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Behind the Scenes at The Princess Collection Photo Shoot: Part One

Now that The Princess Collection has been released, check out these behind the scenes goodies from the photo shoot!!

Primpin’ and posin!’

Ariana DeBose: “I love this (GGG) community for a couple of reasons because we celebrate the strength of these princesses. They overcome a lot of obstacles, they teach lessons of determination and perseverance, and doing the right thing over doing the easy thing, which are all lessons which I think are really important right now. And everyone’s so warm and lovely in an industry that is filled with rejection, it’s a community that really embraces you, embraces other women.”

SO many selfies!! 

Carrie St. Louis: “I really love Mulan. I think that she’s not your typical princess. She has the best songs, she kicks butt, her sidekick is amazing. She’s just my favorite! What do I love about the Gagged line? I mean, everything! It’s so cute, and it’s so fun to see all of these awesome women that I love and admire and respect all working together on something so cool.”

Stay tuned for MORE behind the scenes content NEXT WEEK! 

  • Cisco Ramon (to STAR Labs): Listen up, fives, a ten is speaking.
  • Barry Allen: ...
  • Caitlin Snow: ...
  • *later*
  • Cisco Ramon: Iris, can we talk? One ten to another.
  • Iris West: I'm an eleven, Cisco, but continue.

New Lego Batman Trailer!!

Apparently Babs is gonna be the commissioner in this?!

ok but something just occurred to me

jack’s pre-game ritual is eating a pb&j

cause he’s had a pre-game ritual since he was a little kid. 

maybe it’s what alicia made him before every game. or maybe it was the only thing he’d eat for several months, the way kids go through picky phases of only eating one or two things. or maybe he had one before he scored his first goal in whatever little league hockey thing he did and he grew up hearing about hockey superstitions and pre-game rituals and all that from bob so he began asking for one before every single game. 

maybe it’s all he knew how to make himself when he got older, at the billet family’s house, on roadies. maybe it was the only thing he could concentrate on when his anxiety got so bad that his hands shook and his face went numb. 

maybe he couldn’t even smell peanut butter without gagging when he got out of rehab. maybe he didn’t touch his mother’s favorite jams and jellies the whole time he was coaching, filling out college apps, lying awake at night in his childhood bedroom, more empty than anxious. 

maybe he was on his own tour of the haus as a frog and he wandered into the kitchen, the way bitty would two years later, and found a perfectly-made pb&j sitting on the counter (courtesy of johnson, who suddenly had to step out?) and the sight of it didn’t make him feel sick to his stomach. 

(maybe, many years down the line, he’ll make himself one, very slowly, very carefully, and eat it as he waits for bitty to come home from work, absently toying with the small ring box in his pocket.)


Ladrien art dump I guess? 

Wanted to work on lighting so yeah. Decided to draw the baes.

Btw the first two pics if you dont get it is supposed to be that LB has been secretly checking up on Adrien for a few nights and he knew so yeah xD That’s his window. 

  • Riza: *wears a dress for Hughes' wedding*
  • Maes: That dress looks great! I bet it'd look better on Roy's floor.
  • Roy: ...Are you hitting on Hawkeye...for me?

zimbits kissin’ bc i can stare at these dorks making out forever tbh

mostly raw caps of each kiss thus far. perhaps one day i’ll clean these edits up but today is not that day lol.

check in

I thought hip hop line would be done with mixtapes after getting relatively big, but I’m so so happy that their true passion for hip hop will never fade and they’ll constantly be putting out new music for us. Mixtapes that other people release usually showcase how powerful, strong, fast their rapping is, but seventeen didn’t. Their lyrics weren’t about sex, money, or drugs. It was genuine, smooth, refreshing, and almost nostalgic. They aren’t trying to make money out of this, this mixtape was a thank you from seventeen to us, for all their fans across the world, city to city, no matter where we are. 

so thank you, seventeen