has anyone ever talked about this scene

does anyone else ever feel emotionally connected to the music behind movies or shows? I’m not talking the popular songs that everyone can identify on a soundtrack, but the instrumental pieces that are so so so under appreciated. so much work goes into the score of a movie or series and most of the time we don’t fully recognize that its there, but without music, so many scenes would never have the stunning effect they do. music, especially instrumental music has the power to invoke so much emotion and make moments all the more beautiful. of course, there are so many soundtracks that have just as profound an effect as scores, but a pre-recorded song will always be associated with other scenes, other movies, different times, but that one unique score will never be associated with anything other than the scene it was specifically written for. 

vriska serket style variation ratings

0-10 0 being “she doesnt deserve this” and 10 being “i would walk into the mouth of a lion just for the illusion of her”

the sprite- understandable but could use some improvement. she looks like she has scene hair and her stress lines are blue like her eyeliner but its okay i love her anyways. rough and rowdy tumble girl! look at that devious little smile. 5/10

the talksprite- we dont talk about this ever. why did you do this to her. 0/10

<33333333- very gay, very good, very pure. look at her little bean smile!!! this cleansed my soul. i would do anything for her. 9/10

determined- doodly hottie. will fight anyones ass. will fight your ass, will fight your dogs ass, and will fight her own ass. how does she keep all of that hair in a hood? magic probably. 6/10


ded- dramatic. intense. very very round face i enjoy. shes gorgeous and i really love her. my personal favorite iteration of vriska. 9/10

glow aesthetic- nose is too tiny and not very necessary. TOO scribbly. not a fan of this one but its bearable. 2/10

WHOP- keeps getting punched. is she alright? does she need an icepack? youd think shed have a concussion by now with all of these punches but she just keeps on going. i am proud of her. 5/10

sleeby- i hope shes having good dreams!!!! i love her!!! sleep well my problematic discourse-inducing child. her eyeliner and lipstick are not actually the color of her blood though which is a little disappointing. still have no idea how she keeps all that hair in a tiny hood. 8/10

done with you- kicked hussies ass like he deserves. sick of you and your shit and your shit’s shit. beautifully shaded and colored, lineart is impeccable, expression is on point. i feel blessed looking at this image with my own two eyes and you should feel the same way too. 888/10

conclusion: vriska is very beautiful and i love her. i hope shes okay

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are we gonna talk about how phil and dan are watching american gods and it has one of the most explicit gay sex scenes of any show ever? and phil said the show is ice cream for his eyes? if anyone ever calls these boys straight ever again i s2g

omg i didn’t know but i just googled ‘american gods gay sex’ and … 

it’s 4 minutes long!!!!!! also the two dudes that have sex are muslim!!!! there are multiple penis shots!!!!!!! and it’s apparently romantic and funny! wtf wow!!!!!!!!!! i love that dnp’s casual domestic nights at home just entail watching groundbreaking queer television hahaha

Whose good heart was Davos talking about?: A Jonsa Meta

Yeah. I’m going there, jonsa fam.

He didn’t mention anyone by name in that scene.

Originally posted by deadjamesandlily

Go back and rewatch it. Go back and rewatch all of the Daenerys and Dragonstone scenes in 7x04.

Did you notice it? The rhetorical narrative choices of that episode? I’m going to talk about it today in my jonsa meta.

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i was writing another analysis and then thought about pairing these two screenshots together because um wow. seeing these two shots together the before and the after is… yes. 

the thing is, at the moment he decides to do this, Keith believes he has a real shot at getting those shields down and if anyone has ever proven time and time again that they will give and give and continue to give whatever it takes for the cause and mission it’s Keith. No matter what. All in. We get this from him literally from the outset (I’m about to talk about this in way more depth in another post, so please note these are very broad and generalised statements intentionally rn!!). 

The scary thing about this whole scene is that he is trying to be rational and pragmatic but it’s at the expense of his own life. 

it’s interesting here, because Keith has wholly committed to going through with this. He gives Matt a pretty open-ended statement “maybe (we should talk about Keith and how he talks bc that’s telling enough), which I do believe is partly to try and lessen the blow as even here he’s not thinking of himself. 

He’s thinking of the greater good and the mission. And also, he doesn’t want anyone to interfere or worse try and stop him or get compromised and also die at the expense of his own decisions. This is on him, this is his choice. And nobody is with him or by his side to be in danger from his actions, so the only person at risk in him making this choice is him. 

But then moments after, he speaks with such certainty on the situation it’s more than a little jarring: the cannon on his ship the only thing powerful enough to take down that shield. obviously, we and Keith now have the power of Hindsight. So we know that yes, it was powerful enough. We saw that happen and saw it was true. So the word we need to look out for here is ‘only’. The only thing, which heavily implies to us as viewers that if Keith had died and flown into the field despite his best efforts and believing there was a chance - it wouldn’t have worked. 

Keith could’ve just said “the canon on his ship was powerful enough to take down that shield”, but yeah he didn’t say that. And time and time again Keith also is a person who asks the right questions and shows the ability to assess a situation objectively (see this and this). 

There’s a lot to think about with this, so I’ll stop here for now. But stay tuned for a few other discussions that build on this and reference it! 

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I don't know if anyone else has talked about this already, but in the Blue Cult Arc they mention the four with the names of the stars. Personally I assumed they were older men, just from the few scenes we see of them. But reading it again, when Violet is asked to give blood to Sirius, the silhouette looks a lot like Ciel. maybe it's Real!Ciel? Which would be fitting, given his name means sky and all.

