has been and always will be my favorite television show

“In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you!”

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I am rewatching Sailor Moon with subtitles for the first time ever. I’ve rewatched a few eps but to be honest I don’t think I’ve really sat down and watched it since I was in elementary school and the dub was being aired on TV. I am loving every minute of it. And yesterday the show turned 25 years old! People have asked me if I’ve seen Crystal yet but you cannot beat the original. It’s too good.

Also Sailor Venus has always been my favorite since I was a kid. Her and Usagi are pretty tied. I love them all tho like seriously.

My Top 10 Teen Wolf Moments

The time has come. The day, which I’d hoped would be years from now, has fallen upon us. Teen Wolf is over. *Cue intense sobbing*

I decided that as a way to hold onto this show that was such an important part of my life, I would make a post about my favorite moments from Teen Wolf before I start re-watching it for the billionth time!

#10 Allison Accepting Scott as a Werewolf (Season 1 Finale)

We know Scott’s first love extremely well. She was a character adored by many who was so much more than just his love interest. But their love was so wonderful and so powerful to watch, I don’t think anyone was immune to shipping Scallison. The moment for me that solidified their relationship was when Allison embraces Scott while he’s 100% turned. It told me that she was capable of seeing the boy she loved through the terror of finding out he’s a monster.

#9 Scott VS Liam (Season 5A Finale)

Scott and Liam have had a very interesting storyline together where Scott basically ends up a Papa Werewolf to this five foot tall ball of rage and every moment is so priceless to me. I think one of my favorite things to watch in the show was how they grew to look out for each other and had an amazingly deep bond. So of course I chose the scene they fought each other (technically to the death) as a top 10 moment. It had me on the edge of my seat and yelling at the TV, terrified for Scott.

#8 Stiles joins the FBI (Season 6B Premiere)

This was the only moment from season 6 that had me sobbing. Seeing him in his fancy shirt with his tie and his familiar goofy smile, happy for a reason that was unrelated to the supernatural and going out to pursue his dreams melted me into a puddle. The same thing probably would have happened if they’d had a scene where Scott entered a college and there was a sign that said “This way to become a Veterinarian!”

#7 Allison’s Death (Season 3B Finale)

This one hit me pretty hard as well. Allison had become such a strong character and one of the few human members of Scott’s pack. She was smart, resourceful, confident, and, above all, always ready to help those who could not help themselves. Her death shook me, and seeing Scott’s emotional response that her death triggered was painful. But her final moments were spent helping to save the day and being in the arms of Scott, and I feel like she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

#6 Night School (Season 1 Episode 7)

Night School is my second favorite episode of the series. The first time I watched it I was terrified and seeing Scott lose control and turning after Peter roars was just insanely cool to watch.

#5 Melissa Saves Scott (Season 5A Finale)

Melissa, AKA Momma McCall, is my favorite of the adults! She’s sassy, gives great advice, and wants nothing but the best for her little baby werewolf Scott. Which doesn’t include dying. The moment she runs into the library and begins CPR, I felt so much better. I couldn’t think of how, but I knew he’d be okay if Melissa was there. Everyone needs their mommy some time.

#4 Stiles’ and Lydia’s First Kiss (Season 3A Episode 11)

I feel like Stydia is one of the most important romantic relationships of the show. Both Lydia and Stiles developed as characters and came so far from where they were. We know Stiles has had a thing for Lydia since day one, but I feel like this kiss, where she was just stopping a panic attack (yeah right),was the very first time she let just a small part of herself feel the love that was growing for him. And, while I didn’t have hardly any Stydia moments from season 6B, I think the most important one was when she looks at Stiles and recalls this kiss, telling Malia to kiss Scott to help him focus. It was a great callback to a great moment.

#3 Scott VS Peter (Season 4 Finale)

This has to be one of the best fight scenes in the series. Scott and Peter have not had a very good relationship (to say the least), but every time these two come to a head, I cheer. Peter was a pretty good bad guy (he’s no Demon Wolf), and I love how snarky he was to everyone around him. But in the end, he was always only willing to help if it served his purposes, and usually only if he could do it discreetly. When Scott was finally able to shut him down and beat him up, I had a field day.

#2 Scott Becomes a True Alpha (Season 3A Finale)

This moment was just so incredible! To know that our little baby Scott, of high moral and virtue, could become an Alpha without killing his way to the top might be when I felt the most joy watching the show. He did what NO supernatural creature is supposed to be able to do and broke through mountain ash through his sheer force of will. His strength comes from his ability to see right from wrong and never blur the lines. Scott knows that he has power and that whether he likes it or not, he feels responsible for saving Beacon Hills repeatedly. Scott’s development as a character is more like a slow burn. It’s harder to see how different he is from season one because he’s always been ready to take the moral high ground and be the better person, and for that he deserves to be the Alpha.

