has a chill day

Valentine’s as a holiday is garbage, but Jim and Spock hanging out to watch the sun rise on a farm is not.


a week's glance into the yoi fandom
  • Sunday: 3:00am EST marks the halfway point in the wait!!!! also a rush of fic updates before it gets jossed to hell on wednesday
  • Tuesday: gentle sobbing, excitedly telling everyone tomorrow is wednesday, crying over preview pics, last minute fic updates
  • Friday: this week's emo fan theories emerge. the LIT blogs have picked apart the entire episode, and turns out it's gayer than we originally thought.
  • Saturday: probably the most chill day of the week. perpetual crying has mainly ceased, chill CAH games happening. more soft headcanons and fluffy art.

I still haven’t recovered from this

Riko is not only Chika’s girlfriend, but she’s also basically her mom. I find that both weirdly endearing and adorable.

If someone tells you they have an illness that requires them to rest a lot because they have very limited energy reserves and will suffer hugely and become very sick if they push themselves and what comes out of your mouth is, “I wish I could stay in bed all day!!! You’re so lucky!” then you… just… what?

Why would you want to be stuck in bed most of the day in horrible unending pain that causes vomiting, insomnia, depression, fatigue, weakness, and many other complications???? Does that sound fun to you?

Also you are probably quite lazy if that’s what you want. Look, I know the value of some good chillaxing downtime. I am all about taking breaks, decompressing, destressing. I think every once in awhile everyone, spoonie or not, needs “do nothing” days. Everyone has to chill sometime.

But I don’t want to be in bed all day. I have things to do and I am a very hard-working and driven person who grabs life by the horns. If you wish you were sick so you could have an “excuse” to not do anything all day, then Idunno what, dude. I bet my left tit you would fall apart after enduring one day of what I’m stuck with for the rest of my life.

Don’t say dumb stuff like that, please. You may have meant well but I’m not “lucky” to be so sick and have to work multiple jobs for tiny min. wage paychecks that mostly go straight to medical expenses. Why would that ever be considered a pleasant thing?

I make the most of it because I have no choice but to keep moving forward and because I am ambitious and mostly crazy, just absolutely bananas, and sometimes I push myself too hard. Probably harder than you ever have in your life. My body is my friend that takes me where I need to go in life and I must take care of it. It’s hard work, especially emotionally, to be alive every day feeling this way.

Spoonies are strong people. Badasses. Tougher than you. We are not lucky to get to be “lazy” in bed. We are just doing our very best.

Why is it so cold?

One off Cullen POV fan fic:  Pre Cullen X Annabel Trevelyan relationship, SFW, fluff, mild angst, romance, and light comedy all in one!

Haven has fallen, the Herald has made it to the camp but is riddled with fever. Cullen watches over her as she rests, but as the fever takes hold he gets a glimpse of her past and his own feelings in the process.

Based on an idea from the wonderful @blue-moon-magic ​ a while back - I hope you like it! 

Comments, likes and reblogs are love - Thank you XD


The wind is cold and bitter. It whips through layers to chill everyone to the bone as it has done relentlessly for days. Standing with one hand resting on his sword hilt Cullen withstands another blast which stings his ears and bites at his nose. Despite how frozen and weary he feels, his lips twitch in a tiny smile at the scene before him.

The Herald of Andraste was here, in a make shift bed, being cared for by the revered mother and people he considered friends. They had made it out of Haven, she, had made it out of Haven.

“Cullen, can I have a word, please?” asks the Herald.

His attention snaps back and he nods stepping closer. “Of course.”

Annabel strains to sit up and apparently decides to rest propped up on her elbows instead, her face flushed with effort. “A word, alone?”

He feels a lump catch in his throat. What could she possibly have to say to him that the others couldn’t hear? Dumbfounded he nods. “Erm, yes, of course.”

The advisors and Mother Gisele exchange glances with each other, then him before reluctantly dispersing. Once seemingly out of ear shot Annabel looks up at him.

“I’m tired,” she states begrudgingly her gaze dropping. Puzzled he finds himself frowning in response. He thought that much was obvious? She’d survived meeting their enemy, and his ‘dragon’, fallen down a mountain, trudged through the snow and collapsed at their camp. And yet she was reluctant to admit she was tired?

“You’re going to think I’m weak, or childish but…Will you stay with me? Stay up with me…Not leave I mean?”

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Headcanon: Bridezilla Viktor

Viktor has no chill. Viktor is always extra. So:

One day, Yuuri saw a notebook on the dining table. He recognized that. Viktor has been writing on it fervently for the last few days. To satisfy his curiosity, he opened it. There were a few rough sketches of what looks like costumes. There were pages of incomprehensible scribbles that he now knew as Russian cursive writing. Then finally he saw a list in English. Yuuri started reading Viktor’s pretty flowing script:

1. We have to get married thrice. First is traditional Russian way. Second is traditional Japanese way. Last is for it to be on ice.

2. There must be ice sculptures of meaningful locations (like Hasetsu Castle, the Spanish cathedral where they exchanged rings, etc.)  both during the ceremony and the reception.

3.  There must be an orchestra to play Stammi Vicino during the wedding march and Yuri On Ice during the vows.

4. The reception will offer 5 star quality food from Russian, French, Thai, Spanish, and Japanese cuisine. Drinks offered are champagne, vodka, sparkling water, and ice wine.

5. Our wedding cake must be 10 feet high and decorated with swarovski crystals and edible gold.

As Yuuri continued reading, his eyes grew wider and wider with mounting incredulity.

20. There must be a dancing pole and a dance off during the reception.

21. Yuuri and I must have three wedding outfits: 1. for the ceremony, 2. for the reception, 3. for the dance. That’s a total of 9 outfits.

22. Our color theme will be white and gold.

23. All of our gold medals will be displayed!

The list goes on and on but before Yuuri could even see the end of it, the notebook was snatched away by a horrified Viktor.

“Don’t read it! I’m not done yet!” The Russian cradled it close to his chest as he looked at Yuuri in betrayal.

“What?!” The Japanese stared at him in awe with a twinge of fear. “It’s not yet finished?”

“Of course! There so many things we need for our wedding! It has to be perfect!” The man replied with a heart shaped smile.

What did I get myself into?! Yuuri could only think as he absentmindedly pet Makkachin. He’s too busy watching Viktor who was writing more on his notebook while humming In Regards to Love: Eros.