. does that stimmy dance when he’s happy. can come across very dickish and cold if you dont know him. always feels like he has to prove himself 

tom whose interactions are all very performative and he interacts with people based on like. tying everything back to pop culture instead of interacting with emotional substance? very attached to his things, especially technology. doesnt understand when he’s being mean or hurting other people’s feelings. has no concept of how the real world (like money) works and has to learn the hard way. stims by doing weird voices. just makes up words

jerry who is super awkward but cheerful and just wants to be included. doesnt understand when he’s being made fun of. clumsy. his whole family has scripts for daily activities (like songs they sing every day). likes routines and doesnt mind repetitive work. doesnt know what to do if he actually has the opportunity to say more than a few sentences and just kinda garbles 

chris who just Doesnt See the Point in not being happy all the time. has to act happy even though he gets overwhelmed really easily. his body is very sensitive to what he puts into it and to sickness. stims by exercising. always says people’s full names. doesnt understand a lot of social interaction (like that people just want to vent sometimes) but always tries his best to learn. emotional dysregulation. learns very quickly about his interests 

basically donna is the only allistic one in the group and if someone wanted to make a case for her not being nt then i’d be happy to hear it!!! 

Same Genin Team/Same Age AU headcanons (part 1)

○ I imagine that Kakashi looks down on Sakura at first because she’s emotional and physically weak and honestly not a very good kunoichi. He doesn’t really pay much attention to her at first but he does get irritated by her and he starts telling her everything she’s doing wrong like “shinobi don’t wear perfume” or “shinobi arent supposed to show emotion” every time she cries. He’s sort of like Sai in that he’s really blunt and tactless with her when she does something wrong. Of course she gets really irritated by him whenever he tells her what she should be doing because “Nobody asked you Kakashi!”. Kakashi also gets annoyed by her constant attempts to show off/flirt with Sasuke
○Kakashi acknowledges Sasuke as someone on his level and vice versa; they actually dont bicker that much because of their similarities. When they compete with each other it usually ends with Kakashi beating sasuke much to Sasuke and Sakura’s chagrin. Sakura is usually the one who starts dead conversations when they’re on missions, along with Naruto.
○ As a sensei, Naruto sees himself in Sasuke and Kakashi a lot because of their tragic orphan backstories lmao, and while he cares about Sakura, she usually gets put on the back burner for them.
○Naruto has more trouble with Sasuke because while both he and Kakashi can be arrogant brats, at least Kakashi doesn’t call him a dobe or insult him outright. ○Naruto also worries about Sasuke because of his strong desire and desperation for vengeance. While Kakashi has all the same angst, Kakashi channels it into being a smart ass stickler for the Shinobi rules because of what happened to his father.
○On one of their missions, they get into trouble and Kakashi is left alone with one of the enemy nin while Naruto and Sasuke are fighting the others. Being the cocky kid that he is ,kakashi tells Sakura to run away with the client because he got this. ○So Sakura runs away with the client but Kakashi was wrong and hes overpowered and completely worn out. Sakura, hating herself for not being able to help them, comes back to get Kakashi. Just as she arrives, the enemy nin is about to attack Kakashi fatally and Kakashi is so tired and slow, she pushes him out of the way but ends up taking the blow.
○She wakes up a few days after being close to dying. Naruto hugs her and tells her she was brave but also to never do that again and that she and kakashi should have waited for him to come and defeat the one enemy nin, even Sasuke looks slightly worried about her. Kakashi doesn’t say anything to her really except, “I could have handled it.”
○Sakura is pissed off, of course. After the incident, Kakashi competely ignores her presence and it irritates her more than anything. She eveN tries to be nice to him but even that doesn’t work. And she thinks,“Whatever, Sasuke is here anyways so I couldn’t care less about that asshole.” But compared to Sasuke, at least Kakashi talked to her, even though it was mostly him being a smartass.
○ So she tries again and asks him straightforwardly,“What the fuck is your problem??!!!” because he should be thanking her for saving his life and stuff not being a prick. And he tells her,“You shouldnt have come back for me. Because of that we failed the mission.”
○And Sakura cant help but feel so frustrated and angry to the point of crying, but also lonely because, for once she thought that she had finally done something useful to the team after saving Kakashi and she doesnt get him at all or why she’s so bothered about him ignoring her. Naruto sees her and talks to her, explaining what happened with Kakashi and his father and how his dad killed himself
○Sakura confronts him one last time and shouts,“You idiot! You’d really put a stupid mission above your own life?!” And she screams at him that she doesnt regret what she did at all and that she’s not going to say sorry for fricking saving his life and hes going to have to deal with it because “your life is way more important than a dumb mission, dumbass” she starts bawling. Kakashi looks at her stunned, partly bc he doesn’t know what to do with her crying so much but mostly bc he didnt even think she cared that much about him or anything other than Sasuke. So he awkwardly pats her shoulder to comfort her, feeling remorseful for ignoring her
and being a tool to her because of his own feelings of inadequacy. she hugs him, crying on his shirt and its so awkward but he cant help but feel a little moved and they spend a long while just like that. Kakashi apologizes and she says its okay and she teasingly says “you know for a genius, you can be really stupid.” And he frowns but she laughs at her own joke and his heart skips a beat at the sound and after a few more awkward moments, Sakura makes him swear not to tell anyone about this because shes incredibly embarrassed but she excuses it by saying “I wouldn’t wanna get Sasuke-kun to get the wrong idea.”
○and so the next time the team meets up, Naruto notices that they made up and they still bicker but its more teasing now, mostly from Sakura because she realized its actually pretty fun to tease Kakashi. Kakashi doesnt particularly enjoy the teasing or the annoying way that hearing ,her laugh makes him feel weird in a not so bad way.

sadmachiines  asked:

good evening! are requests open? if they are, can you write something about 16 year old MC (all their relationships w the rfa are platonic) being an American student at a boarding school? like how do the RFA help her get used to being in Korea away from their family and home? sry this is so weirdly specific but if u can do this then thank you <3 i love you!