#1 Stiles Saves Scott (Season 3A Episode 6)

Of course this is my number one moment. If it isn’t your favorite moment, then I think you were watching a different show. Stiles and Scott are the backbone of this entire series. Everything they do, they do together (bite me season 6). So Motel California, my favorite episode of Teen Wolf of all time, having the bromance moment to end all bromance moments, easily took the top spot. When Scott is out of his mind, having been poisoned by wolfsbane again, he douses himself in gasoline and is holding a lit flare, ready to end it all. But who isn’t going to let that happen? Stiles. Because they are brothers, through EVERYTHING. Stiles’ speech had me crying for ages, and when he stepped into the puddle of gasoline to be with Scott, I lost it. The bromance is what I came for, and you bet your ass it’s what I’ll come back for time and time again.

Well, that’s it. Those are just some of my favorite scenes from this show that has been everything I needed from television. I’m going to miss having new episodes to binge in my wolf onsie, but Teen Wolf doesn’t really feel gone. And I’ll always have my DVDs. Thank you to the cast and the crew for giving me such a gift. I might not have gotten to see them graduate, or find out who the hell Greenburg was, or have every little thing I wanted to happen happen, but I did get a show I can love for the rest of my life.

Thank you, Bianca Del Rio

Last night, while I was watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, I shared a special moment with my dad. First of all, let me start off by saying that my father has always absolutely hated anything to do with Drag Race. I wouldn’t label my father completely as homophobic, but I believe that watching an hour of feminine men with wild personas makes him somewhat uncomfortable. In the past, he has been extremely embarrassed to even be in the same room as me while I would indulge in my favorite television show, but yesterday was different. During the live comedy segment of the episode, my dad happened to be in the room searching for his missing cellphone. As he finally, and slowly, made his way towards the couch, still in search for his phone, Bianca Del Rio appeared on the stage and began her routine. After Bianca made a joke comparing the audience members to the cast of Cocoon, my dad sat down next to me and began laughing loudly at the rest of Bianca’s jokes. At first I was taken completely off guard, but my eyes glanced back on Bianca and I began to laugh at the jokes with him. “You know, he reminds me a lot of Mel Brooks, or Mickey Rooney. He is a really talented performer,” my father said. I have honestly never been more proud in my life. Because of Bianca, I was able to watch the rest of the episode with my dad, and we truly bonded for the first time in years. I have more respect and love for my father, all thanks to this absolutely fabulous and hilarious queen.


I used to think I was a genuinely happy person. I mean, I’ve always been content on my own, and most of my relationships I hold at a distance, so even if they end, the pain is not overwhelming. But mainly, I just rarely cry and show any kind of negative emotion, outwardly. I don’t know if I’ve ever even “blown up” on someone before. Don’t get me wrong, I will ball my eyes out at the end of a book series or when my favorite TV character dies, and I’ll break down about once or twice a year from pure stress.

But this behavior has led me to believe that I am just a “happy child” like my mother always said - and this just isn’t true. I feel everyone’s pain, especially when I don’t know how to help them, and if I can’t help them with their problems I feel guilty?? I AM lonely sometimes, and I FEEL a lot, all the time. But I guess my inability to express it makes me think I’m detached and indifferent, and therefore HAPPY.

'The Flash'-'Supergirl' Musical Crossover: Darren Criss Details Dastardly New Villain

“Yay musicals! This is fun!”

Darren Criss is trying to hype the 20+ dancers assembled for one of The Flash–Supergirl musical crossover’s most epic moments, a giant dance number set in a ’40s nightclub to Jackie DeShannon’s “Put a Little Love in Your Heart.”

