has a silver lining

i am led to understand that the backstory behind trump’s trans military ban is this: 

so congress is hashing out their military spending bill, and there was a divide between conservative/moderate republicans over whether the pentagon should fund trans surgeries. in an effort to render the issue moot and help the bill along, house republicans asked trump to simply issue an executive order on the topic. the idea being, if there’s an EO about funding trans surgeries, then congress doesn’t need to bother debating or writing it into the bill one way or the other and they can finally move on to other matters

but trump fucked up; instead of putting an order restricting the military funding of trans surgeries, he declared he was completely banning trans people from service. this is not what congress asked for and it has turned the whole situation into a boondoggle. one republican aide has likened it to trump being asked to light a candle and setting the table on fire instead. this move may in fact endanger the military budget bill, and mire it in further debate on whether to overturn trump’s overreaching EO. add in the fact that trump does not like being told he fucked up, and will certainly dig his heels in, raising tensions between him and congress

so while it’s absolutely a malicious move that will endanger trans service members and will certainly further poison public discourse about trans people in general, there’s at least the silver lining that the order has been administered so incompetently that it’s going to throw a wrench into the republican agenda

compliment sentence starters.

’ you always know how to find that silver lining. ’
’ has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are? ’
’ you have the whitest teeth! you’ve got a hollywood smile! ’
’ you have the most beautiful eyes i’ve seen before. ’
’ i love your hair so much, it’s so pretty. ’
’ you have the best laugh in the universe. ’
’ you always dress so fabulous! you’ve got so much style! ’
’ you’re the best at anything and everything you do. ’
’ you are the smartest person i know! ’
’ sometimes i wonder why you’re my friend. ’
’ you’re the best friend anyone could ever ask for. ’
’ you always seem to have a solution for any problem. ’
’ you are the most attractive person i’ve had as a friend. ’
’ anything looks good on you! you’re perfect! ’
’ you always make the days a little brighter for people. ’
’ you’re like, really loved and adored, despite what you think. ’
’ anyone would be lucky to have you as a girl/boyfriend. ’
’ you’re going to make the best parent one day. ’
’ one day, you’re going to make someone so happy. ’
’ ever since i met you, i’d been the happiest i’ve ever been. ’
’ you are the perfect role model. ’
’ you deserve an award or something, you’re that great. ’
’ you did so good on that art work the other day! ’
’ that speech was phenomenal, left me speechless. ’
’ you’ve got an amazing face and i just want to stare at it all. ’
’ i could stare at you all day and never get tired. ’
’ you are the better looking out of the two of us. ’
’ you’re the smarter one out of the two of us. ’
’ you always smell so good. what perfume is that? ’
’ i’ll only get a make over, if you’re the one who does it. ’
’ i’d trust you with my life any day. ’
’ you have the biggest heart out of everyone i’ve ever met. ’
’ you are just the sweetest person ever. ’
’ you are so creative! i could never be that original. ’
’ your ideas are so beautiful and original, i love them. ’
’ you really do make a fantastic meal, the best i’ve ever had. ’
’ this is so delicious, oh my god, you’re amazing. ’
’ you do not need make up to look beautiful, you were blessed. ’
’ why does everything you buy fit you so well? ugh. ’
’ you give me so much inspiration. ’
’ you inspire me so much, i’ve always looked up to you. ’

There is an element to this journey into the dark that I’m only now beginning to appreciate.  // What’s that? //  How good it feels.

I can’t get over how tragic John Silver has effectively become by the finale.  There are two two lines that stay with me about the ending: Fuck him for dictating this outcome to me. The last scene between Flint and Silver foretells what’s to come for John- everything that Flint forewarns will have effectively come true by Treasure Island. John will reach a moment in which the life he sacrificed so much for will feel insufficient- and if we are to truly believe that ethereal, glorious Madi Scott will one day become obscured to a life as inn keeper or if, perhaps more realistically, she simply will have to live her life with the constant what if of having accomplished abolition, I think we can see how the life Silver afforded them will feel too small, too suffocating for them both. 