Yep, “Lord Sirius = Blue Star = Real Ciel” is the most popular & likely theory as of now, especially ever since it was confirmed in ch129 that RC *does* exist (before that there were other popular theories, e.g. that Sirius might be Claudia or Vincent). But there are actually many hints throughout the arc as to who Lord Sirius is! :D

1. the silhouette

2. Lord Sirius’ bedroom looks like a recreation of OC’s master bedroom (especially the bed/headboard( looks pretty much identical)

But there’s a small difference in the windows,

and that’s why we can safely assume that the room UT visited in ch108 was not OC’s master bedroom but Lord Sirius’ room.

3. Violet’s reaction in ch125. He was scared when he saw OC because he mistook him for Lord Sirius (the person whom he was forced to offer his blood).

4. The whole setup of ch129 was that everyone was talking about the same person (RC) without mentioning his name explicitly

which made the readers wonder “Who are they all talking about?” and then at the end of the chapter we got the big reveal that

RC has come back and he’s the one everyone was talking about.

So based on all these hints I think we can say with 99% certainty at this point that RC is the Blue Star aka Lord Sirius (Bonus info: Sirius is a binary star and is called ‘twin star’ in Japanese).

Personally I assumed they were older men, just from the few scenes we see of them.

Mmm? Which scenes do you mean? We actually never seen them (except for Lord Sirius’s silhouette and his right hand), and the only scene where we see them talking was ch123. And judging from the room and their way of speaking, I’m pretty sure Lord(s) Vega is/are not an old man, but two litte girls! Also, if the knife guy who killed Agni is indeed Lord Polaris as many people suspect, then he doesn’t really look old either D:



See the answer above! :)))


Hey all,

I would like to apologise for my absence from CrossDressing and posting on this blog. I do still have pictures to post from BWBG and I still love dressing. I’ve just had no desire to dress for quite a while now, and I do not know when I will next dress in my own clothes or home.

Ever since visiting Cindy the first time I have thought differently about CrossDressing, and I’m glad. It’s made me realise that I want more out of it, I’ve been taking pictures hidden in the bathroom for too long. I was constantly buying new clothes, wigs and shoes to keep things ‘new’, this is not what I want from my hobby. Especially as every item I buy doesn’t even get worn for even an hour a month, it just doesn’t seem worth it. The most ‘at home’ I have ever felt with my hobby has been with Cindy, as it is an accepting environment. However back at home I’m hiding in the bathroom trying to get as many pictures as possible late at night, which just isn’t enjoyable for me anymore. I want more from my dressing however I don’t know what that is, I’ve thought about the idea of modelling ever since Cindy said I would be great at it. That put a huge smile on my face and is probably the happiest moment I’ve ever experienced whilst dressed.

It was also amazing being dressed and having a social aspect to it, at home it is very isolating and the only social aspect I get is online and mostly anonymous. Most of it is also simply complements on how I look dressed up, and not directly about me as a person. When I dress up I’m expressing my natural femininity as an image, my feminine personality. It’s not a form of escapism or another persona, it’s another image of who I am. It’s not another persona or a way of escaping for me, it’s a way of expressing more of who I am. Plus I really love 'women’s’ fashion.

However the fact that fashion is 'mens’ and 'women’s’ really gets to me in a way, it’s more accepting for a woman to be masculine than it is for a man to be feminine. I also think that clothing should be masculine or feminine, so individuals can wear what suits their personality, not clothing simply assigned to their gender.

I do know I would like my CrossDressing to be a lot more social and known. Due to the way it is viewed by society it cannot be simply told to someone like it could most other hobbies. It is best told one-to-one and even that is hard, you cannot be aware of how they will respond. It isn’t simply accepted or disliked. If it is accepted, they may not even ask what dressing means to you or any other questions like that as the fact that society drives you to approach it one-on-one makes it seem that your sensitive about it therefore they do not want to ask anything that may be too personal. This means you have to take time to explain your personal reasons behind it. It may also simply be a result of prejudice, and they may think they know all the answers already where in actual fact it’s unique to every individual.

Even when I want to talk about it with someone who knows, I have to wait until I can talk to them privately to avoid being overheard by others. So even though they know and I’m with them, I’m still hiding it. I do not feel safe talking about it with someone who knows in a public place, which is still very isolating.

It is said to “be the change you want to see in the world” however with societies views on CrossDressing I really have no idea what could even be done or how to even start. As it’s forcing most CrossDressers to stay in the dark, therefore it is not known or understood by most people. If it was seen more often, it would likely reduce prejudice etc. the only hope I can see currently is that some Transgender individuals are beginning to be accepted. This is not the same at CrossDressing but it does give hope that society may one day understand it and accept it.

It’s so in the dark that I myself as far as I’m aware haven’t even seen another crossdresser in person, ever. Just myself. CrossDressers are a lot more known online, however I myself am afraid to step outside dressed up or even tell others about it in a public place. I always worry it could easily cause a scene. I wish a lot more people would see it as interesting like quite a few that I have told do and not something to be concerned about, like it needs 'fixing’ or is some kind of personality disorder.

The fact that I cannot even affect how it is viewed within my own home or family gives me no hope whatsoever that society as a whole will change its views anytime soon. Which I hate, as I do not want to continue hiding it and feeling isolated. I do not agree that it is something that should be, however we’re driven to hide it no matter what we believe. This also means I’d have difficulty going out dressed up as I couldn’t even walk out the door whilst dressed up without letting anyone know I would be doing so.