The Glee alum has reunited with former costars and classmates to play the Music Meister, a dastardly villain who causes his victims to break into song — a role first made famous when Neil Patrick Harris voiced the character during an episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

During the crossover, however, the Meister sets his sights on The Flash (Grant Gustin) and Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), trapping them in an alternate reality movie musical in which their only means of escape is to play through the Meister’s script, complete with singing and dancing. EW hit the set to get Criss’ take on entering the world of singing superheroes

Interview under the cut:

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ok guys i have to get emo for a sec. i just have to.

we all know teen wolf has its problems and i will be the first to say that it has disappointed me and pissed me off countless times, but i wanna focus on the positives for a sec. the fact that its all ending tonight is just unreal, and i wanna say what this show has done for me/the impact its had on my life

i started watching teen wolf three years ago, in 2014. i caught up on the 3 released seasons, and i have watched every single episode live since 401 aired. i have changed and grown SO MUCH since 2014, i can barely even remember the person i was. a lot of things have happened to me, ive lost a lot of people, but teen wolf was always my consistent. a special place in my heart. something to look forward to. 

ive never had a lot of friends. ive always turned to stories to spend my time. tv shows/movies/books have always been my safe place, and my escape from problems in my real life. submerging myself into a story and getting attached to the characters and relationships is just something im great at. teen wolf has been my longest and most beloved hobby. 

i obviously am attached to all of the characters, but im gonna talk about how much scott and stiles mean to me for a sec. 

SCOTT MCCALL is and always will be my favorite character of all time. he was the first main character (or any character tbh) i saw who was a biracial latinx kid, like me. he is just so good. he was never a stereotypical high school boy who just wanted to have sex and get drunk. he was never homophobic, he was never sexist, he was never offensive. i could always love him without doubting myself. he showed everyone that you CAN being unwaveringly kind and strong and passionate. its possible. he taught me how important it is to always choose kindness.

STILES STILINSKI was the first character i could relate to on an internal level. his personality, his mannerisms, his humor. he was the first character i EVER heard say they had social anxiety. THOSE ACTUAL WORDS. it may have seemed small to most people, but i noticed the little things about him. the things that i did too. as someone with severe anxiety/social anxiety/add, as a goofy weird kid, as someone who can be a lil bit of an asshole sometimes, but as someone who really has a good heart and just wants to help people, i love stiles.

the cast and the characters and the relationships in this show made me feel such powerful emotions. when i was numb to everything else, teen wolf could always make me laugh. or cry. i fully believe that i wouldnt be alive right now without this show giving me motivation to get up every morning, to go to school, to stay alive for the next episode.

teen wolf is the reason i made this blog and met all my cool tumblr friends. its the reason i have all 11,000 of u guys.

also fuckin werewolves are just dope and i love them

this turned out really long, but im not even done. there are so many more things i could say. but in the end i just dont think i can put into words all teen wolf has done for me.

teen wolf literally saved my life, and ill never forget about it.

Paleyfest 2017: TWD Panel. A Retrospect.

OMG, I had so much fun tonight. I’m a little bummed that I didn’t get to ask Andy a question, but I’m super proud of myself for actually standing up (to try to get my question asked/making a sign for Andrew Lincoln). I usually don’t like to put myself out there. Yet, this whole week I kept thinking “I’ve got nothing to lose.”

I’ve always been conflicted about meeting celebrities.  I’ve always found something weird about the fact that I’m going to remember this moment for the rest of my life and them not so much. Also they’re just people. Also me: that’s Rick F’ing Grimes. 

Anyways some take aways from tonight. I’m 99% convinced that Rick and Michonne are going to have a kid together. I think there is going to be a time jump after this All Out War with Negan and BAM Richonne Jr.     

This cast is utterly amazing/beautiful. Honestly, I’ve never considered TWD my favorite tv show. For me there has never been a perfect season and certain storylines have dragged. Looking a you Hershel’s farm. However, I’ve always loved the characters. I think the show shines the brightest when it’s focusing on the characters. So Tom Payne “Jesus” talked about how Jesus is getting a back story and how he never felt part of a (post apocalyptic) family until Sasha and Maggie came along. Josh McDermitt “Eugene” talked about how the whole “I am utterly Negan” thing is just who Eugene is. He’s a survivor first. It not about being disloyal to the group. Anyways Christian “Rosita” has been getting a lot of hate for how she’s playing Rosita lately, but I kind of love the fact that she’s kind of being a bitch. Not everyone responds to loss the same way and I’m weirdly happy that her character is angry/selfish about it. Anyways, the whole cast gave really great commentary about their characters and I’m really excited to learn more of their backstories. 

Side notes: Season 8 episode 1 marks the 100th episode of TWD. At the start of the panel Scott Gimple mentioned something about how they are hoping to make it to another 100 episodes. Hmmm. I feel like I’m now so invested in this fandom that I couldn’t get out even if I wanted too.

I met a fellow tumblr (we follow each other) and some generally awesome people at Paleyfest. The lady I was sitting next to has been to Walker Stalker 16 times and just came back from the one in London. She’s raises money for Andrew Lincoln’s charity. I did not know Andy has a charity. I love this man. 