writing this because i love platonic mc x rfa and i love you



  • american food!!!
  • he invited her over one day just to hang out with him!!
  • and when she walks in BLAM
  • she can smell hot dogs and burgers and FRENCH FRIES!!
  • Yoosung appears, waving around little american flags
  • “welcome to your very own american-style restaurant!!” 
  • MC lifts her hands to her mouth as she smiles
  • “Yoosung, you have no idea how good it smells in here”
  • Yoosung grabs MC’s hand and pulls her into the kitchen
  • he guides her through a spread of burgers, hot dogs, fries, and fresh fruit
  • he made way too much food but thats fine
  • “i wasnt sure if you were going to want to eat the meat so i have soy burgers and stuff too”
  • oh my god theres so much food
  • Yoosung and MC have their meal together and then have to spend quite a bit of time putting away the left overs
  • Yoosung’s surprise is the gift that keeps on giving because him and MC are eating american food together for the next week
  • and from that point on Yoosung and MC make french fries together all the time becasue Yoosung found that he actually LOVES THEM WAY MORE THAN HE THOUGHT


  • it started when Zen called her at 8 saturday morning
  • “hey MC, you dont have school today, right?”
  • “no, why?”
  • “i’m coming to pick you up. be there in 10”
  • “oh okay-!”
  • ten minutes later he was, in fact, there
  • “Zen, whats all this about?”
  • “its a surprise”
  • the surprise was a movie day with the whole RFA
  • MC and Zen got to his house, and everyone was there
  • the whole RFA was wearing pajamas and eating popcorn out of big bowls
  • “Zen..what-”
  • “its a movie day, MC! just for you!”
  • “what movies are we going to watch?”
  • “i rented all of your favorites”
  • Zen holds up some DVD’s and MC grabs them, smiling
  • “i used to watch these so much at home!!”
  • she tackles Zen in a big hug
  • “but, these are all in english! how are you guys going to watch?”
  • “dont worry, we have subtitles”
  • even though the RFA has to read subtitles, the whole day is so fun and it means so much to MC
  • it really feels like home!


  • she picks MC up from school one day as a surprise!!
  • she has a coffee ready for MC to drink
  • “do you mind hanging out at my place for a bit?”
  • “not at all! ive had long day”
  • when Jaehee and MC get to her place the first thing Jaehee says when they get inside is “we’re home!!”
  • who is she-
  • “Jaehee is that you? is our daughter with you?”
  • there were voices coming from Jaehee’s laptop on her coffee table
  • MC rushed over to the laptop to see that Jaehee had set up a skype call with her family
  • her parents were there and even her siblings
  • MC wants to cry this is so sweet
  • she’s been calling home but she doesnt have a laptop so she hasnt been able to see their faces
  • this meeting means so much to her
  • Jaehee just watches happily as MC waves to her family and her little siblings
  • and blushes when she hears MC telling her parents all about her new best friends, the RFA


  • MC was doing homework in her room when she hears a knock on her door
  • she wants expecting anyone and the RFA usually tells her if they’re coming over so shes a little confused but answers the door
  • she opens the door and is greeted by both of her parents attacking her with a hug
  • instant TEARS
  • “what are you guys doing here? when did you get here? how did you-”
  • MC’s parents hand her a note
  • i know youve been missing them. here’s a gift from me to you, for showing me kindness where no one else would. -Jumin
  • she calls Jumin that day and thanks him a billion times
  • he’s even arranged a place for them to stay
  • and had jaehee plan out some sight-seeing things for them
  • MC missed her parents so much, this visit was exactly what she needed
  • screw anyone who says Jumin is heartless!!


  • MC was actually studying and fell asleep at her desk
  • when she was woken up by her ringtone
  • Seven was calling!
  • she answers and instantly hears his voice
  • “hello! this is seven zero seven!”
  • it was common for Seven to say something in english when she answered the phone
  • “hey Seven. whats up?”
  • “just calling to see how my favorite girl is feeling today”
  • he didnt switch back to korean
  • Seven kept talking to her in english
  • so she answers him in english
  • “where did you learn that? i didnt know you could speak english”
  • “i thought if we could speak english to each other if might feel more like home to you”
  • “really? you learned some english just for me?”
  • “yup! hey want to hang out later? we can go to a baseball game and eat hot dogs and apple pie and talk about how much we hate donald trump”
  • MC busts out laughing
  • Seven was sweet but his english was still a little awkward sounding
  • “only if you come pick me up in a big, muddy pick-up truck”
  • “deal!”
  • MC had no idea that something as simple as a conversation in english could help her feel more at home

thanks for reading!!! i super hope you liked it a bunch ^^

Help part 2

Peter x reader
Prompt: “Fine, leave see if I care!” & “Wait a minute are you jealous?”
N/A- I love this character so much. Also Civil war isnt happening in this so they are all together in one big odd family.

Warning- cursing, alcohol

Part 1


It been awhile since I’ve seen Spider-ass, it was my personal favorite nickname so far. I kind of missed the like asshole, not that he actually was an asshole, he’s actually so nice it could make you vomit. That night was a cluster-fuck but I’d do it again to see that arthropod. I hated the way he made me feel, it was a damn clitché and I cant deal with it. My older sister, whom I live with, is constantly picking on my little “superhero crush” on him. She also picked on me when she found out I had a crush on Peter Parker, a boy in my Physics class. My response was just a fuck off, normally my response to a lot of what she says but in a joking and loving way. That is until she told me she got a call from Tony Stark, that gave me a shock. I honestly didnt believe her. I had heard about Spider- Boy getting a call but I didnt realize I would too. I called Tony Stark the next day, it was summer so I didnt have to worry about school. My sister, Kate, knows about my abilities so it made it easier for me not having to lie about going to the Avenger Tower for a few days to get a feel of the place and Tony offered me a new suit, which I am very thankful for. The car would be there in an hour to get me which led to me rushing around like a mad woman, throwing random bits in a floral backpack. I freshen up, running my fingers through my hair, fixing my makeup, I felt oddly nervous which never happened. I could be held at gunpoint and not even flinch an inch. I dont know if thats just me being cocky, which it probably is but I’m never nervous nor awkward not since I got my powers.

