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I like Paranormal Lockdown more than GA because Nick doesn't tell Katrina to shut up immediately after something happens...when he's the only one talking (something Zak does that pissed me off more and more each time he did it)

HA that’s always bothered me too

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why did Sky High teachers do nothing to stop children from becoming villains? There is no way they could have missed how sadistically some of the kids acted but they did nothing about it, even allowing physical bullying of dangerously powered kids against kids with basically no powers as well as sexual harrassment. They clearly saw in the simulator that two of the boys liked being villains, they blatantly said that they liked being villains to the teachers and nothing was done. Is it because the kids don't get a choice in having any other career beyond being a superhero? Are they letting them be villains so they can match their supply of heroes with a demand for them? They create villains jut so they can have a reason to become famous and fight them. It is a corrupt super hero society and no one is willing to stop it

*me in the shower*: one of my least favorite lines of gravity falls is Dipper saying to mabel that if he took Ford’s apprenticeship he would be cooped up in the basement with a labcoat. This has never made sense to me, and it doesn’t make sense for Dipper, to suddenly think that his dream apprenticeship would be boring? It seems like whoever wrote that somehow wanted to make the apprenticeship seem less appealing, but in my opinion that goes back on the entirety of that particular plotline. Mabel was so worried because the apprenticeship WAS an enticing and exciting offer to Dipper, and Dipper initially took it because it was everything he wanted. Plus it undermines Dipper’s sacrifice of giving something so important up for himself on behalf of his sister, but instead brushes it off with ‘it’s boring’. So why put in that line?? Did the writers forget the entirety of Ford’s wacky hijinks in the journal, plus we literally just saw him spelunk with Dipper in an alien spacecraft???  

About Dazai

So this scene has been floating through my head since I saw it.

Dazai’s character has always bothered me because he’s so hard to read, and in the end that ’s kinda the point.
This started out as a way to explain the bandages, but I guess it’s now a ridiculously long profile and I’m so sorry.
Warning for Massive Spoilers ahead for the second season of the anime.
Also heartbreak warning because I am, in fact, using screens from the Oda episodes, including *that* scene. There are excerpts of the manga, also, but I’ll try to keep spoilers vague in that department.

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If I could - as kindly as possible - point out one flaw in the RWBY writing that has always bothered me, it would be withholding information. 

It’s something that is done far too often and something that I’ve heard the writers even kind of…brag about in commentary. They mentioned at one point having this whole thing for Mercury and what happened to him, they wanted to explain it but then decided that they’d just wait, because they could and while I think that works sometimes, more often than not it doesn’t.

It’s one thing to keep information from your characters, but you shouldn’t get too comfortable doing that with your audience and I think it’s led to a lot of the discussion that has gone on recently about the show. 

When you start something and it has deep history and backstory - it can be very easy to want to slowly bring that out. The problem is, when you have an audience, is that they will sit around and excitedly come up with theories and ideas and plots that they want/think/hope happens. 

What that does is creates hype and anticipation and expectations. The stuff coming out now, this stuff Qrow talked about and the history - that’s the stuff that’s been planned from the beginning. The stuff Monty/Miles/Kerry/Gray/Matt all sat around and created. Monty came up with the ideas/characters/etc., but as a group they all built that world. 

So the disappointment in it I don’t think is even so much about the content itself, it’s that we had to wait so long for it and built it up so much ourselves in places like this (I’ve so done this before in fandom) and then when it comes out it’s not everything you spent months and months readying yourself for it to be and it’s maybe not as good as some things you’ve heard or thought of or read about and it can be a let down. 

If they had given us all of this from the beginning - opened up the world from the very start - it would have probably spared a lot of people because instead of building our own ideas of the world, we could have just built around the established ones. It’s a mistake a lot of new writers make (remember Kerry runs the show now and he’s like…25) and even in withholding you hurt yourself because if you sit on an idea for too long you eventually start to change it in your own mind and think you can make it better and then contradict something you’ve already set. 

That is what I think is happening with RWBY right now and why some of the big stuff is not having the impact it should. 

I love RWBY, I support RWBY and I will continue to for as long as they make it. It’s my favorite show. 

Still, you can clearly tell that it’s being written and created by people who have never done this sort of thing before. The hope is that they can grow and improve and clean it up, but I still think they’ve done a good job building something people are, if nothing else, very passionate about. 

Yoooo, I did this conveniently desktop-sized art of the cutest team on Mobius, Team Rose! Cream is fascinated by Big’s huge ears because she wonders why he can’t fly with them like she can with hers ^^

I also altered Big’s design a little bit, because it’s always bothered me that he has such radically different eyes from every other Mobian, and I figured bigger eyes gave his face more emotion. 

