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Like the litteral moral of Yuri!!! on Ice is : sacrificing your self for others is unhealthy and toxic as fuck, don’t do it ! 

And that’s so beautiful because everytime Yuuri tried to self-sabotage under the disguise of “nobly sacrificing himself because he’s not worth it anyway”, Victor came out with a big sign saying “NO”

This whoel relationship was like a big punch in the face of all the “I am only my romantic relationship” it was amazing. 

So people, enjoy your romantic relationships, enjoy the joys and fight through the sads. But never ever ever let it become the only thing you are. Nor expect it to be the only thing your partner should be.

Yuuri litterally tried to Icarus his way back into his ivory tower before finally realising that he had a real human being in front of him and that he deserved to be considered as one and not as a fear or a fantasy.

When you’re in a relationship there’s two people. Don’t forget yourself in it and don’t forget your partner in it.

FYI science isn’t unbiased
You need to look at who’s funding the study
You need to look at the methods
You need to look at the type of statistical analysis
You need to use logic
Just because it’s “science” doesn’t mean it’s good science

yuri on ice frozen duet?

viktor: i mean it’s crazy.

yuuri: what?

viktor: we finish each other’s-

yuuri: sandwiches.

viktor: that’s what i was gonna say!

yuuri: i never met someone 

viktor/yuuri: who thinks so much like me.

viktor/yuuri: jinx!

viktor/yuuri: jinx again!

viktor/yuuri: our mental synchronization can have but one explanation. 

viktor: you

yuuri: and i

viktor: were

yuuri: just

viktor/yuuri: meant to be~!


Name: Bastien Stilath

Gender: M

Species: Human

Age: 34 (16 ATC)

Background: Bastien had a very typical childhood for someone growing up on Dromund Kaas. Due to the war his parents were on often deployed, easily half a Galaxy away, and Bastien only saw them during their leaves. Because of this Bastien spent most of his youth living with his grandparents. After his two obligatory years in Military, Bastien was admitted into the Kaas City Technical University to study electrical engineering. After graduating Bastien found himself enlisted in the Navy until Intelligence recruited him a year later.

Bastien’s career in Intelligence has taken a multiple of turns since he disbanded a terror cell on Dromund Kaas. After stopping the Eradicators by talking Darth Jadus into backing down, he was fitted with the Castellian restraints. His next assignment was to infiltrate the SIS and eliminate Ardunth Koth, during the mission he discovered the existence of the Star Cabal. He worked on exposing the Cabal until the disbandment of Intelligence and his reassignment to the Imperial Army. Despite the reassignment, he continued working with former Intelligence members to disable the Cabal. the Black Codex was given to the former Minister of Intelligence and Bastien continued serving the Empire in the newly formed Sith Intelligence.

In the Sith Intelligence Bastien has continued to work to benefit the Empire in small, yet vital, missions as well as larger operations. Such operations have been Ilum, Makeb, Tython, Korriban, Yavin 4, and Ziost.

Personality: Bastien embodies many of the traits desirable in a Cipher Agent. His ability to detach his professional persona from his private makes it easy for him to switch between roles during missions. In addition, it makes him able to execute his missions in cold and calculating manner and he is capable of staying calm during high-pressure situations.  His loyalty to the Empire has remained unquestionable; he understands the necessity of need-to-know during mission and doesn’t question orders unnecessarily. As Bastien sees the Empire as the only civilized nation in the Galaxy he believes other star systems would greatly benefit from Imperial influence, though he believes this should be spread through diplomatic channels more often. Bastien has a dry sense of humour and he enjoys making sarcastic quips. He loves new technology, and figuring out and understanding how it works. 

Notes: Bastien has a master’s degree in engineering from the Kaas City Technical University, majoring in microelectronics with minors in languages and nanotechnology. It is unknown why he chose to pursue a career in Military rather than in the Imperial Corps of Engineers.

“Diana, help me,” Bruce gritted through his teeth, just loud enough to be heard over the sound of Jonathan’s wailing.

