has five children

i wanna talk for a second about how old everyone on the starblaster was

we know based on just the math of how old he is now that magnus was in his early twenties at the beginning of the mission (if he’s around 33 once ten years have passed) and from the same math we can figure lucretia to be around the same age or a little older if losing time in wonderland puts her in about her 50’s. barry is probably also between 25 and 30

so merle would probably be between 150 and 200 based on dwarf lifespans if we figure that he’s around the same age or a little younger than clint and that would put davenport at about the same age or slightly older because gnomes and dwarves have similar lifespans

and then it’s more difficult with taako and lup but we can put them between 100 and 150 which is equivalent (about) to being in their mid-twenties

i guess i just like the idea that a) dadvenport is pretty accurate age-wise and that he’s this middle aged guy who’s devoted his whole life the mission when SURPRISE he has five new Chaos Children™. he wants to bond with merle over being the only adults but because merle is merle it doesn’t really work (and they bond anyway)

and also b) that the relationship between barry and lup really could not have happened in another circumstance because she would outlive him by 150 years but this way they’re the same age forever and then undead beings together, also forever


Happy National Book Lovers Day, feat. my cyberpunk collection & second bookshelf

Thank you to everyone who sent in prompts based on this awesome pose sheet! Got some good tablet practice in, and took my first serious crack at drawing TFA characters. I’m totally going to keep going with the prompts, but I’m very slow so don’t wait up. 

GoT fanfic: White as Snow (Part I)

Tumblr - JONERYS Appreciation Week: Day 2

Prompt: Fairy tale AU

Title: White as Snow (A modern Cinderella Story)

One-Shot Fanfic / Modern Fairy Tale

Words: 6100+

Rating: All audiences (Part I) 

Summary: A modern Cinderella Story of a child whose world is turned upside down after the death of a parent. This child made to feel inferior, and in servitude to their own family. Will the love of another help pull them out of their darkness.

PART I: Slow Burn

++o+ Age 8 +o++

As Daenerys Targaryen walked quietly behind her father, she knew that it was pertinent that she remain silent and steady. The long hallways of the funeral home echoed with silence, for this was truly a somber occasion.

After landing in the private airstrip right outside of Manhattan, her governess had lectured for the entire limo ride to the funeral home about proper behavior. Dany was to portray a sense of remorse, while remaining calm and ladylike. Death is a tragedy, but she needed to remember who she is.

A lady at all times. A Targaryen.

One of the wealthiest families in the United States.

With her eyes lowered, she was careful to walk in her father’s steps. Always mindful not to walk too fast for fear of bumping into him. He especially didn’t like it when she did that. As men and women of high society stopped to speak with her father, she averted her eyes and remained silent.

Per usual, no one spoke to her. She was merely there to be on display. The perfect child.

As long as she could remember, men and women alike spoke of her incredible beauty. Her long silver hair, porcelain white skin and violet eyes.

As the years passed, the exclamations of her great beauty become more frequent and louder.

“It is time, Daenerys. Remember what your governess taught you,” her father said briskly. “Do not embarrass me child.”

She nodded her head solemnly and continued behind him, the casket displayed at the front. The casket was open. It would be the first time she saw death in person.

The first time she could remember at least.

There was a step placed in front of the casket, how thoughtful she realized. To provide a means for children to rise and see her body.

She stood next to her father, staring down at the beautiful woman who is now completely still. She was so lovely, Daenerys wonders where she is now. Is she here, watching them, watching her only child? A sadness settles over her, to lose one’s own mother is not right. It is not fair. The pain unbearable to be motherless.

“Come along, daughter,” her father commands, interrupting her sad thoughts.

Daenerys gracefully follows him as he navigates through the crowd. She notices that men and women alike immediately move to clear his way.

Her father is a Targaryen, their name means power and wealth. Of course people move to make way, Aerys II Targaryen is a man with much to do.

“Ned, I am so sorry for your loss. Please accept my deepest condolences.” Aerys says calmly. “As you know, having lost my own beloved Rhaella, I can sympathize. If you or your son need anything from me, do not hesitate to ask.”

At the mention of Ned’s son Daenerys looks up to see the young boy, she was told he is her exact age. His eyes lowered, a brooding frown on his face, her stomach does a flip. She feels sad for him. Her mother died during childbirth, it left a gaping hole in her heart.

“Thank you, Mr. Targaryen. It was very kind of you and your daughter to travel all this way to pay your respects,” Ned Stark says, his eyes settling on the young girl for the first time. His eyes then shifting to his stepson, he recalls that Jon has not eaten since this early morning.

“Daenerys, this is my stepson, Jon Snow. Clarice was his mother and my wife,” Ned says sadly. “The funeral director mentioned that his wife has cookies and milk set up in their private kitchen, would you accompany Jon to have a snack.”

Jon’s eyes snap up for the first time, landing on the young girl. His face still so sad, he waits for her response.

“Of course, Mr. Stark,” she says softly, then extending her hand to Jon.

As the children hold hands and walk to the kitchen a sense of sadness settles over them both.

Two children without mothers to love them and guide them.

That was the day their story began.

++o+ Age 10 +o++

“Can you imagine, Ned Stark is marrying a woman that is bringing five children into the marriage? Five!” her newest governess laughs. “Catelyn must be quite a woman!”

Her governess is such a cheerful gossip that Dany knows not to get too attached, as soon as her father returns and realizes her personality the woman will be fired on the spot.

Maybe father won’t sleep with this one, Dany ponders. Not that she cares, she is use to her father’s philandering ways. He tries to hide it, but nothing gets past her.

It has been two years since Daenerys has traveled to New York. Ironically the last time was for the funeral of Ned’s first wife. Today she will represent her father and family name, as Aerys II Targaryen has been in Europe for over a month on business.