I have no reason to go out dressed up but if I ever did I don’t know how I’d go about it due to this. I’d also be worried that being dressed up outside may cause a scene or make others feel uncomfortable if they know I’m CrossDressed and do not accept it. I also worry that some may act out irrationally because they see it as 'abnormal’ and others may frown upon it because of their religion or culture.

If anyone who knows me personally has read this, please contact me. Talk with me about it, I wish so much for it to be more social and to not feel isolated offline. Due to the fact that nobody does, I find it hard to talk about it even with people that know because I have no idea how they feel about it and how interested they really are.

If anyone else who has read this feels as I do, understands or has any thoughts. I’d love to talk, on here or on Kik (PinchedSlinky).

Thank you all for making me feel welcome here <3

Sensual Stefan

And people still believe that Damon is so great in bed, let me make a quick point remember who said that he’s so great?

Oops.. yeah the only one I could find, sorry not sorry but the only ones so anxious about Damon and sex are Julie and the rest of her fangirls. Not surprisingly the Delena sex scenes reminded me of Bella’s and Edward’s which gave birth not only to that demon baby but to Fifty Shades of Grey as well. Now since you dared to insult Stefan I’ll state some simple facts that will cut like a lightsaber. ( @delena-is-real-love )

The thing is all three of these women have also slept with Damon yet we got no feed back, yeah I think it’s pretty canon-ly fair to say that we trust the judgment of Katherine who God knows how many men she’s been with for 500 years. Rebekah Mikaelson whose an original and I presume has had experience. Also, Elena whom I believe had her first time with Stefan and has spent so much time in bed with Damon which would make anyone think that sex it’s the crucial part of their relationship. Yet she has only ever admitted that what she shared with Stefan was better (also the fact that’s a canon love-making scene helps my point). Oh also let’s not forget that over 160 something years of prison Valerie still hasn’t forgotten about her first time with Stefan (yeah pretty unforgettable). Careful next time you talk about Stefan.

also shoutout to Tessa

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@thebarsondaily In regards to your request for Top Ten Barson moments:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone talk about this little scene from 16x01, but I adore it.

Liv has nearly 20 years of interrogation experience under her belt– she’s a pro. But when Lil’ Tino starts leveling threats against Noah, her first instinct is to just lean back, and shoot Barba this look like, ‘are you gonna fucking let him talk to me like that?

And he is absolutely not.

Let's talk about Sansa and Littlefinger

Im rewatching season 1-6 slowly lately, and Ive just finished S4.

Ok, I wanna talk about Sansa and Littlefinger. A lot of people confuse this story line or flat out twist it to fit their “I hate Sansa” narrative. The scenes are there, so lets go through them.

I think LF has always given Sansa the creeps. The first thing he ever says to her is a creepy, gory story about The Hound and The Mountain. She looks frightened, and LF looks so goddamn pleased to have freaked her out. He wanted her to feel scared. Paraphrasing - “Don’t tell anyone I just told you that or you’ll be a dead little girl.”

Is this him starting to groom her to keep secrets? To listen to him? To desensitize her to horrible acts?

While shes stuck as a hostage in KL, LF offers her a way out. Going with him on his boat. Their conversation is off screen so we don’t know what was said or how Sansa reacted. She has to politefully let him down later when she decides to marry Loras instead. Petyr knows about the marriage plot, and he *punishes her* for choosing someone else over him.

Think about it - Sansa has two options: go on a ship out of KL with Petyr, who she barely knows and gives her the creeps, or marry Loras, who is the handsome knight shes always dreamed of but means she cant go back home right away. She chooses marriage over Petyr. And it angers him, because its not what he wants, and he punishes her by ruining her plan.

He sets it up to make sure she *regrets* not going with him. When she hears shes to marry Tyrion, she cries and watches Petyr leave, regretting turning him down and watching her chance for escape float away.

When she flees The Purple Wedding, she doesn’t know where shes going. She just knows that this once-a-knight wants to help her because she saved his life. When someone you think “owes you” offers you safety and a chance to escape - you take it. Especially after you have seen chance after chance slip through your fingers because you made the wrong choices. She wasn’t about to let another chance slip through her fingers. So she went with him - not even knowing what was on the other side.

When she finally sees who was behind her escape, shes confused - not elated. And the very first thing LF does when shes on his boat is KILL Dontos right in front of her. And shes horrified. Shes seen death dozens of times, and she still screams.

Not only did this once-a-knight trick her and betray her *for money*, not loyalty, shes see what kind of person LF is. Petyrs very first act is one to cement in Sansa’s mind that he would lie to and kill anyone he pleases if it benefitted him. This is NOT a man she would “admire”. This is an act of intimidation and control.

So I want to make a few points here before continuing. 1 - Sansa has never fully trusted LF. 2 - Sansa didn’t even know she was going with LF when she escaped with Dontos. 3 - LF *does not* have her best interest at heart and doesn’t even try to hide his ruthlessness anymore.

Petyr full on *framed* Sansa for Joffreys murder. This was premeditated and fully zoned in on Sansa after she turned down his first offer at escaping. He has her now only by intimidation, manipulation and blackmail. She cant go anywhere else or with anyone else because LF has all the cards. If she were to go back to KL, she would die. Everyone in Westeros is looking for her. Her husband is on trial about to die. And no one would believe she was innocent.

Sansa is no less a hostage than when Arya is passed between hands, all hoping to get a reward for bringing her home or to relatives. Shes not with him by choice, unless her choice is “whelp, if I go anywhere else I’ll surely die. Might as well sit here and wait this out.”

