has been done a million and one times but idc


authors note: hi okay so a while ago i used to write on wattpad and i kinda stopped but now i feel like writing again so here goes

btw this really sad and the plot has been done a mILLION times but idc basically peter dies imsorrydhdgd

the song is truce by twenty one pilots!!


now the night is coming to an end

when peter said he would die happy because he had died a hero, you didn’t think it’d be this soon.

he lied on the hospital bed, his breathing was slow and you knew that at any given moment, it would come to a stop. his beautiful brown eyes were shut, the ones you had adored your whole life. it didn’t make sense to you that this would be the last time you’d ever see them.

the sun will rise and we will try again

you held his hand gently. it was warm, just like it always had been. you remembered when you first held it and how nervous you both were. your thumb ran up and down his soft fingers. this felt so surreal. you tried staying strong for peter. you really did. its what he would’ve wanted you to do.

stay alive, stay alive for me

but this boy… this amazing, beautiful, smart, funny, ethereal boy was your everything. he was there for you whenever you needed a shoulder to cry on. he was there to calm you down whenever you had panic or anxiety attacks. he was always there make sure you were okay.

now, who would take care of you? who else would check up on you the way peter parker did?

you needed him. you needed him to push through, and stay alive.

you will die, but now your life is free. take pride in what is sure to die

you couldn’t take it anymore. you thought about the way he looked with all the wires connected to him, knowing that those were the only things keeping him alive. the continuous sound of the heart monitor beeping made your ears almost bleed. you were sick of it. you were sick of hearing it slow down. you just wanted him to open his eyes and say he was okay. you’d take him home, wrap him in a warm blanket, watch star wars with him, and it would all be okay.

but in reality, nothing was okay. and nothing would ever be okay again. peter was dying. and that was just something you had to accept.

i will fear the night again

your grip on his hand tightened a bit. you never wanted to let go. at this point, you were hopeless.

and suddenly, a voice broke you out of your thoughts.

this wasn’t a regular voice, no, it resembled that of an angel. like the clouds opened up and the sun shone on you and you were finally able to breathe easily. it was a voice you loved your entire life, a voice you thought you’d never hear again.

i hope i’m not my only friend

“y-y/n?” peter whispered. his voice was low and hoarse.

your eyes lit up and a wide ear-to-ear smile spread across your cheeks.

“peter, peter my love, its me, oh my god you’re awake.” you rambled. your heart rate speeded up at the thought of peter being okay. maybe, you had some hope after all.

peter tried his best to smile at you. he failed completely but considering the state he was in, you loved it nonetheless. tears welled up in your eyes and that smile never left your face.

“h-how are you love” peter whispered.

you chuckled lightly “i think i’m the one whos supposed to be asking you that”

peter tried to laugh, but ended up coughing his lungs out.

“peter i think i should go get the nurse-” you said, your voice shaking a little. you got up from your seat, but peter grabbed your hand, stopping you in your tracks.

“no, no y/n, don’t bother” he croaked out. “i need to talk to you, one last time”

stay alive, stay alive for me

the small bit of hope you had left had been crushed.

“one last time i-… what do you mean?” you questioned.

“y/n… love… my time’s up. i haven’t got much breath in me left, but i’ll waste the last of it i have for you” peter said, his voice breaking. his eyes watered, but he refused to let the tears fall.

you, however, did not hold back your tears. “n-no peter, please. please don’t go, please” you pleaded through your sobs, though you knew it wouldn’t work. you rested your forehead on the armrest of his bed and continued to sob.

peter said nothing. instead, he brought his fingers to your hair and began to softly run them down your scalp. it was something he always did to calm you down, and it worked every time.

you brought your head up to look at him, his eyes glistening with tears as he wore a broken smile on his face.

“thank you, y/n” peter whispered. his voice began to slow down but your heartbeat raced in fear.

tears pooled at your eyes again, “for what, my love?”

peter slowly interwined his fingers with yours. you let a tear fall and he brought his other hand up to wipe it, wincing in pain while doing so.

“for giving me the best 15 years of my life” he said quietly. his eyes blinked slowly.

you smiled at him, tears rushing down your face. you put a hand on his cheek and wiped the tears that fell.

“i love you, peter parker” you whispered to him.

and in that exact moment, all the memories you two had replayed in your mind. from when you first met, to when you both went to the movies just two days ago.

it was crazy to you. two days ago, you were both happy, full of love and life.

and now, peter was losing his own.

you will die, but now your life is free. take pride in what is sure to die

“i love you, y/f/n y/l/n…” peter’s voice gradually decreased as he spoke. his eyes shut slowly.

you waited.

you waited for them to open back up again.

you waited for those beautiful brown eyes to look into yours again.

they never did.

peter parker took his last breath, and let his head fall into the pillow. his fingers loosened their grip on your hand and his chest stopped rising.

and there it was, that godforsaken endless beep you dreaded.