has a funny way of mourning

It’s easy to be religious, until you meet an angel.

There is no God,” Arthur mourns sarcastically as his priest’s collar is removed from his neck.

“That’s funny, coming from you,” the angel retorts, kissing up his neck.

It’s been this way for a while now.

Arthur’s ashamed to admit that he’d spoken holy prayers the first time Alfred had revealed himself, a golden glow framing the angel in ethereal light. He’d actually knelt, too. It’s humiliating to think on that now, as Alfred’s fingers dance up his robes, ghosting over pale thighs.

The celibacy has made him vulnerable and inexperienced, Arthur thinks, considering that Alfred’s touch is hot on his skin and he finds himself melting for what looks and acts like a man. He’d never questioned his sexuality before the angel kissed him, years and years ago. To be fair, he also hasn’t questioned it since.

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anonymous asked:

Candice, you beautiful soul, I need some advice. How are you able to be happy without a partner? I haven't had a girlfriend in like 5 years and I just feel so lonely. You often talk about love having to come from within and that you should love yourself, but I can't seem to change the thought that I need someone else in order to be happy 😔

5 years is a long time. Are you still mourning a past relationship or not able to find the right person yet? Either way, I can imagine that would feel lonely.

Being single for a bit has been good for me. The way my breakup happened totally crushed me. There were things said that were horrible and still haunt me. It was cruel and quick and unforgiving. I bore these children and gave so much and then was dismissed so easily. It’s been hard to wrap my understanding around it.
Taking time to pause has given me time to build myself back up and remember why I’m awesome. I really am awesome and kind and funny and creative and loyal.

I have also needed time to really mourn the death of my companion and best friend. The version of her that I loved and that cared for me does not exist anymore. I’ve needed time to grapple with that.

In the beginning, I found myself dating to try to fill the void and prove that I could. I had one person I spent a lot of time with and met a bunch of really great people. It was fun and an important step, but that was just part of the process.
I realized none of it felt right to me, and I stopped dating to try to prove anything. It did help me realize that when I would be ready, I could find someone.

So then, I took some time to really focus on the kids and I. That has been great and fun. I feel that the three of us are really bonded. I limited social media a bit and built my card business. I organized my spending and budget and built my relationships with my friends and family. That has been great and progressive and smart.

I’m dating again now. This time I can tell the possibilities are there for a long term relationship. One person is all about it and ready to be a mom to my kids. I’m the one pumping the breaks a bit.

Being single has been healthy. It’s been nice having control of my life and not worrying about anyone’s loyalty or how to bend my kid time around dating life. I know when I’m single that my priorities are in the right place and I’m thinking with a level head.

I know that dating again will change that. I worry about it. If someone can walk away so easily after you’ve born their children and been their best friend, someone who could look you in the face and lie for eight months,… how can you trust anyone?

You can see my experience with being single is different because it’s been enlightening and healing.
You worry about feeling lonely without a relationship. The sad part is that it’s possible to feel lonely within a relationship too.

Relationships aren’t for everyone. Most the teachers I love and work with are older and single. They aren’t lonely though. They are brilliant and funny and loving.
We’re so used to thinking happy endings mean marriage and death means tragedy.
My tragedy was marrying someone I thought I knew.

I had hundreds of happy endings though: My happy moments are Disneyland trips with the kids, dancing the night away with the best of friends- who pound on the windows with approval when I get kissed in front of them, coming home to a pile of Christmas gifts under the tree from “Secret Santa”, renting a cabin to celebrate my birthday with friends and family, having a sassy sister to take with me to every movie date, discussing the novel Of Mice and Men with a classroom of kids who thought they hated the ending until you watch their faces enlighten mid-discussion…

Companionship, building confidence, and making connections are essential to having these happy moments, yes, but a romantic partner isn’t.
I think when you find your self confidence and are comfortable being who you are, things will fall into place wether that means romance or something more.

Merry Inquistmas

The best time of the year to do something truly ridiculous.

Winter has come, Christmas is coming. We all need the holiday mood we experience during such events. What about our characters? 

Let’s forget about lore juust for a bit. Just to have fun because that’s what games are for. Well, mostly. When you’re not mourning your favourite character or OTP.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to make snowfall in Skyhold, snowdrifts or at least one snowman. But why stop at this when we can do at least something?
This mod is this “something”. Just portraits of our companions in Christmas style. That way we could imagine that our favourite characters celebrate with us. Pretty funny thought.

No hard feelings, don’t take it too seriously if you like the lore that much. Everyone needs a break. Everyone.


  • Replaces any mod that changes companion portraits.
  • I might also create Christmas portraits for different races.
  • Blackwall as Santa, though.

You can download it here


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i don't understand why katy didn't just leave that tweet alone. like stop stirring up controversy. it's not going to make taylor want to even THINK about mending things between them. honestly. if she wants an apology so badly she shouldn't put taylor at fault or in a bad position any longer.

isn’t it funny that taylor hasn’t even looked her way let alone mentioned her name since this happened??? while I’m sure Katy has listened to bad blood at least a thousand times did she really listen???? It’s about mourning a friendship???? there’s no real detail or anything resembling a drag???? all taylor has done is confirm the song was about a friendship not a relationship and not deny that it was about katy, taylor received more backlash about it than her for Christ’s sakes