The baby kicked and howled in Bruce’s arms, his tiny face scrunched up in frustration.

The Amazon watched as he frantically tried to calm the red faced Kent. She’d never seen him look so…helpless. The sight was amusing and sad at the same time.

“Don’t tell me the Bat of Gotham can’t handle a tiny baby,” she teased.

Bruce tried rocking Jonathan back and forth. “Diana, this isn’t any regular baby. This is an alien-human hybrid that won’t stop crying.”

“Has he been fed?”

“Yes, I fed him an thirty minutes ago.”

“Did he have a nap?”

“He just woke up.”


“Already checked.”

“Well then…give him to me,” she said.

Bruce passed the baby to Diana. She patted the baby on the back as she paced back and forth. Quickly, Jonathan’s crying turned into soft coos.

Bruce stared at her in awe. “How?”

“Well, for starters, I’m not death gripping him.”

The thing about Rhysha:

I’m kinda super bummed to go through the tags right now because there is so much hate for all the Rhys and Sasha moments we got in episode three. I want to take four seconds to talk about why I don’t ship them but I freaking loved their relationship this episode. Beware, spoilers and character development below! Also, beware, this is long. I have a lot of thoughts.

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I really hope Jasper and Amethyst eventually have a positive relationship;;

Egh like I don’t even ship it in a way it has to be romantic, Amethyst just has a lot to gain if Jasper develops in to a more positive character and she sees that quartz gems and the kindergartens they come from aren’t necessarily the epitome of all evil! There is so much they could learn from each other. Jasper has witnessed the transformation of Homeworld over the same time Amethyst has seen the transformation of Earth. Amethyst knows zilch about Homeworld and has been spoon fed a one sided perspective on Homeworld and gem kind.

And yeah she has Peridot and don’t get me wrong I love amedot interactions a lot but as a gem who has (probably) only known modern Homeworld and has recently betrayed it her perspective is different and I think Jasper’s could be really helpful too in Amethyst coming to terms with herself

And geez, I still cannot believe people think Bismuth would somehow have the same relationship with Amethyst that people want her to have with Jasper. I mean I want Amethyst and Bis to get along and stuff too , but Bis has been a Crystal Gem all along? And isn’t a quartz? Everything people consider similarities between Bis and Jasper are superficial stereotypes based on their body types (despite them actually being more different than, say, Pearl and Lapis) and I am so done with that noise

But of course it looks like Jasper getting corrupted is the track we’re on now so I’m just like ://// welp

Though were possibility on the road to an amethyst arc too so maybe they will overlap?? Hopefully?

Princess!Ladybug AU
  • Marinette is a princess that has always been fed stories that one day, her golden prince in shining armor will carry her away on a white horse and that they’ll live happily ever after
  • Adrien is a prince, but at night he’s a thief named Chat Noir
  • Marinette is literally so desperate to find her Prince Charming  that she gets the longest extensions ever, sits herself in a tower and sings in hopes of luring an unsuspecting prince into her tower
  • She doesn’t have to wait long because Chat Noir is doing his daily rounds of the city, and finding nothing new to steal, hears a nice voice and goes to investigate
  • He sees a suspicious tower with some suspicious hair hanging out of it and climbs it anyway
  • When Marinette feels that someone is climbing up her horrendously long hair, she primps herself up, waiting for her prince to come. But when she sees the guy’s face, she boots the guy out of her tower and storms out of it because she wanted a prince, not the most wanted thief in all the seven kingdoms
  • Chat Noir is now interested in this mysterious girl he barely saw, for that was the first time any girl didn’t fall for his suave features
  • Knowing that her Rapunzel attempt failed, Marinette goes to the local ball with seven pairs of shoes to randomly leave around and attract a mysterious prince
  • Adrien is there, sees her ‘accidentally’ leave behind a shoe and gives it back to her and she immediately falls for him
  • embarrassed, Marinette runs out from the ball without asking for his name
  • Now, Chat Noir the thief is looking for a girl whose face he never saw and Marinette is chasing after a prince whose name she doesn’t know