has been weak

A doodle of a Dab for all your fast dabs needs


you are your own goodness and the whole heartedly loving thing has never really been your weakness. your weakness is loving so much that you sometimes do not give it back to yourself. but sweet friend you have to learn that it all comes back, it all comes back around and what you give is what you will get and it will come to you in time. you will get this love back and it will make you so proud of all those that have felt it from you and your lovely heart. you should be so proud of yourself. the love is coming. 

You know when you’re on the very edge of sleep, your eyes are threatening to close, the feel of your pillow and blanket are so comfortable, and you can feel yourself drifting off into that beautiful dreamland… then out of nowhere you start thinking about your OTP and energy just hits you like a freight train and suddenly sleep doesn’t mean jack squat to you so you spend hours looking at fanart and reading fanfics until the early morning then regret it all later? I live for those moments.


ahhhh im so glad!! that makes me very very happy, its really comforting knowing other people feel the same way /o\ 

and you can always, ALWAYS request cute jaspearl!!!! omg!  i feel like theyd be really good for each other ;;;

“just… please, don’t take the kids. i’ll do a̲͇n̬͚y̬̩̝͇t͇͞h̘̼͖̪i̠͖̝̠̠ng̦͕̤̬͝ͅ.”

chase… the kids are alright. you, however… you’re a puppet.

I have a feeling he stares up at the night sky a lot, even at home