has anyone considered that

please help :(

i wrote to this blog about fundraising for an abortion and i’m really hoping someone can help me out. my name is sam and i’m a trans guy living in california. i’ve only come out to myself as trans recently and am in a relationship with a really awesome guy who i was with before i realized i was trans. unfortunatrly, part of the reason i realized i’m trans is because i experience dysphoria. me and my boyfriend found out i’m about 13 weeks pregnant about a week ago (i’m really skinny and i haven’t gained much weight so i didn’t know until now). neither him or i are in a good financial position for this, and i can’t help but feel really uncomfortble thinking about what’s inside of me. i thought about adopting out, but whenever i think about being pregnant or giving birth, i just start freaking out. i really need this to be over as soon as possible.

i called a clinic near me and they said for how far along i am, it’ll be about $855. since i’m in cali, i don’t need a parent’s permission, and so far, i’ve mnaged to keep it a secret, which is for the best when it comes to my family. i hate asking for help like this, but i just cant see any other way i can afford this. i really hope someone here can help me.

i set up a paypal account just for this and any donations can be sent to paypal.me/samw2003. thank you so much, i’m really greatful for any help i can get.

Hi Sam. I’m so sorry to hear about the position you’re in, we can absolutely try to help you out. If anyone has a few dollars lying around, please consider donating to Sam. Big hugs to you, hang in there! We’ll help get you through this.

he spent the past 6 years being mobbed everywhere he went, paps were everywhere every time and they followed him everywhere in every club with every person around him no matter what situation. even when he lost his mum and went to the xfactor final after party with steve, they push the entire family in front of paps to get pictures of how destroyed they were and sell his pain to dailymail. he has never lifted a finger on anyone and considering what they shouted at him or how they treated him in the past year he could have had all the time. suddenly he got himself arrested for fighting a pap and will go to court and his team instead of trying to save his image a bit despite the situation or calm fans, who now will think twice before approaching him cause he might hit them or do some crazy thing like he’s some justin bieber or kanye west, sell the details and everything to tmz (and i bet you whatever you want tmz will have the video too for the 10pm exclusive) and the sun for exclusive and ele*nor c*lder’s promo. i see. 

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(Apologies in advance for the weirdness you're about to be exposed to) Has anyone ever considered Labyrinth taking place in the Star Wars universe? Like what if the Bog of Eternal Stench is actually part of Dagobah?

Don’t apologize for weirdness, because I love it, but I don’t know what the labyrinth is. But the bog of eternal stench sounds like something that would be part of dagobah.

has anyone ever considered that mitch marner is always energetic and happy bc he’s playing for the fucking Toronto Maple Leafs? like it’s literally his childhood dream come true like he grew up watching and idolizing these guys and now he gets to skate around and make faces with Bozak and hug JVR and stuff like do you understand how happy that must make him he literally gets to play great hockey with these guys he’s always supported like wow

ok so has anyone ever considered stage actor enjolras and techie grantaire??? 

some important points

- grantaire most definitely plans his lighting cues exactly when they make enjolras’ hair glow like a halo

- enjolras always playing the leading man/love interest characters because he’s just so beautiful and has the voice of an angel

- because of all the women that he very convincingly kisses on stage, grantaire is so sure he’s straight

- this doesn’t stop grantaire from flirting with him whenever possible (and most definitely missing sound and light cues because of it)

- when costumer jehan tells grantaire that enj is gay as hell, he couldn’t be happier

- stage manger combeferre is definitely done with all of the pining and shit like come on guys its distracting from the show

- enjolras’ fellow actors cosette, courfeyrac, musichetta, and marius keep trying to tell enj that grantaire likes him, dammit, but enj is having none of it. theres just no way, and besides, itd distract from the show

- the very small pit of éponine, joly, bossuet, montparnasse, and floreal (who i really should talk about more)

- feuilly is the set designer and he builds them with the help of his boyfriend bahorel and they are killing it

- valjean is the director

- no, cosette got in on pure talent

- valjean aint about that favoritism life yes he is

  • So everyone is talking about how weirded out Solas was by the Dawn Will Come scene but has anyone considered...
  • Lavellan: [doesn't believe in the Maker or Andraste saving her, literally says how she survived Haven on her own]
  • Mother Giselle: Shadows fall and hope has fled
  • Lavellan: Wh - I don't - [looks around] What is she -
  • Leliana: The shepherd's lost
  • Lavellan: Leliana? You too?
  • Random scouts: The dawn will come
  • Lavellan: What
  • Cullen: And the path is dark
  • Lavellan: Is - is this some kind of weird human ritual? You're all from totally different backgrounds and corners of Thedas, how do you all know this song?!
  • Literally everyone from Haven: For one day soon the dawn will come
  • Lavellan: I - Mythal forfend, why am I being surrounded?!
  • Literally everyone from Haven: [bowing and singing]
  • Lavellan: Oh gods is this some kind of sacrificial ritual
  • Lavellan: Roderick just died and no one noticed but Dorian because you're all still singing
  • Lavellan: Does this mean I'm next?!
  • Solas: [walks toward the circle looking very confused]
  • Lavellan: Solas you know more about humans than me
  • Lavellan: Tell me this isn't a blood sacrifice thing
  • Lavellan: Solas
  • Lavellan: Solas help
Jaal Ama Darav (virginity)

(Romance spoilers)

Has anyone else ever considered that Jaal is quite possibly a virgin before getting with Ryder?

