has a chill day

Valentine’s as a holiday is garbage, but Jim and Spock hanging out to watch the sun rise on a farm is not.


voices in my head boyf riends edition

joomlemy heeeer: of all the voices in my head the loudest one is mine
squoop: but bro ure a loser
jinglemy: loudest ONE IS MINE
skeep: but ure not even dating christine bro
jamlery: louDEST ONE IS MINE
smap: but u havent kissed michae-
jeepleremy: -LOUDEST ONE IS MINE!!1!1!1!!111!
jankleremy: *cough* no homo *cough*


bunch of dickkory doodles from my twitter for the ship’s week

the bottom one… someone once asked me if I could draw these two teach Mar’i fishing and I was: lol fishing?? nah son they’d straight up hunt the wildest beasts this side of the solar system. this family ain’t goin soft

thesparklingpariah  asked:

Dorian crawled into the stress box and pulled out a small bundle of rags. He opened it and handed it to Eremes. Inside were two small snails and a large one. "Here. For you. And you better like them, because I'm NEVER getting the slime out of my clothes." But despite his harsh words, he smiled and wrapped an arm around Eremes, trying to comfort his stressed little friend.

he tries


Jenna: All the time, It’s stressful

yes hello allow me to introduce you to elemetary school teacher derek malik nurse (aka my shameless excuse to yell about nursey with kids)

  • ik a lot of people see him as a high school english teacher for the Literature Aesthetic but? come on? he’s so good with kids they all love him
  • he’s 24 and teaches 3rd grade and he loves his kids!! so much!!
  • he’s “mr. n” and they all love him bc hes the most laidback teacher theyve ever had in their short little lives and he plays cool music on his phone during arts & crafts

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It’s like a fire spreading from his chest, painful and unbearable. It consumes his lungs and he can feel his breath coming out in short, stutter-y gasps. He clutches his chest with one hand while the other grips his throat. A choked sound escapes him as the tears start flowing.

It’s all overwhelming — he can’t think clearly and he just — he needs to calm down.

But he can’t.

Because when the fiery hand of fear had placed its hold on him before, he wasn’t alone in those times. While his hands would shake, Jeremy would grip them with his own and lessen the trembles. He’d wipe away his tears and tell him that it would soon pass. He would say that he would be okay, and that he would be here for him, always.

Except in this moment, he isn’t. Michael is alone and sobbing into his sweatshirt as the chill from the porcelain bathtub seeps into him.

It’s quiet and somewhere in the back of his panic-stricken mind he finds this odd. He’s at a party with loud music and equally loud people, which he should be able to hear from the other side of the door. He can make out one sound, though, and as he focuses on it, he realizes that it’s his name he hears.

Michael? Michael!

It sounds like -

“Jeremy!” he gasps, sitting up from the bed he’s in.

Bed. He’s in a bed, not in a bathroom sobbing. After rubbing a hand over his face, he quickly realizes he actually is crying.

He jumps when a hand lands on his shoulder.

“Are you okay? You were crying in your sleep…” Jeremy says.

Michael glances at him and sees the concern written all over his face. He looks away and responds, “Yeah, it was just a bad dream, which you could probably tell. It’s no big deal.”

He doesn’t say anything else and goes to lay back down when Jeremy’s response stops him.

“What was it about?”

He sits up fully and debates for a second. Should he tell him? He doesn’t want to keep anything from Jeremy, but he doesn’t want to make him feel guilty.

He can’t meet Jeremy’s eyes as he says, “It was about that night…”

“That night?”

“Yeah, at the party. In the bathroom. After you — I was panicking; you were gone and — yeah. That night.”

There’s a beat of silence, no one moving, until he suddenly feels arms around him and Jeremy’s face pressed against his back.

“I’m here now,” he hears Jeremy say, muffled slightly.

Michael feels a spark of anger or worry or something, and he puts his head in his hands, causing his voice to come out muffled too.

“But for how long? What if something happens and you leave me again? I don’t — I don’t know what I would do.” he admits.

Jeremy holds him tighter and stays quiet. It isn’t until Michael hears a sniffle that he realizes that Jeremy is crying.

“Jeremy, are you…are you crying? Why are you crying? What did I do?”

“That’s just it, Michael. You didn’t do anything.” Jeremy’s voice becomes more frantic. “I did. I messed up. I called you a loser and left you there. Who does that to the person they care about? I love you and yet here I am, the reason you’re having nightmares and crying in your sleep. I don’t know if I can ever forgive my-”

“Jeremy, Jeremy. I love you, too.”

Jeremy only holds on tighter and sobs.


Sunlight streams through the slit of Jeremy’s bedroom window curtains, warming Michael as he wakes up.

The first thing he sees is Jeremy, eyes closed and lying curled up close to him. His breathing is even and his face looks impossibly peaceful. Michael can’t help but trace a finger along the edge of his face lightly, taking in the sight.

It’s not long before Jeremy begins stirring, eyes slowly opening and looking at Michael.

“So…what’s, uh, up?”

Michael laughs softly at Jeremy’s usual awkward nature, but quickly turns serious when he looks Jeremy in the eyes and says, “I meant it, what I said. I love you, too.”

“Even after I ignored you?”

“I love you.”

“Even after I called you a loser?”

“I love you.”

“Even after I -”

Michael doesn’t let him finish as he cuts him off with a quick, soft kiss.

“It might still hurt when I think of it all, but I know you aren’t the same person then, and that it wasn’t even really you. I know you’re sorry. And I forgive you because I love you.”

Jeremy looks like he’s about to start crying, but he’s smiling and grabbing Michael’s hand, threading their fingers together.

“I love you, too.”

They’re both smiling at each other now, teary eyed and sleepy in the late morning sun. Michael feels a warmth spreading throughout his body, and everything feels okay. He knows Jeremy isn’t going to leave him again. He’s not alone.


Haruka: I’m so lucky my room would be near the kitchen~~

Ayano: Yeah~ And I really like my house color hehe~

Takane: HA OF COURSE Shintaro would go to the house of the NERDS~

Shintaro: Well, at least I’m not EVIL…* Ene flashbacks*

Signs When They Have Crushes 💌


Aries: Has very up-down feelings with them, hides their feeling but their secretly very strong

Taurus: Seems calm about their crush but always freaking about it internally

Gemini: Most of the time makes the first move, confident, isn’t wierd about it

Cancer: Doodles about their crush, always super kind to them but obvious about it too

Leo: Tells everyone within the first day, falls hard and falls fast, has no chill about it.

Virgo: Has lowkey multiple crushes at once but their never really that big. Doesn’t do anything

Libra: Mostly if a person likes them they’ll like them back, never makes the first move, falls fast

Scorpio: Has a consistent crush but it always complicated, kinda wants a relationship

Sagittarius: People always like them, they rarely like them back, very picky but for a good reason

Capricorn: Always thinking about their crush but doesn’t want to make a move, very nonchalant

Aquarius: Gets themselves into really bad situations cause of it, the most complicated

Pisces: Doesn’t have crushes often always just chilling, down for shit but also not