The other line is when Silver raises a gun to Flint, saying that the cycle of choosing between lives, aspirations, and loves has to end. When I see that shot of Silver standing on the cliff where he and Flint once trained, my chest gets tight with the tragedy of it: with how much Madi loves Flint and will never see him again, will never have had gotten to say goodbye. with how much Silver loves Flint and will have to live with the fact that ending the cycle of Flint’s war meant choosing between loves all the same. One day, I think, Silver will realize the world was wide enough for all of them, if he didn’t realize it in that moment where Madi still anguished even after hearing what became of Flint and (god bless Luke Arnold) Silver looks as if the world has come crashing down on him. He’ll always feel that a part of his mind is shared with Flint, that a part of his heart is still truncated in the thought of him. He’ll stand by that cliff often and he’ll look out into the thin, crisp line where sky and ocean meet and he won’t be looking for Nassau. He’ll be looking for Flint. He’ll be aching with the string of his sacrifice, of having been too blinded to strive towards a different end.

Madi will carry Flint in every book she loves. Madi will remember him in her own ambition, in her own zealousness. When the world isn’t as it should be, as it could’ve been, she’ll remember him. When she commands her people or speaks to them with authority, she’ll think of all the people who contributed to her ability to lead: her father, her mother, and a close and precious friend. 

So, for me, the tragedy of Silver isn’t just that one day he’ll be doomed to become a corrosion of Long John Silver, with a boy named Jim Hawkins desperate to understand. The tragedy isn’t just that Madi, like Silver, may have to contend with obscurity and the loss of power as he does, perhaps more so than he does. But it’s that their hearts will always ache for the man who toils far across the sea, reunited at last with his love. There will always be a place in thier hearts where Flint’s memory will stay, where they’ll miss him, where they’ll wish Silver had found some other alternative than to keep Flint and Thomas so far away. Silver is always going to go back to that cliff and the degree to which he fucked up will have to be something he lives with. He didn’t want to continue a cycle of war where he would have to negotiate between loves, between happinesses, but he does. He has and it’s a decision done in love. A part of him, I think, will never stop loving and longing and mourning for Flint, for the loss of him, for the pain of never seeing him again. But Flint will be with Thomas, happier than he ever imagined to be, happy as Flint deserves. and Silver will go on thinking that his decision woke James McGraw from a long and terrible sleep. And so the decision comes to this. If you love someone, set them free. 


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rainy day vocab (mandarin)

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this was inspired by a post i saw by @talen-en-regendagen

雨 yû rain

大雨 dàyû heavy rain

雨天 yûtiān rainy day

雨季 yûjì rainy season

水 shuî water

雨滴 yûdī raindrop

雨丝 yûsī drizzle

毛毛雨 máomáoyû drizzle

水坑 shuîkēng puddle

雾 wù fog, mist

雷 léi thunder

雷雨/雷暴 léiyû/léibào thunderstorm 

闪电 shândiàn lightning

冰雹 bīngbáo hail stone

风 fēng wind

彩虹 câihóng rainbow

雨伞 yûsân umbrella (can also just say )

雨衣 yûyī raincoat

雨靴 yûxuē rain boots 

下雨 xiàyû to rain

下雹 xiàbáo to hail

大风 dàfēng windy

淋雨 línyû to get wet in the rain

满城风雨 mân chéng fēng yû lit. wind and rain through the town; fig. a big scandal, the talk of the town

雨后春笋 yû hòu chūn sûn lit. after rain the spring bamboo; fig. rapid new growth, many new things emerge in rapid succession 

雨过天晴 yû guò tiān qíng lit. sky clears after rain; new hopes after a disastrous period, every cloud has a silver lining (also written 雨过天青 with 青 qīng)

梨花带雨 lí huā dài yû lit. like raindrops on a pear blossom; fig. the tearstained face of a beauty 

as usual if there are any mistakes just let me know!