Dany sits in the pew, waiting for the bridal party procession to start. Excited to see Jon Snow again.  It has been two years since she last saw him, she has missed her friend.

She fondly recalls her time with him years ago. Breaking away from the somber occasion, eating warm cookies with milk, for a moment they were able to just enjoy being what they are.


The two found an immediate connection. Jon was so sad that day, but it didn’t take her long to realize he has a brooding personality by nature. She was able to make him smile, and even laugh once or twice.

They talked for hours that day, their own fathers needing to discuss business. As Ned Stark was a successful importer with a significant amount of wealth to his name. Their conversation only getting serious once, as she told him that although different, her mother had died during her birth. Jon had grabbed her hand, thanking her for sitting with him. Jon then told her about his mother, she married Ned when he was just a baby. Ned had always been loving and kind to him.

They exchanged addresses and promised to be pen pals for life.  

But as in many things in life, even with the best of intentions. Things and time can get in the way. They exchanged less than a dozen letters between them until their writing stopped. Dany can’t even remember if it was her that failed to respond last.

His mother’s funeral was the day she got the nickname Dany. Jon had asked her permission, and she agreed. She loved it. She only asked him to make sure to use her full name if her father was around, and when addressing the outside of the envelope.

As the music starts, Dany watches as the oldest children of Catelyn enter. A boy that appears to be her age, dark reddish hair and a confident smile. And then a younger girl that walks with an impressive air of confidence for such a young lady, a beauty with her long red hair and fair skin.

Dany turns, searching for her first look at Jon. How much has he changed? If at all?

Next the three youngest of Catelyn’s children walk down the aisle. The daughter is the flower girl, although her main job is desperately ushering her two very young brothers, the ring bearers, down the aisle. The three little ones are an adorable sight.

Dany feels happy in that moment, joy for her dear friend. He will have a full family now. A house full of siblings to love and play with.

As her older brother, Viserys, is the heir to her father’s dynasty and had been sent to boarding school in Europe for a proper education. So she often felt like an only child.

Dany lives a very solitary life, but it is all she knows. She is used to it.

As the lovely bride enters to join her children and groom at the front, all rise to watch her. But Dany’s eyes are not on Ned’s bride. She immediately wonders where Jon is as she scans the church. Why would he not be part of the wedding as well?

Is he ill?

Frowning, Dany sits as the ceremony begins.

It is announced during the ceremony that it has been made official, Ned Stark has adopted Catelyn five children and they will now be Starks. A lovely gesture, but again Dany worries for Jon.

Jon sits in the pew, out of sight. Catelyn had convinced his father that Jon does not like to be the center of attention, and that it would be best if he sat down so he could be more comfortable. Jon remembers his father turning to him to confirm, Catelyn standing right behind father as she gave Jon a look that was so hateful he dared not disagree.

So Ned believed Jon was happier out of the spotlight. While Catelyn made it clear that Jon didn’t belong in the wedding.

As the wedding day progressed, Jon felt very out of place. Realizing that many of the guests didn’t even know he existed. During professional pictures Ned called for Jon. As he approached his father, his new little sister, Sansa, accidently spilled a glass of fruit punch on his shirt. Catelyn was horrified while Sansa apologized profusely.

Frowning, Jon agreed to go inside to clean up as the Stark family continued their pictures.

As he walked through the bustling halls, he happened across the display of seating charts. Realizing he did not even have a seat at the head table along with his father, stepmother and five siblings, Jon decides to stay in one of the empty rooms for the remainder of the party. If anyone questioned him he would say he had a headache and just lied down to rest for a moment.

Jon does indeed fall asleep, waking up when his sister Arya jumps on the bed and wakes him Bran and Rickon following close behind. Jon laughs, he does greatly enjoy the three youngest children. They have good hearts and often make him smile.

“Jon! You are in serious trouble. Father and mother have been searching for you. They seemed rather flustered when the Targaryen girl asked for you, she point blank asked them how they could not know where one of their six children were,” Arya laughs, finding the situation funny.

“Dany?!” Jon gasps. “She is here? She came to the wedding? I’ve got to see her, let’s go.”

“Sorry Jon, she left with her governess about twenty minutes ago. Oh, but wait!” Arya now looks happy. “She gave me a note to hand to you.”

Dear Jon, I am sad we didn’t get a chance to say hi to today. I hope all is well.

Your friend, Dany T.

Jon smiles, holding the note carefully and putting it away for safe keeping.

++o+ Age 11 +o++

Jon is up early, the first one in his home aside from father, who leaves very early every morning for his long commute into the city. Catelyn misses living in the heart of the city, even though their home in the suburbs offers their family of eight a lot more room.

Looking over his chores for the day Jon wonders why the formal dining room place settings need to be pressed again. He also sees that the majority of his chores revolve around cleaning the fancy dining room, which they only use when father has an important business meeting taking place over dinner.

Jon is an hour into his chores when the rest of the family begins to stir. Although vacuuming he can hear Sansa’s screams from upstairs, he tries not laugh realizing that Arya has played another one of her pranks. She is getting quite good, the little devil. Arya is also training Bran and Rickon on the art of practical jokes.

“Arya, what have you done now?” Jon asks as she runs through the first floor, frantically looking for a place to hide.

“Shhhh, Jon! You haven’t seen me today, don’t forget!” Arya pleads, a smirk on her face.

Chuckling to himself Jon covers for her, as he always does.

When Jon finds out that dinner this evening will be hosting the Targaryen family he smiles fondly while remembering Dany. His stepmother is especially anxious as Dany’s father is a very powerful man.