I thought Andrew Lincoln would be taller. 

It is impossible to try to get an autograph and take pictures at the same time. I was inches away from Andrew, Melissa, Josh, Tom, Gimple, and Austin, but i was too busy trying to get an autograph when I could of got some really good pictures. However, Melissa and Josh did sign my TWD issue 150 and Melissa asked me if I did reaction videos for Walking Dead because I look like a girl that does reaction videos. So apparently Melissa watches reaction videos Awesome.

Thanks tumblr TWD fandom. This is the first fandom that I’ve really been a part of and I love it. Anyways, here some pictures from last night. I’m poor, so these aren’t high quality photos. 

Next stop: WonderCon, then fingers crossed for SD Comic Con, and seriously considering Walker Stalker Georgia or New Jersey. 

As a whumper, I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the passing of Adam West, who played Batman in the 60′s television show. That program shaped a lot of who I am, particularly when it comes to my love of bondage and whump, and Adam’s delightfully lighthearted portrayal of Batman has always been my favorite. No other Batman could ever compare.

Rest in Peace, Adam West… and thank you for the memories <3

Okay, I’m sorry but I have to get this out of my chest:

I can’t really say that I enjoy watching Discovery at this point. I had really high hopes for the show because Star Trek is my favorite tv-show of all times and it’s 2017 ffs! I mean the first Star Trek show in 12 years! Whoa. Their casting choices were really great and I dreamed about all the amazing things they could do with the show now. Star Trek has always been known for breaking taboos and being progressive on many fronts so with a cast like this I was really looking forward to seeing the result. But what did they do? Gave us a cold slap on the face at the end of the second episode by killing off Georgiou. That was the turning point for me. 

I actually really liked the first two episodes. Those were action-filled and interesting to watch, but I was naive and thought that the second episode was going to have a happy ending, because that’s something that has also always been very essential to Star Trek. But nope. They went for the shock value instead and left me bawling my eyes out and feeling betrayed.

As I said, the happy endings and the reassurance that everything’s going to be okay is something very integral to Star Trek. So is the lack of violence and gore. These things are the reason why Star Trek has always stood out from other sci-fi shows and why it’s so special. I mean sure there exists some very emotional and sad episodes and plot lines, but the point of the whole franchise has always been to give us hope that everything’s going to work out in the end. That even in the darkest moments of life there’s always hope and a chance of a better tomorrow. So far Discovery has not provided me that feeling not even once. In my opinion, it feels like just another grim sci-fi show about space travel and war and I don’t like that. Originally, they promised to ‘bring hope to a new generation’ with Discovery, but so far I think that it has terribly failed in that part. I don’t care about pretty effects and realistically-looking aliens if the writing is not that good and relies on the usage of shock value. I’m not gonna lie, I would have absolutely loved a show with a female captain + a female first officer, especially since neither of these women are white, but instead they killed off Georgiou and reduced Michael to a criminal hated by mostly everyone on the USS Discovery and I can’t even put to words how disappointing that is to me. And now they’ve managed to make Georgiou’s death even worse by telling us in the latest episode that the klingon called Voq ate Georgiou after her death? Excuse my language but what the actual fuck? 

I know we’re just four episodes into Discovery, so I’m hoping that it will get better as it progresses. I think that killing off Georgiou was a huge mistake (as well as killing off commander Landry but I’m not going to get into her death right now). They could have let Georgiou live and still let her and Michael fail in their mission of capturing T’Kuvma. I think it would have been more interesting that way - they could still have made a show where a war with the klingons is a progressing secondary plot while life goes on on the ship (kinda like in DS9). Instead they decided to kill a character that I know many fans were already at this point in love with (myself included). I loved the chemistry between Philippa & Michael and the dynamics of the senior bridge officers on the USS Shenzhou. Captain Lorca however seems like a really unpleasant person and quite villain-y, not to mention that he reminds me of Captain Ransom of USS Equinox. Also, the whole ‘using aliens to make our ships move faster’ is a plot line we’ve already seen in the episodes Equinox I & II from Voyager. I think it also feels a bit pointless, unless they are completely ignoring canon (which wouldn’t surprise me at all since they’re doing it already on other fronts).

I’m going to keep watching this show, but to me it doesn’t feel like Star Trek at all. Star Trek is supposed to be a fun, happy and hopeful show about the future of humanity and about finding your place in the world. It’s also supposed to take a stand on current issues of real life and give us something to think. Unfortunately it seems that Discovery will be nothing like the previous Star Trek shows.