Canon is here to ruin your nights.

  • Red line means love, Blue line means platonic/friendship, Green line means teacher-student, The dark orange one means “as good as family”, yellow means family. Brown is loyalty.
  • M means that they’re mega-evolvers, the white-black dot means that they’re Dexholders.


Red, Green, and Blue are all platonic with each other.

Yellow loves Red. Misty loves Red. Red’s feelings towards them are unknown.

Blue has a “loyalty” line with Silver or a “as good as family.” The cam pic is hard to tell.

Green has a teacher-student thing with Yellow.

Kiwame/Ultima has a teacher-student thing with Red and Green.

And Bill loves Daisy.

Actual scans coming in the unforeseeable future. It will be hard to scan =n=;;

Encouragement in Russian

Cheer up! — Не унывай(те)!
Chin up! — Выше голову!
Every cloud has a silver lining. — Нет худа без добра.
It’s not the end of the world. — Это не конец света.
Lighten up! — Расслабься!
Practice makes perfect. — Повторение - мать ученья.
Smile! — Улыбнись!
There’s no use crying over spilt milk. — Слезами горю не поможешь.
Worse things happen at sea. — Бывает и хуже.
You’re coming along well — У тебя хорошо получается!
Keep up the good work — Так держать
That’s a good effort — Ты хорошо поработал
That’s a real improvement — Это реальный прогресс
You’re on the right lines — Вы/ты на верном пути
Keep going — Продолжай(те)
Come on, you can do — Давай, ты сможешь

Headcanon: Thor and Steve deliberately misuse popular idioms and sayings just to fuck with everyone.

Tony catches Thor drinking milk out of the carton and Thor just tells him, “Every dog has its silver lining.” Tony is so confused he doesn’t even remember to give Thor hell for not putting the milk back in the fridge.

Clint tries to keep up with Thor and Steve in the gym one day and ends up sweating and complaining loudly about superhumans, and Steve just kindly pats him on the shoulder and tells him, “You know what they say, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” and Clint spends the next week trying to figure out what the hell Steve meant by that.

Everyone is pretty convinced that they’re just hopeless old men who can’t even figure out popular phrases… except for Sam, who starts keeping a running score of who can spout off the most confusing phrases.

So far Steve is winning - when a fight broke out in the city the team assembled and asked where Thor was. Steve told them “He’s under the weather” and everyone was disappointed realizing they’d have a hell of a time fighting without him. A few minutes later Thor came flying in on a tornado and Steve was just like, “See I told you” while Natasha slapped herself in the face.

Former Doctor Who Peter Davison says casting of woman means 'loss of role model for boys'
A former Doctor Who actor has hit out at the BBC’s decision to cast Jodie Whittaker in the role, saying that the decision meant there is “a loss of a role model for boys”.

Someone in the comments summed it up perfectly:

Eric Mattie: 21 Jul 2017 3:56PM

Peter Davison’s comments have been on the mark and empathetic among a flood of disrespectful tactless replies from people who months ago were crying out for  tolerance and acceptance “NOW”.  Real life change takes time. So will this.

His Tweet: “It might be more helpful to be encouraging, and not simply scornful, of fans who are uncertain about change.” has been the silver lining in this deluge of cryout out

Now these comments are again on target to why its sad. Not morally wrong. Just a mourning of a role model for boys.

I appreciation a male hero actually still being portrayed rightly and not being the butt of every joke. I do value and wish for a better portrayal of men in general that goes beyond the a typical generalization that say guys are this or guys are that and that’s it.  I feel  Doctor Who in the past decade has done a great job of portraying are more well rounded male her

Respectfully- Colin Baker is wrong.  Proof?  The media wouldn’t be having the reaction of the little girl screaming in delight about the casting of a girl, as their validation video to the world at large and them saying “The video says it all”

If role models were gender neutral and just as people, than the switch of lead actresses as heroines  over the last several years (think Alias, Hunger Games, NewStar Wars films and the overall  great reception to the Wonder Woman movie) would not be as celebrated and actually planned out and pushed like it has been.  

