has a huge role in my life is that weird

  • Me, ages 3-14, watching Boy Meets World: omG Topanga Lawrence is just the coolest, smartest, prettiest, greatest girl in the world. She has her life so together, she has everything so together, what a role model. She's lowkey settling for Cory but who cares, she loves him! She's weird and smart and lovable and fierce, I'm gonna be just like her when I grow up! I can't wait to be that cool!
  • Me now, an adult but in denial about that, laying on my couch in pajamas consisting of flannel pants and a Phillies t-shirt, literally eating a huge bowl of mashed potatoes, texting my friends life advice because I am the Wise Old Sage friend despite the fact I barely have any shit in my life together, feeling like life is nothing more than a spiral of confusion, watching Girl Meets World and now beginning to choke on the mashed potatoes as I scream: WHY THE FUCK IS CORY MATTHEWS SO HASHTAG RELATABLE