Her discussions with Petyr are very guarded. She asks questions, tries to find answers. And when she asks him what he wants, theres always this little unspoken question behind her tone. All her life shes heard about raping and danger, been told shes so beautiful every man would love to have her, Joffrey threatened to rape her, she was nearly raped by peasants in KL… She is wary of LF true intentions. Surely, this older man who owns a brothel, wants *her*. He doesn’t even deny this.

She has lots of time to think about her situation, and think about Petyrs answers to her questions. Shes becoming more observant just to survive.

I think Sansa genuinely thought she was going to be safe and happy in The Vale. She had her mothers sister, she was in an impenetrable tower, she didn’t have to lie and hide anymore…she was really happy and felt safe for the first time in a long time. It looked like Petyr *really had* done her a huge favor. He saved her from KL. She must have been a fool to doubt him.

Until she realized “yo this bitch cray”. And then Petyr pretty much confessing his love/lust for Sansa.

Important lines here, me thinks. “What do we do to those who hurt the ones we love?” This would sound so lovely to hear after your entire family is murdered and you’ve been held captive and tortured. It sounds like he’s on her side. He will protect her. His loyalty is just because he loved her mother. Aw, thats so sweet. And refreshing to hear after years of being in KL having to say her father was a traitor.

When in reality, Petyrs responsible for her fathers death, for her misery, framing her for murder and conspiring against her family. He definitely has not protected the one he loves, or even protected Catelyn. Ever see a tear shed for Catelyns death? Nope. Not a one. This line is utter horse shit said only to make Sansa trust him more. Even if he *believes* he means it - its so so so not true and he’s deluding himself.

“You’re more beautiful than she ever was.” Is basically LFs way of saying “I love you”. Because he values pretty things, the finest things. He confesses his love/lust for her here. No doubt. Whats odd is that Sansa kind of *returns* his kiss for a moment before she pulls away. Whether this was a mistake by Sophie or actually meant to happen, I don’t know. He says he wants to protect her because he loved her mother, basically says he loves/wants her and then takes a kiss. Sansa thinks he pretty much just laid all of his cards on the table. She finally knows what he wants and why.

The “what do we do to those who hurt the ones we love line” IS KEY to what happens next. When Petyr kills Lysa, Sansa thinks its because Lysa was threatening Sansa’s life. She thinks Petyr is protecting her because he loves her. To a girl, this is also a form of power. “he’ll never hurt me, because he loves me.” or “he only did it because he loves me so much.” When in reality, Petyr was probably planning on killing Lysa the entire time.

Actually, he only agreed to marry Lysa ASAP when she started spouting off about how she killed Jon Arryn for him. She started talking and Petyr was like “oh this bitch is going to blab everything to everyone if I dont shut her up soon” so he marries her ASAP to confirm his claim on The Vale and to get rid of her before she opens her crazy mouth again. Her threatening Sansa was only icing on the cake to make Sansa more indebted to him.

People always yell about why she lied for LF at the trial. Why didn’t she just tell the whole story and stay with these people who loved her father in The Vale?

So why does Sansa lie to save LF? Because she thinks she owes him one. He just saved her life, so she will save his. And maybe she is started to return his feelings - maybe she thinks she can use his lust for her against him, too. Theres nothing for her in The Vale anymore - no more family except gross little Robin, no more friends, no real reason to stay. Sansa wants to continue down the path LF has started. She wants to go home. She wants revenge against those who hurt her family - and she likes what LF is cooking.

She thinks shes on to him. This scene plainly lays it out. She doesn’t trust strangers - and why should she after all shes been through? - and she thinks she knows what Petyr really wants. He wants her, he loves her. So he would NEVER hurt her, and only protect her. Shes making a bet against his feelings for her. Love is the death of duty, and men die protecting the ones they love. Staying with a rich and powerful Lord who is hopelessly in love with you is actually not a bad idea. Shes been fully manipulated at this point.

And Petyrs last words “Do you?” plant a HUGE seed of doubt. She was sure he wanted her - but oh shit, what if shes wrong? Shes already saved him, theres no turning back now.

IMHO, this isnt where Sansa starts playing the game, like many think. Sansa started playing the game when KotV rode in on BotB.

Petyrs creepy boner is now only raging after she lied to save him and went with him out of The Vale.
He’s more brave about taking kisses and speaking openly. He has her under his thumb completely. But she still never fully trusts him. She notices when he hides letters. She questions him when it looks like he’s ready to leave at a moments notice. She freaks out when it finally dawns on her that LF is marrying her to Ramsay. But… LF loves her, right? He would never intentionally put her in danger. He must have a plan. So she actually trusts him and married Ramsay.

When Petyr mentions that he was a penniless boy from nowhere amongst kings and lords - she smiles. Because Petyr started from nothing and has built himself up to a rich man in KL. This is another line told to Sansa to reinforce this idea that Petyr knows what hes doing. Hes smarter than her, more powerful and more cunning. And if he did it for himself, he can help her do it, too. With his help he can take her from a traitors daughter with no name or family to a powerful lady just like him.

Petyr promises her its only temporary, and he will return soon and Stannis will save her and soon she will be Wardeness of the North and have her home back to herself. Notice how she doesn’t smile at the idea of being Wardeness - she actually seems fearful of it. She doesn’t want to be Wardeness - its almost like shes about to say “I cant”. People think Sansa wants power and to be Queen. This reaction to Petyr telling her to be Wardeness says the exact opposite - it wasn’t on her mind and she doesn’t want it. Petyr plants that seed - Petyr wants it for her. Not the other way around.