I say goodbye to Kate, she looks nervous, probably because this is my first time away for awhile without her since our parents died. I see a sadness in her eyes causing me to hug her a put a flower in her hair, its the only way I say goodbye, thats what flowers signify to me now. I mean, think of what you put on a grave. Kate starts to cry and thats when I leave, I cant deal with crying or maybe just sadness in general.

The driver is a tall man, like bigfoot tall. He is also wearing a uniform that sports the Avenger logo. He opens the door for me and takes my bag, I tell him its fine next to me but he insists. The ride there is quiet until I decide I cant stay quiet anymore.

“So, How are you?” I say just trying to make conversation. He looks in the mirror and smiles. 

“I’m good, thank you Ms.” After that I give up trying to be friendly, I’ll save all my energy for the team. That is until he carries on the conversation so by the time we are at the tower I know his name is Franklin and he has a wonderful wife, they just celebrated their 41st anniversary and they have a daughter and son, both who are in college. When he opens the door for me he hands me my bag and smiles at me. I wave my hand in an weird way which causes Franklin to look at me oddly. A bright blue carnation pops up from the crack in the cement, I pick it and hand it to Franklin. Goodbye. I make my way into the lobby, my fingers are shaking so much they may fall off. I talk to the receptionist and after a few minutes she points me in the direction of the elevators and tells me a floor number. I was expecting someone to at least be there waiting, that would have calmed me a tad. 

“You’re great, you have powers people wished they had. You are great.” I say to myself and then taking a deep breathe, composing myself. Im starting to feel my normal assholey self, Im cool. The elevator doors open and all the Avengers are standing and some sitting. I walk out, a huge smile on my face. 

“Everyone, This is Rose.” They all wave, Natasha is first to shake my hand then Steve, wow, his eyes are blue. Then Sam and Vision. Wanda gives me a hug and thanks god that there is someone around her age there thats not Parker. Parker? That name sounds familiar but I ignore it.

 “Dinner will be done in an hour. Wanda can you show her to her room please?” She nods and takes my hand, taking me to the elevators. When we reach the floor it opens up to a common room

 “Tony decorated your room so if you don’t like it, blame him. Also Peter is on this floor as well, he stays in his room a lot either doing homework or something.“ Her accent is thick, it makes it harder to read her.

 The room is the same green as my suit with a balcony thats covered in plants. Wanda leaves me to unpack and settle in which I’m thankful for. I turn on some music on my phone as I put my clothes into the dresser and closet since I will be here for a week. My music is interrupted by a knock at the door, I lower the music just in case thats what they came to complain about. I walk to the door and open is quickly.

 It was Peter. Peter Parker. The boy I have had a crush on since the 6th grade. He looks shocked to see me, probably more than I am. I furrow my brows and awkwardly look at him. Hes probably yet to notice hes staring.

 “Earth to Parker.” I say and wave my hands in front of his face. He snaps out of it, a blush spreads across his face. “Y/N? W-What are you doing here?” He tries to lower his voice as to act calm. I smirk at him, I want to joke with him a bit.

 “Well, I figured, Peter Parker of all people can get a nice deal here so why cant I?“ He looked a bit frustrated, it’s adorable. I smile at his frustration.

 “But, why are you here? Like in a room? Not in a lab?” The smirk returns to my face once more. I only send him a wink and walk back into my room, shutting the door behind me. I turn my music back up, drowning out all outside noise.

 “Mrs. Y/L/N, Mr. Stark wishes to see you in his Lab.” The AI system says, nearly scaring me to death, I turn my music off and shut the dresser drawer I was putting things in.

 “Please call me Rose, Mr. Or Mrs. AI system.” I says while walking into the hallway. I pass a room, which has music playing from it too, surprisingly good music. I peek in and notice Peter tinkering with something, he’s using the wrong screwdriver for the screw head. I can tell by the way he’s pushing it.

 “Keep doing that and you’ll strip the screw, you’d be better off using scissors.” I say causing him to jump, I walk away and stroll down to Tonys Lab where I lightly knock on the door frame since the door was already open.

 “You needed me Tin-Can?” 

 “Ah yes, finally you’re here, didnt think it would have taken that long.”

 “Got curious.” I shrug, sitting in a rolly chair across from his work space. 

“Curiosity killed the cat.” He so sarcastic, it will be fun to bounce sarcasm off one another. 

 “Well, then, good thing I’m not T'Challa.” He chuckles, not looking at me too invested in his work. “I need you to come tomorrow and do some measurements and answer some questions for your suit, the whole all black and halloween mask thing just its working for you anymore.” I gasp dramatically and put my hand over my mouth, acting offended.

 “I think it suits me really well.” He rolls his eyes at my pun, he’s just jealous. 

 “Mr. Stark, Ms. Rose, Dinner is ready. The rest of the team is already there.” Tony walks over the to door holding it open for me, I thank him and we make our way to the dining room. The whole team is sitting at the table, Wanda motions me to sit by her. Peter is sitting on the other side of me. Great. 

“Why are you here?” Peter whispers, I chuckle, scooping mashed potatoes onto my plate. I honestly don’t know why he’s here either but I ignore it. 

 “Wow, I’d hope you’d be happier to see me.” I look at him, a sliver of plaid fabric catching my eye, his fly was down.

 “Looks like you might be happier than I thought.” I chuckle, He looks down instantly flustered. Nat over hears to conversation and begins to laugh and soon the whole table knows of what just happened. 

 “Spiderling, Keep your pants on. I understand she is pretty and all but we can’t have you scaring her off with your Ironman underwear.” Tony says making Peter blush even more if possible

. “Actually, then are plaid. But Spiderling?” I look at him confused. Is he Spiderman? Fan-fucking-tastic. The irony is honestly great, has to be my third favorite type of humor after sarcasm and puns.

 “It’s Spiderman.”

 “Yeah, I know Spiderass.” I lean back in my chair, scooping mashed potatoes into my mouth. A gush of realization sweeps over his face, the nickname, it was his favorite.


 “In the flesh, oh dammit. My secret identity is out! Someone alert the press.” I state, sarcasm seeping from my words. Tony chuckles, it did sound like something he would say.

 “So Rose is Y/n?” Peter says almost as if he is trying to sort out his thoughts. 

