has anyone already made a gifset about this

Perhaps I shouldn’t have, but I sent a nice message to one of the people who commented telling me to get over the fact that my gifs have been stolen and received this response:

“Oh, for goodness’ sake. You’re not making anything you new. You take screencaps of somebody else’s video, which, by the way, does not belong to you, piggybacking on THEIR art, and you don’t even give them an artistic spin of your own. Is it work, yes it is. Hard work, even, I’m more than willing to give you that. But calling gifs an art is an insult to actual artists who get their work stolen and reposted all the time on tumblr. Off to the ignore list with you, I have no interest in your whining.”

Perhaps the videos aren’t mine, but I found that video after searching on Youtube for hours, I made that coloring, I decided what parts worked best as gifs, and all of that is a creative process and it is total bullshit to say that it’s not art.

For example, that post of Dancing Wednesday Addams with 1.5 million notes? are you going to say that’s not art? The OP found a great moment out of thousands of hours of footage and it resonated with so many folks on tumblr who keep reblogging it. Nobody would remember that moment if the OP didn’t gif it. Is the episode or the show hers? Obviously not. But that gif sure is.

And then there’s Chloe.The whole meme started with this gifset- OP found it because she thought it was hilarious and she was right. And she started a firestorm. Without that gifset, that video would probably just still be sitting on Youtube, unwatched by anyone who didn’t already know about the first “Lily’s Disneyland Surprise” video.

Knowing what videos translate into great gifs and in turn, memes, is an art and someone who insults and belittles that has a fundamental misunderstanding of how Tumblr and how the internet works.

And regardless of all the above, it is theft, pure and simple. If you’re going to feature “the best gifs of 2013”/“the best animal posts of 2013” (not videos, mind you), the credit should go to the person who made those gifs.

TL:DR: If you follow this blog and don’t think gifmaking is an art, please press that unfollow button right now.