What’s Next for Zephyr

By “I’ll have the post up within the hour” I meant in the next ten minutes because I drafted this last night. Why? Because I’m super excited and hyped!

Click “Keep reading” to read the post! Included are thank yous, info on the next shows, and the new schedule. (Gosh I hope I did it right because this is my first time trying to use the “keep reading” thingy)

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am I the only one who was genuinely disgusted with the lice almost sex scene bc all I could think about how this isn't the Jughead Archie fans grew up with this show just did him so dirtyyy (I'm only sticking around for Cheryl tbh)

You’re not the only one bud, I skipped it, I closed the app ok my phone and did something else for a few minutes because I genuinely couldn’t watch. I grew up reading Archie comics from the grocery store and when I got older I started collecting old Archie comics I found from antique stores. Jughead has always been one of my favorite comic book characters and they really did a poor job of bringing him to the television screen

Let’s talk about Wonder Woman costumes! (because I’m bored and feeling catty) 

the original 1941 costume, honestly it’s one of the one’s I like the most, full skirts are kinda rare in comic  hero outfits, her boots being high heels is a little much, the iconic bracelets are a little small but I imagine they look a lot more like the kink fetish wear Wonder Woman’s creator William Moulton Marston’s girlfriend Olive Byrne wore. Over all though still one of the better Wonder looks

almost at once the original skirt got ditched for this, I’m not really sure what to call them other than bloomers, skin tight bike shorts are never a good idea for your superhero look, as we’ll see when we get to 90s Wonder Woman. 

in 1949 Wonder Woman ditched her high heel boots in favor of ballet shoes, the eagle logo on her chest changes a little and the bloomers got a little shorter as we head toward the more classic bathing suit look, in the late 1950s they’d give there’s ballet shoes high heels because…. women in comics 

this brings us to the darkest days of Wonder Woman, for some reason in the late 1960s a twat named Mike Sekowsky took over Wonder Woman comics. He thought it was a greta idea if Wonder Woman gave up her powers, her outfit, all the Amazons went away, and she opened a head shop in San Fransisco, learned ku fu from a racist caricature named “I-Ching” and fought evil hippies and followed plots ripped from the British spy TV show “The Avengers” Diana doesn’t really have one costume from this period since she wore hip “Mod” mid-1960s civilian clothes, but this white jump suit is the best remembered outfit, and it’s horrible 

hey it’s the cover of Ms. magazine in 1971 effectively demanding the return of classic feminist icon Wonder Woman, super suit and all. 

Shortly after Ms. put her on the cover DC came around and returned Wonder Woman to her costume, powers and Amazon stuff, and also they finally bit the bullet and finished the slow mo shift from bloomers to the bathing suit look. In 1975 Lynda Carter would star in the TV show Wonder Woman, that picture is the second design of the costume for the show. I should point out that the 1970s is also when the belt of her suit goes from white to yellow or gold and also merges with the eagle logo on her chest. Lynda looks fine in a slightly goofy 1970s TV way, the cuffs and the lasso are too small and her pants always looked weirdly padded but as a basic look it’s good and has been translated to comics pretty well (and not gonna lie I kinda like the cape, which wasn’t in the show)

Here it is, Wonder Woman’s iconic WW logo came along pretty late in the game, in 1982 in fact this, right here is close to my very favorite Wonder Woman look, it’s the classic that comes to mind when you say her name 

So in 1986 DC rebooted for the first time ever and Wonder Woman didn’t get too many edits, mainly this is when her bracelets become much larger and clearly reflective sliver rather than more dull metal as before, also she gets big hair, before she had kinda flat hair now she would have big curlly hair 

Oh dear, the 90s are gonna 90s, for reasons known only to vengeful elder Gods, DC decided to take Wonder Woman away from Diana and give it to a then new character named Artemis who was idk more “bad ass!” but Diana put on this…. whatever this is, and kept being a super hero, luckily this didn’t last long but good god look at this outfit

After getting out of the black bike shorts Wonder Woman found a really huge belt, or whatever that is this is ok but shows off a bad habit (MALE) artists have of drawing her bottoms as kinda a thong and making the back out her outfit backless which makes me wonder if she’s using spirt gum on her boobs to hold her top on.