“More like Y/n is Rose but I get where you’re coming from.” I scoop more potatoes into my mouth, god they are good.

 “Wow, I’ve always thought you were cool but now you’re even better, if possible.” Peter rambles with a blush tinting his cheeks. Tony coughs interrupting the moment, I could punch him for it. 

 “wait, Spiderling and Venus fly trap are friends?” Tony scoffs, his head in his hands, rubbing his eyes in frustration. 

“We had Physics together last year.” I state with a shrug and a slight smile. I dont know if we are friends or not, sure we have talked but not That much but the times I told Flash to cut his shit and to lay off Peter. I really dont want to scare him off.

 "Yeah, I always thought she was bad ass and pretty but now I know shes bad ass and still pretty as always.“

 "Nope, Spider-ling you have to quit flirting! Your awkwardness is going to scare her off.” Tony jokingly yells from across the table. By this time I have finished my potatoes and I lean over and try and start to Wanda as the conversation shifts away from Peter and I. “I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.” Peter whispers, I can see the redness in his cheeks and the worry in his eyes. I grab his hand which is under the table trying to reassure him that he is fine, honestly I feel like I’m on cloud nine.

“Bugboy has a liking for Lady Y/N. How nice.” Thor says with a smile, which you happily return while squeezing Peters hand a bit and rubbing my thumb against the back of his hand. His cheeks heat up because of your actions but he’s doing the same as you look at his nice face. 


Once dinner was over with you all some how ended up playing Never have I ever with the team, it was Tony’s idea, You thought it was funny because Steve put up a fight thinking Tony wanted you and Peter to drink. You ended up with apple juice in place of alcohol with no complainants, it was Nat’s idea. 

“Never have I ever colored my hair.” You say with a smirk making direct eye with Tony which makes him roll his eyes as majority of the team doesn’t even move the slightest as Tony drinks resulting in the rest of the team laughing.

“It was one time!” Tony yells in defense, crossing his arms over his chest with a pout placed upon his lips. 

“Well, Know at least we know what to get Tony for Christmas.” You reply, stifling a laugh. “What color are you? Just so I know for sure.” Something flashes across Tonys face, an idea.

“My turn!” He announces, smirking at you now, you can almost hear him thinking, Oh how the tables have turned. You try to ignore it and put up a strong front. “Never have I ever had a crush on someone in this room.” 

You were tempted to lie and drink but look over at Peter and he doesn’t move.You can feel the tension as you and Peter nervously stare at one another. Tony mischievously smiled like the Cheshire cat and spun the glass of alcohol against the floor, looking between you and Peter. Nat is glaring at Tony while Thor just looks kind of confused. 

“Fine! I give! I like Rose and Y/N. A lot.” Peter caves making you grin and scoot closer to him slowly.

“Really? Even my sarcastic and idiotic ways?” You were talking about how you acted as Rose. You wanted to say how much of an asshole you actually are but then realize that Peter knows first hand. You still wanted to apologize for that.

“I like every part of you, especially the sarcasm and I see no idiotic.” He smiles shyly as you grab his hand holding it in yours. You can feel everyone eyes on you and it makes you second guess you actions but Peter leans in and you cant help but do you same. His lips are soft and slightly chapped, it was a quick but amazing kiss but it ended as soon as the teams started to Aw. 

“Please tell me you feel the same because if not this will be very awkward.” He chuckles lightly, your faces still close enough you can feel his breath on your cheek.

“Wow, Parker I thought you’d be able to tell by the kiss but yes you dork. Of course I do.” 

“Thank God but maybe I still need some reassurance.” 

I wouldn't hurt you I care too much about you

Request: No

Warnings: None

Author’s note: Hope you enjoy.

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“Think I’m ready” I laughed as I walked into the Arrow cave.I always loved the name Cisco gave it, Oliver was never a big fan. Thea had helped me get ready for my date with Barry.With Barry being the flash and me being a part of team arrow it was hard to organize a date but since he was in town and the guys assured me they would be okay without me for a night I couldn't see why tonight wasn’t the night.Barry was one of my closest friends growing up but when I moved to starling city we struggled to stay in touch especially with trying not to tell Barry about Arrow and everything. After everything with the lightening and Barry becoming the flash we got really close again. I had always had feelings for Barry, but he always had to feel for iris so it never seemed the right time.After months of arguing with Felicity about if i should tell Barry how i felt, I finally did and that lead to me where i was now, getting ready for my first date with Barry.

“Wow”,Roys jaw dropped.

“You look amazing” Oliver stated.I always saw Oliver as a big brother ever since I joined the team.

“Couldn’t have done it without Thea” I laughed.

“I only did the makeup hair and picked out the dress okay yeah you couldnt of done it without me”Thea laughed as she walked over to Roy his arm almost insantly wrapping around her.I was wearing a tght lace Black dress with black heals with my hair loosly over my shoulders.

“Robbery”Felicity shouted. 

“Suit up”,O liver said.I immediately went towards my suit before Diggle stopped me.

“Not you y/n you have a date”, Oliver told me in a voice you dont argue with.

“But”I tried to argue.

“Nope Y/n you can help me “Felicity stated.I did as I was told taking a seat next to her starting to quickly type away at the keyboard.The rest of the team quickly left.

“Whens Barry picking you up?”Felicity asked.

“In about 30 mins if he's on time”i laughed knowing what Barry was like.He had super speed but could still be late.

“Roy there’s two guys coming up towards you”I, said quicly turning my attention back to the screen in front og me.

“Do you think you will get lucky tonight”Th ea laughed though the grunts of the guy she was beating up.

“Ermm”I just laughed trying to avoid the awkward conversation.

“Can we not talk about this right now”Oliver voice boomed.

“Yeah sorry”I laughed.By the time they was finsihed and back it was time for Barry it pick me up.

“Nervous”Roy joked.By this time, I was biting my lip and pacing up and down.

“Just a bit”

“Don’t worry I’m sure it will be okay but if he hurts you I will snap he neck”Oliver whispered in my ear as his arm wrapped around my shoulders.