“Jon, you are to behave this evening. I don’t want you ruining this dinner,” Catelyn Stark hisses, after making sure Ned is not within hearing distance. “You are to sit quietly and only speak short replies if someone talks to you directly.”

“Yes, ma'am,” Jon answers. He is surprised he is even being allowed to attend the dinner, usually Catelyn makes an excuse for Jon not being there.

Jon is not feeling well.

Jon has too much homework.

Jon is very tired this evening.

Jon misbehaved at school, he is grounded.

Jon is very shy, he prefers to be alone.

“Apparently, the daughter specifically told Ned that she looks forward to seeing you. So that is the only reason you will be attending. So let her see you, and then off to your room you go!” Catelyn snaps.

As Jon nods and walks away, Catelyn watches him with a scowl on her lovely face. There is small part of her that feels bad for resenting him so, but a much larger part that cannot stand the sight of Jon Snow.

The son of Ned’s great love. It was early in her relationship with Ned, that she overheard him promising his son that he would never love again, not the way in which he adored Jon’s dead mother. Catelyn can’t even stand to hear her name.

Catelyn grew up with Ned, she loved him since she was a little girl. She had begged her father to speak to the Stark family about arranging a string of dates that would hopefully lead to an arrangement for marriage. Her father refused, expressing his distaste for the practice. Citing his awful, loveless marriage to Catelyn’s mother as an example. Her mother was sitting at the table while he said it.

So Catelyn married another, who fathered five children and then gambled all of Catelyn’s inheritance away, right before dying himself.

It was fate for Catelyn to find Ned, newly widowed, raising another man’s son. Catelyn believed they could be happy. Until she realized, that Jon is the constant reminder of what Ned had lost.

The great love Ned lost.

His beautiful bride, the great love of his life. His beautiful dark haired raven, as she has heard Ned call her.

Catelyn hated Jon for it. She could not even stand to be in the same room as him, so she tried not to be. Her influence only spread to her darling Sansa. Sansa is cold and mainly indifferent towards Jon. Catelyn takes personal offence every time her three youngest children run to Jon with open arms. It takes all of her strength not to recoil and scream at them to stay away from him.

Robb is so self absorbed, she doubts he even realizes that she can’t stand his stepbrother.

And now, because some eleven year old spoiled child mentions to Ned that she looks forward to seeing Jon, Catelyn has to tolerate him at dinner. He has been warned, there will be consequences for even one misstep.


Dany smiles while entering the large estate, it was a long drive to get here but father was pleased as the limousine had Wi-Fi and he was able to get work done. She concentrated on staring out the window and wonders how Jon will be. Have things settled for the new family? A small part of her relieved that her father never remarried. She would rather be lonely then miserable.

“And these are the five Stark children, Robb, who I believe is a year older than your daughter Mr. Targaryen,” Catelyn proudly introduces her oldest. “Sansa, our oldest daughter. Now Arya, Bran and Rickon, our youngest three,” she finishes.

Dany looks around the room, concerned again. Dany notices that Ned is also searching, finally asking his wife, “And where has Jon gone off to? I’m sure he would like to greet the Targaryen family as well.”

“Well, you know how Jon is. Always on his own schedule, I’m sure he will join us when he can,” Catelyn chimes while leading the group to the dining table. Dany notices a sly smile pass between mother and her oldest daughter.

As Dany is seated she realizes that every spot at the table is taken, even if Jon were to attend there is no chair for him. Frowning, she begins to worry she will not see him this trip either.

It isn’t until halfway through the second course that a frazzled Jon enters the dining room. All eyes on him, Catelyn’s eyes narrow.

“Son, where have you been? You knew dinner was starting at seven,” Ned asks Jon, seeming genuinely concerned.

Jon’s eyes resting on Dany, he hadn’t seen her in four years. She is lovely and her eyes still look as kind as he remembers. Dany smiles at him tentatively, the concern etched on her young face. Why was he so late to dinner?

“I apologize, I had a last minute errand to run so I went in the family car with our driver. The car had a flat so it took us longer than expected,” Jon mumbled, his face looking sad and gloomy.  

“Well, you are here now son please take a seat–” Ned’s voice trails off realizing there is not a chair for Jon.

“Oh Jon, it looks like you forgot a chair when sitting up earlier. Please go get one for yourself now. Do hurry, you are already so late,” Catelyn says coldly without anyone noticing. No one except Dany and Jon that is.

The dinner is tedious, the men mainly speaking business. Jon can’t help but wonder if Catelyn sent him to get Sansa’s dry cleaning on purpose.

Oh Jon, your sister needs your help. This is an emergency,” Catelyn had moaned.

Sansa is wearing a perfect dress for the occasion and Jon can’t help but notice the satisfied glares his oldest sister shoots his way.

Across the table Dany is saddened that Jon does not seem even remotely happy to see her. He is quiet and forlorn, eating his food quietly. Not once has he looked in her direction.

At one point during the meal the topic of arranged marriages comes up. Sansa’s ears perk up, she would very much like for Father to arrange a most powerful union for her. She is sure she would be a wonderful wife to a successful man, just as her mother is to Ned.

Dany’s eyes dart up nervously, the thought of an arranged marriage makes her skin crawl.

It is when Ned and Aerys joke that Robb and Daenerys would make a powerful pair –the joining of Targaryen and Stark that Jon listens. He does not dare look up, for some reason his stomach does a flip. The thought of his Dany marrying Robb saddens him. Although he doesn’t understand why.

Later that evening, as dessert is being served Danny desperately tries to connect with Jon.

“Jon, how is school?” Dany asks when there is a break in the conversation.

Jon looks startled, his eyes quickly shifting to his stepmother that gives him a warning glare. “Fine, thank you,” he answers then turning his attention back to his ice cream.