The mid-2000s saw this, the belt became a second WW logo (in case you forgot her name) and the chest WW became mixed with the eagle logo, it’s fine, don’t love the belt logo and feel like it leaves a lot of awkward red space in the middle but it’s not bad

the 2010 redesign that literally no one liked, maybe because she looks like she’s wearing tights or leather pants and a top with a really stupid jacket that makes her look like a girl you met at a college party and less like the world’s most powerful woman also the gold bracelets that now went kinda over her hands and had all these designs on them getting rid of the iconic simple look of them before, any ways comics fans AND feminists hated on this and it was dropped like it was red hot not that what happened next wasn’t worse.

Oh oh no, Wonder Woman was hard hit by the New52 design flaws, for one bright colors are OUT, gold/yellow was replaced by sliver, blue with BLACK! and the red was darkened, there was needless confusing lines on her costume that implied armor but of course she’s wearing a bathing suit so that’d be silly, she has a random choker, just so she can also have a collar like all the other heroes in the new52 and not sure what that thing on her forearm is 

Batman V Superman gave us this, I wish I could say more but the movie was so dark, poorly lit and gritty and the outfit it’s self is dark it’s hard to say much about it, it seems to be made of leather, which is a choice, it might have been very dark red in the right places, maybe… I mean hell you can barely tell Superman has red on his outfit in this picture 

And here we are at now, it seems to be an effort to translate the movie into comics, and it’s not bad, the lines on the body are still needless and pointless but not as bad as the New52, the skirt is okay, I kinda like leaning into the idea of her as being Greek, the bots are fun, they mostly haven’t used the cape which is good I like the return of color and most of all gold to her outfit, Wonder Woman in sliver was strange and not a good look

all in all I like the 1986 look best both the late 1990s and the mid-2000s are fine. 

Musical harmony

Sherlock x fem!reader

Request: Sherlock x femReader or Mycroft × femReader involving his violin and her ukulele🎶👀 something cute please thanks!

I hope it lives upto your expectations

Summary:Reader is sherlock’s girlfriend. While being bored in their shared flat with john watson because they went on a case and left her because john said “it was too dangerous.” She plays her ukulele and later sherlock and john comes home and sherlock joins her.

Warnings: none, i don’t think so

Originally posted by kattlejuice

3rd pov

(Y/N) has always been talented with instruments. She knew how to play a ton of instruments, but ukulele was always her favorite. It brings her joy with the cheerful music it brings. She loves it. Fun fact: sherlock didn’t know any about this except her playing violin and piano.

(Y/N)’s pov

It’s so boring!! Why John!! I groan as I watch this stupid tv show. I stand and try to find Sherlock’s gun. Oh wait he took it. “Oh great!” I mumble sarcastically. I walk around and went to my old room which just became the storage when I start  sharing a room with Sherlock. I almost trip over something. I look down oh it’s my old ukulele. Yay! my escape from major boredom. I go to the living room (or whatever you want call it.) I started to play the tune I play with my piano when i do duets with Sherlock. I remember the cords perfectly and where my fingers would go. I starts to play  and I close my eyes to focus on the sound of music. I hear a door open, but I’m so into it I didn’t check who it is.

3rd pov

John and Sherlock arrive at the door of their flat when they heard a sweet tune that Sherlock recognizes as (Y/N)’s favorite tune in piano and violin,but it was in a different instrument.  They went in quietly to see where the music was coming from. They see (Y/N) eyes closed playing a ukulele. Sherlock signals John to be quiet. He nods at Sherlock as he picks up his violin and starts to play

(Y/n)’s pov 

I hear a violin playing the same tune. I open my eyes, but keep playing. I see Sherlock playing his violin. I smile at him he returns it. This was weird this wasn’t like him he wasn’t this nice, but I’ll take it. I stand up as John sits down and Sherlock and I circle around each other as we continue to play with emotion and passion. The musical harmony of my ukulele and his violin filled the room and it’s so magical. John is grinning from his seat and looks with awe at the two of us. As the song softly ends we move closer to each other. As we play the last cord. I kiss him when I pull away. He smiles and John claps. “Do you have any other instruments that you know how to play, that we should know about?” He asks. “ Yes a lot actually” I respond laughing a little. I lean in to kiss him again. When someone clears their throat rather loudly. We look to where that came from and see Mycroft and Lestrade at the doorway. Sherlock rolls his eyes and sits in his chair as he puts down his violin. I blush and do the same with my ukulele and sit down. “I told you not to ruin the moment, Mycroft!” Lestrade says. *Cue awkward silence* 





“Mycroft, how’s the diet?”

(30 mins later) Bonus:

“So how are you and lestrade, did you finally go on a date?”



