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Kai has escaped two prison worlds before. I definitely feel like he would probably be able to escape this one too. Lol Bonnie better watch out, Kai looked like he wanted to kill her (or fuck her maybe? Couldn't quite tell)

Definitely the latter. :p

This prison world seems pretty inescapable. This time he’s chained to a chair. Bonnie has the only ascendant. There are no celestial events. And no other entities there besides him. So it would take Bonnie changing her mind about Kai and deciding to free him.

This moment really touched me. I don’t think Agni realizes he probably saved Soma’s life right here.

Ciel ruthlessly sacrifices his pawns as he plays his chess game, and Sebastian expects them all to lie dead at Ciel’s feet by the time the game is over.

Now Soma won’t be dead among them. Agni truly has done well for him as his butler.

I’m trying to think of another character Ciel has used as a pawn who has safely escaped him. Maybe the rest of the Funtom 5, since they are leaving to return to Weston? Who knows if they’ll even appear again before the end of the series. Edward is probably still at risk though.

… ach, now that I’ve jinxed it, Soma will probably come running back in at the end on a white horse to save Ciel from whomever’s clutches he ends up in, and end up dead after all. He would, anyway.

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Hi i've searched your tags and even my bookmarks cause i sure i bookmarked this, but i can't find it, Its an A/B/O fic where steve is the alpha, and bucky has escaped from hydra and in this fic they can shift in to wolf form, and steve finds bucky in the woods and they have a pack living in the woods that is protected by steve. thank you for you awesome blog, i really hope i can read this again.

i think this one is The Ballad of The Three Legged Werewolf (WIP) by The Notorious Trollop Vo the Terrible (Voishen)


Room to Breathe 2.1 “Try A Little Noise” by SixSpades

In which Derek has escaped the clutches of Beacon Hills but still manages to sustain some mild property damage .

Finished just in time for Sterek Week ‘16!

Read the first part here.

*clasps hands together and raises them to the heavens*

Please don’t let the Rogue One fandom become toxic like the TFA fandom has become with their hate. 

Please don’t let the Jyn x Cassian (aka RebelCaptain) tag become toxic because people feel the need to hate on other people ships.

Please don’t let any of the ship tags or Rogue One tags become disgusting with the amount of anti-bullshit that seems to be prevalent on tumblr nowadays.

Please don’t let the damn fandom vanish into the night as discourse runs rampant. 

Please don’t let the Rogue One fandom become toxic like the TFA fandom has become with their hate.

Please let there be a loving and accepting community on tumblr that lets people be peaceful with their own headcanons and ships no matter how odd they may seem to others.

Please don’t let the Rogue One fandom become toxic like the TFA fandom has become with their hate.

Please let there be many fanfictions, fanarts, fan edits, headcanons and other fanworks that are all valid and accepted in this fandom because dammit, these people are so damn creative and let them have their own opinions and let them be happy with their fantastic pieces of art that they should be proud they made.

Please don’t let the Rogue One fandom become toxic like the TFA fandom has become with their hate.

My Eurus/Sherrinford Theory

Eurus begins to show all the signs of a psychopath/serial killer as a child.

Sherlock finds her torturing his dog, Redbeard, who dies from his injuries.

Sherlock is so upset that he runs to Mycroft, who tells their parents.

They have Eurus committed to a mental health facility called Sherrinford.

Mycroft feels responsible for her since he told and he takes over checking on her over the years.

Mycroft makes reminders to check in with Sherrinford because Eurus has tried to escape repeatedly and he is afraid she will seek revenge.

Eurus has been in Sherrinford since she was a child so Sherlock doesn’t recognize her in TLD.

Eurus is why Sherlock is so insistent he is a high-functioning sociopath and not a psychopath.

Eurus is why Sherlock freaks out about serial killers. 

Sherlock is so destroyed by his own sister killing his best friend that he swears off all emotional attachment from that point on.


The burning house in The Final Problem trailer is the Holmes’ family home which Eurus set on fire. 

Moriarty’s “posthumous game” plan was helping Eurus escape Sherrinford.

you know I always fucking hated the Fade in Dragon Age: Origins and wondered why it was there

then I realized

It’s not supposed to be there.

The Fade is a seemingly pointless 2 hour dungeon in the middle of another dungeon that advances no plot elements and is literally there for seemingly no reason. Everyone hates it cause it has entirely new mechanics from the base game and is in the middle of an already long dungeon.

Upon encountering a Sloth Demon the party is trapped in a dream and has to escape, with the Grey Warden breaking everyone from perfect dream-like worlds (with some exceptions)

Which seems weird for a Sloth demon.

Meanwhile, to save the Arl’s son from the demon possessing him (which is usually why you’re in the Mage’s Tower, the dungeon the Fade dungeon is in, in the first place), you have to enter the Fade and kill the demon possessing him.

Said demon is a Desire Demon, but there really isn’t anything to the sequence beyond parlaying with the demon and maybe fighting it


this sequence is optional

you can always choose to kill the Arl’s son rather than do the thing where you go into the fade to fight the demon

The Fade was originally that sequence and they realized people might skip a 2-3 hour section of unique game they made, so they moved it to the mage’s tower and force you to do it

and how successful was it? Well, in addition to being the number one quoted area in  “When you want to play a game but then remember that one area and don’t want to play it anymore” threads on 4chan

One of the most popular mods for DA:O, which hit the week of release for the PC version, was to let you skip the Fade.

Bravo Bioware.

The Flame Alchemist - fanart. I recently finished reading the FMA manga and I’m obsessed again with this freaking story.

I’ve been trying to draw Mustang for probably more than a month now and I finally made it. I’ve scrapped like 10 paintings of him so far jfc. Apparently the secret was to lay off the complicated lighting and just relax and draw. Anyway, not much else is needed to be said here. I like how this turned out and drawing the ignition glove was super fun^^ (i didn’t get to draw the lizard though :( ). Anyway, feels good to be back *single sparkle*

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