Then, LF leaves her to Ramsay and fucks off. She escapes because its way WAY worse than she could have imagined. Stannis failed - how stupid was she for listening to LF - and Petyr is nowhere to be found.

When LF shows up in Moles Town to offer her KotV she is fully and completely enraged with him. She is angry that she trusted him. She sees him now for what he is - a liar and only out for himself. He hurt he. He must not truly love her. She was wrong to trust him.

And Ive spoken a lot about WHY Sansa goes to him for aid for BotB and, frankly, I dont have enough space or time to explain why here. Lets just say, Petyr is that toxic boyfriend you run back to when times get tough because you know them. It wasnt because she didnt trust Jon and she did trust LF - it was because she didnt trust FATE and she took her safety and Jons safety into her own hands since no one listened to her.

So, remember when Sansa said “I know what you want” to LF after the trial and LF made her doubt it? Everything he did since made her doubt it. Now, directly mirror it with this scene.

“You know what I want”

“I was wrong.”

“No. You weren’t.”

Maybe we’ll see Sansa use Petyr’s affection toward her even more so in Season 7. I sure hope so.

Pitch Perfect (the first one) wasn’t about a group of girls being the best at singing cool songs and showing everybody else how cool they are.  I mean, okay, yeah, that is sort of the very shallow premise of the movie.  But the actual plot of the movie – the deep end of the pool premise – is how this group of rejects becomes a family and find solace and strength with each other.

The songs and the dancing were just a vehicle to tell a story of bonding.

Pitch Perfect 1 is almost an indie film.  It has an extremely small budget, and the entire film takes place in dorm rooms. They’re small places where the characters can lean against each other, share a sleeve of cookies, and talk about what they want to be when they grow up.

And that is why Pitch Perfect was so great.

But when they made Pitch Perfect 2, they completely did away with all of that.  They did the opposite thing.  The charm of the first movie was never about the songs.  Don’t get me wrong, PP1 is full of absolute bangers, and I still listen to the soundtrack all the time.  But the songs are not why the first movie was so charming.  If it was just about having cool songs, then we’d all be fawning over Glee season 13 or whatever, instead of talking about what a shitbag it was to all of its characters.

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tell us a lil about cookie? (pronouns, likes/dislikes, etc.)

they/them, occasionally she/her but is finicky about those

they’re a drug dealer of sorts, specifically a type of Alien Hallucinogen that’s kind of a pain to get, and are frequently spotted around this one Club and the general Night Scene (has anyone ever seen them in the daylight?????)

Lloyd is their bodyguard and, supposedly, good friend. The two of them are seen together practically all the time, so if u see one odds r pretty good the other is somewhere near (lloyd btw doesnt really care for or seem to fully grasp gender conventions, and cookie will refer to them with shifting pronouns)

Cookie likes a good time! Parties, music, art, ADRENALINE RUSH, SOCIALIZING!!!! LOVES listening to people talk about Whatever, but especially artsy stuff. Seems drawn to artists, be they musicians, painters, filmmakers, what have u. And also is a fan of Juicy information. Be it blackmail or something bigger. In fact, they’re known to trade Interesting Tidbits for the goods, if u dont have the money. But they always seem to know when someone is lying, so dont do that.

They tend to dislike other Designers and Rules. Rules Rule Rules, Bah. Dislikes being in any crowd that isnt some high octane party? So like. Busy Restaurants, bars, etc.

No one actually seems to know much about Cookie bc they tend to share little more than the more Frivolous details of their life.

Enigmatic as all hell, opinion on them varies. Some people find them extremely charming and intuitive! Generous and sweet, nearly always seems to know the right things to say or do!

Others find them Deeply unnerving, with a tendency to get under their skin and into their head. Definitely appears to know things they shouldn’t know, or makes a comment on something a person Swears they never said out loud? In general, feels like they can see right through you, sometimes 

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One of the reasons why I never could ship Donna/Harvey is because of the power imbalance between the two. Writers usually "fix" this issue first by establishing, despite their jobs, both characters are on equal standing. But Donna&Harvey don't even seem to be good friends: she was astonished when Harvey came to her play which suggests he usually didn't even though this is important to her bc she DIDN'T expect Harvey to come. Plus Harvey doesn't really seem to respect her? Am I imagining this?

Hi anon! I gotta be honest and say I’m not in the greatest mindset for fandom right now because I’m still very much shaken by the election here in the US and all the subsequent hate crimes and other things happening since but I’m going to try to answer this and I’m probably going to be more blunt than I should be and get in trouble but here goes.

Long story short. No you aren’t imagining it.

I agree there is a very much unaddressed power imbalance between Harvey and Donna that contributes to why I don’t ship them. But more than that it’s the way Harvey responds to that power imbalance because he doesn’t want to see it changed and he doesn’t see them as equal. The scene in 2x05 where she says that he doesn’t tell her everything and he yells at her that it’s because he’s her boss is one of the best examples of that. Harvey fundamentally views their relationship differently than Donna does and the show has never given any indication that has changed. Does he care about Donna? Yes, of course. But he also sees her as someone who’s life he has power over. No greater example of that is that over the years he’s paid her above and beyond what the company values her work at without her knowledge which gave her a false sense of worth as an employee at PSL and when she finds out nothing comes of it. They dropped what should have been an issue between them. Donna just found out that she wasn’t worth what she thought professionally because Harvey kept it from her and there was no further dealing with that because this show has zero interest in Donna’s self worth professionally or personally. She is there merely as an extension of Harvey and Louis’s characters and occasionally Rachel’s in order to further their storylines.