Consider, if you will, that Jaal says he only ever had one other love in his life when he was younger. He says she kissed him, but seems to imply that his brother stole her away before they got very serious. Being as emotionally open as angara are it’s very likely that if he had had sex with her he would’ve brought that up too.

And with his busy life with the resistance, trying hard to constantly live up to his siblings and do his family proud, I kinda doubt he was just sleeping around.

Barring that, when he first confesses he wants to be with her he seems nervous and kinda scared. A lot like someone not too experienced in love would do.

And during the pinnical romance scene when he proposes sex he doesn’t outright say it. He squirms around, is clearly nervous and worried about rejection, and is having a hard time looking at Ryder.

I mean Peebee basically outright says, “Hey, wanna fuck?” She knows exactly what she wants and is not worried about asking because she’s been there and done that.

Jaal, on the other hand, pussy foots around the question. Just like someone inexperienced and nervous about sex. Because let’s face it: Approaching sex for the first time can be extremely nerve wracking. You have no idea what you’re doing and you’re worried about doing well while worrying about everything that can go wrong.

At least that’s what his body language, tone and words say to me.

adore you (you're lovely)

ADORE YOU (YOU’RE LOVELY) — and i adore you, too. i’ve been thinking that your love is kind of special. you should know that i adore you, too! ( adore you, nao ft. abhi//dijon )

REQUEST — the reader used to be ugly and archie bullied you. then, after summer break, you totally glo up and are now super hot, and he apologizes.


NOTES — i did tweak this request a little bit, simply because i don’t see riverdale!archie being a bully—i think it’s even a little ooc for comics!archie—so i opted for archie sort of ignoring the reader. also, i refrained from specifying a gender since there wasn’t one mentioned in the request. thank you so much for trusting me to write your idea, and i hope this was fluffy enough for you. i felt like it would be kinda rushed to make them kiss in this? i don’t know, but enjoy. ( requests: open )

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Project: April Fools — Knife to Meet You

Knife To Meet You

Written by: @mimosaeyes, @667-darkavenue, @megatraven & @soundofez

Beta-ed by: @altoblt5, @mimosaeyes, @667-darkavenue, @megatraven & @soundofez

Summary: College AU and Reverse Crush AU. Ladybug and Chat Noir run a game of Murder in their uni. Marinette plots to take out her target: Adrien Agreste.

They met at midnight on the rooftop of the university dorms.

“You excited?” Chat Noir asked, eyes gleaming in the dark.

“Let’s get this Murder started.”

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tl;dr: I love every ‘humans are weird’ and ‘death world earth’ post, if you could tag me I’ll love you forever

Seriously though, I fucking love all of these posts about how wild earth and humans are. We literally seek things out that can kill us and build cities there. If it gets destroyed, oh well, we’ll just rebuild it. We allowed dangerous predators to come near us just because we wanted to pet them. We domesticated animals that were predator species and made them work for us. We can survive absolutely wild temperature ranges and have figured out hacks to survive in all types of climates. We sweat profusely when exposed to high heat and/or high humidity to regulate our internal temperature, we shiver when we’re cold, we have a literal drug built into our bodies that will give us bursts of energy and strength when in danger, we can survive a lot of things that aren’t immediately fatal to us, humans developed a better liver just so we could keep imbibing alcohol (no seriously we did, the fermentation of booze killed a lot of bacteria in water & at points was safer to drink than water and for reals I want to know what idiot stuck their hand in this fermented stuff AND DRANK IT THEN WENT OH THIS IS GOOD HERE TRY THIS), just like… w h a t.

Our planet is wild too - we live next to active volcanoes for the better farmland, we figured out how to use the massive heat to produce energy, we have a lot of major cities on major fault lines - and speaking of that has anyone considered how fucking weird it is that the ground is constantly moving around the globe?!?! - we kinda shrug and board up our dwellings when a hurricane is coming, we rebuild after a tornado flattens everything and we basically just go oh well time to clean up when we crawl out from safe places, there are people who live in extreme climates and have adapted to it, we went from swinging in trees to one of the apex predators, our axis tilts and fucking WOBBLES, we’re exposed to so many different types of cosmic radiation on a daily basis, and we actually use that to see, our local star likes to throw hissy fits once in a while AND WE THINK THE MASSIVELY CHARGED SOLAR SHIT IS FUCKING PRETTY. 

Humans, man. We’re so weird. I love it.

  • Okay everyone always talks about how Tonks would probably pull Teddy from school to go a Weird Sisters concert. BUT has anyone considered that the Weird Sisters is also Harry and Ginny's favourite band and am I the only one who could see them pulling ALL of their kids (including Teddy) from school to go to a Weird Sisters concert? Like ugh yes

Alright so has anyone gone the Anastasia AU route yet? Consider:

-Spock as the youngest grandchild of T'Pau, matriarch of a very important Vulcan clan
-Sarek is Ambassador to Earth, and brings Spock on a trip with him
-a group of radical Xenophobic humans attack the embassy during an event in Sarek’s honor
-Spock is separated from his father and Jim, there with his parents, helps sneak him out
-Spock ends up with amnesia and is raised as an orphan (a Vulcan one?)
-Jim and Bones grow up to be space con men of sorts and have heard that Amanda and Sarek or maybe T'Pau are offering a reward if anyone can find Spock alive

Ok you get it you’ve seen the movie but imagine fam, imagine.