Dany’s face falls, this is not the same boy she remembers.

This boy does not seem to care about her at all.

++o+ Age 13 +o++

“The passing of Ned Stark is very tragic, leaving behind five children, and Cat–“ Aerys says before Dany interrupts him.

“Six children, father. Ned Stark had six children,” she says sadly, her heart already aching for Jon. Although it has been years since his mother’s funeral she remembers him well that day. The sadness he felt.

Dany doesn’t blame her father for not realizing there are six children, as only five were featured in the video remembrance for Ned. It sends a chill down her spine, Jon was already pushed aside when Ned was still alive.

What would happen to Jon now that Ned is gone?

“Yes, you are right,” her father says, unaccustomed to being corrected by anyone. “The service was lovely. We will pay our respects and then immediately fly back to Chicago. We do not have time to waste.”

Dany remembers the last funeral she attended with her father, because business had to be discussed he left her sitting at the funeral home for many hours after. Not that she minded, she got to spend time with Jon that day.

As she quietly follows in her father’s footsteps Dany does not stare at the floor this time. No, she needs to find Jon and talk. And really speak with him this time, she is worried and she cares about him.

As the line forms to pay respects to the remaining the Stark family, Dany is not surprised to see a weeping Catelyn and her five Stark children. Dany feels a pang, seeing the true devastation on the face of each of them. Especially the youngest three.

Dany then wonders where Jon is.

“Father, please pass along my apologies. I suddenly feel very ill, I need to find a restroom. Please go on ahead, I will find you shortly,” she promises and turning to run off before he can protest.

Dany walks through the halls, finally asking if there is a kitchen where she could get a snack. And that is where she finds him, sitting quietly and brooding.

“Jon,” she whispers carefully walking in his direction.

Jon whirls around, startled to hear anyone call his name. His mouth falls open upon seeing her.

“Dany…how did you find me?” Jon stammers, feeling the sadness falling over him. His father is dead, the only father he ever knew. He has never felt so alone.

This time Jon stands and run to her, Dany throws her arms around him and hugs him tightly.

“I am so sorry about Ned, Jon,” she whispers as tears fill in her eyes. Jon kisses her forehead in a kind gesture and thanks her.

“I don’t have much time, father will be looking for me,” Dany frowns, studying him. Jon is still as beautiful as ever, his large back eyes and his hair a raven black.

“I’m not blind, I can see how they are treating you. It isn’t right!” Dany hisses, a sudden fury in her eyes. “I can speak to my father, I am sure–”

“Dany! Please, no. Just leave it, I am fine, okay?” Jon asks of her with urgency. “Okay, you will leave it alone? Promise me.”

Frowning, Dany nods in agreement sadly.

And then they both hear it, someone is asking the staff if they have seen Daenerys Targaryen. Making it clear that her father is looking for her.

“I care for you. Please, no matter what, never forget who you are,” Dany demands from him. “No one can take that away from you. No one.”

Jon nods his head in understanding and pulls her close to him for another hug before she has to leave.

He watches as the one person who seems to care about him runs out of his life.

++o+ Age 15 +o++

Dany stares at her reflection in the mirror outside of the ballroom. She is a young woman now, and so many things have changed. As she is frequently told, she is incredibly beautiful - a woman now. She has also noticed the lust filled glances from men, and the scorned scowls of some women.

She even sees the pride in her father’s face when he looks at her. She is a lovely addition to his list of accomplishments. The beautiful daughter.

She quickly enters the main ballroom, she and father are in Washington DC and guests at the Sweet Sixteen Party of the President’s youngest daughter. It is an honor to have been invited.

When Dany sees Robb and Sansa at the buffet table later in the evening she runs over to ask about Jon.

“Oh hi, Daenerys! Jon? He wasn’t feeling well, so he stayed back at the suite. We are staying this same hotel,” Robb answers smoothly.

Dany notices the eye roll Sansa does as she look away from their conversation.

“Sick? Is anyone else in your family sick right now?” Dany pushes.

“No, not that I know of. Why?” Robb answers, looking genuinely confused. Dany remembers that Jon told her that Robb was oblivious to things around him. Always caught up in his own world.

Sansa on the other hand, Dany controls her frown as she looks at the teenage in front of her for the first time. As the night progresses Dany realizes that all five Stark Children are present. Close to 8PM she sees Catelyn Stark motioning firmly to a very sour faced Sansa.

As Sansa and the three youngest Stark children walk towards the ballroom door Dany makes a beeline to follow them.

“Hello, Sansa. Why do you look so glum? Are you leaving? Not enjoying the party?” Dany asks while waving and greeting the younger children.

“Ugh, quite the opposite. I am having the best time, but now I need to walk the kids to the main lobby where Jon is waiting for them,” Sansa snaps, obviously irritated.

“Well, I know who Jon is and I happen to be walking that way. Would you just like me to do it?” Dany offers casually.

Sansa is thrilled and waves them off as she races back to the dance floor. In that moment Dany remembers how young Sansa is, she is a child being influenced by her mother, Catelyn.

“Oh, please let Jon know that Mother wants the children to go straight to bed. The party is expected to end at midnight, so we will be back then.”

Dany nods, her eyes narrowing. Gee, if Jon is so sick why is he expected to care for the three young kids?


As Dany enters the lobby, holding hands with Arya and Rickon as Bran follows closely, she sees Jon sitting in the lobby reading a newspaper. His eyebrows furrowed in deep thought.

“Hello, stranger,” she teases. Pleasantly surprised as Jon’s eyes widen as he takes in that not only is it her, but taking pleasure in the way his eyes slowly take her in.