As far as Donna and Harvey being friends, the show has done too much tell and not enough show in that department for me to feel that their friendship is genuine. We are told repeatedly that Donna knows more than anyone about Harvey but we aren’t shown Harvey ever telling Donna anything. Everything Donna knows about Harvey she knows because either she was there to witness it happen as his secretary, she overheard it listening in on the intercom or someone else has informed her of it. We’ve never seen Harvey divulge something deeply personally to Donna. We have seen him have those scenes with Mike, Jessica and Scottie but not Donna. The only time Harvey confides anything in Donna is when he wants her to talk him out of something like when he went to her apartment instead of his therapist’s office when he was contemplating turning himself in during episode 5x15. He wanted Donna to talk him out of doing it.

Even more importantly for someone we are to believe he has a genuine friendship with we are never shown them socializing in the ways he does the other characters. Case in point he’d only ever been to her apartment two times in over the decade she’s been working for him up until last season. How many times has he and Mike been at each other’s places? How many times has Jessica been at his place? Like you said, she was shocked he was going to her play. We don’t see Harvey consider Donna part of his social circle. He spends time outside of work with Mike all the time so why not Donna? For me it goes back to the above, he doesn’t see his relationship with her as something sustainable outside the office. When she was fired in s2 he didn’t go see her once to check on her and only showed up at her place when he needed something from her professionally. Contrast that to when Mike was fired and Harvey cleared his whole schedule for him. Every time we’ve ever seen Harvey go to Donna’s with the exception of one time, it’s been because he needs her to either talk him out of something or because he needed something from her office related.

As for him respecting her, he doesn’t. He only cares about her needs until it comes up against his needs. He has no problem degrading her or dismissing her wants if it interferes with what he wants. Their relationship is a co-dependent mess that has little respect in it at all because I’d argue Donna doesn’t really respect Harvey either. Most of the time it seems like Donna doesn’t even like him despite being in love with him.

And here’s where I’m going to get into real trouble but I’m saying it anyway, I think a large part of Harvey’s attitude toward Donna stems because he doesn’t see her as his intellectual equal. I am not saying by any means that Donna isn’t smart, she is very intelligent but she is not playing on the same level that Harvey, Mike or even Scottie is when it comes down to it. Harvey loves to be challenged and he loves to compete with someone who can think just as fast as him and outsmart him. His whole attraction to Scottie stems heavily from her being in constant competition with him at Harvard. He hired Mike because Mike was a genius and that excited Harvey. Harvey is used to being the smartest person in the room and when that is challenged he is instantly intrigued. If you look at the women Harvey has had relationships with or pursued relationships with beyond a one night stand they are all accomplished, intelligent women at the top of their field. Scottie, Zoe Lawford, Evan Smith and Esther. All of them are either in charge of their own business or a lawyer on even footing with Harvey in their own right. Donna doesn’t fit this mold. She is literally beneath Harvey professionally. It goes back to the whole power imbalance argument and the show not ever showing us that this is something Harvey has any interest in fixing or showing us that Harvey sees Donna as his equal in any way. Donna doesn’t challenge him beyond challenging him emotionally and the more Harvey has evolved emotionally the less he has needed Donna for that reason. The last season most of their interactions has been Donna needlessly lecturing Harvey on something he already figured out for himself. Their relationship has never evolved beyond that and Harvey has never showed an interest in evolving it. If the show was being completely honest about their relationship, they have both outgrown it. The show never put any real effort in evolving them. Any momentum we have seen happen between Harvey and Donna has been easily erased because of that when the writers decide they don’t want to pursue anything with them that season. So for me these two characters have grown apart more than together and a window for the show to have an organic evolving of their relationship into something romantic has long since past. These are two people who would be better off parting ways more than coming together because of the show’s refusal to evolve them. They are the most stagnant relationship on the show. Even Harvey’s relationships with Louis and Rachel have evolved more. And that is one of the many reasons I can’t ship them.

So I hope that answered your question. I probably said too much but I’m posting this anyway. Thanks for the ask!


3/7 bf!monsta x

  • the most sunshine filled boyfriend!!
  • you’ll always be laughing or smiling because of something he said
  • he’d be your literal daily dosage of vitamin qt
  • probably the cheesiest one out of all the members
  • you’ll watch romcoms and dramas together and he’ll want to reenact everything
  • “what do you mean you won’t give me another kiss?? it’s part of the scene!”
  • he’d be such a whiny and pouty but cute mess
  • would talk nonstop about you to everyone he meets
  • like somehow he’ll find a way to work you into all of his conversations
  • he’s the type to feed you endless compliments
  • “has anyone ever told you that your elbows are really pretty?”
  • lots and lots of couple selfies
  • probably would force you to wear couple clothing
  • he’s the type to always be texting or calling you throughout the day
  • whiny minhyuk because he misses you
  • “i just wanted to hear your voice”
  • “minhyuk, it’s 3 am and i literally saw you a few hours ago”
  • the clingiest cuddler!
  • lots and lots of skinship
  • would probably wrap his arms and legs around you while snuggling
  • raising a dog would minhyuk would be the cutest thing
  • you would probably have the most difficult time trying to name the puppy because minhyuk will insist on naming it some dumb name
  • “what’s wrong with the name mr. fluffy?”
  • hands intertwined while walking under the cherry blossoms in the park with your dog running in front of you
  • affectionate head rubbing and eskimo kisses
  • late night rants
  • pillow fights that end in huge messes that the both of you will be too tired to clean up
  • honestly he’d love you so so much
  • you would think that he couldn’t get anymore hyper or happy but with you he would just be on a whole other level
  • but when it comes time to be serious minhyuk will always be there for you
  • he’d hug you tight and let you cry on his shoulders when you need to
  • never leaving your side when you’re sick
  • him trying to make you soup but failing epically
  • would smile and try to laugh it off anyways
  • “go away minhyuk, i don’t wanna get you sick”
  • “if i do get sick i don’t have to worry because you’re my medicine”
  • he’d just love to make you laugh and see you be happy all the time
  • kareoke with minhyuk would be your favorite past time
  • cue high pitched screaming into mics at 1 am
  • he’d get so carried away with the god damn tambourine
  • brb, gonna go drown in my tears because i really need someone like minhyuk in my life