(A/N): Sorry if that was a little cheesy and sorry about the mistakes. Hope you guys like it!) Feel Free to request!!!

Fly With Me

Request: I saw that the requests are open sooo… maybe some wingkink!Castiel x Reader? Where like… Cas is super super in love with the reader, and he finally works up the courage to show the reader his wings and it gets all… frisky up in this bitch? – Anon

Pairings: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: swearing, smut

Word Count: 2618

Angels are cute.

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Castiel’s POV

I went to the library to see Sam researching. “Have they called?” I asked him as I sat down. “Cas, they’ve been gone for 2 hours. They’re probably not out of Kansas yet.” He replied, not looking up at me. “I just–” “Cas,” He started, looking up at me. “(y/n) and Dean will call when they get to a hotel. And my sister’s going to be just fine. Dean will look after her.” Sam said before I can bug him. “Why can’t I go? I’m alight now.” I said. He sighed. “You are but the hunt doesn’t need three people, exactly why I’m back here.” Sam explained.

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Hey. You know, my faith is Destiel/bi!Dean actually going canon has always been something that to me was a hope, but never thought of becoming reality. However, your meta and analysis of the show has fueled me with more confidence about it. Destiel/bi!dean aside it's also helped me think like a more critical reader and TV show-watcher and it's added to my enjoyment of the SPN and other shows/movies/books. You're awesome for putting so much time and effort into this and (To be continued)

and you should be appreciated more. FYI, I wholeheartedly appreciate you and your blog and I don’t have a doubt in my mind that you’re my favorite SPN/destiel/bi!dean meta blogger. I’m really sorry you have such a rude person sending you asks that’s both insulting you, and has obviously never taken the time to read your amazing shit. Don’t let them discourage you, ‘cause the rest of us love you and your work and would hate to lose such a great person. :) 2/2


Nothing will discourage me apart from the SHOWRUNNER / WRITERS not writing it as endgame canon tbh and they’ve not let me down so far since I’ve come on board 😍


Tonight’s episode of Wander Over Yonder features the first two cartoons I wrote for the season, “The Fremergency Fronfract” and “The Boy Wander”!

“Fremergency Fronfract” started from the place of “What if Hater got drunk and didn’t realize he was hanging out with Wander?” Of course, this being a kids show, we changed it to “What if Hater was still loopy from the dentist and Wander had to get him home?” The cartoon features one of my favorite musical moments of season 2, homages to two films I love dearly, and a very special cameo: immediately after I wrote this script, my daughter was born. As a surprise, Craig changed the name of the little girl in this ep to Olive in honor of her.

Back before boarding began, we had the distinct honor of having owner-of-wendys, Eddie Trigueros, Alex Kirwan, and a bunch of artists in the Writers’ Room with us to help break story. This always resulted in great visual story beats and some fantastic gags, including the above karaoke sketch which, sadly, did not make it into the episode, by indomitable Fremergency director/board artist Eddie Trigueros.

As for Boy Wander, we spent a full day and a half trying desperately to figure out a fish-out-of-water noir story where Wander was on a planet where he didn’t speak the language and was being chased by competing spies when he accidentally stole some microfilm. It was way too complicated and we were getting absolutely nowhere when Dave said “Why don’t you just do that stupid goofball villain thing you guys keep talking about?”

We figured out that entire story in an hour. When something works, it works.

The cartoon includes references to two of the best television shows in history, one of which will be very familiar to fans of crackmccraigen .

About half-way into writing the episode, I found out that we had secured Weird Al Yankovic for the role of Dr. Screwball Jones, and suddenly the writing became twice as hard. Weird Al has been one of my all-time heroes, so this had to be perfect. I wrote the lyrics to the tune of Al’s polka cover of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and, as he always does, noveltymusicservices completely overhauled the melody and made it one of my all time favorite villain songs. I mean, how could Wander face off against Weird Al and NOT have an epic banjo/accordion showdown? Also, any time a character sings exactly what’s happening (“Accordion!” “Banjo retort!” “String Break!”), you can thank the lyrical genius of Andy Bean.

On a side note, here’s the vocal direction we gave to Jack on playing Boy Wander: “You’re Wander as Christian Bale playing Adam West.”

To this day, I’m confident he has no idea what that means.

Fandom Rankings

Because I keep talking about my number one and number two in my Fandom Rants these days, I figured, for clarity’s sake, I’d actually put the actual ranking down here somewhere too. I mean, I mentioned a non-ranked version in my “Brief” Biography, but yeah.