She had forgotten the exquisite ball gown she was wearing and how is hugs her curves in all of the right places.

After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence, finally Arya handles it.

“Jon, take a picture of her. It will last a lot longer,” Arya teases him. The boys immediately joining her in laughter.

Jon’s cheeks turn red, “Dany, sorry – I just was not expecting to see you here!” he stands to hug her gently and then stepping back.

Nervously rubbing the back of his neck Jon finally whispers, “Dany, you look amazing.”

“Thank you, Jon,” she smiles shyly at him.

“Oh, before I forget, Sansa wanted me to remind you to get the kids straight to bed and the party is ending at midnight.” Dany blurts out.

Jon’s face falls, realizing he needs to say goodbye and do as Catelyn instructed. “Well, I guess this is goodbye. It was so nice to see you Dany, I think about you often,” Jon blurts. Realizing what a nerd he sounded like after the words left his mouth.

“Well, I could help put the kids to bed and then maybe we can watch a movie and catch up after,” Dany says boldly. Not caring anymore, she misses him and wants to spend time with him.

“I’d love that, let’s go,” Jon then pauses. “But only if these three little hellions promise not to tell anyone.”

The three children love the idea of keeping a secret from their mother so they agree.


“Ok, my gown is hanging in the guest bathroom. Thank you for lending me a shirt and then Sansa’s sweatpants. I can’t believe she is already taller than I am,” Dany mutters while rolling up the ankles.

“You are not seriously complaining about height to me?! Sansa is a girl and two years younger and she is already taller than I am!” Jon groans.

Dany laughs at him while he throws a couch cushion at her, hitting her in the chest. She pretends to be offended and then laughs at the look of horror on Jon’s face.

It is so easy to tease him.

“Did you check on them? Still asleep?” Dany asks him hopefully. She loves those kids, but she is really enjoying her alone time with Jon this evening.

Jon smiles and nods, digging into the pizza they ordered and serving her first.

They have talked, laughed and even argued a few times. Careful to keep an eye on the time, Father had instructed her to meet him at 12:15 in the lobby so they could find their limo together. Their private jet is taking them back to Chicago tonight.

As the night progresses the friends become bolder in their conversation topics.

“So you’ve really never had a girlfriend? None at all?” Dany asks, smiling. Trying to conceal her glee. The thought of Jon with another bothers her for some reason. She isn’t sure why, it is not like she and he would ever…

They don’t even live in the same state.

“Nothing, no. It is hard to date when an indentured servant!” Jon makes a joke, trying to deflect the conversation away from him. He has never even held a girl’s hand, let alone gone on a date.

Jon wants to ask Dany the same question, but he is afraid. He doesn’t want to be rude.

Acting injured she asks, “Well, aren’t you going to ask me?!”

Dany laughs as his cheeks flush. She loves teasing him, he rarely smiles – but when he does, it makes her stomach flutter.

“No,” Jon stutters. “I mean, I want to know but I wasn’t sure if you wanted to tell me. I mean, I just… Well?” Jon finishes, his nerves on fire.

“Well, what?” Dany smiles sweetly.

Jon frowns, rolling his eyes. He realizes that she is so beautiful, smart, friendly…he doesn’t even want to know if she has a serious boyfriend.

“You are no fun, Jon Snow. I have had boyfriends but nothing serious at all,” Dany shares with him. Feeling bold, she bites her lip before adding, “I’ve never even kissed a boy before.”

Jon’s eyes snap up to search her face. Both are silent, he gulps nervously. His palms are suddenly sweating.

Moments of silence pass, suddenly Dany can’t take it anymore.

“Do you want to be my first kiss?” she asks softly.

Jon can’t believe what he is hearing, this gorgeous girl wants to kiss him? His eyes land on her lips, she is lovely. “I’d love for you to be my first kiss,” Jon manages to whisper.

Dany releases the air she had been holding, part of her afraid he would reject her. She smiles shyly at him, feeling embarrassed for being so bold.

Jon moves closer to her on the couch, gently place his hand to her cheek. His heart beating furiously in his chest.

Dany bites her lower lip nervously, her eyes shining with excitement.

The lean closer together their lips finally meeting in the middle. Jon never imagined how soft her mouth would be, or the great rush he would feel.

Dany realizes the moment his lips touch hers, that she loves Jon Snow. She has loved him for so long, as she desperately tried to push the feelings away.

They break apart to smile at each other, both checking to make sure the other is comfortable.

A look of passion passes between them and then they kiss again, this time with great vigor. Jon traces the tip of his tongue along her lower lip, she immediately grants him access as his tongue sweeps into her mouth and hers meets his.

Dany’s hand on his shoulders, holding him tightly. Partly to feel him, the other reason to steady her trembling hands. Jon kisses her deeply, lovingly even. It is the most amazing moment of his life.

As their passionate kisses continue, a small whimper escapes from Dany’s lips. Jon pauses to smile at her, his breathing becoming ragged. He is a fifteen year old boy with raging hormones, realizing his erection is painfully obvious he grabs a couch cushion to lay on his lap to cover the evidence. He pulls her tightly to him, she goes willingly. Their chests pressed together while their lower bodies only sit side by side on the couch.

When Dany teasingly nibbles on his lower lip, Jon lets out a low groan. He begins kissing her neck, lightly sucking on her skin.

“Oh, Jon,” she whimpers, pulling on his black curls to egg him on.

“Dany, you have no idea what you are doing to me,” he says between kisses to her neck.

Their eyes meet, both panting and then they smile at each other. Jon leans gently towards her for a soft kiss, their lips lovingly dancing as he pulls off the couch to hold her tightly against him, the cushion falling to the floor.