Your response was right on target and I wanted to write a separate post on it cause I don’t want take up  dash space but I did want to talk about this a little more. 

Daryl has and has had a conditioned response to threats most of his life, this ‘muscle memory is exactly that. It used  to be when people got too close into his personal space that he would respond in a defensive way with either his words or actions.  Someone who has been systematically, physically, mentally and emotionally most of their lives is going to react differently to some so-called ‘normal’ situations than someone who has been mostly in a normal environment. 

Carol’s bending down to kiss him on the forhead is a perfect example you used because it was highly unlikely that Daryl got a normal, non-painful interaction when people got that close. That heartbreaking flinch was a reaction to a percieved threat that wasn’t even there. It’s almost surprising to him on a subconcious level that that didn’t result in some kind of new pain.  Carol was probably the first person who was really nice to him in quite a long time. One could imagine the effect that would have. 

As for the Triggerfinger scene, I think in many ways he was expecting her to lay into him, or worse to blame him for it. He already responsible and pretty useless cause he couldn’t find that girl and really didn’t know how to deal with that. And her (at least to him) bizarre response to the death in trailer sort of confused him as well.  So his reaction was to push back at her before she could hurt him (in his mind) or reject him some way. He acted according to what he thought would make her go away, and in way to protect himself like he’s always done. 

You’d notice that in this scene (and in the scene in Still) he voice and mannerisms change quite a bit. Sounding more onery and recnecky than usual. It’s a different tone altogether. One could imagine his father most likely sounded exactly like this when he was lighting into his son about whatever happened to piss him off that day.  The transformation in both cases was kind of unsettling to watch and that raised was certainly scary.  Just as his manhandling of Beth was as well. 

It was interesting to watch though, especially in retrospect, how well this transformation occurred. It was one part protection mechanism and another  pat a way of playing into what he thought they both saw him as. In Carol’s case it was definitly a way to try and make her go away.  

And there was certainly no excuse for his actions in either case but understanding the reasoning goes a long way in understanding the person. 

And you were right, with Carol he stopped short of it. Never laid a hand on her. Has never ever laid a violent hand on her. And since then rarely raises his voice with her. His approach has been exactly the opposite of violent. In fact I think it’s obvious he’s cut his own arm off before actually hurting and would kill just about anyone who would.  

If you watch the scenes with Ed and put them next to scenes with Daryl (which has been done in several gif sets, you can see just how different they are with her.  

Ed talked down, got in her face,would grab her violently,  smacked her openly in public and basically scared the shit out of her pretty much all the time. She was terrified of him and crossing him in any way. Daryl on the other,  dosen’t tell her to do anything and talks to her quietly. When he does put his hand on her in any way it’s its gentle. Other than that first time he never berates her and always respects her space. 

He never hurts in any way, in fact protects the shit out of her and would perfectly willing to beat the shit out of anyone who threatens her at all. Everything he does screams total opposite of Ed in pretty much every way.  And when you consider the violence he came and what he could’ve been capable of, its nothing short of beautiful the way he is with her. 

The fact is she understood what he was doing and why even then, and she even went to him the next and called him out for it (in that cut scene, check it out on youtube if you haven’t seen it) . She waited til morning til he’d cooled off a bit and basically confronted him with his own bullshit.  She wasn’t afraid of him. Never has been. And he’s never given her reason to. 

The beautiful trust that only two people who’ve been through similar hells could have with each other. 

Grace may be straight, but she definitely wasn’t in Don’t Look Back

So yeah, I’m on the train and am gonna write the thing.

I was rewatching the Gracevas parts of Don’t Look Back last night, and knowing now that Grace is straight, I was struck by how not straight she acted in the movie. Yes, I am a shipper, so of course I’m going to want to see things that point to my ship. But if you know anything about Grace as a character, so many of her actions are firmly NOT platonic in DLB.

So first, we know Grace is weird about physical affection. In Next Class season 2, she is shown to hesitant to hug Maya, her best friend, and ultimately only hugs her because Maya wants to. Even their hug at the end of season 1 was mostly one-sided on Maya’s end, with Grace looking awkward. But with Zoe, someone she barely knows? They roll around in the grass together and hold hands for the entire car ride.

Hell, in the scene where they have lunch together, Grace casually touches Zoe’s shoulder as she gets up to refill their drink. Who does that with their friend? I don’t, and I’m a pretty affectionate person. Grace would never.