“Ol ly”,I said looking at him.He was always pretective of me but then so was the rest of the gang. They all knew how I had been hurt before and didnt want it happening again but i thinnk thats more beacuse i almost broke felictys keybord by dropping icecream on it one time after a guy had broke my heart and you know felicty you dont come between her and her tec.

Almost on que there was a red flash and there was Barry in a white shirt blue blazer black trousers and convers.

“Hey sorry Im late was busy fighting  a half man half shark medohuman.”Barrys voice was rushed.

“Not a promiblem”I smiled.

“Wow,” Barry looked straight at me looking me up and down.

“What?”I asked looking over at Thea for reassurance.

“Nothing you look Beautiful” Barry smiled, his dorky smile it was just contagious.

“Well you don’t scrub up to bad your self Mr Allan”I laughed stepping closer to Barry.The chemistry was electric.I saw Barrys eyes flciker to my lips.I leaned in slightly closing the gap, casuing Barry to do the same.

“erm hadn’t you to better get going otherwise you will miss your table” Oliver interpreted causing me and Barry to move apart.

“Erm, hat yeah ready?”Barry asked becoming flustered.

“Course”I smiled.Honestly I wasn’t I was shaking with nervous.

“Have fun!”Felicity shouted.

“Remeber what I said”Oliver called causing me to shoot him a look as we walked out the arrow cave.

“So anything new?”Barry asked as we walked hand in hand to the restaurant.

“Got a new scare from one of Darks people but apart from that not really”I laughed. 

“You and your scars do you still have that one from when I threw the frisbee and it “Barry recalled.

“Hit me in the face”I  laughed.

“Yeah it’s here look”,I said stopping and moving my hair from my forehead to show him the small scar on my forehead.

“It was funny tho”Barry laughed.

“It wasn't”I protested trying not to laugh.

“Its cute when you do that face

“What face?”

“The face you do when you’re trying not to laugh”Barry recalled.That's another thing I love about Barry he notices the small things that some guys wouldn’t.

“What about you?”I asked changing the subject.

“what about me what?”Barry asked confused.

“What have you been doing?”I asked.

“Well I’ve been fighting the metahumans zoom throws at me but just the normal”Barry said like it was nothing. I couldn’t help but worry about Barry although we promised he was okay it was always the thought of letting people down that was his biggest enemy.The rest of the night went really fast it didn’t feel like a first date.There wasn’t any awkward conversations or questions there was just laughter.When I looked into Barry eyes I couldn't help but be mesmerised I know it sounds cheesy but I easily got lost in his eyes.I didn’t want the night to end but I suppose every good thing has to end eventually.

“Well I enjoyed tonight” Barry smiled as we reached the arrow cave.We had planned to attack Dark tonight so had to end the night.

“Me too I just wish it didn’t had to end”I admitted looking to the floor trying to not to show my disappointment.

“Hey hey”, Barrys voice was calm.I looked up just in time for his lips to crash into mine.His hands cupped my face and i couldn’t help but smile.I recently pulled away for air.

“I’ve been meaning to ask”,Barry said breaking the silence.


“What did oliver say before we left”,B arry asked.I couldn’t help but chuckle causing Barry to give me a confused look.

“Just if you hurt me he would snap youre neck”,I said bluntly.Barrys’ eyes widened with shock.

“I wouldn’t hurt you I care to much about you”Barry whispered as lips connected with mine again.

“Bye y/n”,Barry said once he broke away from the kiss.

“Bye Barry”I whispard and with that he was gone in a flash.

[Future fic where Derek leaves but that doesn’t mean things have to end.]


Stiles is a planner.

He loves plans so much he would marry them if he weren’t already in love with someone else and with an established plan to marry him in about ten years.

Because Stiles is a planner.

When Derek decided to move out to Los Angeles – a place not too far from Beacon Hills that he wouldn’t be able to come running back if Scott called for help, but not too close that he’d get the same gut-wrenching feeling Stiles has when he walks past his mom’s late book store – it didn’t even cross Stiles’ mind asking him to stay.

It wouldn’t be fair, and to be entirely honest, it wasn’t the right time. Life was just getting back to normal, supernatural creatures had finally stopped dropping by to visit and kill some people while they were at it. Stiles is selfish, but not that much.

Derek deserves a break, and Stiles deserves it too, even if it hurt to think about Derek being away.

It’s fine though, Stiles has a plan.

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sam staying at college for the holidays this year and john being in the middle of one of his long disappearances. dean is too worried about bothering anyone to hit anyone up about crashing their christmas plans (ellen would skin him if she knew that he was planning on eating a rotisserie chicken and some pie on the couch in front of the tv all night, but what she doesnt know wont hurt her). cas mentions that his brother michael, who usually handles christmas (eve) dinner is down with pneumonia, and dean, totally not upset that he doesnt get to cook for his brother and his dad this year, offers to fill in. cas catches on that he doesnt have any other plans and insists that he doesnt have to cook to be there– after all, it’s only he and his few siblings this year– but dean shrugs and says he wants to. cas’ place is ridiculous compared to the shoe box he shares with his family and his siblings are all intimidating, to say the least, but after some initial awkwardness, they’re all pretty casual with each other.

once everyone’s settled in and dean is looking through the groceries cas bought, gabriel, ever the annoyance, misinterprets and complains that cas never mentioned a boyfriend he needed to get something for. dean drops the bag of cranberries he was about to boil and cas freezes solid, but dean saves face and plays the role, effortlessly wrapping his hand around the other’s and spouting off something about how forgetful cas can be. its awkward to roast a turkey while your best friend stands over your shoulder the whole time, a little dazed, but its surprisingly easy to continue their silent agreement and act like an honest to god couple all night. anna and luc act unsurprised, like they assumed from the beginning, and michael calls halfway through the actual meal to chirp at castiel through the phone that he’d raised him, he’d fed and clothed him, and now he had to find out from luc that hed finally found someone? his brother refuses to hang up until he has a promise from castiel to bring dean around someday soon. cas can hardly stand to look in his best friends direction, let alone talk to anyone until anna takes pity on the whole table and asks him how he and dean met. its a simple story, dean stumbling into the er one night (the night sam shipped off for college, but deans 23 now, damn it, hes an adult, has been for a decade, and no one, especially not cas, needs to know that) while he was working with half of a shot glass in his hand. dean pipes up that hes a bartender, for christs sake, cas is making it sound like he had a problem or something, and hes damn lucky that dean did set that glass down a little too hard or he wouldnt have him around. cas’ sincere agreement is casual, but it hits dean off guard and suddenly the atmosphere is awkward again.