What is sad is in the name of getting better role models for girls we have to squash and not have the role model for boys be just as validated and important.

anonymous asked:

[fucking teleports to your askbox] DID SOMEBODY SAY ALFORAN HCS


* coran and alfor knew each other as kids; they grew up together in the castle

* coran’s dad was alfor’s tutor; his mom was the queen’s lady-in-waiting

* alfor met coran in the castle’s courtyard
• coran was doing his homework: identifying plant species
• alfor and coran bonded over their mistaken pronounciation of one of the plants
• after that they became best friends

* when alfor’s father died of illness when alfor was 15, coran was there to comfort him and ease his grief by telling him about the diverse species in their universe (alfor developed in interest in this because of coran and this led him to exploring the galaxy more in the future)

* alfor was told he needed to start preparing for the role of king

* he could always trust coran to be honest
• coran has a knack for making bad news have a silver lining
• alfor loved that about him

* they were inseparable in their teen years to the point where there was a rumour that they were secretly engaged
• although they never discussed it with each other, they essentially were
• who am i kidding, they were so affectionate with each other with their handholding and hugs and kisses and lingering stares, they got married with the altean equivalent of ring pops in the courtyard where they met under the stars
• the queen, coran’s parents, and a bunch of really close friends were there
• it was amazing omhmygod i was there trust me

* when alfor was coronated, his first act as king was to appoint coran as his head advisor
• alfor’s mother was still alive up until this point and when she heard abt this she was so shocked that the kingdom hadn’t caught on to their relationship yet like oh my quiznack alfor we’re all sitting in the edge of our seats wyd

* they’d lie down on the grass in the courtyard and just entwine their fingers
• they would literally be there for hours and not sense any time passing

* they had an unending supply of hair ties between the two of them, no one knew where they got them all and how they didn’t lose them all in a day

* both excelled in styling long hair (i hc that long hair is almost sacred in altean culture)

* alfor learned most of his jokes from coran, but alfor was the best at harmless impressions of people in the castle’s court

* when the two were barely teenagers, the king and queen would host elegant parties in the castle ballroom to welcome allies and potential allies into the kingdom.
• alfor would insist on dancing with coran instead of the princesses from the outside kingdoms
• by the end of the ball, coran and alfor would have already filled their pockets with sweets and candies and snuck out of the party before the king and queen noticed

* when the galrans declared war on altea, alfor and coran barely had time to talk and spend time together alone because of how busy they got
• allura caught on to their frustration, and convinced them to take a break one day and just spend time together
• (they had a picnic in the courtyard)

* they had a run-on joke that the galrans were giving alfor grey hairs

* alfor had a plan to protect coran and allura if anything happened to him, and coran had a plan to protect alfor and allura if anything happened to him
• they both found out about the other’s plan and ended up lying to the other, saying they would stop thinking about the Worst Case Scenario

* i’ll stop here bc i’m Legit about to cry

if anyone has more headcanons,,, pls,,, i thrive off of them.

weather in mandarin chinese

hey guys i just wanted to share some sentences about weather 李老师 gave us in class as well as translations 

****in this post the third tones are represented with â ê î ô û because i am still unable to type the third tone mark on my computer****


Today’s weather is good. 

天气 tiānqì weather  

不错 bùcuò good, not bad 


It rained a lot yesterday. Today it’s clear. 

晴 qíng fine (weather)


Every year has four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

季节 jiìjié season


Shanghai’s summers are blistering hot and humid.

炎热 yánrè blistering hot, sizzling hot (weather)

潮湿 cháoshī damp, moist, humid


Summer is almost here. Do you have any plans for summer vacation?

暑假 shûjià summer vacation

打算 dâsuàn plan, to plan


Chicago’s summers are quite comfortable. They’re not too cold and not too hot.

芝加哥 zhījiāgē Chicago


It’s about to start storming! Hurry home!