And their whole conversation about love, staring into each other’s eyes and talking about how falling in love is as scary and exciting as a roller coaster. Has Grace EVER had a conversation so mushy with anyone else? Also Grace was talking from experience, so if she wasn’t falling for Zoe then who was she talking about? Oh, and “Careful, you might be the one in love with me”, HOW IS THAT NOT FLIRTING?

And then there was Grace’s jealousy over Zoe hanging out with Miles. Sure, it can be written off as Grace just not liking him, but did Grace ever care when Maya was dating him? Nope. Plus, her reactions were purely jealousy. She got annoyed at their PDA, and was really angry to have Zoe hang out with him instead of her. Sure, I would be a little annoyed if one of my best friends ditched me to hang out with her boyfriend, but I wouldn’t be THAT upset just to have them around me. And when Zoe accuses Grace of being a “lovesick lesbian”, GRACE LOOKS HURT.

And just… they became friends so fast. Grace took forever to open up to Maya, but just a couple weeks into the summer Grace was telling Zoe the summer would suck without her, and they were hanging out all the time one on one…. like I would expect that from Zoe but Grace? Never.

Like look, you don’t have to ship Gracevas, but Grace was so clearly coded as queer and having a crush on Zoe in DLB. None of her actions are consistent with her character otherwise. This isn’t even getting into everything that happened in Next Class season 1! We were being deliberately played by the writers, which is why it hurt so much when Grace was revealed to be straight. They coded her as queer, they had her play up a crush on Zoe, they had her have sex with Zoe…. and then nope! Straight. This goes so far beyond a character being ambiguous in their sexuality. The writers wanted Grace being straight to be a “plot twist”, and in doing so they severely burned their queer female fandom.

Queerbaiting hurts us, it really does. This isn’t just about fans being upset their shp didn’t happen. And I’m still so bitter. The writers have proven they are fully capable of writing brilliant stories, but they really screwed up here. They probably don’t even get it, and we’ll probably never even get an apology.

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hi! im wondering who's thinking about the negative sequence in bergamo in cmbyn?? at first i though it was oliver's flashbacks... thoughts?? or have the cast talked about it yet?

Oh anon, it’s my favourite moment. Ugh every single time it makes me tear up. For me, it was the cinematic version of “dreammaking and strange remembrance” from the novel and I love it so much.

I don’t think anyone has ever spoken about it or been asked about it (please someone correct me if I’m wrong!) because I’ve been waiting for Luca to be asked something about it.

He’s spoken about the Futile Devices scene and the effects over that (which are so beautiful) but not this one.

See, I interpret it differently and see it as Elio’s dreams and isn’t that wonderful? That both of us see it so differently and it had such an affect?! It’s wonderful and part of me doesn’t want Luca to answer it because I want to have my own view on it and what it means. Like the fly. The god damn fly. It wasn’t anything intentional by Luca but I still find it REALLY amazing because like it or not, that fly lands on Elio every time he thinks of Oliver and then he’s there at the end in the Winter when he shouldn’t be there (and I KNOW they filmed that in Summer etc) and he’s thinking of Oliver!

Ugh so many beautiful moments! ❤️

I think I misinterpreted this scene at first, and from what I’ve seen I wasn’t alone in that. But after fully taking in the episode it became clear, she’s not talking about Princess.

That would only make sense if she knew about Ange and Charlotte’s prior relationship, and I really doubt Ange has told anyone about that. The “Black Lizard Planet” thing goes way back, likely the only thing she ever said about her past to the other farm girls. There’s just no way Elanor would know about her connection to Princess.

She’s actually talking about Dorothy. The rest of the episode makes it obvious when you think about it. Dorothy is the one she looks up to, and she think’s working with her has softened Ange. And this is why she and Ange don’t get along. It’s not a rivalry, Elanor is jealous of Ange now getting to work side by side with Dorothy.


Ok so theres this early 2000s? anime called Elfen Lied that has a character named Lucy with a backstory episode or two. I absolutely loved this loli, she was like the first one I really remember ever noticing. She was certainly the first loli I ever saved images of and such. I never really saw anyone ever talk about her though… so that’s why she’s my rare loli. The show is extremely violent and has a lot of problems so I wouldn’t recommend it, but watch this one scene to understand why I love her so much

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F, L and T for Fumikage? <3

Here’s the last and final request for the headcanon meme! (I’m lowkey so proud of myself for getting through all of these requests because I’ve never been able to do that in the past *pats myself on the back*). I hope you guys enjoyed reading these as much as I had fun writing them! ^^ 

Tokoyami Fumikage

F: flirting with you 

Tokoyami doesn’t usually flirt or has even tried to attempt it with anyone since that isn’t really his thing. He feels that he would make a complete fool out of himself and to save himself from making an embarrassing scene he discards the idea entirely. That doesn’t stop dark shadow from teasing and playfully encouraging him to go over there and talk to the cute girl sitting alone, which actually made him consider about doing just that but has yet to ever go through with it.

L: lounging around on a lazy day

During the weekends when he has some free time to himself, he likes to indulge in one of his hobbies because it’s not every so often that he’s able to since he’s normally swamped with school and training most of the time. Being able to relax and enjoy an afternoon doing what he loves and not having to worry about anything else is one of the best feelings ever.

T: taking care of you when you’re sick

He actually makes you a homemade and hearty soup that is sure to help with your recovery process. It’s a special family recipe that his mother used to make for him whenever he’s feeling a bit under the weather and it always manages to make him feel better after just the first spoonful of it. Although, it never turns out as great as how his mom would make it but it’s still delicious and effective nonetheless.