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What are your favorite Boom episodes?

-the sidekick
its a rlly cute episode and thats when the animation was at its peak for me
-the new year’s one (forgot what its called)
-it takes a hedgehog to lead a village
bc shadow
-alone again unnaturally
i just like the concept of it idk
-part 2 or 3?? of the robots in the sky arc
idk which one but there were a lot of moments of sonic and tails bein buds and i liked that a lot
-vector the detector
they actually handled vector pretty well imo and surprisingly he didnt rlly need the other chaotix there (tho i still want to see espio)

A Snow Elf necromancer in Skyrim

me: *have very important finals coming up, trying to study* “Ok, now that im FINALLY over mark’s video, i can absolutely, fully concentrate-

Jack: Anti wasn’t referring to Dark in the Pax intro, he was referring to Jack


Anyone else getting a little bit of a Final Pam vibe from Widowmaker’s new shades


Just a little bit

Ten eclipse tips

1. Never look directly at the sun. This makes the sun uncomfortable, and may be interpreted as an attempt to establish dominance. The sun almost never attacks unless eye contact is made first. Always practice sun safety!

2. Similarly, do not try to photograph the eclipse. Solar eclipses have no reflections, cannot be viewed in mirrors, and require a constant supply of blood. As a consequence, they are unphotographable and you should probably avoid them after dark.

3. If you are still planning to use your camera during the eclipse, we recommend using a delayed-release timer. This should give you enough time to flee to a safe distance. Remeber to etch your camera body with your name so that you can identify the remains afterwards. A silver memory card is also a must if you insist on retrieving the pictures, although we cannot think why you would want to.

4. Plan your trip to the area of totality beforehand. Choose an area that has viable escape routes, is not downwind of any volcanoes, and contains no graves. Note that this includes fossils: be sure to check ahead of time!

5. Never watch the eclipse whilst driving. You should only drive away from eclipses, which, as previously noted, will not be discernable in the rear-view mirror. If you do look behind you whilst fleeing an eclipse, the eclipse may not be allowed to return to Earth and you may end up being torn apart by either maenads or eclipse hunters of the future.

6. No matter how exciting your picnic plans may be, never bisect a piece of raw meat inside a circle of salt at the moment of greatest darkness.

7. During the eclipse, birds may get confused and wander off. If you encounter any disorientated birds, treat them kindly and give them directions back to the sky. It may also start raining men. This is not normal and should be reported to the authorities.

8. Make sure to look at your shadow during the eclipse. I mean, when did you last look at your shadow? Really look? The poor thing is feeling neglected and goodness knows they get anxious during periods of partial darkness. Give it a little hug if you can and make sure it knows you’re thinking of it.

9. Look out for light beaming through the canyons of the moon. If you can record these points on a moon map, you too may be able to cash in on the lunar light-mining revolution which is soon to come. In the future years of darkness you will be very glad you did this.

10. After viewing the eclipse, you may feel a chill hollow at the very heart of your being, as though the circle of darkness had sucked a portion of your soul away with it. But be honest: this is how you felt before the eclipse, isn’t it? We find it reassuring to know that experimental theologians have comprehensively debunked the soul-extraction eclipse theory. That awful absence most likely comes from creeping nightwalkers or the things without lanterns instead.

… Am I the only one who keeps watching the first few seconds of this video when Niall said “fuck” in THAT voice?! I mean, he’s adorable throughout most of the video but those first few seconds… damn it.

Wrangling a feral cat

The following phrases may be overheard whilst trying to capture a feral cat which has escaped and is now at large within a vet clinic.

  • Run!
  • Don’t move!
  • Shut those doors!
  • Where’d it go?
  • Are the windows closed?
  • It’s behind the washing machine.
  • Can anyone move the washing machine?
  • There’s urine everywhere.
  • Well, it’s definitely a tom.
  • Look out!
  • He’s on the move!
  • Protect your face!

And my personal favourite…

  • How in hell is he gripping onto the ceiling?!
  • Moo: How was golf it? How did it feel to have your ball get knocked off it's course over and over again? When you hit the ball but it doesn't listen to you and goes completely out of whack. How does it feel to hit the ball too hard and end up having to restart, only to find out you don't have enough time. The trick shots aren't worth it. The trick shots aren't worth it. The trick shots aren't worth it.
  • Vanoss: You ok bud?
Morties Feeling Worthless Is Dangerous

We remember that amazing episode of season 1. We got a bit of depth with the show and learned of Rick.

But with season three, I noticed something. Rick is getting rougher with Morty- right? Right?

What if Cocky Morties are less dangerous than insecure Morties?

Let’s talk of Evil Morty (Eye patch Morty)

What did he say?

“Morty’ are no match for their Rick.”

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Even Evil Morty finds himself valueless, he finds himself so worthless that he tortures his other selves.

His hatred of Rick is so deep he allows himself to hurt Morties, ruin multiple versions of his families’ lives and so much more.