Favorite All-Time Life-Action TV Shows:

  1. Relic Hunter
  2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  3. Once Upon a Time
  4. Doctor Who
  5. Shadowhunters

Number 1 has been a fixed point since… Well, yes, for the past seventeen years now. This will always hold the warmest spot in my hearts because it was literally the first TV show I ever fell in love with.

Number 2 used to be something else - Charmed - at least until I started watching Buffy, which only happened when I was “old enough” for such a show (10, in my case) and yeah, while Charmed lost its charm, Buffy fast gained my love.

Numbers 3 to 5 have always been in flux, while the other two have been very solidly held for all those years now. Though both Once Upon a Time and Doctor Who have held and defended their spots for quite some years now (though within the past seven years since they made the list, they have been constantly pushed around between spots 3, 4 and 5 even). Shadowhunters rose fast and high and climbed onto my top five within this year and kicked Queer as Folk out of the top five, even though that had been on this list for a long-ass time too but kept being pushed down. I really wanna rewatch QaF now.

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😍👑🐱🌸📺🎹 Nya~

Thank nya~

😍 celebrity crush

I don’t really like celebrities, ehehe…

👑 favorite Disney princess

Mulan! She’s determined and strong and inventive, and I always admired that ever since I was little. Plus her sidekicks were a cricket and a tiny dragon.

🐱 have any pets?

Uh-huh, a couple of goldfish, though they’re more my youngest brother’s than mine. The oldest one is a black goggle eyed goldfish, and some of its scales are beginning to turn orange because it’s older now. I remember when it was tiny and delicate, but now it’s big and has such a pretty tail! Watching it is very therapeutic.

🌸 favorite flower

I’ve always been rather partial to lilies and roses, especially moss roses! They’re so small and colorful, and it’s a shame they’re not perennials.

🎹 play any instruments?

The clarinet, though I’m not very good at it…….

📺 favorite tv show

Of all time would probably be Katekyo Hitman Reborn!; the animation quality goes way up as it progresses and I find the pacing easier than it is in the manga given that it fits very well episodically. Running now… perhaps Voltron: Legendary Defender?

Questions Tag

I was tagged by my pal @akwardlyjin thank you!

Name: Victoria

Height: 177cm

Ultimate Bias: Yugyeom

Nicknames: Vick, Vicky, Vivi, Vita, Vi, garbage… 

Zodiac Sign: libra

Favorite Fruit: peaches, bananas, pineapple, papaya etc i just really like fruits

Favorite Season: there are only two seasons where i live which is very hot and slightly less hot so i go with the last one… is winter i guess

Favorite Color: it has always been pink and it will always be pink

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: the right drink for the right time my dude

Favorite Animals: elephants and seals

Last TV Show I Watched: Uh, this murder investigation show was on tv when i was having lunch.. but the last show i willfully watched was We Bare Bears

Last Movie I Watched: What Happened to Monday

Dream Trip: literally everywhere. Really wanna go to London and Tokyo tho, and that place in Indonesia you can play with elephants. Uh, recentally ive been planing a road trip around south america too so thats the dream rn.

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: Usually one but if its cold is more.

Song Stuck In My Head: Letting go - Day6

What Kind of Stuff Do You Post: Unconsistent aesthetic bullshit

Last Thing You Googled: my sister asked me to look up the members of a rookie group shes into lol

Side Blog: none

Following: way more then i should

Followers: a bunch of porn bots

When Did You Make This Blog: i think in 2010?? maybe even earlier then that i really dont remember

Do You Get Asks Pretty Regularly: What are asks? Idk her

Why did you chose your url: idk bruh

Ill tag @peachieguks @mysvnday @jacksonwangblog if y’all wanna do it lol

“As most of you would know, I have a very unhealthy obsession with the TV show “Parks and Recreation”. That show has made me laugh in the saddest of times for the past 4-5 years. Its always been the thing I turn to and it means the whole world to me. I have never felt this way about another object that isn’t human. So, I took one of my favorite lines and it got it tattooed in a place I will often see it. “The show must go wrong.” Other than being a line from my favorite tv show said by one of my favorite characters, it symbolizes all the hardship I’ve been dealing with for past several years. The line after this one is “everything always goes wrong and you just have to deal with it”. Life can be (more than) rough sometimes and you really have to keep pushing through because (forgive me for being cheesy but) things get better and I really wanted to be reminded of that on a consistent basis.
If you’re ever looking for a new show to watch, I promise you Park&Rec will not disappoint you. There’s 6 seasons on Netflix! LOVE YOU GUYS!”