it isnt until cas’ family have all made their ways upstairs to cas’ guest bedrooms and deans changed into some  sweats (theyd decided that he was spending the night, so that he can help out with breakfast in the morning and then stick around for presents) that they talk again, just the two of them. cas wants to apologize for putting dean on the spot, wants to talk about everything thats gone down tonight, but dean just pats him on the shoulder with a “dont worry about it” before throwing himself on the guy’s couch. cas has never seen ‘die hard’ all the way through before, as it turns out. dean deems that unacceptable, so even though it isnt as good with the volume turned most of the way down and the subtitles on, they settle in together and watch alan rickman get his ass kicked in the christmas spirit. cas wakes up first. he must have, because dean is alone when he comes to, a blanket draped over his body and a warm spot next to him. cas is close, though. his voice is coming from the kitchen, hushed and urgent, and so is his sister’s.

‘youre 27, cas’

‘hes 23.’

‘thats not what i meant and you know it.’

cas sighs. ‘anna, i didnt mean that i dont care for him. far from it. but id really rather you not invest yourself in the idea that this is going to end up lasting.’

‘do you love him?’

cas is quiet.

‘cas. do you want it to be something long term?’

cas’ answer takes a while. ‘more than anything.’

dean cant listen to any more of this. hes already heard more than cas wants him to hear, so he stretches out and yawns, loudly, and the two siblings are quiet (cas pointedly casual) by the time he shuffles into the room. he keeps up their fake relationship, somehow still easy despite the conversation he never stops pouring over in his head, because cas didnt mean it, cant have meant it, but it was still nice to hear, and the day is nice. really nice.  it turns out that gabriel does have something for dean (he’d made a quick trip to the store in the morning before anyone had had the chance to miss him). dean tries to force him to take it back, but apparently it was more obvious than he’d thought that his coat was getting a little thin, and he cant really find it in him to keep protesting once gabe threatens to pick up a hat and scarf to match if he doesnt can it and let him make a good impression with his brother’s man. which hes already done, as it turns out, but he doesnt find and open them until everyone’s pretty much done opening everything, and hes a little too happy by that point to wrangle up any irritation. not to be outdone, anna and luc have him pick something out online and order it while cas and gabriel catch up. the vinyl he chooses he will end up returning and give the cash over to cas to slip back to them, but the whole process is fun and the three laugh at some of what he digs up. he likes cas’ family, he decides. he hasnt officially met michael yet, but hes optimistic if he really had as much hand in raising the rest of the novaks as everyone is leading him to believe. its then that cas strikes. dean had broken their no present rule, of course he had, it was the least he could do with cas letting him hang on christmas. he didnt regret it, either. cas had loved the old book hed found him.

what he does regret is not anticipating that the son of a bitch would do the same. the other man calls him into the kitchen (and what do novaks have against staging heart to hearts somewhere other than in there? seriously.) under the pretense of showing him where something got put the night before. cas isnt looking for something though, and the only thing he can see out of the ordinary is an evelope sitting on the counter. what the hell.

‘open it,’ cas prods, gently. dean does.

its definitely not a christmas card. dean doesnt really register much besides the fact that its already been opened and words like accepted and pleased to inform you until he notices the name at the bottom.

‘cas. what is this?’

‘what does it look like?’

‘no, man, i mean… fuck, i never even…’

‘i applied for you. i know it was presumptuous, but you wouldn’t… you mentioned how much it would mean, and i know its late, but–’

dean interrupts him with a shake of his head. its an acceptance letter. an acceptance letter to culinary school with his name on it, and its too much. its too much for him to handle that cas paid that much attention, that he cared enough to do it in the first place, but even if he could breath right now, he just doesnt have the money to afford it. he tells him as much, and it comes out soft and choked, but he gets the words out. cas just smiles.

‘there’s more in the envelope.’

this time, dean doesnt have to read it over to know what it is hes holding.

‘i can afford it, dean. you dont need to look shocked.’

shocked isnt the word for what hes feeling right now. ‘are you fucking kidding me right now, cas?’


‘you what? thought you needed to shell out so i could go to school? ive got a job, man.’

‘one you hate.’

dean scoffs, ‘so, what, you’re doing me a favor? you really meant all that this morning, huh? figured you had to buy me just so that we could have something “long term.”’

cas goes pale and dean shuts up.

‘you heard that.’

‘yeah, i fucking heard it.’ never really believed it, not even now, but if he had to deal with how much cas’ lie hurt, then so did he.

‘im sorry. you werent meant to.’

‘yeah, cas, no shit.’

‘i mean that im sorry to have put you in this position. really, i am. i never meant to make you uncomfortable, but this has nothing to do with how i feel, its a present to a friend. there isnt any expectation here, i just… you deserve it.’

they’re both quiet for a long time.

‘you meant that?’

‘of course i did, youve wanted to go to culinary school for year-’

‘no. this morning. you werent putting on a show for anna.’

‘what?’ cas looks confused.

‘come on, man, dont tell me i  should have read it any different. youre a fucking doctor, you live in practical god damn jet hanger, and i dont mind pretending so everyone thinks youve got something pretty hanging off your arm, but i never figured–’

cas shuts him up by fisting his hands in his shirt and pulling him forward. it wouldnt be that great, as far as kisses go, cas’ teeth are digging into his lip and his mouth is dry with surprise, but then everything loosens up and cas is sliding his tongue against his lips. he opens up without a second thought and then cas’ hands slip out of his shirt and down to his hips, dean’s go up to wrap around his shoulders, and it’s warm and easy and hot. cas pulls away before it can go any further than mild tongue action, though (not that it doesnt still make it into dean’s top ten, easy) and then cas’ thumb is tracing over his cheekbone like theyre in a lifetime movie.

‘ive been dreaming about waking up next to you since you came over and asked me to help you change your bandages, two weeks after we’d met. youve always meant something to me, dean.’

dean cant look him in the eye after that, but he doesnt pull away, either, so cas leans in for another kiss (or four) until deans ready to respond.