Dany feels a pleasure in her core, she realizes that she is getting excited. Something she has never felt before. And then they hear a noise from the kid’s room, both jumping apart.

At the same time Dany gasps, “Jon! It is midnight! Your family could be back any moment and my father expects me to meet him in the lobby in fifteen minutes.”

They agree, Jon runs to check on the kids. Arya looks half asleep saying that she was thirsty. She goes to the kitchen for a drink.

“Jon, a moment please,” Dany calls from the guest bathroom. She is wearing her gown again and managed zip the back three-fourths of the way, but she can’t manage the end. Arya had helped her previously, but she didn’t know Arya was awake.

Gulping, Jon nods his head to help her. His hands trembling as he finishes closing her zipper. They share a look in the mirror, both then smiling.

Their moment is over.

Dany runs to the door, a quick sweep of the room she realizes that she can’t find one of her heels! Now Arya is more awake and she helps look. Arya is the one to point out that her family will be back any moment.

Dany decides to leave with just one shoe. She and Jon smiles at each other from across the room, waving good bye. There is no time, and Arya is standing in the room.

As Dany opens the door to leave, Arya wraps her arms around her quickly to say goodbye.

“I think my brother may love you, I’ve never seen him as happy as he was with you tonight. You know how to make him laugh,” Arya whispers so that Jon can’t hear.

Dany smiles warmly and hugs Arya back while saying goodbye.

As Dany steps outside, Arya leans out into the hallway and says, “And I could also tell from the heated kisses you shared. Bye Dany!”

Dany’s mouth falls open, as she turns and runs to the elevator while carrying her one shoe. She should just be able to make it to the lobby in time.


“Sansa, darling. This can’t be your heel right? It is much too small for you,” Catelyn shows her daughter. Finding the Manolo Blahnik heel under the couch late the evening before.

“I wish I owned a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels! No, I’ve never seen that shoe in person,” Sansa confirms.

Catelyn’s eyes narrow as she watches her stepson from across the room.

Just what has he been up to, she wonders with a scowl?

++o+ End of Part I +o++

Author’s Note: Edited to add link to PART II.  Part III will be published on Wednesday! Thank you for reading, giving hearts and reblogging! Means a lot to me. xoxo

You guys I just found out the hospital is sending my grandma home so she can be where she loves when she passes.

My heart is breaking and I can’t believe how bad this hurts.

Please please keep my family in your thoughts. Grandma has five children and close to twenty grandchildren and twenty four great grandchildren and we are all so scared of losing her.

i want to write a superbat fic where batman has five whole ALIVE children at one time (some can be adult children) and they just keep wandering in and out while bruce and clark try to sort out their feelings for each other

damian: bruce who is this

clark: i’m……a reporter

damian: that’s cool but it’s 2 am?

bruce: he’s a friend of mine

damian: is this the guy you have a crush on

bruce: aaaaaaaand you’re grounded

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Please tell me you have more shithead Ryan headcanons they light up my world

listen my thoughts about fake ah crew/gta verse are 50% comprised of shithead ryan headcanons

  • ryan and ray are both really capable of that straight-faced sarcasm thing
  • meaning with their combined powers they have, to date, convinced gavin that ryan’s mask is a special form of american military camouflage, that ryan owns a beach house in maui, and that ryan has five children, all girls, all named pubert
  • ryan likes to leave wrapped gifts outside the los santos police department
  • sometimes the gift is actually helpful evidence of other high-profile crimes in the city
  • sometimes the gift is a body part
  • sometimes the gift is active explosives.
  • “the fun is in the mystery!” ryan says cheerfully.
  • (detective demarais is mostly just upset that ryan a) knows when his birthday is, and b) left him a live grenade instead of the evidence he was secretly hoping for.)
  • the first time the crew brings ryan in on a heist (back when they call him the vagabond and know him only by his reputation), they’re right in the thick of it and geoff orders ryan to kill one of the hostages they have
  • and ryan goes, “uh, no.”
  • and geoff’s intercom feed is quiet for a moment before he says, “what? no?”
  • ryan clears his throat awkwardly and then murmurs, quietly, “i don’t think i can. i’ve never killed anybody before.”
  • there’s a long, long silence on everybody’s radios before geoff shouts incredulously, voice breaking, “what? seriously?
  • and everybody’s yelling for a minute before ryan chuckles and goes, “nah, just fucking with you,” and the subsequent gunshot makes everyone’s earpieces crackle. still laughing to himself, ryan gets to his feet and pushes the body away. “i’ve never killed anybody before,” he repeats mockingly. “can you imagine?”

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do you think that tentoo is just a cheap clone of the Doctor?

Why hello there nonny!

The short answer to your question is–well, considering that you wrote to a blog called “Rose and the Doctor: Defenders of the Altverse,” which is pretty openly a blog all about celebrating the adventures of Rose and Tentoo, I’m guessing you already know what the short answer is, you smart thing, you. ;)

But if you’re looking for a longer answer, I’ve got one of those, too!

Observations of Competitive Reproduction

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(*Ratings and warnings posted in the tags. Also a convenient excuse to fill @onelifenet‘s June prompt!) <3

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One of the many marvelous things about a Time Lord brain is that it’s capable of processing at least a thousand thoughts in any given moment. Equations and potentialities and exabytes of knowledge and millions of memories preserved in pristine eidetic detail all weave themselves together in a complicated sequence that would fry even the most powerful supercomputers, a glorious symphony that would make Mozart weep with envy. This is how the great world of Gallifrey dominated the universe for ten million years, presiding over Sontarans and Ice Warriors and Autons, traveling between dimensions and parallel realities, taming the ravages of time and space. This is how the Doctor has survived as long as he has.

