has anyone done this yet

  • Robert: From now on, we'll be using codenames.
  • Robert: You can address me as "Eagle One"
  • Robert: Joseph, codename: "Been there, done that".
  • Robert: MC is: "Currently doing that".
  • Robert: Damien is: "It happened once in a dream".
  • Robert: Mary, codename: "If I had to pick a girl".
  • Robert: Craig is..."Eagle Two"
  • Craig: Oh thank god

Leaked image of Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 4!!

someone: hey, i found this cool beatles shirt at h-

classic rock fan: The Beatles?? 🍏🍏 Yeah right 😂😂 I bet 💵 You couldn’t even tell me 🔊 The exact birth date and time 🕛 Of each of their kids 👶❗Smh 😩😂 Fake fans 😷 Can go listen to their Justin Direction “"Music”“ 😭😂 I know what REAL music is 🎶🔥You’ll never 🚫 Be good enough for The Whomst’ve'i’d'st'es’ve 💯💯 Old men do it better 😉👴😍