Unless this Morty was a sociopath, he doesn’t feel he is worth it. A lot of Morties don’t.

This comic by the tumblr user — really shows what I want to describe.

(Comic by tumblr user @ahkaraii)

This shows how being feeling so small and useless jades a person. Morty, children in general, emotional abuse can turn people into something completely different.

Let’s look at the comics (they’re canon) it shows a Morty being a Rick and a Rick being a Morty.

(Rick and Morty issue 3) It shows a Rick dealing with the abuse Morty usually deals with, and snaps. Our Morty is slowly breaking, in the newest episode, where they detoxify themselves, Morty is shown sociopathic.

I don’t think in the first season he was this way, but he has seen awful things, and dealt with a worse grandfather. He is desensitized.

In the vindicators episode, Morty was shown to be extremely smart. He knew all of Rick’s tricks. He knew how to defuse the bomb and had a present of if it works.

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In the interdimensional cable episode, Morty explained it pretty well. I am sure he is more than 20% right, Rick is a genius, Beth is smart too. (Though blinded by emotional trauma), and summer, though emotional, is clever.

Why would it skip Morty? It didn’t, his doubt, dread, and overall teenage angst holds him back. At the beginning, maybe, but if pushed hard enough he will learn how to survive on his own.

Let’s look at Miami Morty, he lazes around the beach all day and dances. He’s happy, dumb and happy.

Morty in season 1 was dumb and happy, feeling loved by his family and unknown of his parents’ marriage issues.

But now he’s aware, aware of so many things. He’s angry, depressed and feels good for nothing. His emotions are high, showing his toxic self he has so much more dread and hatred for himself, for his parents and even his sister.

He is starting to be resentful towards Beth and Jerry. He’s isolated, barely at school and going to terrifying adventures. He has no escape, no socializing of children his age and spending so much time to himself.

Too much time alone with your mind as a child is toxic. My niece when she was with her parents more, used to lock her in her room for hours when she was in trouble. She grew violent, upset easily and jaded. When she was able to socialize, play, and see other children in her age group she became her normal, sweet self again.

Our Morty is not Evil Morty, the creators told us time travel is off the table.

However, Morty is down the same road as Eye patch Morty. Do I believe Rick is Eye Patch’s Rick? Maybe.

But people’s theories and learning the actual twist to the show made season 3 take so long and I think ruined the storyline.

But that’s just the theory.

Oh, and remember how Morty shot Rick in episode 1 of Season 3 because Rick was attacking him verbally?

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Yeah… that happened.

Here’s more examples because fuck Morty got dark.

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Fantastic Beasts 2 story reveal

Warner Bros. revealed that “Grindelwald has made a dramatic escape and has been gathering more followers to his cause – elevating wizards above all non-magical beings. The only one who might be able to stop him is the wizard he once called his dearest friend, Albus Dumbledore. But Dumbledore will need help from the wizard who had thwarted Grindelwald once before, his former student Newt Scamander.” 
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A centipede is a remarkable creature. Though it has hundreds of legs all moving at the same time, it is still able to move forward with all of them simultaneously moving and never once tripping over it’s own feet.

A centipede can be made up of hundreds of moving individual parts, that will continue to move forward towards the same destination, without tripping over one another. 

If the centipede were to ever stop and think…

Just how exactly am I able to walk forward without tripping? It would lose the ability to do so, something they’ve automatically been able to do all this time. When a centipede thinks about how it’s legs work, it stops being able to use them properly all in conjunction to move forward. That at it’s root is known as the “Centipede’s Dilemna.”

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help me out? (this time it’s educational)

As I said a little while ago, I’m looking to become fluent in French and it’s my desire to study the language in France. However, after a couple of weeks of looking into things and getting nothing but a headache and information I can’t really do much with, I have decided to study abroad through a local university.

Pros: so much fucking simpler

Cons: maybe a bit more expensive

They have a French Language major, and it’s a bachelor of arts. Fun fact: I already have a Bachelors so a lot of my credits should transfer! Meaning, if I’m lucky, I could get this degree in a year and a half? Maybe?

I should be able to get more financial aid, grants, scholarships, etc. However, the deadline for some of these is coming up and fast and I need to get enrolled in this university as soon as I can. I’m already pretty late in the game. But I am still unemployed and my family can’t/won’t help me here. Mom says I can do it once I get a job but there is no guarantee I’ll get one any time soon, despite my efforts, and with so many deadlines approaching, I need to enroll in the uni as soon as possible.

The uni application is $55 and no way for me to get it waved.

I have to have 2 transcripts ordered, both of which are $12, for a total of $24. (1 from my alma mater, 1 from the college I did some dual credits through).

All in all that is $79.

If anyone can help, even a little, it would be greatly appreciated. My paypal email is moonfeather777@yahoo.com  Anything extra I get goes towards paying my bills.

Thank you.