‘next year just get us a fucking dog or something, alright?’

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Teen!lock. Caught making out.

HELLO NONNY! :) thank you for the prompt! Its kind of nice imagining HS sherlolly! It’s kind of AU. My first thought was 5 minutes in heaven but then I decided to go another way cause yeaahh. They’re a bit OOC but I hope you enjoy it anyway! xx

Molly Hooper was not quite certain on why she agreed to do this. It was all just for fun, she had try to convince herself. ‘Let’s shove the awkward girl inside the cupboard and see how long until she breaks down! Yay’ she thought as she slid down the wall and onto the floor. She’s been trying to pry the door open for minutes now and it just wouldn’t budge. Soon she grew tired and decided to give it up. She should’ve never let her best friend convince her to come to this. She hugged her knees and rested her head against it and with the muffled sound of the party outside, she dosed off.

She woke up with strange silence outside. There was still music playing but the loud cheers and the chattering outside had been silent. She stretched her back as she stood up, she hoped that they had the decency to dislodge the door before leaving the premises. She sighed as she walked towards the cupboard’s door.

“Oh good, you’re awake” someone said from the far end of the cupboard, startling her socks off.

“Holy—” She said jumping in shock. “What the hell?” She continued placing her hands on her chest. It wasn’t that dark inside the cupboard despite the fact that the only light source were the holes from the cupboard’s door. She could already make out his curly hair and confident stance, instantly she knew who she was with.

“Sherlock?” She asked when he didn’t say anything.

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psa: pls remember that i’m translating japanese transcriptions of the show so wording and nuances might not be accurate. thanks.

  • Jonghyun: You have all waited so much, right? Today, SHINee’s Key-ssi and Infinite’s Woohyun-ssi will come! Even though we’re in the same group I’m going to introduce them as Toheart, it’s such a weird feeling.

    Jonghyun: Today is White Day, isn’t it? The writer-noona LOL. During Valentine’s Day I kept telling them I didn’t receive any chocolate so today they prepared well! I got chocolate. 

    Jonghyun: Finally we have a SHINee member here in Blue Night! When I started this radio show, I thought I’d call them here after 3-4 years. I didn’t think one of them would guest here so early!
    Key and Woohyun: Hello, we’re Toheart!
    Jonghyun: What the hell was that?! LOL 

    Jonghyun: You’re really busy lately, aren’t you? How did you prepare for this? Key-ssi’s voice sounds like he needs ice cream LOL.
    Key: I think this is the busiest I’ve been since debut. 

    Jonghyun: I’ve been with Key-ssi for 7, 8 years already so isn’t it a bit worrisome wondering what to talk about on air?
    Key: Why? Do you have something to say? LOL
    Jonghyun: LOL I said I called Key-ssi to this show but he’s already good at talking.

    Jonghyun: How do you think am I progressing? It’s awkward isn’t it? 
    Key: Really? Well, I kind of know the feeling. But I’ve gotten used to you since debut so I know you have this side/personality anyway. 
    Jonghyun: It doesn’t mean that I’m always in high spirits.

    Jonghyun: I know that you guys are really close, but I didn’t know that you call each other “My Bum” and “My Hyun”! How did that happen?!
    Woohyun: At first, I just called him, “Kibum-ah, Kibum-ah” but it sounded really boring so I played around with his name and it somehow became “My Bum” LOL

    Jonghyun: Why didn’t you tell me? Wasn’t it lonesome? 
    Woohyun: Our CEO just couldn’t keep his mouth shut LOL.
    Key: I was told not to tell anyone, not even our members… so that’s why no one managed to know.
    Jonghyun: My mother knew about your project even before I did.

    Jonghyun: Please say something about Delicious’ lyrics.
    Key: It’s about competing for a girl’s attention. Even though I think it’s obvious when one watches the MV, from the start it’s about two good friends fighting over a girl’s affection. But instead of being a serious fight, it has a playful feeling.

    Jonghyun: I watched the MV. Key-ssi, you really like this kind of control.
    Key: I thought if there’s a chance to work together I’d like to grasp it. In actuality, my style and sense didn’t really change. I’m just glad to be able to do a work that I want to do and direct it the way I want. 
    Jonghyun: It’s nice to be able to work on a project you like the way you want it and have a friend with you, too.

    Woohyun: Key-ssi eats a lot. He likes chicken a lot, while drinking beer.
    Jonghyun: What is he like when he’s drunk?
    Woohyun: He becomes really noisy and annoying.
    Jonghyun: He’s annoying everyday LOL.

    Key: During Woohyun’s birthday it was really fun and we drank a lot, even though we were to go to Japan the next day LOL.
    Jonghyun: Ah, it was that day?
    Key: I didn’t want to suddenly get drunk and be troublesome since the other Infinite members have gone home earlier, too. But somehow we ended up drinking together. It was terrible.

    Jonghyun: Until now I’ve been praising you a lot…
    Woohyun: So now it’s time to diss us? LOL
    Jonghyun: Because I know a lot, you know. You both like drinking, right? You both got in trouble, right? Because your drinking has affected your work.
    Key and Woohyun: Yeah.
    Jonghyun: Wow, you’re both honest.
    Key: I’m not the type who denies something that happened though? LOL.

    Jonghyun: Your album’s recording/editing is really good. I thought “Maze” was nice. Your production team are full of amazing people, right? Like, someone who wrote a lot of Infinite’s songs and someone who wrote A.Mi.GO..

    Key: While we were doing project planning, I thought we would eventually end up arguing. But we progressed steadily and didn’t even quarreled once. 
    Woohyun: We did fight about what to eat…
    Jonghyun: It’s like you guys are going out with how you argue over things. LOL. 

    Woohyun: We weren’t really pressured about this project because we want to have fun and make sure our fans have fun, too.
    Key: More than reaching number 1, we wanted to show the general public that we can do this kind of music. Anyway we just want to enjoy what we’re doing without worrying about the charts. 

    Key: So far I’ve been satisfied (with things). I also wanted to try out solo stages. I also want to try out things I’d want to do and get to know our fans more. But right now, I want to show a side of me that I haven’t shown before. 

