has a dorky video

*randomly gets woohyun’s loud waking up song stuck in my head*

We’ve seen Zayn smile only a handful of times ever since he left and most of those were caught by video when he was going through a crowd of paps. We’ve seen him purposefully drop his smile between interacting with fans and taking pictures with them.  Every post on his Instagram has been geared towards a very cool image and has avoided goofiness, dorkiness, and smiles.

Now we have this dubsmash video.  Feels like we must have passed some checkpoint in the game plan for us to be getting everything they were avoiding giving us up until now.

anonymous asked:

What do you like most about Luke?

Are you sure you want me to answer this?? Once i start i don’t think i’ll be able to stop lmao 

I love Luke’s sense of humour, he’s so lame that it’s funny, like he’s always 3 years behind on memes and most of the time he just steals Calum’s jokes and says them wrong so they don’t end up being funny for the intended purpose, no what becomes funny is Luke and the endearing way he tells the joke lmao. I love that he’s not afraid to joke around either, like today in their sc where he’s trying to rap Ludacris’ part in Baby, i bet you anything he was doing weird hand and leg movements whilst rapping. Or when he just pulls weird faces just bc he can and idk i just find his sense of humour so enjoyable and light. 

I love how clearly he speaks, especially in interviews his answers are very well thought out and it’s something he shares in common with Calum, they’re not stupid boys, they’re quite intelligent and they know what they’re talking about. In all honesty there’s a few traits Luke and Calum both share, like the fact that they’re observant, they observe their surroundings and the people around them, they’re not dumb, they can read a situation and know what the best way to proceed into said situation. Anyway back to Luke, i love how intelligent he is, his grammar is lacking, but his knowledge is not, i know for a fact that he knows weird facts about random shit and i know he watches educational youtube videos bc he’s just has that endearing dorkiness that i absolutely adore. 

I love how responsible Luke is, when he wants to be lmao. He takes the band seriously and knows when is the right time to fuck around and when isn’t, he’s put his everything into this band and he knows the boundaries and when he can cross them and when he cannot.. i know lately it seems the lines are blurred to him, but most of the time he’s very much responsible. 

I love how much he cares, he cares about everyone, always trying to make the fans happy by meeting them and taking pictures with them, he hardly ever says no unless he absolutely has too. And he tries his hardest to make sure he keeps the peace and sometimes yeah he loses his cool, but he regrets it almost immediately hence why he deletes tweets all the time bc he’ll hit that point where he can’t take anymore and then once he snaps he immediately retreats and is like shit that’s too far, i didn’t mean it. He really does try to keep everyone happy, you may not think he does and that he lets you know who get away with a lot, but it’s only bc he knows she’d start a war he could not win. 

I love the fact that he always drinks tea, whether it’s at soundcheck or during their tour videos, the kid always has tea in his hands and i just find it so adorable that this giant 6ft man has his large hands cradled around a steaming cup of tea.

I love his stage presence, the man he becomes on stage is larger than life and he leads those crowds amazingly well. He’s so captivating it’s hard to keep your eyes off of him, especially with his vocals on his tour, fucking hell he sounds the best he’s ever sounded. And it’s harder to lead a show when you can’t move very well with a guitar strapped to you, but he does it so well and now that they added a song where he can just have a microphone, shows how much of a performer he truly has become. 

I love his eyes, those baby blues are as mesmerising as the pacific ocean, they’re so clear and blue as the clear cobalt of the ocean that i just want to drown in them. I’ve had the pleasure of staring into them from a distance and let me tell you they’re captivating and butterfly inducing. 

I love the slanted pixie nose he has, it’s so cute and lovely, i wanna trace the slope of his nose with my finger bc it’s so cute and it deserves so many nose kisses okay. Listen i could go on all day about how much i love Luke’s nose and his general appearance but i think my tags tell you how attractive i think Luke is so i’m not gonna go into too much detail lmao. 

I love love love Luke’s music taste, a lot of the music he listens too is the music i love and i just love scoping through his spotify and stealing all his tunes tbh.

I love Luke’s clothing style, it just seems so effortless meets expensive and i dig it a lot. The striped shirts and the gold boots are just things you wouldn’t ever expect to look good and yet on Luke they do. He makes anything look good tbh. 

I have always loved Luke’s singing voice, it’s such a captivating voice that’s so clear and calming to listen too, i recommend listening to him sing with headphones in bc it shows how incredible he actually sounds, he’s so fucking talented, that voice is out of this world. 

But most of all I just love the happiness he brings to me and yes i know i switched to Calum and Luke did upset me a lot for the last few months but over this last month or so he’s truly made me happy again and idk if that’s just bc i got over myself and let go of all the drama and the shit that went down with Luke or if he just dragged me back to hell idk, but what i do know is that he was my favourite from the start and even though i find myself in every other lane, i always seem to come back to him.