But Donna says, “Why don’t you ask her yourself?” and each and every one of those thousand thoughts competing for attention in the Doctor’s very impressive brain grinds to a loud and messy stop.

Donna looks over his shoulder.

He turns around to see what it is.

There, at the end of the street, standing in the lamplit dark amidst wreckage and debris—there she is. Blonde hair and a leather jacket and a gun half as tall as she is, and suddenly there’s room in his head for only one thing.


He stares. He blinks. He breathes.

She smiles.

He runs.

If a single other thought does manage to amble through his mind, it’s something along the lines of how wonderful it feels to run to something instead of from it, just this once.

Unfortunately, as marvelous as a Time Lord brain is, it is, at the end of the day, still a brain. That means it’s still prone to all the same flaws and foibles as any other brain in any other sentient creature; it falls victim to all the same oversights, overloads, and fuckups. Even if it happens far less frequently for Time Lords than it does for other advanced creatures, every once in a while, a small thing is bound to slip through the noise unnoticed. Like, oh, say, the date of a companion’s birthday, or whether the Andallan Worker Revolution starts in 45k.2 or 45k.2.2, or the fact that books are made of trees, or whether there’s a Dalek waiting in the shadows to shoot you when you’re just a little busy running towards the love of your lives.

At least, that’s what he thinks when he wakes up later, half-human and part Donna and all-naked and his veins hotly pumping with adrenaline and fear and elation all at once.

(Well, that, and he wonders why the TARDIS is on fire.)

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BSD Teacher AU

[Somewhat based on the high school AU, except only the younger characters are actually students.]

-Teachers &Staff-


-The school’s principal, a stern, but surprisingly friendly, man, who can often be seen trying to chase down a stray calico that occasionally runs amok in the school. 

-Rumor has it he used to be a bit of a delinquent when he was in high school.


-The school’s vice principal, a seemingly nice, but ultimately cruel, man, who enjoys tormenting the students by stopping into random classrooms and pretending to take notes


-A social studies teacher who can’t be bothered to teach his own class, he usually puts on a movie and makes the students fill out worksheets rather than lecture them himself.

-On Valentine’s day, he can be seen confiscating chocolate and other candies even though it’s not against the rules to bring the to school.

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Would you agree that while Arya is a lot like her aunt Lyanna, Sansa is a lot like her aunt Lysa (in her youth)? Also, do you think that it was GRRM's intention to make Arya and Sansa's relationship parallel Catelyn and Lysa's?

To be honest anon, I don’t think Catelyn and Lysa’s relationship is a parallel to Sansa and Arya’s. By the time the series starts, Lysa has become so paranoid and jealous that she’s unrecognisable to Cat as the girl she grew up with, but as children, the two were very close. While Sansa and Arya acted like stereotypical sisters most of the time, they weren’t that close. I might be wrong, I may have just seen it somewhere, but I think Cat hoped that Sansa and Arya would be as close as her and Lysa were, but it never happened.

Cat and Lysa used to make mud pies together, the kind of activity that Arya does, but Sansa is disgusted that her sister takes part in dirty activities. I think that’s the main thing between the two sets of sisters: one pair did everything together, the other did almost nothing together. We’ve seen instances of Arya and Sansa playing, like when Jon and Robb scared the younger ones, but they’re never as close as what Cat and Lysa were. Cat and Lysa grew apart as they got older, with Brandon and Petyr coming between them, Cat being the favourite, and then at their wedding, Lysa is probably (understandably) jealous that although Ned is less handsome and less charismatic than Brandon was, Cat still gets a young, decent looking husband, while she’s stuck with a man older than her father. Then while she struggles with miscarriages and stillborns, Cat has five children, so their relationship distances to the point where Sansa and Arya are closer than Cat and Lysa.

Arya looks a lot like Lyanna, and that is remarked upon, and she does have some of Lyanna’s personality, but I still argue that Arya is 90% Catelyn, despite her looks. She probably gets her wildness from Lyanna, or Brandon, but things like childhood play, fierce nature, I’d argue is Cat, not Lyanna. Even horseriding, while Lyanna is described as a great horsewoman, I’m pretty sure Catelyn herself is a decent horsewoman.

As for Sansa and Lysa, I can’t find many parallels either, apart from maybe as children they used to dream of marrying a handsome man, and the fact they have red hair and blue eyes. I’d argue that Sansa has more of Lyanna in her then Lysa. Although Lyanna’s personality does mirror Arya more than Sansa, which of Sansa and Arya is most likely to cry at a Prince playing an instrument, or run off with a prince. I don’t think Sansa and Lysa have many similar personality traits.

Children as young as three have body image issues while four years olds know how to lose weight, study finds
Children as young as three have body image issues and some four-year-olds know how to go on a diet, a survey by childcare professionals has found.

Dr Harding said there was “mounting concern” about why children were forming the views. “More research is needed in this area but contributing factors are likely to include: images on TV; images in story books and animations and the general chat by adults about their bodies, dieting and cosmetic surgery,“ she added.

The research, which had a limited sample size of 361 people, also found that nearly a quarter of healthcare professionals surveyed had "seen signs” children aged between three and five were “unhappy with their appearance or bodies”. This figure almost doubled to nearly half of six- to 10-year-olds.

Around one in five children has also rejected food because “it will make them fat”, according to the study.

The bolded, I see this as a teacher quite frequently. Student’s, who lack a general understanding of nutrition and how calories, exercise and weight gain actually works, still generally believe that they must do certain things to avoid becoming fat or make themselves skinny. 

As a teacher, it baffles me the misconceptions students have about food. Some will look at their snacks, see that there are calories involved and ask me if it’s bad for them. It could have 5 calories but the presence of the word “calories” is enough to convince them that it is bad for them.