That’s legit one of the things that has always sort of bothered me about a lot of zimbits fics like… just meeting someone and starting a relationship with them doesn’t fix all of one’s problems?? And like I see this in both more canon fics and also aus where Jack meets Bitty and he becomes a completely different person and is practically cured of all of his issues like yes Jack is happier with bitty in his life!! He seems to be in a much better place than he was at the beginning of year 1 and part of that is likely because of bitty! But like jack was friends with the squad before Bitty came along?? He’s shown being affectionate with lardo v early in the series and to mess around with shitty and holster in the tweets?? He’s gone to therapy and rehab and there’s just? A lot of factors leading jack to where he is now?

And Bitty is his own person with his own issues?? Which isn’t cured by him dating jack either?? He’s petty af and has a lot of self esteem issues and struggles with confronting his emotions and honestly has ptsd and probably ADHD as well?? The team has done a lot in helping him grow into himself!! Jack especially has had a huge role in this both before and after they were dating!

Idk like relationships are equal, both my sons are mentally ill and flawed people, and honestly this shit is why this fandom frustrates me

This has been bothering me for a while now, WHY is Barry always talking in a depressing vocal fry? I miss the hopeful, upbeat, positivity he used to have. It showed in his voice. He smiled more, he was selfless. He was about being a superhero instead of the selfish mess he’s turned into. Ever since he got together with Iris he just became a bad person. I’m seeing a massive pattern here.
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I hate Star Trek and cloning sometimes. Bashir just grew a person in this episode. He found some DNA on a wall and put it in a vat, and then he grew a lump of goo, and then he grew a whole person.

And according to the captain’s log they’re going to send this clone guy down to Bajor so he can start his new life. What the fuck. Clones are people so you can’t kill them (“Killing your own clone is still murder”) but like, they can just create a clone, whenever?

Clone guy has no name… He has no family! He never went to school! I know it’s the amazing future, but it seems like creating a person as a by-product of whatever you’re doing that day, and then sending them on their way, is a little bit… unethical.

Is Dr. Bashir responsible for this guy? Is anyone?


What if Sherlock’s repressed memory (Redbeard) isn’t something terrible Jim did to the other one. What if his repressed memory is something terrible HE did to Jim, or Jim’s “secret twin”? I owe you/eye for an eye/blood will have blood/etc? Because Jim OWING Sherlock a fall has always bothered me. “I owe you” means revenge. It only makes sense if he feels Sherlock has personally harmed him.

Something has always bothered me about Harry Potter and I think I figured it out

Okay so the part where Harry survived because Lily sacrificed herself has always bugged me because Lily couldn’t have been the first mother in the history to have sacrificed herself for her child. 

I was rereading the series and watching the movies when something clicked. 

We all know how magical oaths are binding and breaking one could lead to being stripped of your magic and your death. 

Well, I was reading when Snape figured out that Lily’s son was the one that Voldemort was after and begged Voldemort to spare Lily’s life. Voldemort actually agreed to spare her, promised Snape even- and meant it even because if you remember, he killed James Potter without second thought but told Lily to “stand aside” Like Voldemort actually did intend to keep his promise to Snape. 

I think he accidentally created a magical oath at that moment when he promised Snape to spare Lily. So when he did kill her, he broke his oath and was killed as a result. So the next time he cast a spell or did magic, it was snap back and strip him of his life. It just so happened that the next bit of magic he performed was the killing curse at Harry. Instead of killing Harry it back lashed at Voldemort and would have killed him had it not been for the Horcruxes. 

Anyway that’s the only thing that makes sense to me. 

See this up there? Know what has always bothered me about this screen cap. Look at where Viktor is…now look waaay in the background..those are all the skaters coaches. I thought back when this episode aired and I still think after EP. 11. Viktor still sees himself as a skater. He still identifies with the other skaters NOT with the coaches. Yes he wants to be with in the picture with Yuuri but THAT’S NOT WHY he’s up close in this Pitchit selfie. It’s because HE STILL THINKS OF HIMSELF AS A SKATER NOT A COACH. 

i NEED to see a ‘return to reality’ of some kind in The Final Problem. Because imagine if we got canon Johnlock but in the same 'universe’ as there are all these inconsistencies (John’s blog shutting down irl but not on the show, disappearing blood, CAMERAMEN in the bloody frame, differences of script…) that we’ve just spent ages painfully cataloguing. I mean, we could choose to believe in the surface reading, but…this programme has taught me not to?! It would always bother me. I’d always know that it might or might not be reality. Please comfort me @shawleyleres @multifandom-madnesss @wssh-watson @the-7-percent-solution

Do you know has always bothered me? The fact that people were concerned about CNN and Fox News when Bernie Sanders was trying to get the presidential electorate. But after Hillary was decided to be our democratic electorate suddenly no one questioned the news on Trump. It’s like suddenly we forgot that the news is biased and that people want anyone to fail it doesn’t matter what news network you’re watching. Maybe I’m wrong?? But I don’t think anyone should get their political opinions from CNN Fox News or MSNBC. MAKE THEM FROM WHAT YOU WILL. @satoshi01 @takashi0 @boyonetta