has anyone pointed this out yet


I don’t know if anyone has pointed this out yet, but I wanna say something about episode 9 that barely has anything to do with Yuri or Victor.

Right here we have the common anime character with a strong sister complex. These characters seem to pop up every so often in animes and a lot of the time, it’s a totally normalised thing and the feelings are mutual and it’s sometimes even seen as more normal than the homosexual (not to mention sometimes really unhealthy) relationships that rarely show up in mainstream animes (that end up being shown only to more mature audiences because of the censorship).

But Yuri!!! On Ice doesn’t normalise it. Sure, you might be able to feel a little bit of empathy for him because he seems heartbroken and everything, but that’s it. They point out the fact that this love that he has for his sister is unhealthy and unacceptable. Sara doesn’t accept his feelings for her. She tells him to move on, that they will be fine on their own. That he needs to let go. And he does. He finally lets go of his sister and frees her because he knows that what he wants isn’t mutual. And that really spoke to me.

This anime is more than willing to normalise the obvious homosexual couple (the two even practically say they never want to leave each other). Rather than focusing on the cheap, “Oh, they’re gay, how scandalous, let’s have five episodes with Yuri focusing on how he isn’t gay,” troupe, they get to have a loving relationship where the feelings are mutual, where it’s healthy and they care about and support each other and they don’t have to focus on how they’ll make it work because they’re just so in love with each other. And the relationship that could have been an incestuous one wasn’t regarded as more “normal” or “acceptable” just because the characters would have been in a heterosexual relationship. The creator of this anime is more than aware of what love should be like and how it should be portrayed rather than giving the audience the same exact thing they’ve seen fifty thousand times before just because some other show got away with it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Yuri!!! On Ice is one of my most favourite animes, not just in the sports genre anymore, but in general because for once the creator of it actually put a lot of time and care into this show and is going to present it exactly as they envisioned it without fitting into any moulds or pleasing the people who have to air it. If you haven’t seen it yet, you really need to.

So after 406 airs, we will be looking at ten weeks until the season finale airs. There will only be seven episodes airing afterwards, which means that we’re looking at three weeks of those ten where there won’t be any new episodes airing.

If those three weeks all happen at the same time, that’ll be about a month of hiatus, you guys.


okay i’m rewatching yuri on ice and i’m at this scene

you know when victor decided to take a dip in the hot springs?


Reasons to read Captive Prince it has quotes like

  • What’s a death but easy, quick. It’s supposed to haunt you forever that the one time he beat you was the one time that mattered.
  • I don’t share your craven habit of hitting only those who cannot hit back, and take no pleasure in hurting those weaker than myself.
  • Like a man who enjoys owning an animal who will rake others with its claws but eat peacefully from his own hand, he was giving his pet a great deal of license.
  • A golden prince was easy to love if you did not have to watch him picking wings off flies.

It also has quotes like

  • You hit like a milk-fed catamite.
  • How lucky I am to have servants to point out my shortcomings.
  • “Is there anyone at this court who isn’t my enemy?’
    ‘Not if I can help it,’ Laurent said.
  • Laurent could inspire homicidal tendencies simply by breathing.
  • Nephew. you were not invited to these discussions.’
    ‘And yet, here I am. It’s very irritating, isn’t it?’
  • Damen had never before seen half a dozen soldiers reduced to compliant housekeeping by the sheer force of one man’s personal arrogance.
  • Yesterday I brutalised him. Today I am swooning into his arms. I would prefer the charges against me to be consistent. Pick one. 
  • Yes, apparently I have fucked my enemy, conspired against my future interests, and colluded in my own murder. I can’t wait to see what feats I will perform next.

Idk if anyone has pointed this out yet but I was really wondering why Sherlock was wearing his coat when he woke up on the table even though in the previous scene (when he was ready to kill himself before eurus tranquilized him) he wasn’t wearing his coat


i, for one, am extremely excited about all of the first-year interactions that have both happened in the latest chapter and are guaranteed to happen coming up,

we all know at this point TST is so fake and idk if anyone has pointed out this but, here: more evidence of fake FAKE! 

Mary gives to Sherlock a gun

but after he has nothing on his hands, did he dropped it? why?

he definitely had it, he shot the lamp!

yet, the lamp is untouched when later he calls Mycroft

and Mary does carries more than a gun on her cross bag?, also i thought John had run for the gun on mary’s bag

but she had the bag with her! and she even give Sherlock a gun

or didn’t she?, oh look the bag is gone also the handkerchief from one second to other


Something I don’t think anyone has pointed out yet is how Ruby’s one thought effect her actions in the song. It parallels Keystone Motel pretty well.

Ruby gets angry and distracted by the thought completely, and becomes enraged and hyper-focused on the problem in front of her. She thinks she can yell it away and she becomes absorbed in her anger to do so. But by doing so, she left Sapphire behind and the thought became more important then Sapphire in that moment. And the moment she realizes that, she breaks down even more.

See how she looks like she remembered something and looks over at Sapphire all alone? At that moment she isn’t angry at the thought anymore, but at herself for leaving her alone. Remember how apologetic and caring Ruby was when they first met and interacted? I seriously think Ruby, while tough and filled with anger, has a lot of self-hatred and doubt in herself. Which brings me to Keystone Motel.

She didn’t know how to handle her problems so she just screamed, and doing so she ignored Sapphire. She also calls herself stupid because of it, but Sapphire knows that she isn’t. It’s sapphire BEING there for Ruby when she says bad things about herself that causes Ruby to be there for her in return. Ruby cares more about Sapphire then her problem, so she forced herself to breathe and calm down to be there for her. 

I’m pretty sure the example Garnet gave inside their minds in the episode was referring to the dilemma they faced in Keystone Motel because of this.


ALRIGHT alright so here’s the thing that’s been bugging me for MONTHS now, and I’m talking pre-Stevenbomb 1.0. In the episode Marble Madness, when the Gems and Steven break into Peridot’s hideout beneath the Kindergarten (Facet Five), Peridot learns for the very first time that there are still Gems present on Earth.

She’s legitimately surprised because “the Red Eye” didn’t detect them. You know… THIS THING??

This comes all the way from the second episode of the series, Laser Light Cannon. But this little bit of dialogue made it clear to all of us that the Red Eye was actually sent here by Homeworld, to monitor the planet and ensure that it was safe for them to invade uninterrupted so that they could continue their work.


HOW in the FRESH HELL was the Red Eye unable to detect ANY kind of Gem presence when the Gems’ first solution to trying take it out was to do… THIS??

idk if anyone pointed this out yet but

In Ch90 Eren has a memory-flashback, right? Where Grisha is talking to Frieda. And he says this:

I mean it’s been hardly any time at all and he just casually throws “my children” out there. As controversial and confusing as Grisha sometimes is, I just thought this was a nice little detail that’s not nearly as throwaway as it initially seems. Grisha 100% viewed Mikasa as one of his children. I wonder if Eren tells her this. I think she would be touched to know it.


I don’t know if anyone has pointed this out yet but isn’t it strange that the wedding dress pudding is currently wearing and her hair style does not match the black and white silhouette we saw of her earlier when big mom was fantasizing about the wedding plans? I mean the black and white silhouette wedding dress so conveniently resembles the dress nami wore on thriller bark and the hairstyle is also very similar to the one nami currently has on.

Hmmmmmmmmm idk maybe this is just a coincidence but it’s got me thinking is oda paralleling thriller bark with wci?