暴雨 baòyû torrential rain, rainstorm


Today’s high is 33 degrees (celsius). I’m dying of heat (lit. i’m hot to death)

气温 qìwēn air temperature

度 dù degree (angles, temperature, etc.)


Yesterday was especially cold; it was only zero degrees.

特别 tèbié especially

零度 língdù zero degrees


Does in snow during the winter in Shanghai?


This morning it was cloudy. It’s going to rain this afternoon.

多云 duōyún cloudy


Is it raining outside?


Chicago’s winter is very cold and also very long.


When the sky clears after the rain, a rainbow appears!

雨过天晴 yû guò tiān qíng sky clears after the rain; also an idiom that means “every cloud has a silver lining”

彩虹 câihóng rainbow

出来 chūlái to come out, to appear


It rained a lot this spring, almost every other day.

三天两头 sā tiān liâng tóu lit. twice every three days (idiom); practically every day, frequently


Outside it’s really windy and it’s thundering and lightning. It seems like it’s going to pour.

 guāfēng to be windy

打雷 dâléi to rumble with thunder

闪 shân lightning 

看来 kànlai apparently, it seems that


My Chinese friend often says “You should bundle up in the spring and wear less in the fall”

春捂秋冻 chūn wû qiū dòng watch this video from 快乐汉语 about “春捂秋冻”

Times are stressful as frak. I mean, we got the countdown to Iris’ impending doom, the risk of losing Caitlin to her evil alter-ego Killer Frost, and this weird dude with the touch of death running around making things decay. Can we please have a week where we are not tiptoeing on the brink of disaster?

You’re spiraling, Cisco. Take a deep breath and focus on the positives.  Every cloud has a silver lining, right? I guess ours would be Wally making serious progress in his speedster training. He mastered the whole phasing thing and is making Kid Flash a bonafide sensation. Seriously, Kid Flash is more popular than memes here in Central City! I figured it was high time for me and Wally to have a low-key bromance and hit up the town. I mean, we’re both coming into our own as superheroes, after all. It’s the Vibe / Kid Flash crossover event! Vibe and Kid Flash’s Excellent Adventure? Vibe Cassidy and the Flashdance Kid? I’ll work on it. Either way, it was on like Donkey Kong.

Since we’re both not-so-secretly pining for our other-Earth baes, Jesse Quick and Gypsy, we took ourselves off the market and decided to just have fun and not worry about the whole dating game. Wally didn’t strike me as a karaoke type, so I knew the perfect spot for our epic night – Central City’s brand new barcade! We got there and the joint was lit.  From vintage video games to a sick DJ pumping tunes, the entire place was one giant party. Wally was all giddy when he overheard a group of girls crushing on Kid Flash, so we totes photo-bombed their selfies. I tore up Skee Ball and Wally brought the moves on Dance Dance Revolution - safe to say that the Vibe and Kid Flash team up could be best described as a fire emoji.

That is until the temperature dropped about 50 degrees. Suddenly everything turned frigid.  We could see our breath! Wally and I were both freaking.  These days sudden chilly conditions always makes me worry about my homegirl Caitlin. I had to check over my shoulder and make sure she wasn’t lurking anywhere nearby! But we were in the clear – we overheard the manager on the phone complaining that the AC unit had gone haywire. The party was cooling off - people were shivering and sliding to the exit.  So I ran over to the AC unit gave it a touch and vibed to see what was wrong.  Turns out it needed a new part from a factory in Star City. I gave Wally the deets and he was there and back in a (kid) flash. We helped the manager install it and brought back the heat. The party was saved!

As the night ended, we used our last quarters on some classics arcade games.  I got hooked on Donkey Kong and Wally was blown away by my mad skills of taking down that crazy gorilla.  If only Grodd’s attacks were as easy to dodge as Donkey Kong’s barrels!  I gotta say I’m still stoked he’s out of our hair for good. Now, does any one have change for a dollar? Wally and I are ready for our next barcade team-up!