    Key: There isn’t a time that a girl Woohyun thinks is cute looks cute to me. 
    Woohyun: I like pure and cute girls..
    Key: I didn’t say that your types aren’t cute, I just said they’re not my type.
    Woohyun: Key is attracted by girls who have unique personalities.
    Jonghyun: Woohyun-ssi and I have the same ideal types LOL

    Jonghyun: Since we’re talking about the lyrics to “Delicious”, but which would you choose, love or friendship? 
    Key: Even if you leave a friendship, you’ll end up returning anyway, but a love lost won’t return, right?
    Jonghyun: That’s right!

    Key: I think it’s nice that Woohyun share a lot in common and emphathize a lot with each other.
    Jonghyun: I feel envious seeing you guys going shopping. I don’t have friends who can go shopping or drinking with me!

    Jonghyun: Have you ever thought you’re cooler than Woohyun?
    Key: Nope.
    Woohyun: Am I really that cool?
    Jonghyun: Woohyun’s like a dog and Key’s like a cat.

    Key: Anyway, we’re not the cool type of person. Also I won’t say that I really think I’m not cool!
    Jonghyun: Ohh is that so.

    Jonghyun: For Woohyun, what is Key?
    Woohyun: My other self! A shadow?
    Jonghyun: How about Key?
    Key: Hmm…he’s like shochu.
    Jonghyun: He makes you feel intoxicated??
    Key: I can talk sad things and happy things with him.
    Jonghyun: Then, for the two of you, what is Jonghyun??
    Key: Please stop that.
    Jonghyun: Why?!

    Key really answers honestly. Woohyun’s answer (abt Infinite) was safe and typical of idol groups but Key’s was more on a personal level imo.

    Jonghyun got so many burns today Jinki needs to come home soon and nurse his wounds.

    Jjong: What is Jonghyun to both of you? Key: Stop that now. Jjong: Why? Key: …An employee, I guess.

    Key: Until now I haven’t appeared in Blue Night, but it’s really an honor to be able to come here like this. Please watch over our (Toheart) and Jonghyun-hyung’s progress warmly. Since we’re starting over again, please treat us well. Please look after Toheart well. 

second translation:

foxlti ‏@laetitia_aw 

  • hahaha jong said its white day and the scriptwriter complained to him cos she didnt get anything Xd
  • he said that since one of his members is gonna guest on radio as 2heart rather than shinee he feels a little peculiar this time
  • lol this listener and her friends quite interesting-> “each one of us looks like an animal so when we’re together we’re called a zoo”
  • “Hello we are 2heart” J: HAHAHAH what is this
  • Key introduced themselves as a hybrid collaboration. When Jong asked why he said its cos hyrbid = diff. companies, collab = collab
  • Jong asked Key, since we’re together for 6,7 years won’t you be worried about what i’m going to ask? Key was like I have much more to say
  • Eh is it just me or what cos I feel like today Jonghyun is really treating 2heart like his guests and himself as the DJ rather than member
  • When they knew about the collab, Key said the both of them really thought it was a joke.
  • LOL Jong: 2heart… meaning 2 hearts? Park Jisung? WH explained 2heart means toheart = to (the) heart.
  • ew my bum and my hyun. Jong said its cute though lol
  • WH said Key and himself is really similar e.g. like how they are perfectionalists
  • J: Please introduce your title track WH: This time for our mini-album, the title track is called Delicious. It’s a fun, pop, dance track.
  • WH: I come off better than Kibum (and then Jong was like pfffts hahahah)
  • Jong congratulated Key for being able to work with his fav (infinite) member, fav friend, and fav director.
  • J: Did you feel like it would be a good title track when you heard Delicious? WH: I thought it’s a good song J:But why did you laugh Key-gun
  • K: I thought it was so-so
  • Jong got them to choose one song to play over the radio, then Key chose You’re My Lady
  • J: We just heart you’re my lady. This song has a sexy feel to it.
  • J: Does the two of you like alcohol? TH: Yes
  • Jong asked them about how much they can drink. Key: i dont know. J: Wah is it because you (can) drink a lot? K: When I drink I just drink
  • Jong: How old are the both of you? TH: 24 J: I’m 25
  • WH said that when Key drinks, he speaks a lot. J: (but) he speaks a lot normally too.
  • WH says that he doesnt see Key as SHINee’s Key but as Kibum. They also said Key raps well and can write lyrics well.
  • Key said WH and him haven’t fought, not even once.
  • J: Now that you guys have released an album, it’s like war. With SNSD seniors and also DBSK seniors… WH: At first it felt burdernsome.
  • Jonghyun mentioned the angdaeyo thing and made key demo hahah key was like “boss kim, it’s good that we’re/i’m here on blue night” then J
  • Key do the angdae part and Key just did as told hahah so qt
  • oh so WH likes cute girls with natural beauty. so infinite fans who is thinking of plastic surgery… yall can scrap that idea already haha
  • jong said his ideal is like woohyun’s too.
  • Jong says that when he sees their stage he feels that the stage is pretty and the concept suits them well
  • J said he likes the lyrics of Delicious. Asking if they would choose love or friendship. Key said it’s possible for him to choose love but
  • smth smth (maybe said he’d choose friendship) then wh said he’d definitely choose love.
  • J: “I am more handsome than WH” Do you think that way Key-ssi? K: No. Definitely not. J: How about you WH? W: Yeah I’m more handsome
  • Asking who they think is handsome, they say Jonghyun, L… then J was like “Yeah L is handsome but for myself I think I’m just charming” LOL
  • then Jonghyun said that Taemin is quite handsome too, and that SHINee has Minho too, who is handsome
  • Well Jonghyun says WH feels like the puppy while Key feels like the cat… yeah… and then we all know Jong likes dogs right…. ummm…..
  • Jong asked until when key will do his activities for. Key: Until the day that its not regrettable (even if I don’t continue)
  • this listener said she worked as a staff during the shinee concert last weekend, and said then when Jong/members told staff they worked hard
  • when he himself worked hard performing on stage too she said that she almost cried even though the comment wasnt directed only at her