 Unhealthy and irresponsible weight loss discussions are so pervasive in our country that young children internalize them before they develop the ability to think through them. 

This is how these harmful beliefs are perpetuated and thrive. We learn weigh loss language while we are still learning phonics. It’s an invisible curriculum that sets the foundation of our body image years and decades later.

And I wonder why it takes it takes so long to unlearn messed up relationships with fitness, food and eating.

simsterlyrock  asked:

List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore ♥♥♥

My favorite sim currently is Misaki Ogawa. I’ve been playing her *in secret* for a little while. I wanted to try the random legacy challenge for fun’s sake. It has been very entertaining!

1. SHE IS MEAN-SPIRITED. She frequently pulls pranks on unsuspecting sims and genuinely enjoy arguing with folks.

2. CAMEO IS HER BFF. A kitty sidekick and best friend!.. Since she is quite hard to get along with, and is probably hated by most townies by now.

3. SHE FELL IN LOVE WITH THE ATROCIOUSLY EVIL WARLOCK! Of course! Who else is deserving of such a beautiful and wicked woman?!

4. SHE MAKES CUTE BABIES! The family currently has five children, and they’re adorable :)

5. SHE IS A TERRIFIC MOTHER. I thought I would go insane with so many babies and toddlers to care for, but raising five Perfect Children has never been so easy!

What each of my friends' types are underrated for: extraverts edition
  • <p> ENFJ: scary strong drive. When she wants to accomplish something, consider it accomplished. </p>
  • <p> ENFP: emotionally robust. This girl has suffered abuse of every kind, lives in a truly awful environment and still manages to lift her head high and laugh at life. I am in awe. </p>
  • <p> ENTJ: totally killer skills at that farm game on Facebook. Also killer skills on an actual farm. </p>
  • <p> ENTP: I know a few and they have a burning love of teaching. And not tearing kids apart, really building them up and explaining things in plain English</p>
  • <p> ESFJ: has her life together. Like, holy shit this girl is barely fifteen and she has a stable job, great grades, tons of quality friends and interesting hobbies. </p>
  • <p> ESFP: extremely generous. She takes every opportunity to help people in need, whether it’s buying a meal or talking through problems. </p>
  • <p> ESTJ: the ultimate authority with kids. She has pumped out five amazing children and is the only person that can keep other peoples’ kids in line sometimes. </p>
  • <p> ESTP: really likeable. It doesn’t matter how brash or stupid he acts, everybody still just enjoys him as a person. </p>

*cartwheels in* HI!

* How did you get in my house?!

*me* THE POWER OF SADNESS AND DISGUST! *flies away after throwing this in your general direction*

I’ll probably only do one more page. Maybe two if I can’t fit the ending on one page. Oh. AND THOSE WILL BE EVEN WORSE. :3

Foreman has 12 children: five sons and seven daughters. His five sons are George Jr., George III (“Monk”), George IV (“Big Wheel”), George V (“Red”), and George VI (“Little Joey”). On his website, Foreman explains, “I named all my sons George Edward Foreman so they would always have something in common. I say to them, ‘If one of us goes up, then we all go up together, and if one goes down, we all go down together!’”

Molly Weasley and Fred II’s Christmas Jumper

  • Okay so this just occurred to me 
  • Everyone just kind of accepts that Molly Weasley knits family Christmas jumpers for her grandkids (and you know Scorpius once you know he basically becomes a member of the family) and I agree of course. 
  • But have we talked about how she’ll have to knit a jumper for Fred II? 
  • And Molly loves Fred II and she doesn’t see him as a mini Fred because he’s his own person and Fred is gone and after all these years she can accept that. 
  • But then autumn sets in and she begins to knit her jumpers and it’s almost November when she gets to Fred II (who is about 5). 
  • And she sort of stares at her knitting needles and thread for a few minutes, maybe goes to make herself a cup of tea, distract herself because she just needs time.
  • Then she puts all thoughts of her son Fred to the side because she will always love her son but she has over five more children to knit for and she can’t let her tears get in the way of her plan again. 
  • So she powers through knitting this jumper for her grandson and she is happily listening to Celestina Warbeck (because it’s never too early for Christmas music!) and she has half the jumper and most of the letter ‘F’ knitted when she stops. 
  • She places the wool to the side and stares down at this half finished jumper in her lap, tracing over it, making sure there are no holes because you can never be too careful. 
  • She hadn’t even realised it but the colours that she had used for this jumper were navy for the jumper and gold for the letter ‘F’. The same colours that she used for son ever single year.
  • Suddenly she’s thrown back so many years ago to shortly after the war. To Christmas time where knitting had been her distraction. 
  • She’d start as always with Bill (and Fleur), Charlie, Percy (and she remembers smiling so brightly when she knitted Percy his jumper that Christmas because he was going to be there to receive it and she wasn’t going to get it sent back to her unopened), George and then out of habit she would knit a second blue and gold jumper with the letter ‘F’ on it. 
  • Molly stares at the jumper in her lap now and then with all her strength, swallows down her tears and continues knitting because Fred would not want her moping over Christmas jumpers of all things.  
  • Two months later it’s Christmas Morning and immediately after Fred II opens his present, he runs to her and gives her a big, big hug. 
  • “I love it, I love it grandma! Thank you so much! Look Daddy and I are matching! We’re both wearing navy and gold!” 
  • And Molly smiles at him and looks up at George who is wearing his traditional blue and gold jumper from who knows how many years ago. 
  • Tears are shining in both of their eyes but then George smiles brightly and Molly instantly knows she made the right choice with her grandson’s Christmas jumper that year. 
  • And she can’t help but think that the colours really really suit her grandson. Maybe she’ll use them again next year.